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    I saw the first photos, before Zimmerman’s nose was snapped back into place. His nose was pinned to his temple, and the bloody gaping holes in his skull were huge. However, the first photos shown on TV were the later ones, cleaned up with antiseptic shrinking the holes. A black witness said after watching Trayvon beat Zimmerman for a whole minute, that Zimmerman never pulled his gun. It was Trayvon who finally discovered and grabbed it. Dozens of black gangsters broke in homes every week, for months, a dozen times. Zimmerman was elected to monitor all young black gangstah types not recognized as residents in that private, gated neighborhood. Considering the life or death conditions there, that the neighborhood was repeatedly traumatized, raped and bleeding and in shock, it was amazing that Zimmerman gave all the time in the world for the thug to stop and run off.

  • Pro Zimmerman

    The only reason this tragedy went to trial is because of race. I would
    have shot Trayvon as well if I were George Zimmerman, the only
    difference is he would have never taken me to the ground, so it probably
    would never have gotten to the point where I needed to shoot him,
    however, if I was getting the back of my head smashed against the
    pavement, I would have enough hollow points into that person as I feel
    as needed. Those people protesting against in Oakland, and many other
    neighborhoods that are heavily populated with people of african-american
    descent need to stop wasting time walking around and making signs and
    go apply for jobs. I saw a person holding up a sign saying ” I own a
    hoodie, I drink iced tea, I eat skittles, I am black, am I next?” The
    answer is YES if you do what Trayvon did. The rest of George Zimmerman’s
    life will never be the same again. There will always be people in this
    world who will make this a racial issue instead of a self-defense issue
    and I pray that Mr. Zimmerman and his family stay safe and have no
    instances of retaliation from others. He already spent enough time in
    jail for defending his life of freedom and rights, he doesn’t need to
    spend the rest of his life out of jail defending his life of freedom and
    rights, as well as his entire family now that justice is served.

  • TreAnthony

    The logic of this case is clear: if I stood behind a horse and yanked its tail, and the horse reacted by kicking the living snot out of me, does that give me the right to shoot the horse in the chest even though I initiated the events by yanking its tail?
    The answer is: NO…absolutely NOT…

  • yehfuhewu


  • Pesky Vrmt

    He left his keys in his ignition. @ 3:21

  • know1cares

    i can’t wait to see zimmerman walk away a free man from something that never should have even gone to trial.

  • Searching for the truth

    I give props to LLMPAPA. He has an eye for detail. If you haven’t, you should go to his youtube channel LLMPAPA to watch videos about this case. This guy is amazing and he is a true Trayvon warrior. Even though, the defense is trying to discredit DeeDee, LLMPAPA’s video “the beginning” will get you to thinking. He even go against experts! Justice for Trayvon!

  • GZ 100% Innocent

    The NEN asked for the exact location/house number where Trayvon was last seen. George answered I dont know, he was going back to his truck when Trayvon chimped out.

    • reflectedsafe0

      No GZ stated he got out of his truck to find a STREET SIGN because he was standing on a street in front of a house with a NUMBER. The only reason he did not get it was because a moving van was in front. Therefore he as he states knew if he went to the other side that was his block.

    • Nellie Nell

      Actually GZ chimped out just like you are doing. LOL

  • ‘Rachael Majwa

    Sure looks like George was beaten by a thug to me, thanks for proving George is the victim

  • ‘Rachael Majwa

    I bet Trayvon hid behind one of those fences and bushes, as they found his cell phonen ear a garbage can..thanks for proving why I support George

    • Tony Bryant

      Only John Good Lied for George… Listen to John Good 911 Tape. He doesn’t say the black person is beaten up a white guy, but he does expose the fact that he saw George’s gun. That is why only John and his wife, and Jennifer L, and her man ran upstairs before the gun shots. They saw george’s gun and was afraid that bullets would be a coming through their living rooms, so they ran to high ground. Keep in mind… these people were not runing from a fist fight. John G. stated that he hand his cellphone on him, so he did not have to run inside to get it.

  • ‘Rachael Majwa

    I can see now how Trayvon hid and jumped George thanks for showing me how Trayvon was hiding for that right moment to assault an innocent man.

    • Nellie Nell

      Now that the trial is underway, it looks like your hero has lied and tried to hide a wealth of information about what he did and did not do that night.

      For someone that was getting beat to death, he was sure able to find his phone and make a phone call within 1 minute of killing his victim.

      Interesting how he never mentioned this in any of his versions of events.

  • Guest

    Jusg because he got the description of the pants wrinv doesnt discount this sense he just made.

  • Rowwdy

    The above photos show absolutely nothing. A bunch of superfluous photography showing a bunch of condos.

