Zimmerman 9-1-1 Calls

Listen To George Zimmerman 911 Calls [Audio]

In the days since George Zimmerman’s murder of Trayvon Martin, we’ve learned a lot more about the man behind the shooting of an unarmed 17-year-old. We now know that Zimmerman made at least 46 calls–most false alarms–to 911 in the months leading up to his murder of Trayvon. Below you can listen to audio of some of these calls in which George Zimmerman reports various “suspicious” African Americans.

Zimmerman Call #1
(Reporting Trayvon Martin)


Zimmerman Call #2


Zimmerman Call #3


Zimmerman Call #4


Zimmerman Call #5


Zimmerman Call #6


Zimmerman Call #7

  • Blackjack69

    ahahah. man, this guy is determined to catch black teens. You can hear him in his ca when he calls. obviously following them.

  • Toodlesbug

    There was something about a man being buried alive. They knew that when they opened his coffin. His tears left trails down the sides of his head, not down his cheeks. Check the bloodstains on Zimmerman’s head. Those blows were inflicted while his head was facing down, not up.

  • kylie

    Zimmerman DOES have a problem with blacks . FUCK THAT RACIST ASSHOLE

  • Juiceydarealest Capone

    This man probably thinks that this is his neighborhood through out these calls this man gives more information than a little bit how many times did he really call the police then on top of that he didn’t say that TRAYVON circled his car he said that he was coming towards him while he was in the car supposedly

    • SMH

      And since George saw the guy in the yard at 1460 Circle View and drove to the pool at 1111 Circle View and dialed the non emergency number while sitting in his truck while it rained, Trayvon followed George 3 blocks

  • http://www.facebook.com/jaime.pretell Jaime Andres Pretell

    Where are the rest of the 46 calls? And I hope you are aware that these are NEN calls, not 911 calls. Furthermore, as neighborhood watch, he made calls to NEN for other neighbors who called him first. A lot of those calls were Zimmerman reporting calls he had received himself from other neighbors.

    • LH

      Find the transcripts of these calls. There are two interesting ones that I would like more info on. One has a lot of info blacked out but he is talking about two black kids near back entrance and one of them has name Martin on two times. I believe it was August 2011 .

    • Joe Ferro

      From what I gather from all these so-called Zimm calls is… He NEVER offered any Skin color description to anyone. He was asked by the Dispatcher, if he was watching somebody so how the hell does that make him a RACIST ?

  • http://twitter.com/Kriss57 Kriss Kross

    “Could you have them call me”? George sounded frustrated, probably cos his flashlight wouldnt stay on, hence the tapping we hear. I have no doubt at that point he had decided, he was going to keep looking for TM. What a prize for the cops arriving?. Too many lies as proven by the NEN call. The going for the address story is actually insutling to anyone listening to this. And his injuries are in no way consistent with the vicious beating he describes. The more I learn, the more I believe George tried to detain TM for the cops arriving. He knew they were on their way. TM didnt. TM didnt run this time, nor did he comply with the stranger who had been following him. I firmly believe TM instinctively reacted to the gun being taken out of its holster. I now believe George fired out of shock and frustration. This isnt the way it was supposed to go. This “asshole” was now on top of him, and HE was screaming for help. I also think George was under the influence of something that night…..overmedicated perhaps? I am not confident of them getting a conviction on second degree, but I can now see why they would go with this charge. I only hope the jury are given the choice of lesser ilncluded charges, e.g manslaughter or wreckless homicide. The burden of proof (as it should be) is extremely high for second degree but I dont think they’ve got enough . Its Florida….its high profile……remember Casey Anthony.

    • spectr

      “the new and improved circling of the car”.
      Some people clearly lack the brains of a walnut.

      So what your saying Krissy Krosseyed is this, GZ successfully snuck up on TM and held his hand over his mouth while he carried him back to the “T”, right?

      And instead of TM going after the gun, he decided to concentrate on GZ’s head, right?

      GZ replaced mother !ucker with homie for a reason, but i doubt you can understand why.

      The feeble minded morons of our society support Martin, because they Don’t have the ability to understand common sense, let alone evidence.

