George Zimmerman Police Video Statements

Video of George Zimmerman at the Sanford Police station immediately following his shooting of Trayvon Martin and his walkthrough of the crime scene the next day

The following is video of George Zimmerman being processed and interrogated at the Sanford Police Department following his 2/26/2012 shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Also included is video of George Zimmerman walking through the crime scene describing how events leading up to his 2/26/2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin transpired. The interviews took place on 2/27/2012. Watch the video below.

In addition to this video, you may also be interested in viewing and/or listening to Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Audio, 9-1-1 Calls, and Evidence and Crime Scene Photos related to the case.

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Video Of George Zimmerman’s Police Interrogation (2/27/2012)

Video Of George Zimmerman’s Crime Scene Walkthrough (2/27/2012)

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  • Roniece Seegers

    At the time around 7:00 to 7:04 – GZ made a statement when the office said you cannot extend your arm that much – he said “I was on top of him” – What did he mean by that?

    • jan

      I want to see what you are talking about! You have website info

    • jan

      interesting comment, wish you could get that information out there!

    • Sandra Andrews

      ohhh, you caught that too? yeah he said it and he also said he didn’t know which hand Trayvon was using to reach for his gun, but he kept demonstrating with his left hand. This man is lying and the worst kind of liar is one who can lie with a straight face.

  • Robert Riversong

    The only hole in Zimmerman’s account is how he ended up about 30′ south of the Tee, where Trayvon’s body was found, unless he had either first walked in that direction before encountering Trayvon or approached Trayvon after he was accosted.

  • Rick Roberts

    A guilty man would not submit himself to all this, especially without an attorney present.

    • FauxRealFaux

      That’s untrue. Plenty of arrogant sociopaths think that they can outsmart the police during an interrogation. I recently watched a police interrogation of a suspect rolling around the ground appearing to be grief stricken by the death of his fiance and then he gets ups and calmly answers the polices questions. Long story short- that man was later found guilty of murdering his fiance.

      As you very well know, liars constantly believe that they can outsmart everyone. Zimmermans consistently lied to the police about what happened that night.

      • Robert Riversong

        Zimmerman’s account is consistent with virtually all the forensic evidence and the majority of the witness testimony, particularly the most credible witnesses who were in the best positions to either hear or see, including the two neighbors who went outside.

        • unclechopper

          The problem with Zimmerman’s multiple accounts is that they are not consistent with each other, and cannot be reconciled with his call to the non-emergency hotline.

          He is clearly being dishonest with investigators.

          I mean, I ask you this. At one point, when Zimmerman is played back his conversation with the dispatcher, he is question about Trayvon running. Now, that in itself was quite interesting to police as he had previously failed to mention that he had gotten out of his car immediately after Trayvon started running, but what was even more interesting is this…

          Chris Serino asks Zimmerman to describe Trayvon running. Was it a full sprint, jogging, trodding… Zimmerman’s response?

          “I don’t remember. I was on the phone. It happened so quickly”

          When pressed again, and reminded by Serino that this wasn’t something as simple as a bicycle theft and that Trayvon may possibly be running from him, Zimmerman responds:

          “I don’t know why he was running”

          And then when asked what kind of run was it?

          *long sigh* “I don’t remember.”

          • Robert Riversong

            Not remembering every detail of a very traumatic evening and a series of events that included a long phone call while being distracted by what is happening around you, and encounters with multiple people is hardly the same as lying.

            Clearly, you’ve never had a traumatic experience and been asked to recall every detail. There are parts that seem to last an eternity and remain seared into memory, and extraneous details which seem all jumbled together and are very difficult to recall.

            It’s possible that there are parts of Zimmerman’s account which have been omitted or embellished or re-arranged or which his own mind remembers differently than what exactly happened (which is the nature of human memory). But overall his story is internally consistent and consistent with both the evidence and the other reliable witness testimony.

          • unclechopper

            I don’t believe his story is consistent with the physical evidence, particularly the physical injuries. He claims he was repeatedly punched in the nose. He claims that his head was repeatedly slammed into the concrete. He claims that he was smothered until he could no longer breathe.

            But he doesn’t have the injuries of someone that sustained that many blows to the face. Furthermore, Trayvon’s hands don’t show the kinds of injuries that one would normally expect from delivering that kind of assault. There is none of George’s blood on Trayvon’s hands or even his clothing, despite him repeatedly punching Zimmerman in the nose and smothering him until he could no longer breathe.

            Zimmerman claims that Trayvon’s attacked him as he was walking back to his truck, at around the T intersection of the footpaths. Trayvon came from behind, he says, meaning his punch problably would have knocked him in the direction of his truck.

