Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Case Evidence Photos

  • tom

    Keep in mind the gunshot residue tattoo that Trayvon got from leaning over George and having the barrel of the gun right up against his hoodie and shirt draping over George, but with some distance between his hoodie and shirt and his chest. Causing the tattoo.

    Bernie tried to suggest that Trayvon was trying to escape but George grabbed his hoodie. But the common sense interpretation is Trayvon was on top of George, and that George was screaming for help when he shot Trayvon.

  • oldsoldierboy

    I looked at the timelines in this case and realize it took a total of approximately 6 minutes and 6 seconds from the time GZ first called the police dispatcher to the first sounds of words and a scuffle. Then I went to gmaps and was able to determine the distance TM walked from where GZ first spotted him on retreat view circle to the spot where he was killed. It came up to approximately 940 feet (313 yards). The distance to twins trees lane 417 feet (139 yards). I then measured out 10 feet and I casually walked it. It took me 4 seconds which comes out to 4/10 of a second per foot. I then multiplied 4/10 by 940 feet and divided it by 60 to figure out the minutes and it came out to 6.26 which equals 6 minutes and 15 seconds. If you add approx. 10 to 15 seconds to the timeline that it would taken for GZ to pullover and call police and you’re literally on the total timeline. According to gmaps distance calculations, GZ killed TM as he was walking home by using a surprise attack. This explains why GZ can’t describe the run. There wasn’t any running by TM. Also, it would have taken TM approximately 2 minutes and 47 seconds to reach the clubhouse where GZ was parked near Twin Trees Lane. Yet 58 seconds into the NEC GZ says TM is “coming towards me”. Really? TM would have been no where near the club house at that point. 2 minutes and 5 seconds into the NEC GZ says “Sh!t he’s running”. TM would still have been 25 to 40 seconds shy of the club house at that point. GZ said in the reenactment video that TM was on the T sidewalk when he ran. Absolutely no way. One thing I know with 100% certainty is that GZ was at the clubhouse during the entire NEC. GZ NEC lasted 4 minutes and 6 seconds. TM would have walked a total of approx. 614 feet by this point which would put him approximately 97 feet east of the first curve on Twin Trees Lane. This is what I believe happens next. GZ ends the NEC after asking the dispatcher to contant him when they get there. GZ then hurries to his truck and turns onto Twin Trees Ln and passes TM as he’s walking eastward. GZ then parks his truck in front of the T sidewalk and waits for TM to walk past his truck (GZ: He circled my vehicle). TM walks onto the T and GZ gets out of his truck and follows him at a distance. GZ with the benefit of lighting from Retreat View Circle ahead sees TM make a right down the stem of the T and loses sight of him behind the building. GZ then vacates the sidewalk and runs to the NE corner of the building standing next to the row of bushes and looks around the corner. (That’s right GZ. It was you who came out of the bushes). GZ then runs and confronts TM while holding his flashlight in his left hand and his gun pointed at TM in his right and says “what are you doing here”? Startled TM turns around to see GZ standing in front of him with his gun drawn. TM then instinctively punches GZ in the nose and turns to runs but stumbles and falls landing on his back. GZ then jumps on top of him and TM begins using his arms to try and fend GZ off. TM then and starts yelling for help as GZ (who needs TM to shut up) starts saying “STFU” “I’m going to kill you”. GZ eventually gets control of TMs arms and shoots him in the chest.
    The timelines: 7:09:34 start of NEC; 7:10:32 Coming towards me; 7:10:56 Coming to check me out; 7:11:39 Shit He’s running; 7:11:46 Opens car door; 7:12:06 TM answers girlfriend incoming call; 7:13:40 GZ NEC ends; 7:15:40 Words & Scuffle; 7:16 TM phone call ends; 7:16:45 Gunshot

  • Garry Ward

    I am sorry, TM’s case had its day in court, you may not like the outcome, but the jury has spoken, I have been on juries before and those people take the job serious. GZ may not be completely innocent, but he was declared not guilty. You may “think”, “believe”, “suspect”, but none of these words can convict a person of a crime. The prosecution put on the best case they could with the evidence they had. The jury took time out of their lives to listen earnestly and delivered their combined verdict. So, put your preconceived notions aside and believe in the system.

    • oldsoldierboy

      Sorry but the court of public opinion will last forever. First by man and then by God. Therefore this case is never over.

  • Jesus_Loves_Us

    Well, thank the lord he’s in heaven now. No more pain. He was such a troubled youth, we should make help available to people like Trayon before it all ends so tragically.

