Witness #5 (Mary Cutcher) Files: Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Case


This is the information page for Witness #5 (aka 911 Caller #5) in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. You will find links to the available documents and media below. You can also locate other corresponding testimony and information on the site.

Note: Some of the witnesses have come forward and given media interviews. Consequently, their names are publicly known. In such cases, the names of these witnesses, are included with their caller and witness number.


Mary Cutcher is the roommate of Witness #16 Selma Lamilla.

Witness Summary:

This witness is Mary Cutcher, who was home with her roommate (Witness #16 Selma Lamilla) the night of the incident. She believes that whomever she saw out there intended to kill the Trayvon Martin. She was about to take an online test and went to make coffee in the kitchen, when she heard sounds like sopmeone in trouble or hurting. She and Selma slowly walked toward the glass door, and saw “the kid” laying on the ground.

9-1-1 Call:


The following interviews are the full, uncut audio files released as part of the discovery court proceedings in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Names and some other identifying information have been redacted to protect the identities of the witnesses.

Sanford Police Department – March 1, 2012 (~12 min)

Sanford Police Department – March 2, 2012 (~14 min)


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Additional Information:

  • not guilty

    George Zimmerman not guilty

  • Thugsdie

    This is officially a retard. No I think she either wants fame, or for people to like her

  • BillyHW

    Women shouldn’t vote.

  • InquiringMinds

    GZ has maintained that he was screaming his head off for help but when these women come out her just looks at them. They have to ask him three time what is wrong and he’s dismissive of them when he finally answers. Does not make sense.

    • JesBeard

      Actually it makes considerable sense. Zimmerman did not want to shoot anyone. He had been raised to believe that killing anyone, for any reason was wrong, a mortal sin, and yet he had just done that, as well as literally getting his brain rattled. Zimmerman was in virtual shock after what happened, and what they were asking him likely simply did not register.

      • nvrbl

        Zimmerman has never cared for a second about killing Trayvon. His only concern is how killing Trayvon has affected him. He made hoodie jokes with his wife when he was in jail. Only a psychopath would do that. What will all the Z supporters say when he harms someone else?

        • Pookie

          One thing for sure Trayvon won’t be stealing no more jewelry from anyone and he won’t be fighting that other guy for a 3rd time cause he didn’t bleed enough and he won’t be buying that .38

          • gbpuzzler

            Any more? Do you have any evidence that he ever did any of those things in the first place?

  • iremgoperwop

    She heard a “little boy” crying and whining! a 6 foot little boy! What an idiot. Nearly 100 % of men’s voices have completely deepened by age 17, so how would TM screaming sound any younger than GZ? At 28, a man’s voice shows no signs of aging , and anyway, GZ has kind of a high voice. It’s a man’s voice, but on the high side. I’d like to hear a known recording of TM’s voice (from his mid-to-late teens, not as a toddler), and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a baritone, or even a basso profundo.

    • 1love3

      So you can say a grown man has a high voice because you heard it, i it possible that the 17 yo also had a high voice for a seventeen year old?

    • Talkytina

      R u kidding?? Zimmerman has VERY deep voice & TM wasnt finished with puberty. Nice that YOU decided he was tho & does Zimmerman act like a cryer?? KIDS CRY

      • Tipsy McStagger

        Have you actually listened to his voice? I’ve heard the call to the police plus his testimony in the bail hearing and the Hannity interview. If that is what you call a deep voice, I have to wonder how many male voices you have heard.

    • Lois Taylor

      And that’s the problem tm cant share his side, now can he. Tm has been the defended since the time gz followed him why else would he be running away akso gz didnt no tm had someone on the phone, also why would a 28 yr. Old man with a loaded pistol and martial art training , and was clearly the aggressor be screaming for help. U have no idea what a voice sounds like coming from a undeveloped teenager who’s live was about to end just becauss he went to the store for some snack. Tm didnt know who gz was so just like gz profiled him as a thug then tm could have profiled him as a murder lurking around on a dark raining night.

