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While researching the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, Heit & Cheri of The Axiom Amnesia Theory discovered that the general public, with a vested interest in the case, was shut out of much of the information made available to the mainstream media. This site was conceived with the goal of making all of the files concerning the case available (in their entirety when possible) to anyone interested.

We encourage you to use the files on this site for your research and understanding of the events surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman on 2/27/2012 in Sanford, Florida.


Heit & Cheri began covering the Trayvon Martin case almost from the beginning. They used the Axiom Amnesia Theory podcast and blog to help raise awareness about the case. They didn’t want this to be just another situation of a Black youth slain in an apparent case of racial profiling, and so the search for the truth of what happened that night began.


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  • Sweetpie

    Zimmerman had a history and was arrested in 2005 for assaulting a police officer amongst some of his history.

    • TruthBeTold

      You see a guy grabbing your friend at a bar so you go push them apart and it turns out to be an undercover and continue with this history, next

  • stormrung e

    I love this site! Great job!

  • Pamela Smith

    <——-Cant see the page to read because of this black bar. *sigh* Oh well. Thanks anyway.

    • JohnComeau

      yeah, Heit, there’s a gray bar about 100 pixels wide and 500 pixels high, with all the social media “likes” on it, that won’t go away, on the lower left of the screen. might wanna fix that…

      • TwitterHater

        Having the same problem. Annoying because I have to try to read above and below the bar, which requires constant scroll adjustments.

  • LH

    We need one entire section dedicated to the “Lies of George Zimmerman”

  • LH

    Hey, the date of shooting in your vision statement is 2/27/12. Shouldn’t that be 2/26/12?

  • SnapsBacula

    How does a preconceived notion of something lead one to the truth?  That, my friends, is called prejudice.  The truth is that Trayvon was sippin’ Lean aka Purple Drank (codeine or DXM substitute + Skittles + Arizona Watermelon Juice), as well as slangin’ weed, smoking it hard, filming fights at school for youtube, getting suspended from school several times, swung his fists at a school-bus driver, got caught with women’s jewelry & a screwdriver in his backpack, and brought about the end of his own life by assaulting an armed man who was watching his suspicious behavior in a gated community.  Zimmerman did not stalk him, didn’t hunt him down, wasn’t motivated by Trayvon’s race & in order to believe that he stalked & murdered Trayvon just because he was black one must believe that Zimm is lying, his wife is lying, his father is lying, his black friends are lying, the eye-witness is lying, the police chief is lying, everyone else who worked the case that night was lying, the paramedics who treated Zimmerman’s injuries are lying, etc… In order to believe that EVERYONE IS LYING, one must be ego-centric, narcissistic, and above all…. a VILLAGE IDIOT.  C’mon people.

    • AussieTwo

       And your story is NOT a preconceived notion?  it is so far from anything ever established by any evidence, it might be from a different planet.

      Most of the other people are not lying, they are just repeating what Zimmerman told them. Zimmerman on the other hand is totally lying, as he has 3 to 5 versions of everything he says, and they can’t ALL be true.  Even if one version is true (and we have no way to tell which) the OTHERS are all lies, and that casts doubt on the truth of all of them. 

      • Heather

        You sound like an idiot. Believe everything the media tells you? Think about it. George had NO history, Trayvon on the other other hand did, drugs and theft among them. Neighbors saw Trayvon punching George repeatedly. George is in jail, how the hell can he be telling people what to say? He was the neighborhood watch, it was his job to make sure his neighborhood was safe. Obviously Trayvon was doing something suspicious, he did not wake up and think “you know, I think i’ll shot a black kid today” no. It just happened, spur of the moment in self defense. George’s story has not changed but the girlfriend of Trayvon’s story has. This is not about race, race does not always have to play a toll in everything. Sorry to say but when it comes to black people, they tend to like to use their color as an excuse…not tying to sound racist but it just seems to always work out in that way. Trayvon didnt deserve to die, its sad he lost his life so young, but he’s not the innocent 5 year old the media keeps showing.

        • aussietwo

          Well the trial is halfway over. And it is still the same story. GZ did it and it was murder.