    • D’Andre

      You’re stupid. He was seventeen! Troubled youth!? Teenage rebellion…we ALL did it…in some form or fashion.

      • Jesus_Loves_Us

        I agree, and I think teens should have access to drug treatment and anger management the same as adults. This is all so horrible..It could have saved this poor young man’s life. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, unfortunately it all ended tragically for him. We must do a better job as parents. Hopefully we can put this behind us as a nation and begin to heal..

    • tom

      He jumped George. If he was successful he probably would have jumped somebody else soon enough.

  • hello world

    Whoever put up this site probably deliberately left out photos of his back. They would have taken pictures of his back.

  • AnotherVoice

    Both Zimmerman and Martin had someone on the other end of the phone giving reasonable advice — if only one of them would have listened. If Martin would have listened to his gf he would have run to his dad’s house. If Zimmerman would have listened to the dispatcher, he wouldn’t have followed Martin when Martin ran. It seems that there was a bit of machismo on the parts of both of them, and that both of them were being influenced by their past experiences, causing them to react to this situation and see it as threatening (and meet that threat with machismo) instead of backing off and using a cooler head.

  • Seeker

    Where is Trayvon’s headset piece? He was talking on the phone using a headset piece. Where is it at the scene?

  • pmorgan_m3

    No blood from Zimmerman on Trayvon’s hands or sleeves.

    No DNA from Zimmerman under Trayvon’s nails.

    No injuries or bruises on Trayvon’s hands.

    Thus no physical evidence that Trayvon caused any injury to Zimmerman.

    In America any American can walk down any street without some stranger following them and asking them what they are doing in any neighborhood.

    If Zimmerman in his un-American, paranoid, racist, wanna-be-cop glory had just followed Trayvon from a distance in his car (and even doing that would be ignoring what the police dispatcher told him to do…which was not to follow ) …TRAYVON WOULD BE ALIVE and the taxpayers of Florida would not be paying million for the trial and other expenses related to the criminal investigation and proceedings.

    There will be protests and possibly destructive riots (like the LA riots) if Zimmerman is acquitted. So more millions in police and other expenses for the taxpayers of Florida and perhaps elsewhere in the USA.

    And even if he is acquitted Zimmerman will pay the vast bulk of whatever money he ever makes to Trayvon’s family after they win the wrongful death civil suit that they will file and easily win after the criminal trial.

  • raingirl2

    it is extremely heartbreaking to c so many adults supporting the murderer of an innocent kid while trying to trash the deceased kid simply because they are racist and hate black ppl that is so sad I wonder when this world will grow up enough to C ppl as equal and charge a crime as honestly as possible I know George Zimmerman is guilty of first degree murder and the world knows it o matter what the outcome of the court he will bur n in hell and his daddy brother oysterman Taaffe Joe oliver MOM Don West the conservative tree house and the Zimmerman family should be thrown out of this country

    • Heather

      Were you there? Did you see George shot Trayvon? No, I didnt think so. I support GZ simply because facts show he didn’t kill him in cold blood. Self defense, Im not racist, but the facts paint a different picture of the “innocent child” the media has. He had many troubles in school including drugs and theft, he was not innocent. He did not deserve to die, but George does not deserve manslaughter nor does his family deserve to be kicked out of america. Im not “trashing” the victim, Im stating the facts. He was a 17 year old turning into a hood rat. George was the captain of the neighborhood watch…so please tell me who sounds more innocent, who sounds like they are the monster. This case is tragic all around. A child lost his life and a man could lose his. This case is more than just race, its not about a mexican shooting a black but people like you make it all about race. Race should have nothing to do with this. Growing up all I see with race is that (and in no way do I mean this to sound racist or offensive but its going to come off that way) is black people think we owe them the world. Here in texas we have black only baseball teams, black only this, black only that and yet if I as a white girl was to do a white only anything Id be called racist. Double standards. Blacks can be all open with stuff only for them but the rest of us cant or we are racist, inconsiderate of other races. So the fact that your screaming racism is complete bullshit.

      • Imjustsayin

        Ummm white people already have whites only this and that lol and if your not racist why does it bother you that blacks congregate with one another to enjoy activities . It wasn’t too long ago that blacks had to do blacks only activities because of Jim Crow . Smoking weed and school suspension doesn’t mean you should be shot dead and what is a “hood rat” ? It takes a ghetto chick to recognize a ghetto dweller lol. This is a sad story and a 17 yr old pot smoker does not deserve to get shot a so called upstanding neiborhood watch and citizen should have just called the cops and waited until they showed up in the safety of his car. Period. And who is the real thug ? The person with the 9mm with the hollow point in the clip ready to shoot? Or the so called pot head with the juice and candy?

