Witness Rachel ‘Dee Dee’ Jeantel (W8) Files: Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Case


rachel-jeantel-This is the information page for Rachel Jeantel (W8) (aka Trayvon Martin’s female friend “Dee Dee”) in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. You will find links to the available documents and media below. You can also locate other corresponding testimony and information on the site.

Note: Some of the witnesses have come forward and given media interviews. Consequently, their names are publicly known. In such cases, the names of these witnesses are included with their caller and witness number.

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Rachel ‘Dee Dee’ Jeantel

Witness Summary:

The interview was conducted by Florida Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda. She says that Trayvon told her that a white man in a car was watching him from a car. He said that the man watching was on the phone. Trayvon said that he was going to start walking. Phone hung up and she called him back. He said the man was still watching him. He put his hoodie on because it was still raining. She told him to run to his dad’s house. He said that he would run. She heard Trayvon running and could hear the wind. Trayvon said that he lost the guy. Then, he told her the guy was coming closer to him. She heard Trayvon say “Why you following me for?” An old man said, “What are you doing around here?” She called Trayvon’s name and he didn’t answer. She said someone bumped him, and she heard the phone drop. She could hear a little bit of sound. Trayvon was saying “Get off, get off.” Then, the phone hung up. She called him back two or three times. She states she has guilt about the situation.

9-1-1 Call:



This is the full testimony of Rachel “Dee Dee” Jeantel (W8) in the George Zimmerman Trial on 6/26/2013 and 6/27/2013.

The following interviews are the full, uncut audio files released as part of the discovery court proceedings in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Names and some other identifying information have been redacted to protect the identities of the witnesses.

Martin Family Attorney Benjamin Crump – No date available (~15 min)

Florida State Attorney’s Office – April 2, 2012 Track 2 (~23 min)


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Additional Information:

  • MotherAgainstidiots

    These r some the sickest comments I have seen regarding this case! A young man was murdered in cold blood! Mr . Zimmerman
    Was not standing his ground! He was impeding on someone else’s
    Ground! What people fail to realize is when u follow stalk and harass me and carry a gun on a neighborhood watch session you are laying in wait to attack! Even if Trayvon was a gang member or a thief the punishment
    For that crime is not death! Mr. Zimmerman
    And people on this forum have misconstrued what a neighborhood
    Watchman’s duties consist of! You are on duty to ” watch” and report suspicious behavior to the police department! He reported to the police but disregarded
    The officers advice! That is not being a community partner
    ! He violated the tenants and by laws of his appointed position! If he did scream and feel in fear of his life at some point in the altercation
    He should have because he came out with the intent to kill! Why else was he carrying a weapon neighborhood watching
    Does not require defending ur life if you stay within your role & watch!

    • Robert Riversong

      Wendy Dorival, the volunteer program coordinator for the Sanford Police Department, who trained George Zimmerman for Neighborhood Watch, testified in court that she encourages neighbors to know who doesn’t belong and to call police if anything or anyone appears in any way suspicious or out of place and that a person walking in the rain between houses without a particular purpose – a description of Trayvon the night of the shooting – would be considered suspicious. Dorival denied that her training included a prohibition against following at a distance to gather information to provide to the police. And Dorival said she doesn’t discuss whether residents should carry firearms while participating in a Neighborhood Watch program, only that they must follow the law, and that they have the right to protect themselves if attacked.

      Sean Noffke, the Sanford police dispatcher who was on the phone with Zimmerman, testified in court that Zimmerman could have reasonably understood his question “Which way is he running?” as a request to get out of his vehicle and take a look. He also testified that he is NOT a police officer and is forbidden by policy from saying anything that even sounds like an order. But, when he did say to Zimmerman “we don’t need you to do that”, Zimmerman immediately responded “OK”, indicating continued compliance with the dispatcher’s requests.

    • JaydeFox

      There was no murder. Zimmerman has been innocent the whole time, just the typical race baiters and liberals who jumped on the case to make a quick buck

  • Jay C.

    Tray-thug had a girlfriend?

  • nomorebsplz

    It’s amazing how the girl in the crump interview sounds so different than Rachel. Just as her being ’16′ is different than Rachel actually being 18 at the time. And the defense discovering last year Rachel was *not* in the hospital. She’s a liar and even admitted she ‘lied’ to Crump (but I think that is part of the overall scam). I think she is covering for a friend ‘france’. She even discussed her during a media interview saying sometimes ‘france’ (Francine) is part of 3 way calls. But it’s too long to get into…

  • nomorebsplz

    “He was near his dad’s house. Then a couple of minutes later, the man was following him again”. Not verbatim but it’s past 9:20 in the natural interview, around 9:30 in this one provided. How does one get ‘near his dad’s house’ and still NOT be home in ‘a couple of minutes’ if he’s ‘going home’ or ‘scared’ ? The same way you are ‘near home’ and then end up all the way north near the T intersection. Wake up, Trayborg Collective.

  • oldsoldierboy

    Jeantel story was a made up response to GZ bogus story. TM never ran anywhere. She concluded that the best way to prove a victim was being aggressively pursued and in fear of his life was to agree with GZ story that TM ran. It all backfired and used against TM in the end. I also don’t believe the creep cracker comment ever occurred. This kid reputation was further smeared during the trial. What a shame.