    • Hmm

      Don’t I remember you being so SURE about Trayvon’s lack of smile? You could
      look at his picture and form a complete opinion about him due to his lack of
      smile, but the above photos say nothing? Hmmm…. I guess just one of the photos would be sufficient for you. Maybe we can pick #6 (or #13, same expression, just a younger age).

    • iegpeorwgjoepoer

      The photos show a blue-eyed, white, hispanic, racist, Nazi, Grand Cyclops of the KKK, cracker mothraflocker who can’t wait to shoot and kill his first black victim, and plenty more if he can get away with it!!!

      • JJenson

        What’s a cracker?

  • Lisa Anderson Simon

    He’s a cute little, little boy but he still looks at the photographer as if he doesn’t trust that person. He doesn’t seem to have ever trusted anyone.

    • Pook

      Cute little, little boy? Oh the 10 year old in the picture they showed instead of a current one. How sad that the family didn’t have anything recent they could of used. Its also sad that one of the media giants touched up his photo making him look younger. With George, they reported he had no injuries and posted a pic from 2005 showing him with no injuries. Odd how no injuries pic he has hair and in the pics showing his injuries he is almost clean shaved..
      Seriously, if you want to be mad, be mad at the guys who were robbing all those homes that started all of this. Be mad at TMs parents for leaving their high school senior who was just starting his 10 day suspension alone at his dads girlfriends house unsupervised and it was his 3rd that year! Be mad at his gf cause she lied and lied about what she said and what she did and then testified TM was racist against whites. Be mad at TMs mom, most of you didn’t know she was fed up with him and kicked him out earlier that year. Be mad at the school for wanting to keep their crime levels down by not reporting everyone the caught breaking the law. BUT you really need to be mad at Al Sharpton, for selling you this image of a 10 year old boy was just walking home with Skittles when a racist white guy killed him for no reason. I wish Al would say something about the 17 year old black kid who shot a 10 month old baby at point blank range while sleeping in his car seat…If your wondering the babys skin color,,, you might be a racist

      • Lika564

        Pook – I was speaking of GZ’s toddler photo. He was a cute little boy but you could see that he was not a sweet little boy. He did not have trust in his surroundings and looked at the camera or whoever was holding it as if he thought he would have to defend himself from it being thrown at him.

        I don’t know what you are writing about when you state that a picture of him in 2005 was posted showing no injuries. I recall a 2005 photo of him in an orange jumpsuit. Why would he have injuries? He attacked a DAF agent if I am recalling correctly. In the doctored (yup, as in photo shopped) photos of 2012, he has strawberry jam hanging from his nose (he’s a male, why would his blood be so bright cherry red like a menstruating woman?).

        He seems to have always had very short to a clean shaven head. What’s your point here?

        TM had been there at least a week already. He was going home that Monday or Tuesday. Weekends count in a 10-day suspension.

        Are you responsible for any and everything someone who looks like you (racially or facially)?

        I had teenage boys at one time and I assure you that they rarely wanted to come with me and their father anywhere for any length of time and he was their BLOOD father. I was a teenage female at one time. I rarely, if ever, wanted to go with my mother and future stepfather anywhere either. It’s boring, uncomfortable and takes too long. That woman was not his mother. My stepfather was not my father. He is my Dad now but I did not feel that way about him when they were dating or engaged when I was a teenager.

        Do you know Sybrina (sp?) or Tracy (sp?) personally? How do you know she was fed up with Trayvon (sp?)? I think that as a teenager, it is better for the parent of the same sex to have more control or say over that child. A male can teach a male to be a man better than a woman can; as a female can teach a female to be a woman better than a male can. What a parent of the opposite sex of the child can teach the child is what to expect from the opposite sex. If a male sees his father treat his mother a certain way and she accepts it, good or bad, this is what a male learns about his relationship with females. The same goes for what a woman can teach her daughter to accept from a man/male. I see no problem with her sending her son to his father for 10 days. I am a mother of 2 male children and I tell you that a mother’s relationship is different from a father’s relationship with the children. I know, for instance, that I was expected to be smarter by my mother than my father expected. My mother was more lenient than my father or stepfather was in her relationship with her sons/my brothers. I was more lenient with my sons than my husband was.

        I do not feel anything negative towards Sybrina or Tracy. I commend her for keeping a good relationship with the boy’s father and allowing him to remain a part of the child’s life. She recognized that just because they were not good together did not mean she should damage or destroy the boy’s relationship with his father. That is commendable. It is my opinion that to tell a child his non-custodial parent is a pos and unworthy is to also tell the child that you wish he had never happened and or is unworthy or is a pos. If most divorced parents maintained good relationships with their children’s non-custodial parent, it would be a great thing.

