Trayvon Martin Photos

  • Thompson Jackson

    Where are the photos of Trayvon drinking his Purple Drank?

  • Trayvon Lives Within

    Where are the photos of your IQ?

  • Sein Maestro

    I want to see GZ’s photos of him smoking weed and drinking Coronas

  • gbpuzzler


  • Andy Capp

    all the photos show Trayvon as either a child/young or with
    glasses/school etc. Where are the ones of him smoking dope and holding a
    weapon and money???

  • Matthew Hall

    It does not matter where they are, the fact is that he was not holding money, or a weapon, or smoking dope the night in question, which is all that matters here.

  • Rachel

    I agree, I do not agree with the verdict that was given. The young man, even if he did feel thretend and was defending himself, did nothing wrong. He should have never lost his life.. It is so sad.. Race doen’t matter either. I am white. I believe Zimmerman should have got some sort of punishment. He pursed when he shouldn’t have… So Sad. My heart is with the family and friends of Trevon!

  • smartblackguy

    Why are there no recent photos of Martin? He was a thug and deserved to die. You people are all a bunch of ignorant apes and you are being manipulated by the people in power. You are just too stupid to know what is really going on.

  • gbpuzzler

    In case you didn’t notice, there are several recent (probably a year or less before his death) pictures of Trayvon Martin above, and I have seen others. There is no evidence, from actual photos or otherwise, that he was a thug. Although he had been in some minor trouble at school, he had no history of causing injuries to others, unlike George Zimmerman. If you believe that he “deserved to die”, you are setting the bar for that distinction very low, and would probably include half the teenaged boys in this country.