    • Robert Riversong

      Jeantel’s coached testimony (given first to the Martin family lawyers rather than to police or the state’s attorney) was credible ONLY in the few details that she inadvertently left in: including Trayvon’s racist comments, her suggestion that the “cracker” might be a homosexual pervert (perhaps triggering Trayvon’s homophobia and making his assault a hate crime), and that Trayvon had gone all the way to Brandy Green’s townhouse before the fight began, indicating that he made the conscious decision to return to the Tee and confront Zimmerman.

  • What is she saying

    Wow she may have thought it was ok to talk in ebonics but she needs hooked on phonics. Nobody, including me understood a word she was saying. Is that English or ignorance? What a terrible, lying witness. Speak something close to English. Terrible.

  • Sandshark2

    I believe it’s true she didn’t want to be in the spotlight because she knew she had to lie to protect her friend. Her obeying the black culture provided her now with college for free. However she is a Christian and will have to live with the fact she lied on the stand and will one day have to answer to God. If she came out now with the truth, she could finally feel peace inside that troubled mind.. but right now she is in the middle of her fifteen minutes of fame. > just my thoughts…. > i hope she will come clean and live the life God promised her .. a future and a hope.

    • Robert Riversong

      Jeantel admitted in court that her only goal in coming forward was to get Zimmerman arrested. This was a hostile and entirely non-credible witness who, nevertheless, inadvertently offered evidence to support Zimmerman’s story.

  • Chairman Meow

    Indigent Blacks need to be moved to Federal Sanctuaries immediately, like this disgusting sow lejentel or whatever, they are unemployable. We need to quit feeding them and place them in sanctuaries where they can learn minimal life skillz, and maybe one day leave those sanctuaries….Geez

  • john brown

    trayvon martin born : 2/5/1995 2+5+1+9+9+5=31 3+1=4

    death: 2/26/12 2+2+6+2+0+1+2=31 3+1=4

    died on the 26: 2+6=8

    503 days between his death and the trial wrapping up: 5+0+3=8

    17 years old= 1+7=8

    Rachel Jeantel Witness # 8

    Rachel Jeantel Birthday 2/1/1994: 2+1+1+9+9+4=26 2+6=8

    • Robert Riversong

      And your point is? That you have far too much time on your hands and far too little grasp of reality?

  • Chairman Meow

    what i the hell is this bitch saying, what is she an adult in charlie brown world?

  • LegLan

    I love the fact that she didnt call the police. At all. It’s like the first thing they teach you to do in elementary school.

  • V. Blyden

    She is a 19yr young lady who is testifying in a high profile case. She’s nervous… Give her a break or just continue to show your ignorance.

    • Darrell Guill

      Sorry, she was the one showing ignorance. Ignorance of any recognizable language skills.

  • MrTomY

    Here’s my take on this trial. If GZ was an actual police officer, then I don’t believe Travon would have acted in any way aggressively but would have went straight to his destination. The police officer has a uniform and a gun, so there’s no question you’re not going to mess with him. Years ago my father was part of a neighborhood watch and each member had a jacked with identification all over it that said “Neighborhood Watch Patrol”, and they were an ugly bright purple jackets with yellow lettering. GZ’s watch team should have had something similar to distinguish them, and I don’t believe packing a gun is a wise thing to do either, legal or not. I believe it can give you a false sense of power. If these two things were followed, this situation would never have happened, no matter who started the fight! Just sayin’.

    • atoz350

      Well according to the testimony, GZ wasn’t on duty that night and would not have been required to wear said jacket. I understood his concern for the safety of his neighbors, but his compassion was a bit overwhelming. Simply put, he should have minded his own business.

      • Robert Riversong

        His neighborhood’s safety WAS his own business.

    • Garet Jax

      I get your point. But you can’t just assault people, regardless of their clothing. And if someone is violent and aggressive enough to attack anyone but clearly identified law enforcement they need to be in jail.

  • stormrung e

    West totally impeaches her. She admitted that she changed her story in order not to hurt Sabrina Fulton’s feelings. Unreliable witness.

    • stormrung e

      The fact she didn’t volunteer probably the most important information of the whole case, that she heard TM say “a little get off” until April 2 by saying she wasn’t asked, is just nonsense. She originally said the phone was cut off and she didn’t think to mention “a little get off” until De La Rionda asked? Come on.

  • Sally Saucer

    Nice pictures ABC of Trayvon when he was 12.
    Nice description of the “16 year old girlfriend” (saw her today in court).
    Are you trying to start a race war?

    • JaneDoe

      That picture in the red shirt is NOT of him when he was 12, he was 16, literally months before he died. And she’s still in High School. Still a teenager.

      And the “race war” was started by George when he felt no compunction for stalking and killing a black kid for no good reason.

      • Gramatacolian

        It wasn’t stalking.

    • Chairman Meow

      the picture at 12 looks like a murderer to me

      • reminding you

        Just for your information TRAYVON MARTIN has never raped your infants and disembowelled them in front of you , neither did he ever, raped or murdered your innocent children and throw them in dugouts. Neither did he took them across the atlantic ocean in ships and when they felt sick due to starvation, he would have them dumped overboard. Then gather the rest of the hate group to celebrate with cigars and whiskey.And you are calling him a murderer. JUST THINK OF WHO ARE THE REAL MURDERERS.