        Rachel was not TM’s girlfriend but a friend who happened to be female. Calling GZ a “creepy ass cracka” is not racist. He also called him a “nigga” when he told Rachel that the “nigga was behind him again”.

        I think you are focusing on the wrong thing when you state whatever it is about a black guy killing a 10-month old child in his car seat. I think that if you are unwilling to give the full story but want to pretend that if I want to know the race of the child killed (yet you told the race of the person who allegedly committed the murder) that I am a racist, you are not being sincere or serious. It does not matter what race the murderer or the murdered was except to you. It proves a false point. It should not matter what race the parties to the act were. That is what you fail to recognize. If you are speaking of the alleged murder by a black youth who was trying to rob a white woman walking her baby in a stroller, it has been reported that the father had gunpowder on his hands by the woman’s daughter who suspects the mother or her boyfriend/husband of shooting the baby and blaming it on the black guy(s). Alternately, it is said the boyfriend/husband was in prison and could not have done it. It is reported that the mother suffers from a bipolar disorder. Again, in any event, it does not matter what the race of the participants were. It is wrong, illegal, bad. I’ll have to read up on that story to respond reasonably.
        Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Lika564 or you are no excuse for the murder that GZ committed. The story would be the same regardless of what photos were shown or if no photos were shown. You can use that to bolster or kill your or my argument. We all responded to it. We did not cause it. We are complicit in it by believing that we would never be in that situation and therefore nothing needs to change. It matters. You and I need to not take this case personally so much as seeing where the law fails to protect either of us. That’s where you need to focus instead of getting mad at me, Al Sharpton or whoever for seeing the flaw in this law.

        TM ran and hid. GZ chased and found. Why was TM not protected by SYG? Why would TM have to tell a stranger where he lived and why he was out at 7 in the evening? Why would you or I not be allowed to defend ourselves when chased by a potentially dangerous stranger? Why would you (TM) have to run home and lead me to your house so I could find you later? Why would I (GZ) be able to make judgments about you and kill you because you stopped running and asked me “why?”.
        When I originally heard this story, I was on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. I thought it was about a Black man in his mid to late 20′s attacking an old White Jewish man (there are Jews of other colors) who got lost trying to find his kid’s home to visit. I thought it was after midnight, rainy and cold. I originally thought this guy (TM unknown a that time) deserved what he got and then I heard The 911 Call and I knew the stories GZ told were lies.

        I want to stop arguing with ppl about this because GZ won. He got away with murder in a court of Man’s law.

        As long as it does not stop me from doing what I think is necessary to further my own action towards improving civil rights, I will respond to you and others. I will not allow myself to engage in pissing contests and not perform positive action. I will do whatever I can to amend or abolish the Stand Your Ground laws where I can (Texas is where I live). No one should be forced to run for their life when pursued by an aggressor. It is time to move far away from the pre-civil rights movements of the 1960′s. This should not still be going on.

  • Rawkstahkiid

     I Agree with Mandywhitby, Thats exactly how it Happened there is no other way, Trayvon continues to walk he see a man  looking at him, So he looking back to see what he looking at… He starts to walk fast & see he still following him so he runs  zimmermans  still following him so Zimmerman shitty cause he lost him , and they say Zimmerman is on his back. if you look at the front of his boots there’s grass an shit on them  Now check out the back of his boots there not a grass stain wet spot or nothing on  the back , so if he laying on his back the back of his boots would be Wet wit grass all on them so would his pants,… He got grass and wet spots in the fronts as if he was on top of trayvon and if trayvon was on top wouldnt he have grass & wet stains on his GREY SWEATPANTS? .. grey show’s everything How are they so sure Trayvon was on the Top?

    • Rowwdy


      Take another look. He was wearing levis. Duh!

    • Ben

      GZ has cuts all over the BACK of his head. How did that happen if he was on top of TM beating him up?

      • trisha0620

        I dont think Trayvon beat him up, I do believe he was almost home when Zimmerman came around the corner across the street from where his father was staying and started walking towards the T , that is when he met up with Trayvon, if you look at the first 911 call coming in and where that Officer went to first before the update its not anywhere near the T, its like in the middle where W1 and 2 say they heard people running and they were heading towards the T from the which meant DeeDee was right Trayon was almost home, and I dont believe Zimmerman was alone, I believe he had help. I think Trayvon might have elbowed Zimmerman in the face and knocked him back into the tree’s and those small boo boo’s he has is from the tree limbs now how would frank know what Trayvon lost his life across from the T might I ask because he makes that statement in an interview, and who was the man in the white shirt, and who was the guy in handcuffs with the dark hoodie before the cops got there, and who was Zimmerman on the phone with after he killed Trayvon and was over there patting down the body I believe looking for a gun. because the witness that first came out said Zimmerman was on the phone when he got out there

      • Nellie Nell

        Tree branch maybe???