      • Joe Ferro

        Amen brother !!!

      • Honesty

        Don’t forget, after TM had a little over a 2 minute head start since George was on the phone still when he lost TM. That GZ must be part Puma

    • Honesty

      Everything your assuming happened that night is about how you feel and how you aren’t listening to what witnesses testified too so of course your going to be right

  • http://twitter.com/AaliyahFan_Rick Slick Rick

    Zimmerman is a stupid dirty liar. He does have something against blacks.. He shot Trayvon on purpose i believe… Fuck that wanna be black.

    • Joe Ferro

      So Slick … and then , what happened. Seeing you were there. LMAO What a “Whack-A-Doo”… you are.

  • Sick of Racist Black Folks

    Are you still hanging on to that fantasy theory that George somehow had something against black males?  Hello!!!! It just happened that in that neighborhood the black males were the one burgarlizing the hood. Blame the parents of these hoodlums.

    • http://twitter.com/AaliyahFan_Rick Slick Rick

      shut the fuck up!

      • Joe Ferro

        Hey “Slick” ? F – off !!! lol

  • mandytoronto

    Its funny how every call he makes he starts with weve had some break ins in the neighbour hood. Every black person in his neighnourhood is suspicious to him. George obviously thinks every black male is guilty. A garage door open and kids playing in the street is important enogh to call the police. George has some serious issues.

    • Holly

      If you have ever had a crime against you, this is pretty normal. We ARE NOT prejudice, but had a home invasion at 2am by a black male, after that, I got involved in the crime watch and I called the police anytime ANY asshole looked at my house the wrong way (black or white) …don’t judge until you have walked in someone’s shoes. When someone is in your home to cause harm and scares your children and causes scars forever (they were 8 and 5 years old … thinking your husband (and their daddy were gonna die) …you might understand. Zimmerman is doing EXACTLY what the police tell the crime watch people to do. Without calls to the police, they cannot stop them. If he lived in a gated community, there is absolutely NO reason for strangers to be wondering around in his neighborhood so he SHOULD call the police. Zimmer manis Hispanic for crying out loud AND Treyvan referred to him as a “cracker” …how the hell do we know how prejudice he was?

      • zhjarjou

        umm…You’re wrong… Zimmerman actually did EXACTLY what the police told him not to do…he followed Trayvon

        • NotheFacts

          The dispatcher never said don’t follow him just like the dispatcher never said follow him, they are not allowed but what the dispatcher did say, 2 times, watch him and let me know if he does anything and then there is the response to the are you following him , “We don’t need you to that,” Plus the police nor Zimmerman mentioned this Trayvon guy, it was the guy with a hood on standing in yards and acting suspiciously

      • PixelKhaos

        So, suddenly shooting kids in the head is what the police wants the crime watch to do? Oh well then.

        • http://canuckfirebrand.wordpress.com/ Canuck Firebrand

          Zimmerman didn’t shoot him in the head, idiot.

          • PixelKhaos

            I wasn’t being literal. He shot him nonetheless, after being told to not follow the kid.

          • Lies

            He was never told not to follow the unidentified male. But since you like the being told part, one of the 3 witnesses who testified they saw Trayvon on top attacking the guy screaming for help also shouted for Trayvon to stop attacking the other guy, 2 times he yelled stop and Trayvon maintained s Felony Assault until George made him stop

          • Honesty

            He shot him nonetheless after Trayvon kept bashing his face, e shot TM after a witness screamed for TM to stop, he shot him after TM kept attacking him but on this day at that neighborhood you can rest a sure that nobody shot a kid after being told not to follow.

  • clifford715

    I never heard Zim tell the dispatcher Trayvon was circling his car.

  • Joe Ferro

    Any “Ass-Holes” know … If you RUN ? Your asking to be noticed. lol That’s what Cops are trained to watch for. You ain’t doing anything… why run ? George was with-in his Rights to follow who ever he wanted to. No LAW in Florida against Following someone. Look it up.

  • PixelKhaos

    Well, there is this one law about killing people you see.