    • Garry Ward

      Please tone down your racist anitwhite attitude. It is sad to see so many who want to convict GZ because he is white and not due to an honest look at the facts. Sure GZ made some mistakes, but TM made the curtail mistake of confronting GZ, this elevated the event into something that was life threatening for both parties. GZ was only watching and observing, TM;s racist attitude toward GZ comes through quite clear and that was what ultimate caused his demise, sad but true.

  • guest

    If you have a gun with you, would you really have a big ol’ fighting match if you intended to shoot the person all along?

  • clifford715

    Pictures 32 and 37, how did the swelling to the nose go down so fast?

  • connie d

    I ask this question on this thread. I’m reasking it. has anyone had problems from their computer since writing about this case. I have also been getting calls from a private number. no name , no number. I finally answered after many calls. it was a Spanish man and he asked if my name was Connie S. The name he asked me about is known to no one but government papers. I told him yes this was Connie S and he started talking to me in Spanish. I told him I didn’t speak Spanish and he paused and then hung up. I’m creeped out.

  • Donna Robinson

    I agree with everyone, i beleive he received those marks from being on top of Trayvon Martin and Trayvon clawing in an attempt to get him off of him, there are’nt any huge, bulging, wounds in which he would be rendered unconscious, and it also ocurred to me if he was being bashed into the pavement as he says then why are’nt there blood signs of it on the pavement? rain or not concrete absorbs blood and leaves spots, the only way one may be able to get rid of it is through the use of bleach, in fact its so difficult to remove that clorox has invented a special bleach for concrete. And why does his clothes all look as if they just emerged from the dry cleaners? they say it was a rainy day, yet his clothes look as if they were just pulled from the dryer and put on despite his claims of being tossed around comparatively like a rag doll, the tapes of him entering the station the police officer is dusting just his front lightly, and also in the two diffrent interveiws, he does exactly what he’s been doing as he reads or hears information, he leads his story in that direction resulting in diffrent stories being told in the interveiw as to how events unfold. As for continually showing his nose to have us beleive it is broken well i for one am not buying into it there’s a statement its called hiding in plain sight, and this is what he does and he’s good at it.

    • connie d


  • Connie Davis

    If Zimmerman was on the bottom how did those marks get so high on his head. Those look like claw marks. If Martin was actually the one on the bottom I could see him grabbing Zimmerman’s head and clawing it. His neck would have been seriously strained if he was on the bottom. I have a big question mark over this.

    • msraingirl2

      this entire story told by gz is a joke first of all what did Trayvon hold onto to bang his head on the concrete he had no hat on he did not grab his ears what did he hold onto to continuously bang his bald head onto the concrete geo is a big liar and so r his supporters

  • michael hairston

    Anyone notice the sideways u shaped welt on the back of georges head I’m trying to figure out what made that pattern

    • reflectedsafe0


      • connie d

        so so true. I noticed that too.

  • Lisa S

    Who is the photo of the male with a white shirt on? He’s too slim to be Zimmer-pig.

    • clifford715

       Man in white Tee-shirt?  Ah-ha!!

  • Lisa S

    If these photos are supposed to have been taken the same night of the crime, where is the blood one of the officers claimed was still coming from his nose? He looks very clean to me and he doesn’t appear to have sustained a life threatening injuries – not even close.

  • TruthSeeker

    Where’s the pic of his wet back with grass stains?

    • mandytoronto

      Yes where are they. They show the front of his pants and he has no grass stains or any marks at all. Also his shirt and jacket do not have any marks or anything ont them. He does not look like he was in a life or death struggle. GZ confronts TM and a fight starts and records show it lasted one minute and GZ felt so scared that he had to shoot a kid after one minute of a fight. Also my 18 year old daughter has had more marks on her from a soccer game then GZ had that night. Lets just thank god he lied at bail hearing and proven himself to not be truthful and is back in jail.

      • Sharee

         The front of his shoes have evidence of wetness and grass stains, but the back of the shoes show no evidence of wetness and grass stains.  Now if you are on your back being bashed into the concrete surely you heels would dig into the ground as you try to sit up and/or slide from under the person that straddles you.  As a matter of face, your legs and feet would need to be used to dig in to get up.