      • TreAnthony

        GZ said that happened because he FELL BACK and HIT HIS HEAD…That’s what he told his own attorney…

  • Andrea Wiggins

    Ok now they’re numbers on all this home. But he walked by all of them homes to another street to get a address huh. I don’t believe that nope not a bit. See George found once again lied. And if he was on the corner sidewalk how did Trayvon’s body get so far away from where George said he was! He chased that young man! Give up George Daddy can’t to help you lie your way out judge or not judge.  

    • Shelbster

      Looks to me like the numbers are only on the front part. They were in between two sets of apartments facing the backs of them so no numbers would have been seen. 

      • Lisa Anderson Simon

        Not from the back of the houses, no. The house on the right in the reenactment tape has a number on it. The house that George claims Trayvon was looking into is the same house the last guy who was arrested a couple of weeks earlier attempted to burglarize. That house is Frank Taafe’s. George knew the address. If not, he gave the address of the clubhouse and if he wasn’t that far in, he could have turned before getting to the T at the dogwalk and therefore not confronted Trayvon. In his voice stress test, he states that Trayvon ran down the dogwalk; yet, he continues down to the end of the T to the street where his address is (the same address he did not want to give the non-EM?). Not believable. Just like it is not believable that GZ could not defend himself without the use of a gun. Is he retarded? Was he intoxicated from alcohol or high off of his medicine? He and Shelley usually go grocery shopping on Sunday according to him. Where was Shelley? If he were innocent, he would not be squirming as he is now. He has told too many lies and he just might possibly not remember what the truth is. If he did, it wouldn’t be so hard to tell and set himself free. Why doesn’t he think we will believe him? I think it’s because he doesn’t believe him but he has had time to realize that he did wrong.

        • Ben

          >Was he intoxicated from alcohol or high off of his medicine?
          GZ wasn’t, but according to the autopsy, TM was.

          • Lika564

            You Twist well. The toxicology stated that TM had a trace amount of the active ingredient of weed in his system. We, including you (or do you know?), do not know if GZ was high from alcohol, weed, meds or some other drug. He was not tested despite admitting to being the shooter.
            In another comment to me, you speculate that I am crazy b/c no one responded to my post in 10 months. You did. Are you crazy to respond to such an old post?

  • mandywhitby

    On the 911 call george said he’s running. So treyvon tried to get away as he felt george was a threat to him. George says in police interviews that 911 asked him a couple times to get a exact address. They asked once for a address not for him to get one He says on tape that there was a truck parked in front of a house so the number of the house his truck was parked in front of blocked his view. So instead of walking around the truck he goes in the same direction of treyvon to find a address and dont forget hes neighbourhood watch and has lived in the complex for many years.
    George says after looking and finding a address he starts walking back to his truck and treyvon jumps out from bushes and asks whats your problem and then attacks him. I looked at most evidence photos and area photos and where the yellow tarp covers treyvons body there are no bushes in sight. The only bushes at all in the area are 2 foot tall shrubs that are far away from the sidewalk and right up against the wall and of peoples back doors. As everyone says how tall and big treyvon was i can hardly see him hiding beside 2 foot tall bushes and then jumping out surprising george.
    Honestly without emotion, race imagaine your walking down the street and your 17 so your not a adult and have more knowledge of situations. So your walking home from the store and you see a man following you slowly in his truck. You look at him trying to figure out if hes watching you. You try to walk faster and he drives faster watching you. He then pulls up the street and you walk right beside the truck and you look at him to see if he wants something or who he is and the man just sits there and staires at you, hes also on the phone with someone. You walk faster again and he gets out of his truck and starts following you. the man is on the phone and his has a long black thing in his hands (flashlight) you take off running and the guy runs after you…………After that no one knows exactly what happened. We know how it started as its documented on 911 call. So after that how is it treyvons fault?

    • Nellie Nell

      I believe that in the missing 2 minutes there is a possibility that George ran around that row of houses cutting Trayvon off. That he never stopped on Retreatview Circle to look for an address. That once Trayvon ran between the houses he began to walk again and was surprised when George appeared in front of him and startled him. Just on possibility as what could have happened. I would not be surprised if George did not spot Trayvon leaving the community and when he came back, George spotted him again and that is when the chase began.

      • opwepojeooiiewwerio

        Yes, it make sense that fatboy George could outrun 5’11, 158 lb. TM, even after No_Limit_Punk had a ten-second head start, 100 yards to get to BG’s apt., and 2 minutes and 30 seconds to get there and/or elude GZ. That boy must have been the slowest black teenager in history.

        • UreFar2Kind

          At that point, George Zimmerman had lost significant weight, and was in great shape. At some point he had even trained for MMA fighting, professionally, which was grossly down played by the defense. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was advised to gain all that weight back for trial to try and show his ‘helplessness’.