            But instead he ends up around 35 feet in the direction of the house Trayvon was staying.

          • Robert Riversong

            As I’ve noted elsewhere, the fact that the fight ended up down the walkway is the only fact that is not explained by Zimmerman’s account.

            But you conveniently ignore that:

            1) Zimmerman said repeated blows to the head (not to his nose)

            2) Someone being assaulted is not necessarily going to remember how many times they were hit.

            3) The first neighbor on the scene said that Zimmerman was staggering, had blood running down both sides of his nose and down the back of his head, and looked like he “just got his butt beat”.

            4) When someone is blocking your nose and mouth, it feels like you’re suffocating even if you’re not (that’s similar to how waterboarding works)

            5) Both Zimmerman’s account and the testimony of the girl on the phone with Trayvon said that it was Trayvon who first spoke to Zimmerman, which would have made Zimmerman turn around – since he responded (and the nearest neighbor said she heard a 1,2,3 back and forth). It was only after that brief conversation that Zimmerman says he was sucker punched.

            6) If Zimmerman had initiated the confrontation, he would have been the first to speak, but that is not consistent with any of the testimony.

          • unclechopper

            1) Not true. In his discussion with Chris Serino (recording #4, at around 12:06), George says:

            GZ: Every time he punched my nose, it’s just…

            CS: How many times you get punched in the nose? Couple? Yeah?

            GZ: ….. I don’t remember.

            It’s a common theme with George. When he is asked to be a little more precise about something he has just said he suddenly can’t remember. He couldn’t remember how fast Trayvon was running (but then later says on Hannity that he never ran), he couldn’t remember how Trayvon was holding him in order to slam his head into the concrete…

            Regarding the rest, I think you missed the point I was making about there being no blood one Trayvon’s hands or sleeves. Zimmerman’s claims to have been punched in the nose repeatedly, Trayvon’s hands then smothered his nose and mouth. Why isn’t the blood on Trayvon’s hands or sleeving of his clothes? I can accept that the ran may have washed it off his hands, but his clothes?

            Looking at Trayvon’s lower pants, they are obviously saturated from where he was kneeling on the grass. But the rest of his clothing isn’t really wet at all, indicating that the rain probably isn’t heavy enough to wash it from his clothes.

            No wounds on Trayvon’s hands other than a small abrasion.

            I agree that the girl on the phone testified that Trayvon seemed to initiate the verbal confrontation, but according to her Zimmerman also then demanded to know what Trayvon was doing in the neighbourhood, which is different from what he claims.

        • unclechopper

          Zimmerman realised early on that he needed to give a reason why he was out of his car, and he must have forgotten about his call to the dispatcher when he made up his ridiculous story about getting out of his car to get a street name and number.

          First of all, he says he couldn’t get a number because the backs of the townhouses were facing him. That may have been true for the townhouses on the left of the cut through, but not for the ones on the right.

          In fact, when he does the video re-enactment as he is saying “there is no address, because these are the back of the houses” you can see the number on the house immediately to his right! All of the houses in the block are the same, the all have their numbers in the same place, and George would know exactly where it is. But in that video he completely ignores the house that he is parked almost facing directly!
          He does address the townhouses to the right in his lie detector test by saying that a “truck blocked his view” of the number.

          He also claims to have not known the name of the street, but let’s get real. Twin Trees Lane is both the north and east entrances to Retreat at Twin Lakes. He drives past a street sign that says it each and every day as he comes and goes. And if you listen to his other calls to the non-emergency hotline he certainly knows the names of all of the other streets around his neighbourhood, including the nearby one (Calabria Springs Cove) where he thinks the burglars are all coming from.
          I just don’t trust anything the guy has said. It’s clear he isn’t telling the truth. So many things change in his testimonies, from what he was asked to do, where he was when things happened, Trayvon’s supposed circling of his vehicle that he puts in impossible locations.
          He is hiding something, and my gut instinct – and I realise this isn’t supported by any actual evidence – but my gut instinct is that when he said his first reaction to meeting Trayvon in the dark was to reach for his phone and call 911 – I think it really was to reach into his holster and pull out his gun.

          • Robert Riversong

            Jennifer Lauer, who lives at 1211 Twin Trees (the first townhouse on the corner where Zimmerman was parked) testified in court that there were no street signs near her house, that she didn’t know whether the gated entry road was Twin Trees on not, and that both her husband’s pickup truck and a large bush blocked her house address numbers from certain vantage points.

            If you watch the re-enactment video, you cannot see the house number from where they parked – even in broad daylight (the numbers are black and would not be visible at night).

