Witness Jonathan Good (W6) Files: Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Case

Jonathan GoodThis is the information page for Jonathan Good (W6) (aka 911 Caller #4) in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. You will find links to the available documents and media below. You can also locate other corresponding testimony and information on the site.

Note: Some of the witnesses have come forward and given media interviews. Consequently, their names are publicly known. In such cases, the names of these witnesses are included with their caller and witness number.

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Jonathan Good
“John” is the name that he provided in the news interview (see video below), and he is the husband or (male companion) of Witness #17.

Witness Summary:

When he first walked outside, the Black guy was on top while they were wrestling. He could tell this because the guy on the bottom was a lighter color. The witness was looking out the window and yelling out the window telling them to stop. After the incident, he saw other people out there with flashlights. The guy who had been previously on top was lying face down in the grass. The one who had been on the bottom had his hands in the air. The guy who did the shooting said, “I shot the other guy in self defense. My gun is on the ground.”

He didn’t have his patio door open. He could only hear the helps with all doors and windows closed. He says he couldn’t tell who was yelling for help. He thought it was the person on the ground at first because his logic says that the person on the bottom would be the one yelling for help. He says he truly couldn’t tell who was yelling help. It was too dark. He didn’t see how it started or how it ended. He only saw when they were in an altercation on the ground.

9-1-1 Call:


Testimony in the trial of George Zimmerman from 6/28/2013:

The following interviews are the full, uncut audio files released as part of the discovery court proceedings in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Names and some other identifying information have been redacted to protect the identities of the witnesses.

Sanford Police Department – February 26, 2012 (~3 min)

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Track 1 – March 20, 2012 (~45 min)

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Track 2 – March 20, 2012 (~1 min)

Florida State Attorney’s Office – March 26, 2012 (~3 min)


View Memo From Florida State Attorney’s Office Regarding Witnesses 6 (3/26/2012)

View Florida State Attorney’s Office Witnesses 6 Investigative Report (3/20/2012)

Additional Information:

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  • i have no life

    isn’t this the guy that jen… was talking to when she was on the phone with 911? “john” opened their back door (not sliding door) and apparently told G and T to stop & that the police were called, then he went upstairs, looked out the window, then after the gunshot went back downstairs & opened the back door again i think, jen… was telling him to “get down” etc.

    • oldsoldierboy

      No it was her husband Jeremy who was in the background saying “He warned me he was going to shoot him”. Good lived a couple of house down.

  • oldsoldierboy

    Here are some of the reasons why Mr. Good’s version of what happened is not reliable.
    1. In the darkness all of us appear black.
    2. He didn’t realize TM was a black male until a courageous neighbor came out and shined a flashlight onto TM body as Mr. Good hide at his upstairs window (Listen to his 911 call). It’s impossible to determine who has the lighter skin when you only know the ethnicity of one person. For all Mr. Good knew it could have been two light skinned males out there fighting. And this is only if you assume he realized GZ was latino and white.
    3. Both TM and GZ were fully clothed with TM wearing the lighter clothes. TM had on light tan pants. Under those lighting conditions TM was actually the lighter person because of the clothes he was wearing.
    4. Mr. Good said he looked outside and yelled for them to stop then ran to call 911. On his 911 call he states that someone fired a shot and there was no screaming in the background. TM was already dead by the time he got on the phone. This is validation that he caught the tail end of the confrontation and didn’t get to see much.

  • S.K

    He seems to be wearing bullet proof vest while on the stand. This case is so weird idk if the authorities are trying to hide something like the match to the DNA profile, that was mixed. Check out the DNA water grab trick. When johns on the stand

  • http://twitter.com/rickroberts Rick Roberts

    It sounds as if he changes his story to fit a narrative. He’s either doing that because he wants to be politically correct or he is scared about what will happen to him if his testimony frees Zimmerman.

  • edan

    Trayvon was on top beating the heck out of Zimmerman. Zimmerman DID do what the 911 operator told him. He STOPPED following, and it was as he turned around Trayvon approached him, and then started attacking him.