      • Sue

        I am so tired of people making comments based on something they “heard” or “read”, Watch the trial, it’s online. GZ does have a high voice. His MMA instructor practically called him a whimp with no athleticism at all. You are right, no one knows what TM sounded like, but can draw a logical conclusion from his father and brother. This can go both ways, if TM was threatened, why didn’t he call 911 to report someone following him rather than jumping out at the person? Why didn’t he follow his girlfriend’s suggestion and get home, he stated to her twice that he was right by his dad’s fiance’s place. Just as walking home from the store is not a crime, walking behind someone isn’t either.

        • dragonthc

          why would a man armed with a loaded gun really need to cry for help?

          • Sue

            Because he was getting his butt kicked. If you saw the trial, his trainer basically called him a big sissy.

          • Pookie

            With drawing your weapon is the last thing you do except point and squeeze. GZ is yelling for help and no one is coming to help him and those who do come out see this mean angry guy hiding his face committing an assault on someone needing help. One witness goes back in and sets her alarm.

        • atoz350

          Sue, that’s the logical thinking that any adult would have. However, Trayvon was not an adult. He was 21 days into being 17. An adolescent can not think with that much logic given the situation. Of course, none of us actually know how street smart Trayvon was…

        • manns1963

          Ok maybe GZ does have a high piched voice. But here’s a question you may not have heard. Have you heard Trayvon Martin’s voice? Of coarse not because he’s dead. You only heard one voice, that of GZ and have nothing to compare it to because the other person is dead. And unless the dead can prove their side of the story then your argument is not valid. Neither was the trial if you ask me. GZ fate was already determined when he shot and killed TM. He knew he was going to walk, he lives in a state where profiling people of color and then killing them has no consequences. Because he can stand behind the iron curtain of “stand your ground” and not be touched. Once he had police defending him making him look like the victim his walking papers were signed and sealed. The whole trial process was just for show to make the black community and the child’s parents think that just shows no prejudice. When in fact that state thrives off the very word.

        • gbpuzzler

          We don’t know that TM jumped GZ – we have only GZ’s word for it and he lied about plenty of other things. And hanging around in the common areas of a development instead of going right home is not a crime either. Maybe he wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t be leading GZ straight to his home, where the only other person there would be a boy who was younger and much smaller than he was. He probably couldn’t enter through the locked sliding glass door in the back, so he would have had to run around to the front of the homes, where he probably could have been easily seen with no place to hide, and he may have wanted to avoid that.

          • Libertarian Soldier

            What lie(s) did George Zimmerman offer? Not what you think are lies but proven, factual lies, not the crap you make up!

          • gbpuzzler

            Well, some that that are provably lies are:

            He claimed that he was “looking for an address” when he got out of his truck. He had not been asked for an address at that point, and he did not give the dispatcher an address at any time after that point.

            He claimed that Trayvon Martin repeatedly banged his head against the sidewalk. His injuries are not consistent with that claim.

            His description of the altercation requires his head to have been on or against the sidewalk the whole time. The position of Martin’s body and of several items dropped by both of them, and Jon Good’ testimony, show that they had moved around much more during the altercation, that much of it was not immediately next to the sidewalk, and specifically, that they were not immediately next to the sidewalk at the moment that Zimmerman shot Martin.

            In one of the hearings, he said that he had thought that Martin was a little younger than he was, which would mean something like 25-27 years old. In his police phone call, he had accurately described Martin’s age as “late teens”.

            He repeatedly claimed that he and his wife had been holding a “mentoring” session for two teenagers, before he went out (on the trip out that led to his encountering and killing Trayvon Martin). His wife later said that they had fought before then, and that she had gone to her father’s house and was there at the time that the shooting occurred.

            There are a number of other things that there is reason to believe Zimmerman was lying about, but where the evidence doesn’t seem to be clear enough to constitute proof.

    • hernandayoleary

      GZ is a 28 year old man, why would a 28 year old MAN have a BOYS voice. Compare that to a just turn 17 yo BOY.
      Trayvon was 5’11
      George was 5’8, that is nothing in height but zimmerman’s weight of 200+ pounds means he’d not have a light voice.