            So, once again, everything in Zimmerman’s general account holds up under scrutiny. Your “gut feeling” is not admissible in court, is irrelevant to Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence, and you’re exactly the kind of person who would be bumped off the jury because of your prejudicial stance.

          • unclechopper

            Look at the photos of Jennifer Lauer’s house at the time of the incident. The bush in her front yard had no leaves. The bush that is closer to her front entrance does no obscure the number of her house, which is in clear view at 7:41 in his video re-enactment. The video encoding is low quality, but you can clearly see the area where the number is on the wall right next to the light fixture, immediately to the left of the garage entrance.

            If the husband’s pickup truck is in the driveway it does not obscure the view at all.

            However, if the truck was on the curb it still wouldn’t matter, because George said that when he got out of his car the headlights remained on whilst he walked up the cut through, so the whole area is illuminated!

            In fact, one of his excuses for remaining so long at Retreat View Circle is that he was afraid of walking back in the dark as his headlights had since gone out and he couldn’t get his torch working.

          • unclechopper

            Ok, honest question for you, because you seem to have studied this more than most people I have had these types of discussions with.
            Has it been revealed yet as to which side of Zimmerman’s body the gun holster was located?

          • Robert Riversong

            Yes, I have studied this incident extensively for the past 18 months, have downloaded 37 megabytes of data and written several articles about it.

            As a vocal opponent of concealed guns, the NRA and Stand Your Ground laws, I went into it inclined to believe that Zimmerman was just another macho gun-toting wannabe, but quickly realized that was not the case and that he was being set up as a national fall guy for everyone’s agendas.

            And, the more I examined the evidence and the witness testimony, the more clear it became that Zimmerman’s story holds up.

            The way you look for every little discrepancy or inconsistency suggests that you have started from an assumption of guilt and are scrambling to prove it.

            Eye witness testimony, including the testimony of those involved in traumatic situations such as this, is notoriously unreliable because the human brain is not a digital memory device, but filters events and images and sensations through already experienced patterns in order to make sense of them.

            The more someone is pounded with questions, the less sure they become about their own memories and parts of traumatic events are often blocked from memory or from recall as a form of self-protection that is preconscious and not deliberate.

            “I don’t remember” is not at all surprising.

            The fact that Zimmerman’s very first, and immediate, statement to Manalo, the neighbor who appeared just as the fight was concluding, was the story that Zimmerman has stuck by all along, suggests that he was telling the truth, since he had no time to consciously concoct an alibi.

            It’s not going to be 100% accurate, as no recollection is.

            Now I’m done playing your game. Pester someone else.

          • unclechopper

            So no comment about the holster then?

            Or Zimmerman being repeatedly punched in the nose?

            Or the lack of Zimmerman’s blood or DNA on Trayvon’s hands and clothing?

          • Robert Riversong

            Zimmerman variously described repeated blows to his nose, face or head and repeated bashing of his head into concrete – which is consistent with his injuries.

            It did not seem unusual to the police evidence technician that there would not be “contact DNA” residue in such a case on a rainy night.

            But it seems you believe that Zimmerman’s broken nose, bilateral black eyes, two scalp lacerations and multiple skull contusions were self-inflicted.

            I imagine you also believe that the world was created in seven days.

          • unclechopper

            Ok. So don’t tell me that Zimmerman never claimed to have been repeatedly punched in the nose when he clearly had, idiot.

            I don’t really give a crap about the rest of your self-righteous moaning.

          • Robert Riversong

            As one who can’t differentiate between a nose, a face, and a head, I can understand your confusion.

            But what is clear from your commentary is that you don’t give a crap about the truth.

            Even lead investigator Chris Serino, who was highly skeptical of Zimmerman’s story and thought that he had a “little hero complex” and felt his statements sounded “scripted”, admitted to the FBI that there was not enough evidence to support even a manslaughter charge, and that he was pressured by three members of the police department (two blacks and one married to a black) to recommend charges so that the black community would not be “in an uproar”. One of those three officers was a friend of the Martin family and all three were investigated for leaking information.

          • unclechopper

            LOL, nice one Riversong. You accuse me of not being able to differentiate between a nose, a face and a head yet you were the idiot that came out, all guns blazing, trying to tell me that George never said he was repeatedly punched in the nose.

            You have proven yourself to be a fraud.

            Maybe your advanced age has diminished your mental capacity.

          • Robert Riversong

            LOL or ROTFL is about all someone of your caliber can do when caught in multiple agenda-driven distortions and unfounded conclusions.