            The trainer said Zimmerman was a “minus 5″ on a scale of one to five as a fighter. He said he simply was incapable of punching. He said Zimmerman was pathetic. Trayvon was an experienced street fighter with a long history of arrests, including several assaults on teachers, bus driver, smaller students. Trayvon crossed the line when he became physically violent. The fact that he never pulled his gun while getting horribly beaten for a long sixty seconds, means you owe Zimmerman a blow job, for giving the thug all the eternity time in the world to stop and get off. However,Trayvon found the gun after a whole minute, and became ‘equally armed’ when shot. He was not un-armed when shot. It was fair play, even steven struggle for the gun. Trayvon was the one who found and grabbed it, yelling, “You are going to die tonight!!” Sorry, all these famous cases, including a hundred on Youtube, are not racial abuse cases. They are all cases of abuse against authority. All of them. Not a single case in this century can you find an example where the black did not start the fight. I am not racist, just clear-headed. Black town hall meetings need to put the blame where it belongs. On the mothers, fathers, and thugs themselves. They just cannot handle authority, and that is just plain childish, thug mentality. Drama queens throwing fits for just being talked to… like it is the cop’s fault they broke traffic laws. Every video on Youtube shows legitimate reasons for stops, but the thugs want to play pretend it is still the 1950′s. They do not want to acknowledge that racial equality has been achieved for decades, and blacks are in every profession and science, in power and even wealth. The N word is passe, old hat, the gangstah image is no longer relevant. You are dinosaurs living in the past, so you can have an excuse to stay thugs. I am so impressed.

    • wejepwj

      NEN, not 911. GZ never mentioned bushes, only that TM surprised him by coming from his rear left. Cool story, but GZ will deny anything the state tries to claim, and with no proof, GZ will walk

      • Single senior

        One version in his reenactment , he did say TM jumped out of the bushes and hit him . But then ,GZ told so many ,who can keep up. Another he said TM approached him and asked what was his problem m f. Can’t have it both ways .

      • Nellie Nell

        Now that the evidence is out, we are learning more and more about that CAC. GZ never mentioned that he made a phone call before the police arrived on the scene in any of his versions of events. We also learned that his vitals were normal after killing a kid and having his head banged on the “small portion” of the sidewalk. He was also trained 3 x a week for 6 months for MMA. He did not go to the hospital for his alleged broken nose that he was never told he had which he lied to the Dr office when he went there the next day for a Dr note to return to work.

        We will learn a lot more in the next week about GZ.

        • Ziggy

          What do you mean GZ never mentioned that he made a phone call before the police arrived on the scene? He made the call to the police and that’s recorded. I don’t know what other calls you could be talking about.
          Also, your vitals will be normal as long as you’re healthy, not on meds, etc. As long as it’s within a normal range it’s considered normal but that doesn’t mean that his pulse or BP wasn’t elevated.


            I saw the first photos where his nose was pinned to his temple, before it was snapped back. I was shocked at how cartoony it looked. It was like his nose was Silly Putty, stretched long and thin, pressed back up against his hairline at his temple! Then first photos on the back of his head were gaping and bloody holes. On TV they showed the cleaned up version, after antiseptic shrunk the holes. Man, that thug was wailing on Zimmerman with both fists for a whole minute, according to the black witness who said Zimmerman never went for his gun, that Trayvon was the one to find and grab it. What do you want? Egg in your beer? There was more a mountain of evidence and matching testimony than any case in history.

      • TreAnthony

        Except that his lies will catch up to him on one glorious they already have left him penniless and homeless..

    • know1cares

      because he pinned zimmerman down and assaulted him to the point where zimmerman defended himself. you can’t force someone to attack you it takes a conscious decision knowing that your actions are potentially putting you in harms way. you can hear zimmerman screaming for help on numerous 911 calls and neighborhood witnesses.

      • TreAnthony

        @know1cares:disqus is it that Zimmerman defended himself when it was HIM that initiated the events. That’s like saying if I yank a horses tail and it kicks the living day lights out of me them I would have defended himself if I took my pistol out and shot the horse for kicking me after I yanked it’s tail…
        Your logic is riducolous.

        • know1cares

          @ TreAnthony I feel sorry that you disagree with my facts on the matter, however I still respect you opinion. Factually speaking I’m right because martin is dead and zimmerman is a free man after being tried and found innocent after a very fair unbiased trial. Those are the facts. You don’t have to like them. I don’t. Zimmerman put himself in a bind and happened to come out ahead. During the fight martin could just have easily taken zimmerman’s gun and shot him dead. Then who would have been right. Because truly, you, me, no one, actually knows what really happened. I don’t think zimmerman had any intentions on killing anyone including martin prior to the altercation. Zimmerman was made a killer by circumstance not by desire.