      • dragonthc

        weight has nothing to do with vocal cords.

        • hernandayoleary

          It does, that is why michael jackson who weighs 130 pounds but is 5’11 sounds like a child

      • Tipsy McStagger

        The FBI expert testified that when screaming, a 50 year old can sound like a teenager. Zimmerman was not even close to being 50, so there’ s even less of an age disparity. And there’s no proof that it was a “boy’s voice” that is just someone’s opinion and an opinion with no basis in fact, as you need to have familiarity with a person’s voice in order to properly identify it.

        • hernandayoleary

          It was not an fbi expert it was a friend of george zimmerman. So if a 50 year old can sounds like a teen then what does a teen sound like an old man. Do you really believe that, god you are dumb. The statement was not even consistent because all vietnam fighters were under 26 as the draft never went higher than that age. It is a poor comparasion because he used that experience of when he was in vietnam.

          • Tipsy McStagger

            This is incorrect. Did you actually watch the trial? I am referring to FBI audio expert Hirotaka Nakasone who testified to this, not ZImmerman’s friend. You should probably finish high school first before calling someone else “Dumb.”

          • hernandayoleary

            No you are mistaken the FBI claimed it was not conclusive and not long enough to determine who it was so the judge barred all the other experts from trial.

          • Pookie

            Ignore him, he is obviously an idiot. You were right Tipsy



      • Pookie

        Yeah just a boy, cause you have to be 18 to kill someone. Fact is TM was on top of GZ dropping elbows down and no one knows if he was going to stop. TM was on the road to prison already

        • manns1963

          And you know this Pookie because you and Trayvon were buddies right?

          “dropping elbows down and no one knows if he was going to stop”.
          Really???? I guess GZ dropped this info to you. Right now the only thing that needs to drop is an anvil on you dumba$$ head. What a crock of crap. GZ is really lucky to have supporters like you. I guess you have to have a mind of a murderer in order to understand him. I guess that’s why you have all the answers. NOT!!!

    • manns1963

      Actually she’s not and idiot. My son is 15 and soon will be 16 he has already reached 6 feet. Listening to a child (teen) scream and a man’s scream is very easy to differentiate. Usually a teen’s voice (yes even at 17) has a certain pitch to it, and a man’s scream is deeper. The reason for that is because the teen’s larynx is still growing larger and a man’s larynx is already fully developed. Puberty can start and end at different times on everyone. Which is why we are all different. So I guess the real idiot is you. There’s no real set time for puberty for anyone just an estimate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Terrance-Jones/100003844972545 Terrance Jones

    Of course he didn’t say anything.. he was in shock and his ears were still ringing from the gunshot.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001883363835 Tre Anthony

    Absolutely no way this was self-defense. GZ chased TM down and shot him, and he knows it. If the fight started at the T of the walk way, then how is it that TM’s body ended up some 40 feet away from the T?

  • http://twitter.com/Perpetualbass Perpetualbass

    Really the smoking gun is that no one saw Zimmerman getting up or Martin getting up moving back turning around or falling down and THEN Zimmerman gets on top. Immediately after the shot went off Zimmerman was already on top.

  • Shakir

    Her statements are proven not true. Period.

  • JesBeard

    And if Zimmerman was “chasing” Martin, when the townhome Martin was staying in was less only 350 feet away from Zimmerman’s truck, how could Martin not have made it even half way to that townhome in just more than four minutes? How could Martin not have made it to the townhome in the more than two minutes Zimmerman was on the phone to 911?

    The ONLY thing that makes sense is that Martin wanted to confront that “creepy assed cracker,” stopped, turned around, came back, initiated the confrontation with Zimmerman, punched him to the ground, climbed on top of him, continued swinging at Zimmerman, and then got himself shot by someone using justifiable self-defense.