    • Erik Baran

      it was wet and covered in grass, not grass stained. The police officer Tim Smith testified to that under oath at the trial today.

    • blueduck151

      Google it, its online.

  • Ella Brown Smith

    Where did the flashlight come from? Is this something that Zimmerman had while looking for Trayvon and possibly used to hit himself in the head to inflict his wounds because one of his lacerations seem to be a little too high up to come from his head hitting the concrete actually, they both are. You would expect the cuts to be a little lower if the back of your head was meeting the pavement.


  • guest..

    Paramedics report suggest cuts on his head look like he was hit with blunt/thrown object….

    Bail hearing: Gilbreath repeated that when he was questioned by O’Mara.

  • Lisa S

    He supposedly had a flashlight with him but it didn’t work. Serino told him in one of the interviews that you have to smack it around a bit. It was working when Serino tested it.  Hope he didn’t contaminate crime scene evidence playing with the flashlight.  I agree about the placement of the injuries also. I don’t believe Trayvon did more than punch him in the nose.

  • Toni

    Ella I’ve been saying this all along.

  • facebook

    That’s correct and if Zimmerman head was getting pond into the cement the how in the world could it be Zimmerman screaming for help. The car should have been more close to the bottom of this idiot head Zimmerman is a liar and his sick minded ass is going to prison..

  • BobDodds

    Note bone high points on back of head only show one small mark that could have been made by smooth sidewalk, and from there down along similar high area(note chopped side profile pic showing back of GZ skull–why is there no full side profile of the back of his skull?). Lower high bone area not marked at all!

    Note how two bruise lines across back of head could not have been made by smooth sidewalk but do each show a gap precisely matching the shell ejection port. Also note cuts matching sharp corners at one end of shell ejection port, then bruises matching the pistol slide.

    Note many cuts inconsistent with smooth sidewalk or grass, but absolutely, and perfectly matching pistol front blade sight, rear sight, grip/clip projection at bottom of grip, and sharp corner at edge of shell ejection port on slide.

    Many matches for pistol-whipping, only one for smooth sidewalk(small round area in center-middle of top of high bone area). One match for falling on back of head is redundantly rebutted/debunked by large number of matches for pistol features.

  • michael hairston

    my guess is that gorge was waiting at the tee and never went to rtvc as he said in the 911 call he made he sounds distracted as he hits his flashlight and says i dont know where this kid is i dont belive for a second that he went to rtvc to find a street number.

  • Guest

    Pertaining to this case…I was going to wait for the trial to start, before asking or responding to any of these sites.. But, looking at these photos.. I”m curious to know where is the black eye I read about? Also, if Zimmerman was on his back with Trayvon on top of him…why is the blood running down towards the front of his face than running down towards the back?

  • Sharee

     Good point on the blood!  It does not run to the back of the head, it runs to the front and straight down.  One interview stated that the bleeding had stopped by they time they arrived on the scene when George was sitting handcuffed behind the back when his hands were washed.  Interesting fact with the blood!

  • Shareese Dixon

    Could photo #37 be the picture that the 1st witness on the scene had taken along with the photo of Trayvon with his arms beside his body and not spread out that was released in error yesterday?  The reason I ask is because it is a photo copy just like the one of Trayvon’s lifeless body.  That must be one of the 1st photos which does not show this massive amount of blood enough to blind him!  This case is sickening, quite disgusting and it is a shame that folks are trying to cover up for this loser that was flunking out of his college classes!

  • Shareese Dixon

     What was found at marker #6?  When I look through the report I just can not find notation of what was found at this marker.  Also, photo 41 has 4 markers in the grass but 43 – 45 only shows 2 markers.

    Some suggest that George banged himself up in the 1 or 2 minutes from the time he hung up with dispatch until the calls to 911 flooded in.  What could he have been doing?  If we believe Dee Dee, and I do, George pushed Trayvon closer to where Trayvon’s cell phone lay #7, George’s flashlight #5, cartridge case #8 and whatever lay at marker #6.  The only thing near the “T” is Georges car keys which probably fell while he was running. 

    The blood on George in photo 27 seems to flow in the direction of
    someone that straddles another, forward and down.  The law of physics do
    not suggest that George was on his back, and I know that the medics
    said 45% of his head was covered in blood which they cleaned off with
    peroxide (because the blood was dried and to stop the bleeding), so why
    then does this blood trickle from the back of his head towards the
    front.  If you are on your back during the bleeding one would expect to see a pool of blood back there.

