Witness #3 Files: Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Case


This is the information page for Witness #3 (aka 911 Caller #3) in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. You will find links to the available documents and media below. You can also locate other corresponding testimony and information on the site.

Note: Some of the witnesses have come forward and given media interviews. Consequently, their names are publicly known. In such cases, the names of these witnesses, are included with their caller and witness number.

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Witness Summary:

Witness #3 says she had upstairs windows open and heard someone screaming for help, but couldn’t tell who it was. She identifies the voice as a man. She peeked out of her blinds and saw a guy on top with a white t-shirt. She couldn’t make out anything other than the white top. She says she called 911 after that. She states the sound of the voice screaming sounded scared. While she was on the phone with the lady dispatcher, she heard the gun go off. She identifies the location as being behind her house. She says the only thing she saw was the white shirt–no race, no color of other clothing, nothing else, because it was too dark. She says she saw the police arrive, and they were “like 5 seconds too late.” She says she was confused, because she now knows there was, supposedly, nobody in a white shirt. She then says, “The guy in the handcuffs had on a hoodie, didn’t he?” The interviewer (male) then says, “We are only concerned with what you indicated you thought you saw that night.”

9-1-1 Call:


The following interviews are the full, uncut audio files released as part of the discovery court proceedings in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Names and some other identifying information have been redacted to protect the identities of the witnesses.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement – March 19, 2012 (~12 min)


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Additional Information:

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  • Jorge Farelas

    Shes not being inconsistent or changing the reason of why she called 911. Listen to her carefully. You can tell she is telling the story based off stuff she has heard. Shes mixing what she saw w what she has heard from police and the media. She remembers seeing a guy w a white shirt on top of someone. She heard from the media as well as police that there was a fight hence her bringing that up in this interview. She also heard that no one was wearing white. She seems to be doubting herself. Instead of believing in herself. Shes getting confused because shes presuming the person in the white shirt had to be trayvon or zimmerman. Shes not thinking that maybe she saw someone else involved that night. Investigators arent even considering that as a possibility probably because it would be more work for them to think outside the box. It doesnt bother these investigators that a man that confesses to shooting someone at close range doesnt have any blood on his shirt or jacket. It doesnt bother them that GZ doesnt have any gun powder residue. It doesnt bother them thst his dtory doesnt mske sense and why he cant explain certain things like how he and trayvon ended up where they ended up. Just watch how difficult it was for GZ to get his story straight about what trayvon was doing to him. I just presumed he was lying and making it look like he was being attacked. It could be he was just there and was part of the little mob but he didnt do the shooting. He couldve just said he did to cover for someone.

  • JFearless

    I would love to see the position where she saw this. Its possible the guy with the white shirt could be standing behind trayvon and GZ obstructing hr view of them. Why is the presumption by the police and other people is that there was only two people out there that night? We know there were at least two other people outside prior to the shooting. There was that kid walking his dog and john who said he stepped outside his patio for a brief moment before he called 911. Conveniently no one actually saw trayvon get shot or who shot him. The only reason we believe GZ did it is because he and the police said he did it. How much do we trust them? If there were another shooter that would explain a lot. It would explain why theres no blood on GZs shirt or jacket. It would explain why he doesnt have gun residue on him. It would explain why theres another persons dna on his gun and holster. It would also explain why GZs story doesnt make sense and why he cant explain important things about the fight like how he ended up in the spot where trayvon was shot, how he ended up on trayvon, what trayvon was wearing even though he was the one who should know the best.

  • Pookie

    The guy in white is the guy in the light colors, TM. The handcuffed part could be TM holding his chest after getting shot or he was handcuffed for the medics to work. Yes, he would mostly likely be handcuffed cause he is the suspect, he did take off running and he did assault GZ. No laws are being broken even if GZ was skipping rope behind him. If the police would have showed up a little sooner they would have made contact with GZ and went looking for TM who ran and now they are assuming the worse. If TM would have reached for his Skittles or Arizona watermelon tea or that bottle of codeine I’m sure he had since he just bought every thing else to make some Lean.