        • Chairman Meow

          Look at Detroit, blacks are worthless and its high time we treat the whole race like this

          • Tracy

            Look at all the crazy stuff white people do on a daily basis… Rape thri kids, leave their kids in cars, run meth labs… White people need to be put on an island somewhere. They are getting out of control! They are no longer the majority…

          • Chairman Meow

            Great verdict for America, Detroit is just the beginning in the collapse
            of all balck cities, 40% of today black teenagers will get a diploma,
            95% will be unemployed.unless they are moved to Federal Sanctuaries
            immediately there will be 10,000,000 trayvon’s in the next decade. They
            are just walling off Detroit and letting indigent population fend for
            themselves, they will flee to other welfare centers collapsing each
            economy in turn, you know the typical black social worker whose fake
            nails are too long so she does the typing with a pencil, theses crooks
            are done. 95% unemployment for black people. In ten years when they do the census I predict a 6% overall black population. In ten years we will be golden, no we make up 76% of the population according to the 2013 census, blacks 12 % as zimmerman to the equation and we have whites and hispanics against you, the asians have always been. Blacks you have outstayed your welcome in the USA

          • Dr. Obvious

            hey, there’s the answer: Reservations for black people.

        • Chairman Meow

          black people

        • Dr. Obvious

          lol. black people selling black people to white people. the original black on black crime. the slave traders didnt just go down and pluck up people out from their huts, they were slaves already to other tribes.

  • derp

    Kevin shut the fuck up

  • bmhay1

    I don’t know why Dee Dee lied about her age or why she did not attend Trayvon’s wake, but I would like to know. To me, she does NOT sound like she is on drugs. She sounds illiterate or mentally challenged. She also sounds “scared” and I would imagine being “scared” is the reason she did not attend the wake. Perhaps lack of “Trust” is the reason for lying, however, she lied under oath, and I wonder about her “understanding.” She clearly had to have words drawn from her from each interviewer. I still think what she had to say, although minimal, is valuable information to this case, and speaks for Trayvon and shows that George Zimmerman is lying about the way things happened, like Trayvon jumping out of the bushes, boogieman style and bopping him in the nose, as George looks for his phone that he forgot where he put.

  • Nina

    Her statement, that Trayvon saw a strange man following him and she told him to run to his dad’s house, is actually consistent with the statement Zimmerman made when he first called 9/11. Zimmerman, in the call (which I just listened to) says, as he is describing Trayvon to the operator, “He just started running.” Then Zimmerman starts to huff and pant into the phone while speaking. The operator asks “are you following him?” And Zimmerman confirms that he is running after the person.

    BTW- I don’t know why everyone is saying this girl sounds as if she is on drugs. She doesn’t. She sounds like a teenage girl. I used to work with teens, and she sounds completely normal.

    • Nina

      For what it’s worth, the stand your ground law does not cover chasing someone down. You aren’t standing your ground if you go chasing after someone. You have to be making an attempt to avoid the confrontation or get away. Look at the case of Marissa Alexander. She was sentenced to twenty years for firing a warning shot when her ex husband broke into the home and verbally threatened her life. She didn’t kill anybody- didn’t even aim to kill (according to the husband and herself)- but she was convicted because coming back into the home, from her garage, with a gun was inconsistent with the actions of someone in genuine fear for their life. The judge ruled that she should have run away. Zimmerman chased somebody down. Someone who was running away from him. If that’s not inconsistent with the actions of a man in fear for his life, I don’t know what is. I think the only person who really had a right to stand his ground, in the Zimmerman case, was Trayvon Martin.

      • Ssed Doga

        Nina, zimmerman did not chase him down. zimmerman had stopped trying to follow him ( he had lost sight of him for a minimum of 40 seconds ) and was heading back to his vehicle when martin confronted him. This is pretty well backed up by the physical evidence. ( recorded call to the polices non emergency line, position of the incident not far into the right of way near the end closer to zimmerman’s vehicle, comments made by the girl on the cell) not to mention by logic that a young long limb teen would be able to outrun a stocky shorter and older man.

        and if martin was in fear for his life, he would have hung up from chatting with the girl and called the cops or at least his dad. but he didnt. he continued talking to her right up until he decked zimmerman and dropped his phone.

        and yes.. the case you site was definately not self defense. and she aimed the gun and fired at two kids ( not just her ex because his sons were in there with him).

        • atoz350

          Don’t you think he would have hung up his phone before he hit Zimmerman if he was the aggressor? What part of the recorded 911 calls tells you that Zimmerman was heading back to his vehicle when Trayvon confronted him? The call that I heard ends with Zimmerman saying “bye” to the dispatcher and hanging up. This was before any timed “confrontation”. Please pay attention to the facts of the case instead of making up your own timeline of events.

      • Chris

        SYG wasn’t used in this case. Everybody is making such a big deal over SYG,but this was a case of basic self defense. Every state has self defense laws like what were used in this case.

    • Sally Saucer

      I have never in my life seen such disrespect in a courtroom. This is not a five year old. She is an adult at 19. The judge should have admonished her and threatened her with contempt of court.

  • Franken Stein

    Good grief, how did trayvon even have a conversation with this girl? She has trouble stringing more than a few words into a sentence.

    • wriprodir

      Trayvon was a master at stringing a few words together.