            Particularly when the two principle police investigators in this case, Doris Singleton and Chris Serino both testified in court today that they saw no significant inconsistencies in Zimmerman’s several interviews, statements and re-enactment, nor did they find any inconsistencies between Zimmerman’s statements and the witness statements.

            Both concluded that Zimmerman was being honest and recollecting the truth as well as could be expected after such a traumatic experience.

            Further, Serino admitted to the FBI that he was under pressure from within his department to charge Zimmerman but did not believe there was sufficient evidence even to support a manslaughter charge.

            In other words, both the principle investigators agree with my assessment of the evidence and utterly deny your allegations.

            Now you can continue to roll on the floor laughing.

          • unclechopper

            You know, I had not watched Lauer’s testimony before replying earlier, but after finally getting around to it I have to say that you have some balls to come out with crap like this.

            There are two photographs shown where the number is clearly visible from the path. She said that it would be obscured at certain vantage points, but it is quite clear during the exchange that those vantage points are very few.

            There are at least four signs in the neighbourhood that mark Twin Trees Lane. Two of them are visible from the clubhouse.

            You said that I am prejudiced against Zimmerman. You clearly have a bias for believing everything he says, and spin any kind of evidence, no matter how tiny, in his favour.

            Yeah, you’re so important because of your 37 megabytes of material (let’s not forget the PDF for one of the discovery documents is around 80 meg) and you’ve spent just about as much time researching this as anyone else here has.

          • Robert Riversong

            No, I’m not at all important, but you twist that reality the same way you twist every other element of this case to fit your predetermined conclusions.

            The only thing that is important is truth and justice, and that is what my 61 years has been dedicated to.

            As a very vocal opponent of America’s gun fetish, of the NRA, of concealed weapon permits, of Stand Your Ground laws, and of settling conflicts of any kind with violence – I began my exploration of this incident biased AGAINST Zimmerman.

            But, as an objective seeker of truth, I allowed myself to follow the evidence, the history, the facts and the testimony – and all of that led to the inescapable conclusion that Zimmerman’s story holds up more than well enough for there to be no possibility of determining guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

            Your approach to this case and your attitude are exactly the reason that a simple case of self-defense has been blown out of proportion such that no true justice can be achieved.

          • unclechopper

            So you admit that you were prejudiced against Zimmerman right from the start and then changed your mind.

            Guess what, idiot. Despite your continued claims that my conclusions were predetermined, I actually waited until I had the opportunity to look at Zimmerman’s statements as well as other evidence released in the first few rounds of discovery before I started to form an opinion.

            And my opinion from trying to reconcile his many different testimonies (written, lie detector, recorded, Hannity, etc.) is that it is clear to me that he is being deceptive with detectives about how the confrontation began.

          • Robert Riversong

            You’re constitutionally incapable of telling the truth about anything without twisting it to fit your tortured intentions.

            If you can’t comprehend the difference between bias, which means inclination in a certain direction, and prejudice, which means coming to a judgement prior to examining the evidence or in conflict with the evidence, then you are even more of a mental incompetent than you otherwise appear.

          • unclechopper

            You already admitted you were prejudiced from the outset and you’re lecturing me about being constitutionally incapable of telling the truth?
            Go and take your senile pills.

          • Robert Riversong

            The fact that you would make such a big deal about the alleged visibility of a house address, when any fool knows that black letters are simply not visible on a dark rainy night, demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have an agenda that is contrary to seeking the unbiased truth.

            As one who has been in firefighting and EMS for more than 30 years and spent much of that time trying to find addresses in the dark, I can assure you that it’s a futile task. But no credible testimony is going to sway you from your predetermined judgement about Zimmerman.

          • unclechopper

            Zimmerman’s truck headlights were on, pointing in the direction of the house in question. The area had been illuminated.
            Why do you continue to ignore these details that hurt George’s testimony?

          • Robert Riversong

            I suppose when you hide behind an idiotic pseudonym, you don’t have to worry about making a public fool of yourself.

            As one who posts under my name, I have to maintain integrity and honesty – two qualities you clearly don’t understand or value.

          • unclechopper

            LOL, yes Mr “Zimmerman never said he was punched repeatedly in the nose” Riversong.
            We know so much about your integrity, you lying idiot.

          • unclechopper

            In fact, George himself said in his testimony that he could actually see Trayvon go up the cut through and then disappear between the rows of houses, all from the vantage point of his car. In other words, Trayvon turned right at the T and went down the dog walk behind the houses.
            How could he see all of that on a dark and rainy night when the T is 120 feet away?


            The number of Lauer’s house is 60 feet away, only slightly to the right of where Zimmerman would have been looking to observe Trayvon disappear between the buildings.

