Witness Jayne Surdyka (W18) Files: Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Case


Jayne-SurdykaThis is the information page for Jayne Surdyka (W18) (aka 911 Caller #8) in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. You will find links to the available documents and media below. You can also locate other corresponding testimony and information on the site.

Note: Some of the witnesses have come forward and given media interviews. Consequently, their names are publicly known. In such cases, the names of these witnesses are included with their caller and witness number.

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Jayne Surdyka

Witness Summary:

She thought she heard loud voices outside while she was upstairs in her bedroom. She didn’t hear voices for about 10 minutes or so, and then heard them again. She couldn’t see anything at first, then saw two men on the ground and someone calling for help from her window. She remembers hearing the pop noise. She thought she heard more than one pop. She then called 911. She saw a larger man standing a couple of feet from a body. She couldn’t see any faces. She couldn’t hear what the people were yelling about. She said she saw what looked like a “larger Hispanic man” as the person who walked away from the incident.

9-1-1 Call:


Testimony in the trial of George Zimmerman from 6/26/2013:

The following interviews are the full, uncut audio files released as part of the discovery court proceedings in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Names and some other identifying information have been redacted to protect the identities of the witnesses.

Sanford Police Department – February 26, 2012 (~4 min)


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Additional Information:

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  • Guest

    “heavier man on top” before she heard the “pop”

  • Guest

    In a federal criminal prosecution Mr. Zimmerman would still be able to assert that he killed Martin in self-defense. However, under federal law (as under Florida law even today) Zimmerman’s self-defense argument would fail if a jury determined that Zimmerman’s stalking of Martin started the confrontation. (Florida prosecutors failed to vehemently protest Judge Nelson’s decision not to give that jury instruction.)

    And, as to that and a myriad of other issues in the state criminal case, it is unimaginable that seasoned federal criminal prosecutors would permit Mr. Zimmerman’s “dream team” defense attorneys to run circles around them the way Zimmerman’s counsel did Florida’s bumbling prosecutors.

    (Among the state prosecutors’ monumental errors was to introduce materials in which Zimmerman told his version of events without having to endure any cross-examination.)

  • Guest


    The explanation for Zimmerman’s bloody nose was in plain sight (if you looked closely).

    EMS found NO blood or swelling inside Zimmerman’s nostrils, but capillary bleeding on the exterior. The cause of bleeding explained:

    . The effects of his own gunshot are branded on the tip of Zimmerman’s nose (and perhaps behind mustache hairs) in the form of gunshot stippling (pinhole-size wounds created by gunshot residue blast). Minor bleeding from these 2 tiny holes flowed in a narrow path down to his lip (as seen in the color-enhanced bloody nose photo taken by a police officer on the scene).

    . Swelling: George’s nose “looks” swollen in the on-site photo, but we all know what happens to the size of the nose when a photographer gets in too close. To better judge, see the police station photos taken that night — there’s marginal swelling (maybe). A police officer noted that Zimmerman’s nose didn’t look broken.

    So how are the existence of the nick on the bridge of Zimmerman’s nose and Zimmerman’s blood on his gun’s grip explained (when Zimmerman had no blood on his hands):

    . Gun recoil (common issue with these handguns). This explains the stippling as well (the gun has to very close to an object to leave a small amount of intense stippling residue, further away would mean more scattered and microscopic stippling, even further would mean no stippling — think “dispersing”).


    . considering the absence of swelling under the minor abrasions, something poked or scratched Zimmerman’s head (not a single suture was required). I imagine he backed into the leafless branches of the small maple tree located DIRECTLY on the plot of grass. The mass of capillaries located at the skin’s surface of the head explains the bleeding (which apparently didn’t bleed enough to appear on his back collar).


    • LolaS

      And for a guy who claimed he was punched in the face and head 25 to 30 times, had his head bashed into the concrete over and over, he sure did walk away with very few injuries. Anyone who’s ever been punch in the face or who has seen someone get punched in the face knows 25 to 30 times would cause amazing injuries to the skin, especially in the areas closest to bone.

  • SpenderH

    Obviously the first “argument” she heard could not have involved Trayvon as it doesn’t fit his known timeline of walking to the store and back and talking to his girlfriend. While it may have been Zimmerman and someone else, that someone else has never come forward so it will be irrelevant.

  • opisoIoergimepr

    Jane — “… I heard the MAN (emphasis added) saying ‘Help, help.’”

  • http://www.facebook.com/nellie.nell.58 Nellie Nell

    Wow, he barely interviewed this woman. In fact, he tried to finish many of her sentences for her. What kind of investigation were they doing to protect the victim. I mean, it is almost as if he did not want her to say what she witnessed. I hope all involved with trying to sweep this under the rug are brought to justice and excused from the duty to ‘protect and serve’!!! Despicable

    • feonepwepiqep

      This is not an “interview” during an investigation, this is a 911 call during, or directly after, the incident. It’s foolish to expect a thorough investigation within minutes of the gunshot, but that’s typical of Trayhuggers.