    This guy who was flunking out of his courses must really think that he is smarter than those that were able to pass the courses and become detectives/judges.  All that are trying to protect him should be ashamed that he is playing your intelligence and thinks you all are a bunch of Peter Pan dummies!

  • jamesritchie

    trayvon got what he deserved !!!! justice was served !!!! i am a black man and i know zimmerman hes a very nice person. i mow his grass every week. my mom cleans his house and washes his cloths. he gives us extra food after hes done eating..we love zimmerman hes a good person. he said i am the best littlie nig he ever had work for him. i am trying to get him to take out my sister out. so she can get her pregnet and we can rase littlie zimmermans !!!evryone one on here should bow down to goerge..tryvon was a punk and a thieft and wanna be thug, he got what he needed ,,, stop stealing white peoples shit and this wont happen. teach ur children not to be thugs like taryvon he was a looser

  • Shareese Dixon

    What does picture # 38 have to do with the case and who is it?

  • Rmont

    Tracy Martin and Brandi Green a Sanford Police Station

  • michael hairston

    Marker 6 is martins body look in 2nd document dump page145-146

  • michael hairston

    the attack didn’t happen at the T if you look at page 145- 146 in the second document dump you will see that martins phone (evidence marker 7) is too far from the T.witch brings me to the conversation that Martin was having with Dee Dee she says that Martin asked george what are you following me for and george says what are you doing around here then she hears the the phone drop and the grass rustling then the phone goes dead. I think it would be fair to say the confratation started when martins phone was knocked to the ground. And to add to this George’s shell casing was found on the right of Martin

  • guest

    You could have your head tilted to one side for a moment and have blood trickle to the side of your head, plus they probably cleaned him up already and it was created after while being cleaned up. Silly people over-analyzing everything. How’d he get the big lump on the back of his head if he didn’t hit it on something? You don’t get a big lump like that easily.

  • reflectedsafe0

    no one talks about it but what was the number of the house at rtvc. GZ does not mention the address in his interviews

  • michael hairston

    Yah your right he doesn’t . And we both know that he didn’t look for an address. Only address he was looking for was 17 Trayvon Martin lane

  • reflectedsafe0


  • connie d

    good one!!!!!

  • Nellie Nell

    One of the male witnesses told dispatch that he could see “people out there with flashlights”. That would have been the gent 1st on the scene and George. He knows damn well that flashlight worked and if I am not mistaken, one of the police reports said that the flashlight was on when he got to the scene.

  • Zoila101

    Photo 47 indicates Zimmerman was not on this back. The blood stains he tried to clean up ran from the back of his head to his chin hairs. The blood manage to dry there and you can see a line of blood once exist with poor cleaning done. This would only happen is you are leaning over somehting. Not you on your back or standing.

  • Toni

    and why would someone walk into the dark night with a broken flashlight.

  • Heather

    Zimmerman is not lying…He did not shot this kid because he was black…Trayvon’s girlfriend keeps changing her story, so how are we to believe she knows anything that she claims? People claim that George shot him due to his race, yet the gf called him a cracker and yet thats ok? They seem more racist that George himself. George had a clear history, never been in trouble but Trayvon did which included drugs and theft. So how exactly is George this evil monster you all make him out to be? As neighborhood he was suppose to have a flashlight on him anyway…hello neighborhood WATCH…does that make sense to you all know? You cant fully watch when its dark outside unless you have a handy moveable light source, hence the flashlight. Plus if someone is on top on you punching you, your head will hit the ground below you so blunt force trauma is explained right there. Let me lay out the facts for all of you

    1. Trayvon was on a ten day suspension for drugs, which btw this was NOT his first time being suspended.
    2. George was the neighborhood watch Captain
    3. After the shooting Officer recorded George bleeding from his nose and back of his head

    4. Not only are The martin’s going after Zimmerman they also are suing the development for a wrongful death of their son…its in no way the developments fault. So why go after more people who did not kill their son?

    So please continue to explain to me how this man is guilty of manslaughter when its pretty clear he acted in self defense…Look past the fact that he was Mexican and Martin was black and maybe, just maybe you can see the truth.

  • Anon

    George’s first fiancé left him because of domestic violence? He has a history of racism and using racial slurs? Sounds like the perfect citizen to me, a lot worse than a teenager getting suspended from school.

  • CDH

    hes guilty.stop defending a murderer.why would a man scream for help when hes got a gun.hes no cop.he fucked up now hes going to jail now.

