Witness #17 (Amanda Sejin) Files: Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Case


This is the information page for Witness #17 in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. You will find links to the available documents and media below. You can also locate other corresponding testimony and information on the site.

Note: Some of the witnesses have come forward and given media interviews. Consequently, their names are publicly known. In such cases, the names of these witnesses are included with their caller and witness number.

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This female witness is the wife of Witness #6, 911 Caller #4 (aka “John”). Her full name is withheld.

Witness Summary:

She said she heard some screaming outside while she an a male companion were watching TV. She heard a male definitely yelling help, but it sounded like they were running toward them yelling help. The male with her went to the patio window and opened the blinds. It was dark and he didn’t see a whole bunch. He, then, opened the window/door and yelled “hey stop it and said he was calling 911″ she told him to come in and call 911. She crawled toward the stairs (she was crawling because she is on crutches). She heard the gunshot while she was crawling upstairs. She called the neighbors while calling 911, and they were on the phone with 911 too. The man with her said, Oh my God! Someone is lying on the grass!” Then, he told her the police were there. She says the voice calling for help was definitely male. She didn’t look out until after when they were doing CPR on Trayvon.

9-1-1 Call:



The following interviews are the full, uncut audio files released as part of the discovery court proceedings in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Names and some other identifying information have been redacted to protect the identities of the witnesses.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement – March 20, 2012 (~12 min)


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Additional Information:

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  • Guest

    9:30 … [Trayvon] he was like right on the corner (9:57) right past the grill that we have on our back patio.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L5QOIXNZOUJHCMEOPUM547BBQY Lisa S

    Oh here is the male who said he was calling 911 and all the other stuff.