Witness Sean Noffke Files: Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Case

Emergency operator who took non-emergency call from Zimmerman when he reported Trayvon.

Sean NoffkeThis is the information page for Sean Noffke, the third witness called for the prosecution in the trial of George Zimmerman for the second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin.

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Sean Noffke

Witness Summary:

Prosecution’s 3rd witness, Sean Noffke, says that they (emergency assistance) are trying to avoid any confrontations. He says he recognizes Zimmerman opening the door and tells him “we don’t need you to do that.” Sean said that he asked whether Zimmerman was following because he heard wind noises. He says he would not as a calltaker give a direct order to either follow or not follow.

Says his intent in asking which way Trayvon was running was so he could update officers in route, not to instruct Zimmerman to go and find out.

Says that although the names and curse words Zimmerman used on the phone didn’t alarm him (he hears these things all the time), he concedes that these words mean ill will to the other person.

9-1-1 Call:



Testimony in the trial of George Zimmerman from 6/24/2013:


Zimmerman trial opens with curse words, jokes

Additional Information:

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  • stormrung e

    What exactly did the prosecution get out of Noffke’s testimony? The fact that this was a routine call and Zimmerman complied with his suggestion not to follow the suspicious person? Not exactly evidence of a depraved mind.

    • Lika564

      He got the inconsistencies for one thing. Compound lying would be viewed as a depraved mind. This testimony is a comparison of what he said was discussed in the NEN call and what was actually stated in the NEN call. I’m not going to play the George “I-Can’t-Remember” game with you. You can go across the reenactment and what was actually said on the reenactment if you couldn’t gather that from the trial testimony.

      • stormrung e

        Just watched Zimmerman’s original statement at the police station that night. I fail to see the supposed inconsistencies between what he said immediately after the incident, which was taped, and the NE call. I also failed to notice where Noffke testified to any inconsistencies on the part of Zimmerman in this particular part of the trial.

        • stormrung e

          Just got done watching the reenactment for the hundredth time just to give you the benefit of the doubt. Not any significant inconsistencies there either. And there is nothing in it that was contradicted by Noffke’s testimony,

          • Lika564

            If you didn’t see or hear the inconsistencies after watching the reenactment for the “hundredth time,” what do you want from me?

          • stormrung e

            I am following the trial objectively and trying to see where the prosecution has established the elements of second degree murder. You say there are inconsistencies which suggests, I assume, that you believe they are not minor memory problems but actually help establish the elements of murder. Noffke’s testimony does not reveal these inconsistencies and his testimony appears to establish the opposite of someone hunting “fucking punks.” Please tell me where in the state’s case did they reveal these inconsistencies AND with that revelation establish some element of second degree murder? I am open to changing my mind.

          • Ssed Doga

            maybe some facts like.. he said this in this piece but he said this in this other piece about the same thing. instead of trying to be inscrutible and say there are inconsistancies..

          • gbpuzzler

            What about that he claimed in the “reenactment” that he was looking for an address when he got out of his truck, and if you listen to the NEN call, he hadn’t even been asked for an address at that point?

          • JoeD

            WHY DON’T YOU POINT THEM OUT, LIKA!!!!!!?

          • Lika564

            Why won’t you watch the reenactment and listen to the tapes? I’ve done that already. It was done during the trial and again during closing arguments. He was found Not Guilty by a jury of his peers. LOL. He’s physically free from his GPS anklet and a brick and mortar prison. He will never be free from his conscience.

        • Lika564

          After listening to his statement, there was more than one, and you do not see the lies, I can’t help you. If you listened to those statements and compared them to what he said Nofke instructed, you are in denial. I still can’t help or write with you. Please let me introduce you to Charles and Simon S who are also on this page and agree with you.

          • Gramatacolian

            In other words, Lika cannot find any inconsistencies and doesn’t want to admit that she was wrong. So she changes the subject.

          • Justin Jackson

            Nope in other words she’s not going to lower herself to you all level of ignorance..

          • Gramatacolian

            “You all level of ignorance”??!! Thanks for the chuckle, Justin. If a person decides to talk about “inconsistencies” but then not be able to point them out in written transcripts, we should be wary of anything else that she says.

          • Raymond Lara

            Both of you have already displayed how low you are, I am actually surprised any one can see you down there.

  • unclechopper

    O’Mara is slick.

    Look at the way he chops up the recording of George getting out of his car and taking off after Trayvon, getting Sean to say that it no longer sounded like George’s breathing was strained as though to suggest George was no longer following Trayvon. It sounds exactly the same in both segments, but he craps on for a minute in between before asking if he could still hear the same breathing noises that you couldn’t really hear in the first segment anyway!

    But let’s get real. What point does the “wind” stop?

    Right at the point where George realises he lost Trayvon!

    “He ran.”

    He’s no longer there!

    The wind stops.