    • MoZeu

      No, she has trouble putting together the kind of formal, proper english which she knows is required in court. It is obvious the girl has she has had little to no occasion to use formal, proper english in her life. Her family speaks Creole and her friends speak street vernacular and apparently she hasn’t had access to very good schools. She may also have a speech impediment and appears to wear braces, but the bottom line is that if you think this girl can’t string together more than a few words, you weren’t paying attention.

      • Che Joubert

        The dialect of southern, especially Floridian blacks is a bit unique, but not so much so that Ms. Jeantel was terribly hard to understand. She did begin school the year ‘No Child Left Behind’ started, and many of those children, even white children who eventually go to private schools such as the one my daughter teaches at in Berkeley Ca, cannot read as well as they should. In addition, any idea that she was not on the phone with Trayvon is in itself idiotic, since the police checked her phone records and confirmed she was.

    • Chairman Meow

      Well since they are both sub human and they didnt have language skills until arabs gave them a language; I would say the ferral groids are reverting back to their natural state of incomprehensibility. We need to axe the 14th amendment

      • Jay C.

        I bet Rachel Jeantel “axes” all the time.

    • TX2Hi

      You like the rest are being tricked. This girl was never on the phone and the only reason some idiot thought it was a good idea to put her on the stand was to make fun of her and the case. She WAS NOT TM’s girlfriend. Daisha Mitchell is. And still the media plays games with the facts and people surrouNding the case. Why they brought her up is a mystery to me. She apparently only knew TM for ONE MONTH!

      • Che Joubert

        Ms Jeantel never said she was Martin’s girlfriend, she explained she was ‘only a friend.’ Also – phone records prove she was on the phone with Trayvon, and that was admitted in court. I don’t know what weird media TX2Hi watches or listens to, but maybe they’re on Mars.

        • Jorge Farelas

          The thing is that phone records show it was her number but not that she necessarily.. was the one speaking on the phone. She might have let someone use her phone to talk to trayvon. Who really knows?

    • Che Joubert

      Rachel Jeantel gave a very helpful interview to a journalist explaining that the word ‘cracker’ was not a racial slur, but meant someone who pretends to be a cop or security guard, but who does not ask proper questions or really behave like a cop. Since the word ‘cracker’ originally meant ‘bragger’ or ‘show off’ and was only later applied to certain kinds of poor whites as a racial slur, Ms Jeantel’s explanation as to Trayvon’s use of the word to mean ‘pretender’, shows that the way they were using the word was close to its original meaning. She was just as clear about her speech problem, which she attributed to an ‘underbite.’ However, I don’t think racists listened to Ms Jeantel.

      • JanaKC

        bull sheet, we all know what cracker means

      • Jay C.

        Wrong. “Cracker” originally was about the White slave owners who used whips on the backs of slaves. Thus, a “cracking” sound, and the people administering the whips would be called “crackers.”

    • rozkeith

      Our kids love kids, that parents may have some objections to. Trayvon’s parents had never met her, before his death. Trayvon had just reconnected to Rachel one month before. I do not think he had seen her since grade school. Everyone who wanted to understood her.

  • bobby

    I love how developments of witness #8 (STAR WITNESS) is not really mentioned here. Dee Dee???? Francine????? It will all come out in court, as it should. This case has become too political and divided by race that it sickens me. Where is the black outrage when the Chicago teen that performed at our President’s Inauguration was gunned down. Where is the BLACK OUTRAGE for the many Black on Black crimes committed everyday. Where are the black leaders on this issue? Jesse Jackson?? Al Sharpton??? They turn tail and won’t even comment on these developments of the STAR WITNESS much less the crimes in black communities , prior to stirring the pot in Sanford and across America after this incident. Go on and riot when GZ is dismissed or acquitted because I will defend my home and business with force and “STAND MY GROUND” Grow up people, as an American GZ deserves his day in court and TM is not on trial here, but inconsistencies with this STAR WITNESS puts the state in an awkward position.

    • wriprodir

      Trayvon is not on trial. His trial ended when he attacked a guy with a gun. Guilty… dead.

      • rozkeith

        He attacked a person that followed, hold on… I will never get you to understand Trayvon’s rights. Live in darkness.

        • Guest

          First of all GZ passed TM who was standing in the yard located at 1460 and GZ drove to the club house located at 1111 where he parked and called the non emergency number, so TM seemed to follow GZ. Now I’m glad you admitted TM attacked GZ because you are saying what we all know, TM committed a Felony Assault. Now the first law that was broken that night was TM and his Felony Assault on GZ and that is the only law broken.

      • Jorge Farelas

        You don’t know that he attacked someone. How are you so convinced of that? There are so many holes in Zimmerman’s story that it coudn’t have possibly happened. Please read my response to the Guest replying to rozketh below. The fight scene is so ridiculous that it couldn’t have happened.