          • TreAnthony

            @Know1cares….The ONLY reason that Zimmerman was acquitted of the charges leveled against him is because 1) it was HIS word against the person that he killed, and 2) the prosecutor failed to charge him with the appropriate charges that would have sent him to prison and the attempt to do so at trial came too late. I don’t understand why it is so hard for anyone to conclude that George Zimmerman got away with murder and that it was HIM that initiated the events. Martin was walking back to the place where he had been staying and minding his business, when, because of the color of his skin, he was accused of being suspicious and up to no good, and Zimmerman acted on that faulty suspicion which ultimately got a kid KILLED. That’s FACTUAL and could never change. Zimmerman’s trial underscores how the judicial system needs to be overhauled because if a person can MURDER someone, stand trial for it when it is essentially HIS word against the person he MURDERED, then it sets the stage for folks to get murdered and their killer go free unless there were EYEWITNESS that SAW the ENTIRE episode from beginning to ending. So, if YOU are every walking home by yourself on a late rainy afternoon, and you’re followed and intimidated by that person, they could MURDER you and get away with it UNLESS there are EYEWITNESSES that actually SAW EVERY DETAIL of the incident. The witnesses in the Zimmerman case DID NOT actually SEE the beginning to the end. All they saw were the events that occurred toward the ENDING of a 6 minute incident (Zimmerman on the phone for 4 minutes and then 2 minutes later, Martin did).
            Zimmerman shot Trayvon out of anger, and for no other reason. Zimmerman told his former attorney, Craig Sonner, that Martin allegedly punched him in the nose, that he fell back and hit his head causing the minor cuts to the back of his head. It is because of reacting to being punched in the nose did Zimmerman shot Martin, and in the course of trying to do so, he was apparently pointing the barrel of that gun at Martin’s face which forced Martin to plead “HELP” for a dozen times which went silent moments later. It is no surprise that Zimmerman pointed the gun at Martin because he did the EXACT same thing to his girlfriend….It stands to reason that Zimmerman was made a killer by the circumstances that HE created. If he had NOT gotten out of his truck or If he had RETURNED back to his truck BEFORE he got off the phone with the NEN call taker, NONE of this would have ever happened and Martin would be alive. It was Zimmerman’s desire to prevent Marin from getting away BEFORE the cops showed up that resulted in the MURDER of Martin, whether it was planned or not, the fact is it occurred and it will NEVER be vindicated until Zimmerman DIES and have to stand in judgment for his misdeeds before his heavenly father….the one that created him..


        The father was asked if that was his son’s voice screaming on the tape. He sighed long and low, “Noooo.” Then he had to change his statement later, in court, or his defiant wife would kill him. You can see the killer instinct in her eyes; you can see where Trayvon got his killer defiance. She tried to kill Zimmerman all over again, like her son tried to. Runs in the family. Bottom line: a dozen black gangsters breaking in homes a dozen times meant that all gangster types be watched in that private gated neighborhood. He was not recognized as a resident, nor was even accompanied by one. In that war zone situation, where mothers were locking themselves and their babies in bedrooms while blacks ransacked the house and yanked on the bedroom doorknob; it was a neighborhood in shock. Children held hostage with guns to their heads, so parents wouldn’t move. It was just a matter of time before a woman be raped or a husband killed. Here it was happening, but this time with Trayvon trying to murder a watchman, for just watching from a distance. That is sooo ghetto. .

    • Garry Ward

      Well, he was the one identified in court as the one on top and slamming GZ’s head into the concrete. I guess that attempted murder is not justification for protecting you life in your opinion.

      • TreAnthony

        @garry_ward:disqus …if you stood behind a horse and yanked on it’s tail, does that give you a right to defend yourself after the horse kicks the living snot out of you for yanking its tail…absolutely NOT…likewise, GZ had no business bothering TM in the first place. If he had not done that, no one would have been on top of him slamming his head into the concrete, which actually NEVER happened but only in the world of those with the intelligence of a grasshopper.

        • Beijing

          I do not recall it being GZ who started the altercation. I think GZ was cowardly and just following TM when TM approached GZ. Then finding GZ more scared than anything else, TM thought he would extract some schoolyard justice of his own without knowing that the coward had a gun. YOU may think the event never happened, but the court of law and the jurors say differently and so does the evidence. Your logic is just your own bias and not based on the evidence of the trial.