          Right here on this site is all the EVIDENCE, as officially released by the State and Defence. If you’d taken the trouble to READ IT instead of believing what the pro-Zimmerman MEDIA told you, you’d KNOW THE FACTS.

          And you don’t need to believe the stories about the trial. There are numerous sites with the FULL LIVE TELECAST videos. You can watch it for yourself,. live or later.

          As you say, Trayvon did not deserve to die. Spur of the moment or premeditated, either way, he was MURDERED.

          The ONE neighbour who “saw him being punched” backed down on that story ages ago.

          George is NOT IN JAIL, he’s been living at a secret location wearing a monitoring ankle bracelet.

          KEEP UP WITH THE FACTS or don’t bother commenting, you make yourself sound silly.

          • Gary McCollom

            Anymore comments aussietwo, jackasses like you only serve to perpetuate race problems, you are the problem and not the answer.

            Pro zimmerman media, are you for real buddy, good lord.

          • TruthBeTold

            You make yourself sound like an idiot, where was this pro Zimmerman media? It was all pro Trayvon even making up stories like the racial remark. The trial was half way over and it was blame George or deal with the black community rioting all over the country as was threatened and just like in the beginning murder was the case they gave him so why not in the middle murder still be the case as in the end but with a not guilty.

  • dogzrule

    It is not truth that Trayvon was “sippin Lean” or “slangin’ weed” or any of the things you mentioned on the night he was killed. Sure, he may have been no angel, but none of that has anything to do with the night he was killed; you can’t shoot someone just walking down the street because they are no angel.

    Only 2 people know exactly what happened that night, one of them is dead, so what made GZ shoot him is relevant. Was he paranoid compounded by not enough sleep? After all, he was prescribed sleeping medication. He was also on another medication (Adderall – legal speed), known to compund paranoia, which on top of not enough sleep, who knows what could happen – but alas, no drug tests were done, which it seems to me would be police 101.

    What we do know is that there were 2 young men, one dead, one admits to having shot him, there were no witnesses. The one alive said it was self defense. Again, because TM was doing nothing wrong when seen by GZ, such as robbing the convenience store, breaking into a house, mugging someone, we have only his word, and since he admits it, anything in his past that might have made him subject to doing that is relavant. The fact that TM is no angel means nothing.

    I do not and never have believe race had anything to do with this, but I believe an overzealous, undersleep, paranoid, gun toting wannabe cop who may have been on heavy duty psych meds (again, we will never know because blood levels that would normally have been drawn were not) had everything to do with it. He is the only one whose story we can listen to, be it lie or truth, because the other person can’t tell us anything, and so far, he has shown to be a liar. Why then wouldn’t he lie about what happened that night? 

  • Barnunboi

    One thing about it and two things for sure…TM should not have been shot!!

  • Ben

    >It is not truth that Trayvon was “sippin Lean” or “slangin’ weed” or any of the things you mentioned on the night he was killed.
    He may not have been “sippin Lean” (I don’t even know what that means), but he was “slangin’ weed.” The autopsy report did show THC in his system.

  • TruthBeTold

    Well, George called because some guy was standing in someone’s yard (trespassing) with a hood covering his face so he was unable to give the dispatcher what color was the guy and as far as more suspicious behavior. Then since his back is to the street that would mean he is facing the house and the only thing in front of where Trayvon was standing was a window (suspicious behavior?) and since that happened at 1460 Retreat Circle and George drove to 1111 Retreat Circle where he parked and then called the police you would wonder how people say George followed Trayvon when it was just the opposite. Now why would anyone be standing outside in someone else’s yard looking when its raining and looking at the window and then when he walks 3 blocks and up to a truck where he see’s a guy talking on a cell phone he take’s off running??
    Of course we can not forget the 2 witnesses, obviously you wanted to, that testified to Trayvon being on top and the aggressor plus George, that made 3 people who saw Trayvon on top.

  • TruthBeTold

    Lean is what you get when you have candy, like Skittles, a flavored drink, like Arizona watermelon juice and a bottle of Codeine cough syrup. If you read Trayvons text messages you would have saw that he not only admits to making it and drinking it before but he is asking if his friend still has a connect on the cough syrup. His cell pics show him growing weed and holding a handgun and in a text he discussing buying another one, .380 I believe.