        • Kiama Desmangles

          Thank you. It’s easy to speak for a dead person. I don’t know why people can’t see that. ( ^ o ^ ) /

    • Jorge Farelas

      GZ had way more inconsistencies with his story or stories as it more accurately should be stated then with Rachel. The reason there isn’t more public outrage in the other cases where African Americans have been killed is because either a) they don’t know who the killer(s) are or b) they know who the killer(s) are and the killers are arrested. In the case of Trayvon Martin they knew who killed Trayvon Martin and that very night they let him go without any plans of an investigation, trial, or incarceration. At that time of Trayvon’s murder the only thing the police knew was that Trayvon was a 17 year old African American kid who was visting his dad at his dad’s fiancees house. Everything that people prejudice against TM now ie the pot smoking, the alleged text messages and Social network messages (I say alleged because both were hacked into and we don’t know if he actually texted any of those things), and the poses with him with the middle finger didn’t come until later so how at that point did they rule out that TM wasn’t stalked and killed??? They didn’t have that information that everyone uses to fuel their prejudices. It was because he was an African American kid. Had he been caucasian GZ would have been in prison that night. Now at least GZ is known for what he did. In a sense he is in a bigger prison now.

  • http://twitter.com/rickroberts Rick Roberts

    She said, “You want that, too?” That tells me she had been coached.

    • Marc Vellat

      Yes, it’s funny how nobody has seemed to pick up on that until now – when GZ’s attorney tried to emphasize this point the prosecutor jumped right in with an objection to prevent the jury from hearing that…

    • Jorge Farelas

      What was this in reference to?

  • tuffgrrrrl

    This girl needs some coaching. She mumbles and does not elaborate. I understand her clearly but, some people will think that she is speaking funny and it will distract from her testimony. She is very laid back and calls Trayvon “aight”. I understand that this means that he was basically cool and that she liked him but, many will not understand that terminology. Why did they let her give testimony without some basic coaching?? She does not know how to communicate well at all. When she says that she had “high blood pressure” I believe that she means that she was stressed out. When she says that she “wasn’t gonna go” to the funeral, I believe that she is saying that she did not plan on going because she didn’t want to deal with everything but because she is not a good speaker and she uses terms that are slangish the meaning would not be clear to everyone. Based on people I know who speak this way, if they told me this then those things are what I would infer from her statements.

    • wriprodir

      Thanks for the “translation.” You’re delusional.

  • tommie451

    DD corroborated George’s story. She said Trayvon told her about George: “He got a problem.” Meanwhile George said Trayvon asked him: “You got a problem?” (no) “Well do you now!” (pow) – Also since Trayvon was tired from travelling from the T back to the T her testimony supports the position that Trayvon made it all the way back to his father’s house and then “started walking back again” to confront George.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.ang.568 Robert Ang

    If the state is depending on this testimony as the cornerstone of their case, they are in trouble.Barrack and Jesse and the posse are going to tar and feather them for sure.

    • reflectedsafe0

      The state is also depending on showing through GPS that GZ was not where he stated he was. What will cook his goose is that during the struggle. DD attempted to call another 2 times and TEXT. That is conclusive enough to show that TM was legally defending himself and GZ CONTINUED to follow

      • wriprodir

        GPS can be off by as much a 100 yards. Hold your mud, Einstein.

  • spectr

    I can already hear the ridiculous lies and excuses she has for not calling 911 or even telling a single person about Trayvonda getting jumped by an old creepy white lunatic.
    Just like Casey Anthony, and so many other lying criminals.

    • reflectedsafe0

      No more ridiculous than the spd cop who remembered a month after that fact that he had a PHOTO that should be in evidence

      • spectr

        I know, just one example of the most obvious prosecutorial misconduct in modern day U.S. history.

        • Kevin R

          you don’t know very much. what type of research did you do, or is this just something that came to you one day, maybe the easter bunny was involved

      • Kevin R

        hooray for the good guys

    • http://twitter.com/LeonKr4 Leon K

      George Zimmerman isn’t white you racist.

      • spectr

        Duh !, don’t forget to remind DeeDee & Ashtray .

        • http://twitter.com/LeonKr4 Leon K


      • http://www.facebook.com/amanda.leigh.3576224 Amanda Leigh

        What color is he then?? What color is George’s father-WHITE. So George is half white. Being HALF peruvian does not mean his skin color is not white.

        • Denhunter

          what color is Obama?

          • wriprodir

            Obama is half-White. Anyone want to call him a White man?

          • Dr. Obvious

            He’s white black.

          • Gramatacolian

            Or is he black white? Maybe we should just refer to him as blite or whack.

      • Kevin R

        i don’t care about color except for misconduct in a trial.

    • Kevin R

      get a life

  • iowpoewfp

    Why would #8 call GZ old? 28 is old to a 17-year-old, but she didn’t see him, or know his age. Would a 28-year-old sound old on the phone? Did he have a palsy shake and quavery, wizened vocal chords. Did he mention that he thought Betty Grable had great gams, by jiminy?

  • Pinklipstick2000

    Her testimony is crucial. But the way she speaks and can’t articulate her words scares the mess out of me.

    • Akil Harvey

      So she does nothing but lie? Most every witness on behalf of NO_LIMIT_NI66A” seems to have no compunction about lying in the least. Watermellon drink and skittles makes me some nice lean (just add cough syrup and you can have your rappers pcp)? That is why dd had to lie about the ‘food and drink’.
      Chad wasnt his brother…..She only calls him hhis brother cuz that would make it seem like they had normal family relations. Nothing is normal about that gang family.
      BTW, a local gang is called the “GOONS”, but the local media and the police all knew that (the gangs known as “GOONS” prefer to wear hoodies during winter to hide their identities just as Trayvon often wore his hoodie up when he went on his illegal burglary runs)

      • Kevin R

        racist fk, I have worn hoodies all my life they are warm and inexpensive. Prove to me that he was on a burglary run carrying ice tea and skittles. Some day your brain is going to swallow you whole about this rascist comment of watermelon juice. fk n die

        • Dmc3217

          Kevin..your a damn moron if you dont thinkhe wasnt making Lean. Just look at his txt messages

        • Dr. Obvious

          the comment about watermelon juice wasnt racist, it was factual. He had a can of Arizona Watermelon.