    • Jorge Farelas

      Theres no proof that TM assaulted him. They could have been self inflicted or someone else could have helped him get those wounds. TM’s knuckles werent bruised nor did TM’s clothes contain GZs blood which you would expect if he was punching GZ repeatedly in the face as well as from touching GZs head and mouth. Common sense says GZ followed TM, found him, and confronted him. He then killed him for the thrill. He called non emergency so police wouldnt rush and so he would have an alibi. I dont think he thought non emergency recorded the calls which is another reason he avoided calling 911. This is why he felt confident in lying time after time to the police. He lied about the dispatcher asking him to find an address. He lied about telling the dispatcher he didnt know if he were following TM when asked if he were following the suspicious person. He lied when he said he told the dispatcher the make and model of his truck. He never told the dispatcher that. He lied about the dispatcher asking him if he still wanted the police to come out even tbough he lost track of him. Dispatcher never asked that. He didnt mention rhat trayvon ran that night in police interviews. It wasnt until they played the tape to him that he acknowledged it.

    • L.A.M

      Not this again. When you learn you ignoramus. You cannot make Lean with those ingredients! Do your freaking research!

  • Pookie

    The problem with witnesses is they do not all see the same things or the same way. Classroom with 50 people in it, we were told to be attentive and try an remember everything in class today cause there will be a test. 5 minutes to me 2 minutes to my friend and you hear a door open up from the back, some yelling, some things being thrown and this guy grabs something and runs out the door. 50 people, we were told not to say a word but write down what just happened. After they found who had the wrote the most down, it was like 18.The exact time, door was kicked open, thrown open, opened regular, shoes, socks, pants, what they took, how they took it, who took it, all different but always close to the truth. I saw a white guy in jeans, black shirt, and some baseball cap with a bird walk in push a couple of tables (I said push, some said threw, hurled, or didn’t touch) and grab a purse and walk towards the back and leave but he didn’t take the purse. This guy was described by everyone down from his hair to his feet cause everyone saw what was happening just in a different way. This was a law enforcement training class by the way. I was the only one who said he didn’t take the purse even though he grabbed it in front of the glass an walked out the back door. I’m also the only guy who saw the 2nd guy sneak in the other door and was handed the purse in front of everyone but no one saw cause the 1st guy faked a trip an stumble while handing the person off.

  • TruthSeeker

    Re Witness#3

    There are problems with her account…she says she’s assuming “the guy with
    the gun” is a bad guy and is gonna run somewhere when he’s finished…which is why she called
    911.  (Question: when he’s finished what?  What was the guy with the gun doing?)


    BUT…the shot went off WHILE she was on the phone with 911.  We presume that if it was
    dark – as she says – the only way she knew there was a gun, was because of the shot fired, not because she SAW a gun.


    However, in her account, she says the reason she called 911 was because she was afraid
    the guy with the gun was not a good person and would come after her next…Er, if it was dark and she couldn’t see anything but white, how did she know
    there was a guy with a gun, BEFORE SHE CALLED 911 AND HEARD THE SHOT WHILE ON THE


    When she says the Guy with the hoodie was handcuffed, this investigator
    doesn’t clarify!  This particular investigator in other interviews has been very thorough, he
    presses witnesses whenever they say something unclear..he tries to clarify what
    they mean; yet, here he doesn’t press her on the guy with the hoodie being
    handcuffed, or the inconsistency between her reason for calling 911, and her recall of when she became aware there was a gun.


    At the end, the second investigator asks her when she first becomes aware of a gun (he knows she’s inconsistent) and she suggests it’s while she’s on the phone and hears a shot…but
    her statement of why she called 911 in the first place, doesn’t bear that out…  I think
    subconsciously she saw more than she is letting on….

    Originally, I thought her recall was contaminated by media reports(this interview was conducted March 19)…but maybe she did see exactly what she says she saw and needs to be questioned more carefully.

    another thing…

    Another witness, can’t recall who, said she saw the man standing by the side after the shot went off was wearing a SHORT-sleeved shirt.  Was George’s sleeves rolled up when he shot Trayvon?

    One of the medics said George had blood on his “arms”… not blood on his “sleeves” as we might expect, but blood on his “arms”.  How would blood get on his “arms” when he was wearing long sleeves?  And, how would they/he know he had blood on his arms without his sleeves being initially pushed up?  And, if his sleeves were initially down, and they had to push them up to see the blood, wouldn’t the sleeves have already absorbed the blood?