          • Robert Riversong

            Zimmerman’s headlights were on straight ahead toward the Tee, not to the side toward Lauer’s house.

            Either that is as self-evident to you as it is to me and you are simply lying or you are a total incompetent (or some of both).

          • unclechopper

            Lauer’s house, from Zimmerman’s perspective in his car, is immediately to the right of the T. He has parked parallel on Twin Trees Lane, his headlights would almost be directly on the north facing wall of Lauer’s house.

            Are you seriously suggesting that Zimmerman’s truck would not have provided any illumination to Lauer’s house?

            Congratulations on your Yoga World Championship, mate, you’ve bent yourself so far backward your head is stuck right up your ass.

          • unclechopper

            Well, well, Frank “Riverdance” Taffe, did you notice the photo presented in court today showing that Lauer’s house number was lit by the porch light RIGHT NEXT TO IT?
            You are a fraud.

          • Robert Riversong

            Yes, you can also “prove” that global warming is a fraud with irrelevant and deliberately misleading “data”.

            None of the prosecution’s expert witnesses believe this is even an issue, but you blow it out of proportion because you have no substantive case to make and merely continue to dance around the real issues and the real evidence.

          • Theresa Glover Radke


          • Robert Riversong

            The question is, rather, what kind of blinders are you wearing that makes you see that (and what kind of anger, ill will, and spite makes you type in ALL CAPS?)

            P.S. He never said “coons” and was exonerated by an extensive FBI investigation into evidence of racism.

          • Theresa Glover Radke

            You listen to the tape.. He says COONS the “K” sound is totally different from the P sound in punks and I don’t need an FBI investigator to tell me the difference.

          • Robert Riversong

            Apparently you don’t let facts get in the way of your prejudices.

          • clifford715

            Sure sounded like “coons”.

          • Theresa Glover Radke

            He didn’t get out of the car to get a fucking address.. he got out of the car to chase the fucking coon. He didn’t even start thinking about an address until he was at the T. THE fact that he is trying to make up the damn story about the address is one more point towards his guilt.

          • unclechopper

            Finding an address in the dark is a “futile” task according to Frank “Riverdance” Taaffe, because of his 30 years in fire fighting and EMS.

            You would have to be the dumbest fire fighter I’ve ever come across.

            I guess that’s why no one travels around at night, hey. Because addresses are just too hard to find. It’s SO FUTILE.

            So futile that Zimmerman himself never gave the address the dispatcher. The address that he supposedly walked all the way over to Retreat View Circle to get and but then forgot to give to the dispatcher.

            Notice how he never said what house number he got from Retreat View Circle in any of his testimonies?

            That’s because he’s lying.

            Just like you, asshole.

          • Robert Riversong

            Not one of the prosecution’s witnesses to date have been able to prove that Zimmerman was doing anything but telling the truth, as both primary police investigators have testified.

            But, to one who insists that night is day and wrong is right, mere facts and evidence are meaningless if they undermine your prejudicial certainty.

    • Theresa Glover Radke

      Sure he would.. He thinks he’s smarter than everybody else. He has been planning to invoke this stand your ground law for justifiable homicide .. he was sure he had a pat case. If you can read through and listen to all of these tapes and NOT think he’s guilty .. I have to question your .. ability to tie your own shoes

    • Tony Bryant

      He would if he was/is a criminal mastermind.

  • SamSpadejr

    Please you tube 3 detectives interrogate George Zimmerman. It’s very intriguing.

    • spectr

      Halfwits really do think it’s intriguing.

      Oh the feeble !.

  • hottopping

    So GZ admits to confronting and killing TM on 2/27/2012 @ 6:23 pm see video @ 5:00 and look at his hand movement… guilty

  • spectr

    Clearly innocent.
    The feeble minded morons of the world are a chore, but we have no choice

  • Robert Riversong

    Sanford Police Investigator Doris Singleton, the highly trained and experienced officer who first interviewed George Zimmerman and participated in the longer video interview conducted by lead investigator Chris Serino, and had opportunity to review all recorded police interviews, just testified in court that there we “no significant inconsistencies” in the various statements from Zimmerman.

    And yet there are “experts” here who are certain that there were inconsistencies so profound as to prove that Zimmerman was lying, which indicates his guilt.

    Even Investigator Serino, with 16 years on the Sanford PD and a former DoD uniformed officer, who was deeply skeptical of Zimmerman’s testimony and felt his statements sounded “scripted”, nevertheless told the FBI that there was not even enough evidence to charge Zimmerman with the lesser charge of manslaughter, but was pressured by three other officers (two black and one married to a black) to charge Zimmerman to avoid “an uproar” from the black community.