    • Pook

      George is driving home after Best Buy. He spots a hooded individual standing in a neighbors yard looking at his windows. He goes down the street and parks calling the police. Trayvon walks by and sees him, then comes walking right up to the vehicle and see’s a guy he doesn’t know, sitting in a car he doesn’t know, in a neighborhood he doesn’t live in, he see’s the guy talking on the phone and takes off running. So I’m guessing you drive an talk on your cell phone cause that’s unsafe and a responsible person pulls over to take take the call. Doesn’t help Trayvons friend said he probably is a gay rapist but now we know Trayvon was a homophobic and used racial slurs when talking about white people which makes him a racist. So why would a guy run after a vehicle drives by and he’s in the middle of a strangers yard looking in the window??? Why would a guy run after he see’s a random guy talking on the phone??? As far as he knows that guy does this every night cause he’s talking to his girlfriend who is serving our country over in the Middle East and cell phone service is spotty there? (see, I can make up stuff just like you) Why would a guy run an not run all the way home since it was only 8 more homes?? It took GZ more time to get out of the car an get to the center area then it would have taken a almost 6 ft tall football player to casually jog home. Why wouldn’t he use his cell phone to call the police? Or his dad? Oh his dads not home. Hmm, kid suspended from school again being left at home unsupervised with a younger kid…. Buying Skittles.,,, Arizona Watermelon tea,,,, all that’s missing is a bottle of codein and they are making Lean… Weird how the other kid during his questioning only remembers playing video games and pretty much nothing else. Weird it wasn’t an issue that he didn’t come home by,,, 9, or 10 or 11 or 12 or 1am but the next morning its he didn’t come home and he never stays out and he doesn’t know anyone around here…So the next day you call him in missing… Seriously if anyone is making up stories or trying to hide things, its his family.

      • jorge

        He was coming home from best buy? Where did you get that? Zimmerman said he was leaving his house on his way to Target when he saw Trayvon. He first said he saw Trayvon going through this cut through. Later he said he saw him in front of a residents home. On the NEN call he said Trayvon was walking around looking about. He never mentioned in the NEN he parked anywhere. It sounds like he is in his vehicle following and watching him. In the reenactment video he says trayvon was just standing in the persons lawn. Well which is it? Was he standing there or walking around? We have no idea if trayvon was acting oddly. We know zimmerman was. He saw someone walking in his neighborhood around 7pm and that was suspicious? It wasnt even that late. He is surprised might be staring at him when he is following them in a truck? He gets out of his truck to find a random address when a suspicious person is walking around possibly w a gun. On the NEN call he sounds totally paranoid. A normal person would have let the cops deal w a suspicious person. He thought the person was suspicious and a burglar because they wore a hoodie??? Thats odd behavior. Truth is zimmerman went after trayvon hoping he was a perp. He tried to detain him until the cops came so he could be a hero and trayvon resisted. Who wouldnt? It resulted in a scuffle and zimmerman wasnt going to let this one get away so he shot him.


      Actually, it was Trayvon Martin who made the first confrontation, and the second. George never confronted anyone in his 43 calls to police over the years. He knows not to confront. Observe and Report, are the rules for guards. Look, Trayvon Martin circled Zimmerman’s car threateningly with his hand in his pants, acting like he was packing a gun. That was a threat from a drug-crazed Trayvon, addicted to Purple Drank, made with Skittles and the same lemon tea he bought. It is mixed with Robitussin and causes agitation and violence in the Hip Hop world. Trayvon wrote on Facebook that very day he hoped to get cough syrup from his sister that night… when he wasn’t posting photos of himself with stolen jewelry and guns and drugs. He wrote how proud he was to be a ‘gangstah’ and fighter. He was arrested several times for assault. He beat up teachers, bus driver, smaller students. He was a thug/thief/bully. He wrote he was about to teach his little brother to fight. Zimmerman called police two weeks earlier and said a robbery was happening at his lawyer neighbor’s house. The cops came and arrested them. He stayed away. There had been a dozen robberies while families were home. Trayvon simply needed to be watched in that private, gated neighborhood where he was not recognized as a resident, or accompanied by one. Look, in the car he was told, “Watch him and tell us what he does, where he goes.” He was just following orders when Martin ran off behind a building in the far distance. He also followed orders to stop a half-minute later. Trayvon chose to run twenty seconds back to that area to beat up a watchman… and for what? Just being watched?… from a distance? Bottom line, he attacked Zimmerman and Zimmerman never pulled his gun for a whole torturous minute, according to a black witness. The black witness said it was Trayvon who finally discovered the gun and grabbed it. This made it necessary to shoot. Basically, you all owe Zimmerman some serious nut licking for a whole minute – the same amount of time he courageously gave his attacker to finally finish and climb off. However, Trayvon found and grabbed the gun yelling, “You are going to die tonight!” So…. you were saying? A thug was successfully profiled in a neighborhood that was a traumatized war zone, with blacks terrorizing families, holding kids hostage with guns, etc. It was just a matter of time that they were going to rape a woman and murder a dad. Trayvon is proof of that fact. Here was this thug, casing houses with a slim-jim, who got upset because he didn’t want to be watched, while breaking in homes. Fueled by Purple Drank, it gave him and the other dozens of black gangsters the nerve to break in houses while families were home. If Zimmerman was not justified in watching Trayvon, I will eat my hat. He was even told to watch and tell them what the suspect does and where he goes. He followed orders, and got out. Then he gave the thug all the time in the world to stop beating him. Zimmerman is a hero for courageously getting beaten without ever being the one to go for the gun. That is a brave hero. These are just suicide by authorities cases. Trayvon was the one who introduce the gun, pushing and forcing the issue. Also, Alton Sterling bolted for his gun after being warned, “Don’t move or I SWEAR TO GOD!” Castile was told about a tail light so he would not know the real reason for the pull over. He was recognized from store cameras as an armed robber. He refused to take his hand off his gun. He didn’t want to go to prison for the mandatory ten years if you use a gun. He told his girlfriend he was not going to be taken in. She started filming before the cop even got out of his patrol car, you know that. She edited the whole thing out. Basically, there are no cases of racial abuse in this century. They are all only cases of blacks starting fights with police and getting back what they put out. If you act like a thug, you need to be treated like one. I don’t expect the stupid section to understand that.

