Witness Greg McKinney Files: Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Case

Rep from United Security Alliance, company that managed the video surveillance at the Retreat at Twin Lakes community

Greg McKinneyThis is the information page for Greg McKinney, the 16th witness called for the prosecution in the trial of George Zimmerman for the second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin.

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Greg McKinney

Witness Summary:

The prosecution’s 16th witness, Greg McKinney of United Security Alliance, the company that managed the video surveillance cameras at the Retreat at twin Lakes community. He testified that the timestamps on the videos are 18 minutes behind. Consequently, it is necessary to ADD 18 minutes to any of the times stamped on the frames for accurate time.

9-1-1 Call:



Testimony in the trial of George Zimmerman from 6/28/2013:


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Additional Information:

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  • stormrung e

    Do they use the camera evidence anywhere else in the trial? I haven’t seen it yet.

  • unclechopper

    After watching this witness testimony I was curious about the video they showed. I had seen some of it before, particularly the East Pool Hall video where it looks like someone is shining a flashlight through the window.

    First of all, can I suggest doing a search for “Discovery Clubhouse” on Youtube. There are time compressed copies of these videos with the corrected time superimposed. They run for about 3 minutes each, so it’s really easy to tell what is changing between frames.

    Anyway, this is what I can make out:

    Approx: 7:08:50 – Zimmerman pulls into the front of the Clubhouse. You can tell because the whole front of the Clubhouse lights up in a way that it doesn’t with other cars passing. It’s noticeable in several videos. Several cars pass and you can just see grey movement, when George pulls up the whole area lights up.

    Approx: 7:10:10 – Zimmerman pulls away from the front of the Clubhouse. It looks like there are about 2 or 3 other cars that go past at the same time. Again, this can be seen where the whole front of the Clubhouse lights up in a few of the videos.

    Approx 7:10:30 – George’s car stops next to the mailbox area. This is what the light is in the East Pool Hall video. It is the side of George’s Honda Ridgeline, stopped on Twin Trees Lane. It isn’t George walking around shining his flashlight through the window, he has stopped his car right next to the mailboxes! The light is the side of his headlights, which is why it just sits there without moving. Then look at the way it moves to the right, staying completely level. It is a car! He sits there for about 15 seconds and then…

    Approx 7:10:50 – George’s car comes into view on the East Pool video where you can see him slowly driving down the section of Twin Trees Lane after the bend.

    Approx: 7:11:15 – George’s car disappears from view on the East Pool video.

    Important times to remember:

    7:09:34* – The reported time Zimmerman connects to the dispatcher.

    7:11:42* – George tells the dispatcher Trayvon is running.

    These times are SPD phone call times and may not be synchronised with the video times. The video times appears to be all in sync with each other. My personal judgment is that the video time is about 20-25 seconds behind the SPD phone call time. I say this because when the dispatcher says “yeah we got him on the way, just let me know if this guy does anything else”, it sounds like George is putting the car into gear to slowly follow Trayvon as can be seen in the East Pool video. The offset time also has Trayvon running just after George’s car disappears from view on Twin Trees Lane, where it is almost at the point he got out of it.

    From this timeline, and from what I discern to be gear changing noises in George’s car, it seems to me that the “circling” incident happens when George is moving from the front of the Clubhouse to the mailboxes or when he is stopped at the mailboxes.

    The Clubhouse video seems to document the first 2 minutes and 5 seconds of George’s phone call, right up to the point where Trayvon runs.

    I believe these videos completely destroy George’s ridiculous fantasy that Trayvon disappeared between the Townhouses, came back, circled his vehicle, and then disappeared between the Townhouses again.

    Trayvon was standing at the mailboxes. What George perceives to be Trayvon circling his car (and remember he later changes his story) seems to be Trayvon crossing the road from the mailboxes to walk up Twin Trees.

    • unclechopper

      Just to be clear on the time difference between the Clubhouse videos and the surveillance videos, when it is 7:10:50, for instance, on the Clubhouse video I believe it is 7:11:15 on the SPD phone call.