    Medics say they cleaned George off.  They used gauze and peroxide to wash down his hands and face..and presumably his “arms” too.  If George shot while his sleeves were up, and GSR got on his hands/arm, would a peroxide wash have removed the residue?  I’m not a GSR expert, so…

    Witness 19 says she saw the “kid” on the ground groaning(she makes the sounds) in her interview.  She doesn’t say she saw anyone else but the “kid” on the ground, and the neighbor speaking to him.  She assumes the “kid” is asking the neighbor for help, and the neighbor says he’ll call 911.  She panics and pulls her dog inside, and locks her door.  Is her recollection contaminated also?   The investigator(Serino) didn’t press her on why she thought the person on the ground was the/a “kid”.  (there was something else puzzling about her account, but I have to listen again to remember what it is)

    This stuff needs clarifying.

    • Pookie

      GZ is on his back and TM has him mounted, From this position GZ would be aiming up to shoot the individual committing the assault, that would allow blood to come down his arm.

      • fpwiwpefwip

        The blood was caught by the hoodie. Duh

  • http://www.facebook.com/RickiBobbi Ricky Clyburn

    so is she trying to say that, Trayvin was handcuffed… cause she did mention a guy with a hoodie on in handcuff???? what’s up with that. it also seems like someone else was present other than Trayvon and Zimmerman…. it has to be. someone else is involved in this murder, and i wanna know who????

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Noam-Zinn/100003643928090 Noam Zinn

      Now you’re asking some of the right questions.  Start here… http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB7385031952701A5

    • http://www.facebook.com/mspumpum2u Sharonda Rosette

      It was probably Taaeffe!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/Y753VAKAXMR6Q2W2ESLFOK5VSE Sharee

       And she is not the only person that mentions the “person in white”.  Witness #6 also mentions someone in white.  He later has a hard time with ‘white’ versus ‘red’.  He is also not reliable in the many different details he gave as he described the area to be too dark to see who yelled for help, but could definitely make out the race of both Trayvon and George.

    • Marceline Chapman

      I agree and the DNA evidence finds multiple DNA of another individual. Also the DNA reports no gun powder on GZ except for a small speck on the back of his right arm. Back of arm???? Someone else had to shoot Trayvon and maybe the bullet ejected & hit George on the back of the arm or the gun was brushed over George’s back.

      And the handcuffs? The two of them must have wrestled Trayvon Down and handcuffed him before they killed him?

      This is a bit confusing.

  • TruthSeeker

    Guy on top of what??!

    Also, she says she’s assuming the guy with the gun is not a good person?!…What guy with the gun??!  How does she know someone out there has a gun if she says she only saw white?

    She needs to be questioned more thoroughly.  Defense is going to tear her apart.

  • TruthSeeker

    These statements have been contaminated by media reports, and possibly neighborhood gossip.  She says she didn’t see anyone wailin’ on him..  Where would she get that idea from?

    They should have been interviewed thoroughly much sooner.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001265341266 ‘Rachael Majwa

    Witness #3 says she had upstairs windows open and heard someone screaming for help, but couldn’t tell who it was. She identifies the voice as a –>man<–. George was wearing a white tee shirt and red jacket…this confirms that George was getting beat and screaming for help.

  • Badger

    I love this young woman.

  • Marceline Chapman

    Nope George was wearing a medium gray shirt and an orange/red jacket. He never had on white.

  • Shortness6412

    she said guy with white was on top so how does your s
    assumption that George was getting beat make sense?

  • Barbara Allen

    He was wearing a grey shirt under his red and black jacket. Not a white t shirt. T had only one small scratch on his left ring finger. Per, the ME and the undertaker. Both said T was not in a huge fight with anyone. Z did yell for help. Just to mimic T`s screams. He begged for his life. He tried to tell them “I live here” “I`m Trayvon”

  • Pookie

    Light gray is perceived by the human eye as being white at night just like a maroon jacket would make you think black.

  • L.A.M

    He was wearing an orange jacket, which is funny because many witnesses say they saw a guy in red on the bottom. But that doesn’t make any sense. He was wearing orange.