  • TreAnthony

    Why are you commenting on something left more than 6 months ago..? Go sit your tired a&& down somewhere..You just want some attention on here..The following people are on death row:

    Kate Beard

    Lula Jones Beard

    Rex Beard

    Robb Beard

    Sarah Beard

    Margaret Beard

    Lora Beard

  • Jorge Farelas

    There is another possibility that no one has thought of. I don’t believe Trayvon ever ran. Let’s see. Who says Trayvon ran that night??? George Zimmerman. Can anyone else back up that claim? Well, Rache Jeantel says Trayvon initially ran, but I am not sure if I can believe Rachel Jeantel’s testimony that Trayvon ran due to the lies about her being in the hospital when she wasn’t. Anyway, I believe Zimmerman said that Trayvon ran for a number of reasons. One he wanted the police to have a reason that Zimmerman got out of the car. Two, he wanted the police to feel a sense of urgency to come down there, Three he wanted Trayvon to look like he was guilty of something. Trayvon never running is another possibility of how Zimmerman was able to catch up to him.

  • JesBeard

    If you had meant to withdraw your foolish comment from 6 months ago, you should have done so. Otherwise it remained to be commented on whenever it was seen. For me, that was this morning. While it may disappoint you, what you write is apparently not so important the entire world is immediately notified of it and commanded to read it at that time. As to any threats you might want to make, they are about as frightening as they are persuasive.

  • Jerkjohnny

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    You’re what’s known as a well-poisoner. You help noone, serve nothing except to destroy and divide. You thrive on spreading hate and intolerance.

    You will end in the outer darkness.

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  • Riddle Me This

    Not true. In fact if you take her call and John Good’s call and line them up…they actually say OMG at the same time on the recording…

  • amskeels .

    Mary Cutcher is nothing but a liberal hack that wanted to get in on the notoriety. She was my neighbor here and everyone knows she did not see anything that would shed any light on the case. She saw the media swoon over all the witnesses and wanted to get in on the action by going on several shows lying her ass off at the expense of GZ. She did nothing but twist the facts to fit her and the Martin’s agenda of race baiting. Has anybody noticed she never testified at the trial? That’s because, like the Martin’s, she is lying her ass off.

  • amskeels .

    TrAnthony take you liberal hate filled mouth some place else. You didn’t get what you wanted and you won’t shut up about it. You are vulgar and nasty to the core and nobody wants you here. Go back to your liberal utopian cave and let the relevant people speak.

  • Pookie

    GZ was never on top all the evidence proves that he was being attacked

  • Jorge Farelas

    GZ states he was on top of Trayvon
    right after he shot Trayvon. If you listen to the police interviews or if
    you watch “How George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin” on Youtube
    Zimmerman says he cant remember if he pushed Trayvon or if Trayvon fell over
    after he shot him. Then he says he got on top of him. He said that
    Trayvon was still fighting back and that he thought Trayvon had a
    “brick” in his hand so he got on top of him and spread his arms
    apart. This would explain why the front of Trayvon’s pants were muddy
    where they were. Zimmerman was on his back holding him down. When
    Trayvon’s body was found his hands were found inside his body near his wound, and
    his hoodie was down exposing his head.

    In a police interview he was asked if
    he could describe Trayvon’s hair. Zimmerman told the police that
    Trayvon’s hoodie was on the whole time. That was a lie. The first
    person to see him took a picture of Trayvon and shined his flashlight on him.
    You could see Trayvon’s head. I am thinking Zimmerman grabbed
    Trayvon and removed his hoodie when they first had their encounter. I
    believe that Zimmerman approached Trayvon and asked him what he was doing
    around there and grabbed Trayvon. What would you do if you were grabbed?

    Trayvon probably did punch him in the
    face. He probably did throw the first punch, but grabbing someone is
    considered assault. So even though Trayvon punched first if Zimmerman
    grabbed him then it was in Trayvon’s right to punch him especially if he thinks
    his life is in danger. I don’t think Zimmerman let go of Trayvon which is
    why Trayvon might have kept hitting him. Zimmerman knew the police were
    coming and maybe originally wanted to have Trayvon arrested for assault.
    It surely would have looked that way. After all Trayvon would be
    the one without a mark on him except for a small cut on his left pinky finger.

