Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Case Witnesses

List of Witnesses In The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Case

They Always Get Away Banner (CaseFiles Witnesses)/George Zimmerman/Trayvon MartinThe following is a list of all of the witnesses associated with the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, along with links to their individual pages (where you can listen to and view interviews and other witness information), and a brief description of the witness. You may notice that some of the witnesses appear to be missing from the numerical list. The information for these witnesses has not been released to the media.

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Defense Witnesses:

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(13) Dr. Vincent J.M. Di Maio

Defense’s 13th witness is a pathologist with over 40 years of experience… More>>>

(12) Bill Lee

Defense’s 12th witness is the former police chief of Sanford Police… More>>>

(11) Tracy Martin

Defense’s 11th witness is Tracy Martin, the father of Trayvon Martin… More>>>

(10) Adam Pollack

Owner of the gym where Zimmerman took MMA classes… More>>>

(9) Chris Serino, SPD

Prosecution’s 25th and the Defense’s 9th witness is Detective Chris Serino, lead investigator in Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin on 2/26/2012…More>>>

(8) Doris Singleton, SPD

Prosecution’s 24th and Defense’s 8th witness is Detective Doris Singleton, who assisted Detective Serino in investigating Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin on 2/26/2012. She testified that Tracy Martin denied the voice screaming on the 9-1-1 call was Trayvon… More>>>

(7) John Donnelly

George Zimmerman’s friend who is a Vietnam vet, serving as a medic in the war. He admits giving $4,700 in gifts and cash to the Zimmermans… More>>>

(6) Leanne Benjamin

The wife of John Donnelly and friend of Zimmerman who says that’s his voice on the 9-1-1 call. She and her husband donated cash and gifts to the Zimmermans… More>>>

(5) Geri Russo

Coming soon!… More>>>

(4) Mark Osterman

the Prosecution’s 26th witness is Mark Osterman, who describes George Zimmerman as “The best friend I ever had”. Osterman actually wrote a book defending Zimmerman… More>>>

(3) Sondra Osterman

Defense’s third witness, Sondra Osterman, is the wife of George Zimmerman’s best friend. She testified that the voice on the 9-1-1 call is George Zimmerman… More>>>

(2) Jorge Mesa

Defense’s second witness, Jorge Mesa is the uncle of George Zimmerman, who testified that the voice screaming on the 9-1-1 tape is that of George Zimmerman… More>>>

(1) Gladys Zimmerman

Defense’s first witness, Gladys Zimmerman is the mother of defendant George Zimmerman. She testified that the voice heard screaming on the 9-1-1 call is that of her son George… More>>>

Prosecution Witnesses:

(38) Dr. Shiping Bao

Prosecution’s 38th witness, and final witness, Seminole County Associate Medical Examiner Dr. Shiping Bao, is the physician who performed the autopsy on Trayvon Martin. He concluded… More>>>

(37) Jahvaris Fulton (Trayvon’s Brother)

Prosecution’s 37th witness, Jahvaris Fulton, is Trayvon Martin’s older brother. He testified that the voice heard on the screaming 9-1-1 call is that of Trayvon Martin, his brother… More>>>

(36) Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon’s Mother)

Prosecution’s 36th witness, Sybrina Fulton, is Trayvon Martin’s mother. She says she heard him crying and yelling growing up before his death. She listened to the screaming on the 9-1-1 call and identified that voice as her son’s–Trayvon Martin… More>>>

(35) Anthony Gorgone

Prosecution’s 35th witness, Anthony Gorgone is an Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Crime Lab DNA Analyst. He tested the samples submitted from this case… More>>>

(34) Amy Siewart

Prosecution’s 34th witness, Amy Siewert is a FDLE Crime Lab Firearms Analyst. She examined Zimmerman’s gun (which was functional) and holster. She is considered a firearms expert by the court. She testifies that the magazine was fully loaded plus one in a chamber at the time the gun was fired. She also explains… More>>>

(33) Gordon Pleasants

Prosecution’s 33rd witness, Professor Gordon Pleasants is a professor at Seminole State College. He taught George Zimmerman in an online course, Criminal Investigations… More>>>

(32) Jim Krzenski

Prosecution’s 32nd witness, Sanford Police Officer Jim Krzenski testified about Zimmerman’s application for a ride-a-long (which he did take) with the Sanford Police… More>>>

(31) Alexis Carter

Prosecution’s 31st witness, Captain Alexis Carter of the military JAG Corps taught a Criminal Litigation course at Seminole State College. He Was Zimmerman’s teacher in the course. He remembers Zimmerman as “one of the better students”… More>>>

(30) Lt. Scott Kearns

Prosecution’s 30th witness, Lt. Scott Kearns us the records custodian for the Prince Williams County Virginia Police. He testified in reference to Zimmerman’s denied application to become a police officer… More>>>

(29) Sonja Boles-Melvin

Prosecution’s 29th witness, Sonja Boles-Melvin, is the Registrar for Seminole State College of Florida. She verified that Zimmerman was enrolled and filed to receive a degree in… More>>>