  • dropping real facts 81

    did your dumb ass hear the911 call its a person that sounds like a young man screaming for help. the last thing he says is help me and u here a gun being fired less than a second after he says help me I put money that Zimmerman was losing fight that is true then he pulled his gun and that is when treyvon said the u got me remark and he soon realized that George was mad he had got his self in the situation he was in and treyvon was scarred and started screaming for help George just wanted him to shut up and stop yelling….how can you yell out help me and less than a second shoot a person that is beating your ass and on top of that he was yelling pretty damn clear for someone who thought they were being beat to death smh some people are so ignorant. The last cry for help sounded weaker than the rest of the cries because ill put money George tried to cover his mouth… some people have never been in a fight so they just cant grasp real events….I would never be scarred and I kno id be confident to walk up on someone if I had a gun…

  • Esiw

    Why did GZ follow TM? Who was with GZ that night?

  • Tony Bryant

    George Zimmerman was on 3 types of serious drugs, and should not have been out side watching anyone.

  • Jorge Farelas

    George Zimmerman’s record wasn’t clear. He was arrested in 2005 for assaulting an undercover ATF officer. His ex wife also called the police on him for domestic abuse. As far as for him walking around with a flashlight goes you are missing the point. He said his flashlight didn’t work yet it did. This shows he is lying. He has lied on more than one account. For example, in one of his original police interviews he mentions that the dispatcher had asked him if he were following the suspicious person. In the non emergency call he clearly says yeah. In the police interview he says he told the dispatcher that “he didn’t know” because he no longer could see him. This was a lie. He also said that the dispatcher had asked him if he could see where the person was. George says he told the dispatcher that he couldn’t see him anymore because he was parked at the clubhouse and that the person walked out of sight. He then said the dispatcher asked him if he could get to where he could see him. This was supposedly the reason that George left the clubhouse and followed Trayvon. Whether he actually parked at the clublhouse is unknown. That is what he says but there is nothing that verifies this. Zimmermans story that he had to relocate to see where Trayvon was is a lie. The dispatcher only asked him which way the person was running and Zimmerman said without any hesitation that the person was heading towards the back entrance. This means that he never took his eye off Trayvon and that the dispatcher never asked him to relocate his position to see him. Whether Trayvon actually ran that night is unknown also. The only one to supposedly see Travyon run was Zimmerman so you have to consider the source. Later Zimmerman told Hannity in an interview that Trayvon didn’t run. He said Trayvon skipped. The weird thing is that when Zimmerman was interviewed by the police right after the shooting Zimmerman never mentioned that Trayvon ran that night. He didn’t mention it in the video that you can find on youtube where he described what happened that night either. He said that he saw the person head towards the dog walk and then the suspicious person came back to circle around his car. After circling around his car Zimmerman says the suspicious person headed back to the dog walk. He didn’t say anything about the person running which based off the non emergency phone call is what made Zimmerman get out of his truck. Zimmerman didn’t tell the police anything about that. i think Zimmerman forgot to mention it because it didn’t actually happen. I think that Trayvon didn’t run that night which is why Zimmerman was able to catch up to him and why Trayvon didn’t make it home. That makes the argument that Trayvon had plenty of time to make it home incorrect. Zimmerman also said that he told the police to meet him at his truck and that he told the police the exact make and model of it. This is a lie. He never says what type of truck he drove on the non emergency call. Zimmerman asked the dispatcher if the police could call him when they arrived. He did that because he knew he wouldn’t be sure where he was going to be. He wasn’t looking for an address. He was looking for Trayvon. You mentioned that Zimmerman had injuries to his head. The injuries are very superficial which is why he didn’t go to the ER that night. The injuries on the back of his head are not consistent with having your head slammed into the concrete 25 times as Zimmerman claims. He should have been unconscious if not dead. If he had gone to the ER for an MRI or X-Rays they would have found that his injuries were not very significant and that there were no fractures to his skull. This would have proved that he was lying about his head being slammed into the concrete. Wisely enough for him he denied medical treatment and never had his head checked out. Furthermore he was very coherent and cognitively alert when interviewed by the police that evening. He didn’t suffer a concussion or any brain damage. Clearly the story of him having his head slammed into the concrete was an exaggeration if not a plain lie. Also why did he wait for Trayvon to slam his head into the concrete 25 times to get into the grass? You