Tracy Martin Police Calls to SPD

Calls between Tracy Martin and the Sanford Police Department while reporting his son Trayvon Martin (who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman on 2/26/2012) missing

The following are two calls between Tracy Martin, the father of Trayvon Martin, and the Sanford Police Department during which he reported his son missing. The first call is the report of a missing person, and the second call is when someone from the SPD calls Mr. Martin back to confirm the spelling of Trayvon’s name and ask a few questions about him. Listen to the two calls below.

In addition to this list, you may also be interested in listening to other audio in the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case.

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Call #1 – Tracy Martin Reports Trayvon Martin Missing

Call #2 – Sanford Police Call Tracy Martin For Additional Information About Trayvon

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  • Sharee

    Heartbreaking!  I just could not imagine how concerned and then horrified to learn that your kid has been murdered all because he walked in the rain.  

  • Mscd98

    she (dispatch) already knew those answers; he provided that information in the first call!  She knew she had the supposed John Doe in their system.

    • Jill88

      Some of these people are purely incompetent.  Instead of letting this man sit and worry and wait they should have gotten him down to the morgue to identify this “John Doe” to see if that was his son. Not only that the police should have already been dispatched out to his home as the first operator said.