          • audieho

            Don’t point out facts to Kevin. His brain might swallow him whole.

          • Black Racism

            I have worn baseball hats into stores where it says :take off your hoodie and baseball cap if you want to enter this store (entering a store is a privielegde, not a right) to show who you are and that you arent gona rob the place.
            tray tray, he enters stores with his hoodie up tryign to hdie his identity or to intimidate the clerk (into selling him illegal items for a 17 y/o).
            oh wait, no black teen has ever intimidated anyone, ever. only white hispanics have ever done wrong and no black has ever hurt anyone in the history fo the us……
            whose brain migth swallow them up moron? learn your history moron, whites have along history of being in bondage including by africans (the moors who held spain for nearly five hundred years)…….the irish and the scotts were held as slaves by the moors, the romans and the vikings, but that is a history the white people haters dont want you to know about cuz they want you to think that only blacks have a history of bondage even though all the blacks were sold by other blacks, they like ot prtetend they were all vicitms

          • audieho

            You might want to re-read the responses. Kevin R. is calling you out for a “racists comment of watermelon juice.” Dr. Obvious points out to Kevin that it was, in fact, Arizona Watermelon juice and therefore not a racist comment as Kevin R. claimed. I used Kevin’s own words of “brain swallowing him whole” against him, while pointing out that Kevin is not too observant about the fact that it was Arizona Watermelon juice. Something tells me you were either impaired while reading or you shouldn’t exactly be calling people morons. ;)

          • Black Racism

            All the white people haters have ever learned to do is cry racism untli their race card got worn out and eric the red holder ran out of race cards to give out

        • Chairman Meow

          he had 12 pieces of stolen property in backpack

          • Black Racism

            he was just a misunderstood gang banger in training

        • MrMain

          Really rainproof, too …

    • Jay C.

      She was the best thing to happen to hero GZ and the defense!

  • Dgdenisemedspec59

    Lets face it , Zimmerman wants still another judge. Why would he want another one? He wants more than a fair trial he wants to be found not guilty, and he and his legal team and the Dad who was a former judge or still is, will see to that he gets that IF we allow it to happen.. Petitions are in order this man killed a young boy, and he and only he did that!  

    • Jimmy

      His father was not a judge, he was a magistrate in another state, and absolutely zero power, influence or sway in Florida. Stop spreading lies, and misinformation.

      • kevin rae

        why was george zimmerman’s past records sealed. he has committed violence domestic twice and assault twice one with an undercover cop. he was able to get off have the records sealed but he had to attend meetings for alcohol. he has a history of violence and prone to being confrontational and he is a cop wanna be and inserts himself into situations where he acts aggressive, he takes medicine, adderall for that. don’t defend the dirt bag look to his character. he loved his gun more than the life of trayvon, he does not regret the killing; he is only sorry that they had to bury their child. it is not the same. he’s already caught in his lies, just watch what happens in court.

        • Akil Harvey

          Better a wanna be cop than a wanna be gang banger

          • Kevin R

            A wannabe cop that kills an unarmed skittle and ice tea carrying teen, some gang banger. A bully with his power and authority. I’ll wait for the courts.

          • Black Racism

            the teen was known as NO_LIMIT NIGGA on facebook and the elder guys friends called him tugboat

          • atoz350

            Could it be that he idolized a fellow named Percy Miller? He even posed to look like him.

        • spectr

          He has never had anything sealed, your thinking of Trayvon Martin. GZ has never committed domestic violence or been convicted of pushing a plain clothes ABC, an abc involved was terminated and the bogus charge of pushing in order to get between an abc and his friend was dropped, what GZ did that night … most people would do for a friend … only cowards refuse to help a friend.
          The former girlfriend said GZ would never hurt or fight anyone.

          BTW all cops were and are wannabe cops.

          • Kevin R

            misinformation, let’s wait to see what happens in court.

          • Kevin R

            charges were dropped with a little bit of help from his friends. He was fired for throwing a woman as a security guard, he has a history of violence and bullying.

      • Kevin R

        He carries influence and knows the courts and people of the courts to help out old sonny boy.

    • Kevin R

      I am sure that there is a heaven for George Zimmerman and it is with radical Neo-Cons and white power movements. All cowards who like to carry guns convinced of their righteousness. I’m sure that the black gods will be laughing as Neo-radicals swim in their fish bowl of ever shrinking consciousness.