    How odd that Zimmerman never landed a
    punch. What was he doing with his hands. He didn’t have any
    defensive wounds on his hands so we know he wasn’t blocking Trayvon’s alleged
    punches. Trayvon didn’t have any signs that he was punched so he wasn’t
    using his hands to punch Trayvon. If you are getting your butt kicked are
    you just going to do nothing with your hands??? Zimmerman wasn’t
    defending or trying to fight back. I am supposed to believe that he was
    just letting Trayvon dominate him if he legitimately was attacked and trying to
    defend himself? He just let Trayvon suffocate him as he says in his
    statements? I think if Trayvon did cause the injuries Zimmerman let him
    do that to him so Zimmerman would look like he was the on attacked. Of
    course if he hit Trayvon at any time, and then shot him the examiners may say
    that they found evidence that Trayvon was hit leaving doubt of whether or not
    Trayvon was the one who started the fight.

    So Zimmerman had to make sure that he
    didn’t leave a mark on him in order to solidify that he was the one attacked
    and not the other way around. He knew by grabbing Trayvon that Trayvon
    might hit him. If you don’t believe me try grabbing someone you don’t know
    and see how they react. There is no way the police would be able to prove
    that Zimmerman grabbed Trayvon. He was able to assault Trayvon without
    leaving a mark. The thing that puzzles me is how Zimmerman was able to
    pull his gun out. If Trayvon were sitting on him, Trayvon’s legs would
    have prevented Zimmerman from grabbing his gun. There would be only two
    possible ways Zimmerman would have been able to get his gun out. Either
    Trayvon was sitting on Zimmerman’s legs or Trayvon wasn’t sitting on top of
    Zimmerman as GZ claims. If the former, then Zimmerman could have sat up
    at anytime. Also, Trayvon wouldn’t have been able to smash Zimmerman’s
    head in the sidewalk or suffocate him. If the latter, then Zimmerman
    could have easily gotten up and run away.

    Either scenario Zimmerman didn’t have
    to shoot him. If you believe that Trayvon was sitting on George the whole
    time then you would have to explain how Zimmerman was able to get his gun out.
    It would have been impossible. Zimmerman probably grabbed Trayvon,
    Trayvon punched him knocking him down, Zimmerman maintained his grab and pulled
    Trayvon on top of him. Trayvon tried to get off of Zimmerman but
    Zimmerman still was grabbing him. This would explain why Trayvon was
    leaning over Zimmerman. He was forced to. At this point Zimmerman
    probably was going to reach for his gun to shoot Trayvon. Trayvon saw the
    gun and started yelling for help. In the meantime he got on top of
    Zimmerman who hadn’t fully taken his gun out and sat on him and began punching
    him. Zimmerman’s hands were now trapped. One was trapped on his gun
    that he couldn’t take out because Trayvon was sitting on him and the other hand
    was still grabbing Trayvon. This would explain why there were no
    defensive wounds on Zimmerman’s hands. They were neutralized.

    If Trayvon were smashing Zimmerman’s
    head into the sidewalk this also would explain why. He had to knock him
    out or kill him in order to get away. If Zimmerman simply let him go to
    get off him then the moment trayvon would get up Zimmerman could shoot him.
    At the same time Zimmerman had to act quickly. If he were knocked
    out Trayvon could get the gun and use it on him or the police would arrive and
    find Trayvon justly punching and hitting Zimmerman who would be caught with the
    gun in his hand. Zimmerman had to act quickly. He had to get his
    hand loose.

    The weather was on his side. It
    was wet and slippery which would make it easier for Zimmerman to snake his hand
    out. Zimmerman might have also had some experience with bucking someone
    off him. In the MMA training they actually have drills where people mount
    each other and you have to escape it. He had to figure out a way to get
    his hand loose. The only way would be for Trayvon to get off him.
    He might have bucked him off while maintaining his grab on Trayvon’s
    hoodie with his left hand. Sitting back on top of Zimmerman would no
    longer serve any purpose because he had the gun out. The only way would
    be to try to run away. If Zimmerman is grabbing his hoodie with his left
    hand and pulling him towards him to shoot him at close range and Trayvon is
    trying to get away, then that would explain why there was a gap between the
    hoodie and his body. Now all Zimmerman had to do was hold on a little
    longer put the gun against the hoodie and fire making sure to hit the target.