    • http://twitter.com/rickroberts Rick Roberts

      Exactly, and this will be made very clear at trial. Sir Skittles of the Iced Tea made a fatal mistake by assaulting a fellow human being. He won’t be doing that again.

    • L.A.M

      100% Proof ’cause you said it. Yay!

    • gbpuzzler

      The trouble with these claims is that Trayvon was on the phone with Rachel J for over 2 minutes after the 911 dispatcher told Zimmerman to stop following. If he had started back to his car at this point, he could have been there in under 30 seconds. This isn’t what happened, and Trayvon also wasn’t attacking him during those 2 minutes. Whatever happened didn’t even start until after that.

  • disqus_aESexhXn4n

    I have found that the first account is most always the most accurate.
    After the first account, is when intimidation and self-doubt comes to play!

  • MarilynNeuner

    I don’t get it. On the 911 call this witness starts out by saying he just heard a gunshot. This would have been an accurate statement. The shot was at 7:16:56PM and this 911 call started at 7:18PM. 
    But then, in his sworn testimony he states that a couple of seconds after calling 911 he hears the shot (the ping) as he’s starting to head up the stairs. It other words, he’s swearing that the shot happened after 7:18PM.
    This is a clear misstatement of facts and about something as important as where he was and what he was doing at the time of the gunshot.  

    • Jreiblich

      His testimony was that he yelled out, I’m going to call 911, then he closed the door, went inside and went upstairs, as he called 911.  The gunshot happened after he started to call 911

  • mandywhitby

    How sad it must be for treyvons parents to know the cops were at the scene within 1 minute of him being shot. If they would of showed up a minute earlier they would catch the fight and treyvon hopefully wouldnt be dead. As for this witness or any witness you cant take what they say 100%. I say this because so many have different wersions of what they saw. 99% maybe but not 100 % fact.
    What witness is it they were talking about at the hearing. They talked of two. One being someone who has bad info about george. It sounds like it may be a ex of georges. The other witness i thought they said witnessed someone being chased through the complex. Which meant george not only followed treyvon but did chase him when treyvon ran. I already thought he chased him and wasnt looking for a address

    • GateKeeper_of_Truth

      Trayvon Martin would be alive to this day ..if GZ did what he told the PD he would do ..and that was to meet the PD at the entrance….and why did he get off the phone with the PD?..because he spotted TM and he wanted to confront him..and if his phone was open with the 911 disptacher..that would be evidence s to what REALLY happened upon provocation..he closed his phone..WHY? Because it ws HIm who started the provocation with TM.. and he didn’t want that to be known..  

      • j9a

        You need to listen to the entire “911″ tape, first of all it wasn’t 911 it was actually the non emergency number. The PD did not tell him to meet them at the enterance, He got off the phone with non-emergency because he had lost sight of TM, had arranged to have an officer come out . They even asked him if he still wanted an officer to come out since TM was no longer in sight, and he told them yes. If you listen to the 911 call you will hear when they ask are you following him and when they tell him “we don’t need you to do that’ he says OK and STOPS and you can tell he stops, he “followed” for about 15 seconds from a distance to try to keep TM in sight. He remained on the phone with the dispatcher for 2 more minutes, he had lost sight of TM and saw him turn down the sidewalk which we now know led to the apt where he was staying and was only 100 yards away. He had plenty of time to get back to the apt while GZ was still on the phone with the dispatcher.

        • atoz350

          Honestly, would you lead a stalker to your home?

          • j9a

            GZ wasn’t stalking TM. Actually he had alsready lost sight of TM before he even got out of his truck, but to answer your question, if someone were actually stalking me, or if someone were just following me and I was afraid that they were a stalker, i’d run the other way, I would not run toward them . I’d try to get to a public place,

        • gbpuzzler

          If GZ had gone back to his truck, he would have been safely inside it by the time either he or TM was off the phone, but he wasn’t. And he refused to give the dispatcher a location where the police could meet with him, but asks to have them call him back when they arrive. Why would he do those things, other than so that he could continue to look for TM after he got off the phone? And regardless of whether GZ was technically stalking TM, he was a threatening person who followed TM in his car and when TM ran away, he got out of his car and tried to follow him on foot.