  • whitbyontcanada

    She does not sound like she is on drugs. When she gives certain info they block it out. Plus she is a teenager so they talk a little different especially from florida with their accents. I feel so bad for her as she was the last person to hear him. I cannot wait for all the truth about GZ comes out. If you listen to witness 9 she says GZ is racist and doesnt like black people. I also think it is GZ sister or for sure it is a family member. She is a witness at the trial and at the bail hearing they mentioned witness 9 and that it would be bad for GZ and make him look very bad and may affect the outcome of the trial.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000719183647 Lisa Anderson Simon

      GZ’s sister helped him move the money and got some of it. I doubt she would testify against him. Also Wendy Dorival got some of the money if the Wendy George told his wife to make payments to is the same Wendy.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002642131461 Chéri Elaine AxiomAmnesia Prac

        I know he kept calling that woman his “sister,” but I don’t think that
        George Zimmerman has a sister.  Perhaps this was a sister-in-law?  And
        the Wendy who was paid was not Wendy Dorival (Sanford Police Employee). 
        It was Wendy Cummins who got paid $950 on 4/27/2012.  Proof is on page 4 of his bank statements that we posted.  You can find them at this
        link:  http://trayvon.axiomamnesia.com/documents-2/bank-statements/

        • spectr

          “I don’t think that
          George Zimmerman has a sister”.

          He has a sister.

          • OdessaGirl

            Yes, he does have a sister.

  • Arishia95018

    Why is this the only witness asked if she was on drugs?

    • DizzyMissL

      Because she sounds like she is either drunk or on drugs.

      • mandytoronto

        She is a teenager who talks in slang and shortens her words but she does not sound like she is on drugs. Also she is from florida so she has a accent. Funny you say she sounds like shes on drugs as george zimmerman on 911 calls also says i think this guy is on drugs or something. I guess when you hear or see black people you assume they are on drugs

        • Akil Harvey

          When I hear people on drugs, I assume they are on drugs (I dont assume only black people are on drugs nor do I assume only black people are mistreated by the police nor do I think only white people are capable of being racist).
          This case is very useful to show just how racist black people can be.
          Recall the FAMU hazing incident (where an unarmed black man was beaten to death by fellow band members just for being a poorly coordinated black person)………How many months did it take for an arrest in the FAMU hazing incident? Why no outcry?
          Cuz when blacks kill blacks, there is no white guy to hate……

        • Kevin R

          Hooray for the good guys

        • Dmc3217

          there is no such thing as a Florida accent

        • Black Racism

          I guess when you hear about white people all you can think of is white sheets and you cannot imagine a white vicitm of black hate (is that cuz in your hateful mind yo9u only see white people as evil? me thinks so)

      • Akil Harvey

        She sounds like the investigator has given her a $izzurp glass to sip on while she is being interviewed………..
        I like how she says about the funeral, “I wasnt gonna go” (future tense)……why didnt you go to the funeral? high blood pressure? LOL in a teen? she was out buying shoes the next day…..she waited weeks to call anyone to tell them about this phone call she had with “NO_LIMIT_NI66A”…..she must have thought she could go to jail for being an accomplice to the jacking of the NW guy (if he said he wanted to head home and she said he was just a ‘mama boy’ as she saw him and she encouraged illegal behavior, she could have been both guilty in her gut and in actuallity
        that is as laughable as trayvon having brain damage and liver damage from his drug habit at the age of 17….

        • Kevin R

          you’re not very intelligent or you would not be jumping to berate this young woman.

          • audieho

            I’ll berate this young woman if I want. She had access to a free public education on my dime and failed to take advantage of it so I will be forced to support her illiterate ass for the rest of her grotesque life. I could be wrong. Perhaps she will turn her life around, become well-educated and support herself, but I assure you, statistics are on my side.

          • Black Racism

            you didnt watch any of the trial or the discovery phase of the perscution or else you would know these things

        • Julie

          My boyfriend has had blood pressure problems since he was fourteen. Stop speculating about things you are unfamiliar with. I agree with Kevin.

          • Black Racism

            I sure hope you get your skull smashed against the pavement a few times (you might die, but your family will learn soemthign about how bad it is to have yoru skull smashed)

          • Black Racism

            i see tray tray’s girlfriend was on the large side (oh wait, they have been lying about who she is for over a year)…..oh wait, that wasnt his girlfriend ?!?!?!???!!snap, the racist blacks have been a lying to us for over a year (she isnt 16? wow, another lie out of the mouth of the ghettopotomous, but we should believe she tells the truff when she wants to, but who knows when that is or when she is just being self serving).
            you know who the racists are? those who believe her because of the color of her skin, not by the content of her character (I am with dr king on this one ven if all the black racists are not)

      • Kevin R

        I’m sure every commenter hear knows this woman and knows the whole story, so why bother with a trial.

    • Dr. Zaius

      I don’t know about whether other witnesses are asked about being on drugs, but that’s a pretty standard practice in legal proceedings.  A witness who is on drugs (not necessarily illegal) could later claim that their testimony was not accurate due to the influence of said drugs.  Likewise, a witness is also asked if she has a medical condition that could affect her testimony, which was the immediate preceding question.