    He knew that he got him which is why he
    confidently got on top of him, spread his arms apart, and still had the gun in
    his right hand. It would be stupid to get on top of him while still
    holding the gun because then the person could possibly get a hold of your gun.
    If I shot someone and I didn’t think I got them I would get up and point
    my gun at them and hold them there. I wouldn’t jump on top of them,
    spread their arms apart while still holding the gun. There is no way that
    anyone would effectively restrain someone anyway dong that because his right
    hand would be holding the gun. Try holding a gun and at the same time
    hold someone’s arm down with that hand. It is not going to happen.
    The reason he knew it was safe to do that was because he knew Trayvon was
    dead. The whole “He’s dead?” was just an act.

    Zimmerman lied many times in his
    interviews. He told police that the dispatcher wanted him to find an
    address which is not true. The dispatcher never said to find a specific
    address. He said that he wasn’t following Trayvon. In the 911 call
    the dispatcher asked him if he were following him and Zimmerman said yes.
    Zimmerman made an apology in court to the Martin family and mentioned
    that he didn’t know how old Trayvon was. He said that he thought Trayvon
    was a little younger than he was. In the 911 call he describes Trayvon as
    being in his late teens. He said that Trayvon jumped out of the bushes
    from behind him as he was walking back to his truck and asked him if he had an
    F-ing problem homie. Zimmerman said he said no. In one police
    interview he tells the police that when he was walking back to his truck that
    Trayvon approached him. He said that he guessed Trayvon was angry because
    he found out Zimmerman called the police on him. How did Trayvon know
    Zimmerman called the police??? Also, if Trayvon was approaching him then
    Trayvon was in front of him and not behind him. He lied again. If
    you focus on Zimmerman’s lies and not how bad of a student Trayvon was and
    everything else in his past you will see the truth of what really happened that

    If Trayvon really was the one who
    jumped Zimmerman then why would he give away his element of surprise by asking
    Zimmerman if he had an f-ing problem, homie? One, it is a waste of time
    and two it is easier to get the drop on someone if you don’t let them know you
    are there. Here is another curious little tidbit. Trayvon still had
    on his person the Arizona Fruit Cocktail drink. It was found unopen and
    in his hoodie. If I were to jump someone and beat them unconscious or to
    death because I am a thug I would take the two ties of the 711 bag which has my
    Arizona can in it and twist them around to make a handle. Then I would
    repeatedly swing the bag that has an Arizona can in it and hit the person
    repeatedly with it from behind. If the can ever busts open then it would
    become sharp and I could use it to repeatedly to cut the person’s face.

    Is that what happened? No, he
    gives up his location and punches Zimmerman in the face. Does that make
    much sense??? By the way, If you don’t think being hit with an aluminum
    can filled with liquid hurts then buy an Arizona, give it to someone and have
    them swing it at your head and face as hard as they can. If you are still
    conscious and recognizable after that let me know. He could have also
    taken the can out and threw it at Zimmerman’s head like a baseball. Even
    if he didn’t think of using his Arizona can as a weapon, you don’t think he
    would have tried to hide the can somewhere?

    Imagine being in a fight and you have
    an Arizona can in your hoodie. If you are knocked on your stomach that is
    going to hurt you when you land on the can. If the person you are
    fighting, however, finds it, then they can take it and hit you in the head with
    it. Either way, the Arizona can should not have been found in Trayvon’s
    hoodie if he were planning on jumping Zimmerman. The fact that the
    Arizona can was found in his hoodie shows more that he wasn’t planning on
    jumping anyone and that he didn’t have the time to use or ditch the Arizona
    can. This tells me more that he was jumped and taken off guard.

  • manns1963

    No that’s where you’re wrong Rachele said she told Trayvon to run and Trayvon Martin told her no but what he will do is walk fast because he wasn’t that far from the house.

  • gbpuzzler

    Well, her roommate Selma testified at the trial, and Mary and Selma said pretty much the same thing.