    • j9a

      I think maybe you are thinking of Witness 2, who said she saw someone being chased, but later she said what she actually saw was A PERSON (not 2 people chasing), just A person running past her condo, she said she heard footsteps running and caught a glimpse of A PERSON and that person was running toward the T in the sidewalk , not AWAY from it. TM had 2 minutes to make it to the apt where he was staying at the opposite end of the sidewalk from where the incident occurred while GZ was still on teh phone with 911, and had lost sight of him. 2 minutes to go 100 yards and be safely inside the pat, it appears from what witness 2 is saying that he did indeed go back to the apt, and then doubled back to confront GZ at the T.

      • gbpuzzler

        No, in her first statement, she said that she saw 2 people running towards the T. In a later statement, she said that she wasn’t sure if she saw one person or two people.

  • Ladyloree621

    It bothers me this guy finds it hard to describe what happened in his 20 min interview versus what he said in his first statement. It seems now he is walking back from his intial strong statement of yeah this guy was getting hit mma style.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000166484355 Cucich Dan

       walking it back after being repeatedly asked the same questions by FBI and and other police agencies, who were obviously trying to intimidate this young witness

      • Darrellacarter

        On his 911 call he says “they’re” wrestling in my back yard. If he saw a hooded guy beating n a guys face mma style who was screaming for help, would’nt he say that. he thdn says after community meeting & after he find out it was his watch captian involved, “darker guy on top” punching face in.

        • http://twitter.com/RebeccaB70 RebeccaB70

          Exactly, his first statement is ‘they’re wrestling’.  He would’ve said someone is getting the shit beat out of him if it was ‘MMA style’ (when I first read that I rolled my eyes, it sounded to me like he was excited to get caught up in a murder and over enthusiastic).

          • j9a

            He was in the process of making the 911 call when he heard the shot and TM was already dead before the call went through, so he probably didn’t go into detail about the fight because it was over, by the time the call went through he was reporting the gunshot and someone lying in the grass, no need to report a fight when it was obviously over. it was when he was interviewed by the cops that same night that he said, the guy on top was throwing down punches mma style and the guy on the bottom was yelling for help. Since then, he has been convinced, or has convinced himself out of fear, that maybe he didn’t see what he thought he saw.

        • http://twitter.com/RebeccaB70 RebeccaB70

          Exactly, his first statement is ‘they’re wrestling’.  He would’ve said someone is getting the shit beat out of him if it was ‘MMA style’ (when I first read that I rolled my eyes, it sounded to me like he was excited to get caught up in a murder and over enthusiastic).

        • erik

          Give me a break most people aren’t perfectly precise with their words at all times maybe the ground and pound situation which he witnesses was best describedas wresling in his head at that moment in time. I m sure you use words constantly that don’t best fit what you mean if you were to describe that same thing in detail

      • Ladyloree621

        I don’t believe he was intimidated, he clarified his answers. Also the ages of the male witness listed are w/m(white male) 6′  170lbs dob 4/18/82 hair brown eyes blue. Age would be 30. Not young. Number 2 O/M ( I take this to mean “other minority” which would be consistent with the asian in the feb 26 news caption talking to cops) 5’7 200lbs dob 6/17/69 hair black eyes brown. Age would be 43. Not young. Number 3 W/M 6’2 195 lbs dob 8/28/81 hair brown eyes blue. Age would be 31. Not young. The three males listed in police witness reports with age date of birth and weight. Not one under the age 25 which would be considered young. 

      • j9a

        And let’s not forget the second statement was given AFTER this thing became a National Cause,with a major (extremely biased) media blitz, and marches coordinated, and after the New Black Panthers put a price on Zimmerman’s head.