      • Akil Harvey

        Maybe they only ask if she is on drugs if she sounds like she is on drugs and is unable to answer the simplest most leading of all questions? is she asked any questuions tha are not led by the investigator?
        I dont call her dd….I call her…..”You want that, too?”…..it is among her most obvious gaffes…..He has obviously been leading her for quite some time (he stays away from subjects that detract from the narrative of the case (the many lieas of the crump a dump law firm and trayvon lying parents)…….
        DD is NOT Trayvon’s girlfriend! She has another boyfriend (though tray may get the friends with benefits package……this is never investigated).
        “Trayvon was your boyfriend?” “yeah, we was getting there”
        She cant even muster much of a defense of his character…..”he was arright” not much of a ringing endorsement…..
        among the most telling is where she cant stop herself from mentioning her significant guilt (did she encourage trayvon to jack the nw guy like she did with the bur driver tray attacked?)…….this tells more about their relationship thatn the investgator ever tries to get……they used to date, but she got tired of his mama boy attitude? he wasnt tough enough for her, so she found another boyfriend who jacked better than “NO_LIMIT_NI66A”……..I wonder why the media never really discusses how trayvon portrayed himself to the world?
        I wonder why so many have bene so eager to lie for trayvon?
        his football coach claimed he quit football after 10 years of practice (with no mention of how 53 absences from school might have affected his eligibility or his grades)………
        Tracey martin is disingenuous in that he acts like his son is so defenseless without a weapon even though he knows his son played football from the age of 5 (Football players are like players of dungeons and dragons….mostly unable to defend themselves and frequently the targets of physical attack from larger people …..just like most mathletes and choir singers are usually the school bullies)

        • Cb

          Learn how to talk you ignorant piece of racist shit. You sound like you have Self-esteem problems and Insecurity issues!!! Why are you so hateful is it because you got a little dick, your fat, your ugly, or do you just hate yourself that bad that you have to talk down or belittle other people to make yourself feel good. The why you talk your mother should have a boarded you at birth!!!!! Go get some help or kill yourself if you don’t like black, because we aren’t going anywhere you Scum of the earth Maggot!!!!!!!!

          • Black Racism

            I LOVE black people (the nice ones).
            I am not pleased with black people who want to pretend thuggery is some sort of noble activity.
            and what is the leader of our nation doing to sooth racial animosity? he is working hard to fan the flames of hate for whites (cuz he like the media are in favor of black racism and will NEVER quiestion it).
            call me a cracka and i dont really care so much, but call a guy a cracka and smash his head into the ground and we have a problem even if mentioning it is unpopular

          • Gramatacolian

            It’s YOU’RE not YOUR! But thanks for making me chuckle with the “a boarded” comment!

      • Kevin R

        Good answer but I suspect others were not asked about being on drugs especially GZ superstar himself. Why wasn’t his blood tested, I heard GZ was on drugs (prescription medicines) that had side effects that may have impaired his often distorted judgements ( read about his conflicts with former girlfriend, his security job in which he threw a woman) and consequently fired, his confrontation with police a couple of years earlier. At least the KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Power organizations, and radical neo-cons believe him and that’s a start I guess.

        • Black Racism

          say hi to the new black pansies for me (they had the cutest signs that said ‘boycott white businesses’ and the illegal sign that said ‘wanted: dead or alive’).
          So, you are protesting a supposed vigilante act by committing a vigilante act?

        • Ssed Doga

          Kevin, he had issues years ago ( when he was not much older then martin). He was on prescription medication. he admitted he had it, he did not try to hide it. and if you are saying that the medication was the cause of his unreasonable ( in your eyes) behaviour.. then he wouldnt be guilty of murder 2 or manslaughter becuase he was under the influence of a legal drug.

    • Liquidmark

      Because she is testifying under oath, so they have to establish that she isn’t under the influence of anything that would affect the validity of her testimony. That’s why they asked if she was threatened or promised anything.

      • Lynda523

        I’m a little confused here, they asked Dee Dee if she was on any drugs?  I don’t hear them asking the other witnesses this question.  Makes me think about how Trayvon was tested for drugs but not Zimmerman.  What is going on here? 

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/Y753VAKAXMR6Q2W2ESLFOK5VSE Sharee

           Biased for sure!

        • Akil Harvey

          She sure sounds like she is on drugs (or like she has 35 marbels in her mouth)……of course, I live in Florida, so I know how we sound down heya

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.ang.568 Robert Ang

      @Arishia Actually that kind of question, along with the others, is part of establishing her competence to provide that testimony for the record. And perhaps this prosecutor has information that led him to need to establish that point on that day.

    • Kevin R

      George Zimmerman should have been tested for drugs that very night. It is relevant and goes to state of mind.

      • wriprodir

        They don’t test people for drugs or alcohol if there is a head wound.


          Really? I’ll make sure to get myself into a small accident enough to damage my head when I’m drinking and driving. LMAO

    • wriprodir

      Because she sounds like a blithering idiot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mspumpum2u Sharonda Rosette

    Why is this man questioning her like that? If I was her mother, I would have requested another interviewer….based on how he’s questioning her.

    • Kevin R

      You know that in court its wow you lied to the police but did you know the police lie and manipulate the circumstances around investigations themselves. And then they come into court and say they are telling the truth. I thought the truth is the truth and you stand by the truth. But that is just wishful thinking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BKmade Brooklyn MaydMe

    That first interview sounds VERY distorted.  I can’t make out anything she is saying.

    • Akil Harvey

      She doesnt want a single word to be understood since she is perjuring herself throughout most of the interview! She knows she is a conspirator in the jacking of the neighborhood watch guy and she could be convicted if she told the turth in a manner people could understand

      • Jay

        Wow more conspiracy theorists. Please leave.

        • Black Racism