would think after the first one he would have gone into the grass. How did Trayvon manage to grab Zimmerman’s wet, bald head anyway? Remember it was raining that night. Zimmerman’s head would have been wet. He wasn’t actually bleeding from his nostrils. The blood came from a cut on his nose. This doesnt prove Zimmermans nose was broken. If he did actually have his nose broken there would have been blood on his shirt and coat. There wasn’t any blood. If you look at the pictures they took of him that night his clothes are completely clean. How he got that cut on his nose is unknown. There is no proof that Zimmerman’s nose was broken because he never had it X-rayed. Both famous pics of Zimmerman’s injuries were not taken by the police. Only one was taken by the police and it wasn’t revealed until almost a month after the shooting. The police “forgot” they had it. Hmmmm….interesting. Trayvon was not suspended for drugs. He was suspended for Truancy, graffiti and possessing a bag containing marijuana RESIDUE. Basically there were small remnants of marijuana in a baggie. He wasn’t carrying around a dime bag. Although it is safe to presume at some point he had marijuana in that bag legally they can’t do anything to you for having a bag that used to have marijuana. They can suspend you from school though which is what they did. You have to actually have marijuana on you to be arrested presuming you don’t have a prescription and it if it is a great amount. Your comment is misleading. It makes it sound like he had a bag full of pot. It is pretty clear that Zimmerman acted in self-defense??? He was a 28 year old man with a gun and MMA experience. Trayvon had skittles and an Arizona drink. It is pretty clear that Zimmerman went after Trayvon from the non emergency phone call he made that night. He admitted following Trayvon and told the police to call him when they got there so he could tell them where he was. It was clear he knew he wasn’t going to be at any particular meeting place because he was going to go after Trayvon. We know also that Zimmerman referred to Trayvon as an “f” ing punk and an a-hole. He got out of his truck the moment he thought he was going to lose sight of Trayvon. He wanted to make sure that Trayvon wasn’t going to get away. When he tried to detain Trayvon, things went wrong. Trayvon wasn’t going to be detained, and Zimmerman wasn’t going to let him go. Based on Trayvon’s appearance Zimmerman thought for sure he was a criminal of some sort and that he would be a “hero” for getting a bad guy. This is what I think caused the confrontation and as soon as Zimmerman pulled his gun out Trayvon started to try to get away from him and yell for help. Zimmerman claims Trayvon approached him and asked him if he had a problem. He said he didn’t have a problem and went for his phone. Calling the police at this point would have been pointless. If trayvon were a criminal he would have either ran away when Zimmerman would be calling the police or he would jump Zimmerman the moment he started calling the police. Zimmerman must have known that. Why would he go for his cell phone if he knew those were the two things that would happen? The bad guy wouldn’t just stand there and wait to be arrested. I think that was a lie told by Zimmerman to explain how he was taken by surprise and jumped. He probably didn’t think the police would believe Trayvon would have been able to beat him up and dominate him like that unless Zimmerman was taken by surprise. Another thing that should stand out to you is that Zimmerman says that he was the one yelling for help but how could he be yelling for help if his mouth is being covered? He said Trayvon was trying to smother him to death. He said that Trayvon was slamming his head into the concrete. Then Trayvon was punching his face repeatedly even though Zimmerman didn’t get one black eye or any major swelling in his face. He got a cut on his nose. Finally Trayvon was smothering Zimmerman before he allegedly went for the gun to shoot Zimmerman. How was Zimmerman screaming for help with short intervals through all of that??? There is no way. The development was responsible in a sense because they allowed Zimmerman to be the neighborhood watch captain. Zimmerman is not Mexican. His father is Caucasian and his mother is Peruvian. Peru is a different country than Mexico.

  • kc

    where are the pictures of the sidewalk where zimmermans head hit it?

  • Angel Zubia

    Actually he was the one advocating for Sherman Ware, the homeless man
    that was beaten by police officers. George demanded discipline of those
    police officers. There is no history of his racism, and actually more
    proof of the exact opposite. This guy was just trying to protect a
    neighborhood that had many incidents of crime, by similar kinds of people.

  • LGood

    Law-abiding, self-respecting persons who submit to legitimate authority figures in their lives, do NOT post pictures of themselves giving the finger from both hands to the world as their facebook page photo. That tells me volumes about Trayvon’s lack of character in respectfully relating to other members of society who might question his behavior. The broken nose and bloodied face of George Zimmerman and the lack of any such injuries to Trayvon prove that Zimmerman was reasonably acting in self-defense. The abrasions to Trayvon’s knuckles, and the lack of any such abrasions on the hands of Zimmerman prove who was the aggressor.