  • Ladyloree621

    The SEVERAL MUG SHOTS from GZ since 2005 are even more scarier then any photos I’ve seen of TM.

  • Doug Bugg

    13 and `14 are very scary. Just compare them to the Martin photos and you’ll know who was beating up whom!

    • Liquidmark

      Yeah, he’s not smiling happy-go-lucky like TM at the same age or even as a teen. 

  • GZ 100% Innocent

    Two eye witnesses seen Trayvon BEAT George

  • reflectedsafe0

    There are no witnesses that state they SEEN GZ getting beat on

  • Tony Bryant

    Only John Good Lied for George… Listen to John Good 911 Tape. He doesn’t say the black person is beaten up a white guy, but he does expose the fact that he saw George’s gun. That is why only John and his wife, and Jennifer L, and her man ran upstairs before the gun shots. They saw george’s gun and was afraid that bullets would be a coming through their living rooms, so they ran to high ground. Keep in mind… these people were not runing from a fist fight. John G. stated that he hand his cellphone on him, so he did not have to run inside to get it.

  • GZsucks

    George Zimmerman has no defensive wounds. if he said that Trayvon was on top, when he shot him then there should have been blood on the front of his clothes. and if he was on bottom then how could he get his gun out the holster if it was holstered in the back of him and trayvon was on top of him?? I beleive he was on the bottom at some point but not when he killed Trayvon. I hope he rots in hell. He should have never had a gun in the first damn place.

  • brandfollower

    You forgot the ones where he’s flipping the bird and blowing potsmoke.

  • Pook

    That’s odd, I saw pictures from that night and a police report and a hospital visit that prove other wise and he had Trayvons flesh under his nails. So glad people in Florida were able to get a jury together that wasn’t afraid of being threatened my hate filled racists extorting a entire judicial system by threatening to riot. Here’s something everyone should tell their kids; don’t walking in people’s yards, don’t be looking in their windows, don’t take off running cause you are wandering around looking like a thief in the middle of the night. Oh wait, he was a thief, women’s jewelry, wedding bands, a men’s watch and a large screw driver and he’s holding it for a nameless friend.. You act like Trayvon wasn’t aggressive oh but wait, he wanted to fight that guy for a third time cause as he texted his friend, he didn’t bleed enough to satisfy him. Travon was scared of guns but only in his victims possession cause you all act like he didn’t take pics of him holding a semi auto hand gun. No proof that’s his, nah, I always have pics obviously taken from a left hand of a right hand holding a gun on my phone and I’m holding it for a friend. Oh wait,, wasn’t he also talking about a .22 and then going in on an sharing a .380 but I’m sure he legally obtained those guns according to Federal law and he had a license to grow marijuana and a medical card to treat his what ever.

  • Pook

    One identifys a black male on top and the lady says the guy in the white shirt but it was dark she said, hmmm what could be mistaken for white? A dark maroon jacket or a medium grey sweet shirt which TM was wearing.. Male witness testifies he saw the black male mouinted and dropping MMA style blows to the victim. Elbows!
    By the way, if you read the lab results, Trayvons flesh was under GZs nails which is typical of a rape victim clawing an scratching to get away. There was no injuries to TM but a single hole in the chest. Also if you read the lab reports you will see GZs blood work shows he is Caucasian, Latin and black.

  • Tony Bryant

    TM’s blood work shows he is Caucasian, Latin and black too, The women who saw the t-shirt was looking at John Good standing in the yard.