    • feonepwepiqep

      Okay, you meant the police station interview, but the woman knew very little of importance to this investigation, changed her story, and got some things wrong (two gunshots). The interview was good, and he kept her on track. She obviously added details she had gotten from news reports (larger Hispanic man).

      • justice4all

        What news reports? She said larger hispanic male on Feb. 26, 2012, the night of the murder. U can’t blame the news this time

  • Shelley Lynn

    Everyday my heart is sincerley bleeding for Trayvon and the family; I can only imagine the anguish this witness must feel. The truth must come out and I pray this witness has peace and stands strong amongst the decetful that refuse to give the victim, Trayvon Martin justice.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_342TGUTKKYEATRQIT4ZGC7AS2Q CathyJo63

    God bless her heart, That’s so sad! I pray people don’t harass the witnesses! The only people to stand up for Trayvon & they get bashed for it,They have more care than a Zimmerman or SPD ever had put together,JMHO

  • LawLady

    The forensics and bullet count confirms that there was only one shot. The other sound was a door or a draw shut but very confusing.

    • spectr

      Only confusing for the ignorant, who in their right mind would claim there was 2 shots, ah let see, 2shot Jackson.
      Pitching her tent wherever there’s a black & white issue, she’s lies for a living and her legacy is deception.

      • http://www.facebook.com/nellie.nell.58 Nellie Nell

        Ummmm, the murderer lies in front of the world to see AND has his goofy attorney lying for him now! No pretrial immunity hearing sure sounds like someone is lying about the events. The 2 sounds was probably an echo or someones door slamming. For an older woman that has never heard a gunshot before, I can see why she would be confused about the sound.

        After the idiot attorney introduce the 911 tape that caught Trayvon begging for his life as evidence, he now does not want experts to testify on it. The one and only reason is that he can not find an expert that would be willing to lie and say that it was the murderer screaming for help.

        One thing for certain, is that she seen the murderer on the victim Trayvon! June 10th will be here soon enough and then we will see what will happen to the hero of racists.

        • spectr

          Nellie says:”For an older woman that has never heard a gunshot before, I can see why she would be confused about the sound”.

          What are you talking about ?
          Do you even know who “2shot Jackson” is ?

          GZ has not lied about anything ?

          You mean Martin’s parents and their lawyers, Right !

          Everything that’s spews from their mouth is a lie.

          Truly some of the most disgusting parasitic people in America.

          The shame of a nation

          Nellie says: “After the idiot attorney introduce the 911 tape that caught Trayvon begging for his life as evidence”

          LOL !, how embarrassing for you.

          • http://3chicspolitico.com/ SouthernGirl2

            GZ has not lied about anything ?

            spectr, you are the embarrassment. George Zimmerman has told so many lies until I don’t know where to begin. But for ish and giggles lets look at one in particular.

            George Zimmerman NEN call: Hey, we’ve had some break- ins in our neighborhood and there’s this real suspicious guy

            Detective Serino: Real suspicious guy. Ok, one more time, why suspicious?

            George Zimmerman: Uh… It was raining, he was looking into the houses, looking behind, looking at me, he wasn’t walking quickly to get out of the rain, he didn’t look like he was trying to head home, he didn’t look like a hardcore athlete that wanting to like train in the rain or anything. He just looked out of place.

            According to George, Trayvon was:

            2/26 on NEN call “looking about”
            2/26 interview with Singleton “looking at the houses looking at me”
            2/27 interview with Serino “looking at the houses looking behind him”
            2/29 interview with Serino “looking IN the houses”

          • Gramatacolian

            Where exactly is the lie in this? And were are the other “so many lies”? This (wonderful) website provides you with a lot of testimony and evidence. Why can’t you be more specific when making such an apparently unsubstantiated claim?

          • L.A.M

            That dude lied several times. The only reason you can’t see that, is because you don’t want to. You can clearly just go and look up for lies. But you didn’t attempt to.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000719183647 Lisa Anderson Simon

    Her call is so heartbreaking.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/Y753VAKAXMR6Q2W2ESLFOK5VSE Sharee

       I agree!  The 1st time that I heard it back in March, I cried with her.  Just terrible to hear and even harder to be the one in her position.  She is definitely believable and values the life of children being a retired school teacher.  I hope that she had/has someone to help her deal with the guilt that she felt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000719183647 Lisa Anderson Simon

    I heard more than one pop in another witnesses’ testimony also.

    • Ladyloree621

      in which ones, im curious because a couple of people have said they heard two shots also.

  • opisoIoergimepr

    Insofar as she has anything to contribute, which is not much, she corroborates GZ’s story.

  • Guest

    Hardly, the person on top when she heard the gunshot was the person that got up.

  • Guest

    She also told Det. Serino THAT SAME NIGHT that the heavier person was on top and later told him that the larger man got up and walked away from the body in the grass.