    Trayvon’s attitude of defiance toward authority, illustrated by his FU photos, explains why he would not have simply said to Zimmerman, “I’m on my way home; if you don’t believe me, follow me.”

    I followed the trial closely on TruTV, then on HLNtv. Shame on HLNtv for race-baiting a trial for sensationalistic purposes by showing dozens of photos of Zimmerman, but none of Martin other than as a 12-yr-old. Although they showed a tiny Martin photo in the victim box in the lower-right corner of the screen, I never saw a larger such photo or any photo of Martin even approaching age 17. Why is that? Is that supposed to be objective reporting? Thank God jurors are sworn to avoid all [biased] media coverage of the trial, because the media wants ratings, not justice!

  • blksassy1

    So because he posted a fb picture giving the finger makes him a bad person? Hell I’m 45 years old and a lot of times I feel like fuck this world, so I guess I’m a bad person. Nobody really knows what truly happened but them two. And never assume just because youre the so-called adult that they’re automatically in the right. Zimmerman decided to pump his chest out that night cause the dispatcher told him not to follow. Also Zimmerman most likely thought he could kick the boys ass but the boy kicked his ass and guess what he became a pussy and pulled out a gun. Why is that? Man enough to want to start a fight but a pussy cause you can’t fight but wanna bring a gun to a fight. If the assholes would of stayed in vehicle like the dispatcher said we wouldn’t have this problem. Boy wasn’t doing no wrong but walking. If u see me into shit then approach me. So you can try and justify that Mans action but this only makes me afraid for my kids who gotta live in a world so full of hate. And ppl who can’t follow simple instructions
    R.I.P Trayvon. There are ppl out here that do still care.

  • Guest

    Why would someone carrying a gun yell for help??? what happened to back off or i will shoot you???????

  • Pook

    looking for a hooded individual who was standing in a neighbors yard looking at the house in a neighborhood that had 8 home burglaries in just over a year and when the hooded guy spots GZ on his cell phone he takes off running

  • Pook

    More emotionally driven fabricated stories to make George look bad. Why would Trayvon be yelling for help, he could of ran home in the amount of time it took George to get off the phone with the police. Trayvon doubled back to assault the only witness to his prowling that night. Stop calling it a fight, it was a felony assault being instigated by Trayvon. So why didn’t GZ shoot TM when he walked up to his car? Why didn’t GZ shoot TM back where he first saw him? So why didn’t GZ shoot TM when TM came at him? Why did he only shoot once since according to most of you GZ hated black people and was hunting them with the intent to kill black people that night. Where is the thrill of chasing down a little 10 year old black child whose only crime was buying Skittles and Arizona Watermelon flavored tea to go with his bottle of codein at home so he can make some LEAN but instead got shot to death, got shot once while on top of his victim. So strange how racist black people are with whites, glad I’m Polynesian.
    The best part is all of you running your mouth when it first happened and now we got to see who TM was for real. Court papers and cell phone pics an texts said it all. That criminal got his that night. Hopefully other kids will realize that you can’t steal jewelry, you cant dress like a thief at night and youi cant go attacking people cause you might get shot

  • Pook

    How does he try an hide dried blood since the police were there within 2 minutes of the shooting? Plus there is one neighbor testifying the black guy was on top dropping MMA style blows to the guy on the bottom who was yelling for help. Another neighbor testiies that she saw the guy in the white colored shirt on top beating up the guy on the bottom. Hmm, GZ was wearing maroon and TM was wearing a light grey hooded sweatshirt. Keep lying, keep fabricating and keep following Al Sharpton if you want to believe TM was innocent

  • Shana July

    OMG…go pook on yourself…

  • tom

    Trayvon jumped George when George wasn’t looking. George was looking down, trying to figure out where he put his phone when Trayvon punched him in the nose.

  • sinjin

    thug or not he was still a child a 17 year old kid heres a thought go look at the crime scene photos look at the ground its wet which is why he had the hoodie up then go look at the kids clothing and go look at zimmermans clothing if your fighting and being tossed around your clothing is going to show this travon was found on his stomach on the ground look at the state his clothing is in look at the boys hands theres no blood on them theres no evidence he punched zimmermman as he claims whose flashlight? a non working one at that your friends guilty just because the kid had a bad rep does not mean hes guilty at first i believed zimmerman was innocent i let the stories they told about trayvon influence me ,until i went looking myself and not let the kids past decide automatically that he was guilty and deserved what he got