(28) Kristin Benson

Prosecution’s 28th witness, Kristin Benson is a latent print expert… More>>>

(27) Dr. Valerie Rao

Prosecution’s 27th witness, Dr. Valerie Rao is District 4 Chief Medical Examiner says Zimmerman’s injuries are NOT CONSISTENT with having his head slammed against concrete multiple times. She talks about the minor nature of these injuries, the fact that he didn’t lose consciousness, the wounds didn’t require stitches, and that they only required a band-aid as supporting evidence for her findings. … More>>>

(26)Mark Osterman

the Prosecution’s 26th witness is Mark Osterman, who describes George Zimmerman as “The best friend I ever had”. Osterman actually wrote a book defending Zimmerman… More>>>

(25) Chris Serino, SPD

Prosecution’s 25th witness is Detective Chris Serino, lead investigator in Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin on 2/26/2012…More>>>

(24) Doris Singleton, SPD

Prosecution’s 24th witness is Detective Doris Singleton, who assisted Detective Serino in investigating Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin on 2/26/2012… More>>>

(23) Hirotake Naksone

Prosecution’s 23rd witness is Hirotake Naksone, a senior scientist with the FBI in speaker recognition systems… More>>>

(22) Lindzee Folgate, PA

The prosecution’s 22nd witness, Lindzee Folgate a physician’s assistant who treated George Zimmerman the day after the shooting and since 2011. At one point in her testimony, she says Zimmerman had been seeing a psychologist… More>>>

(21) Timothy Smith, SPD

Officer Timothy Smith was the first Sanford Police officer to arrive on the scene after the shooting. he disarmed and took Zimmerman into custody that night. He is also married to Diana Smith, the crime scene technician who responded to the scene that night… More>>>

(20) Stacey Livingston, EMT SFD

Stacey Livingston says, when they pulled in, there were several officers on scene. Paramedics were advised of two patients. One was shot and had CPR performed. They determined via cardiac monitor that the gunshot victim was deceased. Police were doing CPR. She hesitates on who checked ABCs. She says she is not sure, but she was on Trayvon’s left side… More>>>

(19) Ricardo Ayala, SPD

The prosecution’s 19th witness, Ricardo Ayala, has taken the stand. He is a Sanford Police Officer who was second to arrive on the scene (after Officer Timothy Smith) at Retreat at Twin Lakes. He says he saw Officer Tim Smith holding Zimmerman at gunpoint when he arrived… More>>>

(18) Johnathan Manalo (W13)

He said he didn’t see the actual incident. He went outside after the shooting. George Zimmerman was out of breath and “acting like he had just gotten his butt beat.” He asked Zimmerman if he needed him to call 911. He states he called Zimmerman’s wife while he was being cuffed and explained what was happening. Zimmerman blurted out, “Just tell her that I shot someone.” He says Zimmerman was very… More>>>

(17) Johnathan Good (W6)

When he first walked outside, the Black guy was on top while they were wrestling. He could tell this because the guy on the bottom was a lighter color. The witness was looking out the window and yelling out the window telling them to stop. After the incident, he saw other people out there with flashlights. The guy who did the shooting said, “I shot the other guy… More>>>

(16) Greg McKinney

The prosecution’s 16th witness, Greg McKinney of United Security Alliance, the company that managed the video surveillance cameras at the Retreat at twin Lakes community. He testified that the timestamps on the videos are 18 minutes behind. Consequently, it is necessary to ADD 18 minutes to any of the times stamped on the frames for accurate time… More>>>

(15) Selma Mora (W16)

She heard a kid crying (she sounds it out), and then she heard a shot, but was thinking maybe it was some kids playing. She went out to the porch. She saw a guy laying on the ground and could see another guy on top of him. She asked “what’s going on?” no answer, “what’s wrong with you, what’s going on?” The guy on top looked at her, and finally said “Call the police.” At that moment… More>>>

(14) Jennifer ‘Jenna’ Lauer (W11)

One of the 911 callers on which the screams and shot can be heard (911 Caller #2). She also gives a witness interview. During her interview, she mentions that she is a member of the Retreat at Twin Lakes Homeowner’s Association Board… More>>>

(13) Raymond MacDonald

Prosecution’s 13th witness, Raymond MacDonald, Sr. Manager at T-Mobile testified about Trayvon’s phone records… More>>>

(12) Rachel “Dee Dee” Jeantel (W8)

She says that Trayvon told her that a white man in a car was watching him from a car. He said that the man watching was on the phone. Trayvon said that he was going to start walking. Phone hung up and she called him back. He said the man was still watching him. He put his hoodie on because it was still raining. She told him to run to his dad’s house. He said that he would run. She heard Trayvon running and could hear the wind. Trayvon said that he lost the guy. Then, he told her the guy was coming closer to him. She heard Trayvon say “Why you following me for?” An old man said… More>>>

(11) Jayne Surdyka (W18)

She thought she heard loud voices outside while she was upstairs in her bedroom. She didn’t hear voices for about 10 minutes or so, and then heard them again. She couldn’t see anything at first, then saw two men on the ground and someone calling for help from her window. She remembers hearing… More>>>

(10) Jeannee Manalo (W12)

She heard a howling sound, then she heard “help.” She doesn’t know who was saying “help”. At first she couldn’t see anything, because it was dark. A guy was on top of another, then she heard the shot. She couldn’t see any faces or… More>>>

(9) Selene Bahadoor (W1)

She says she was in the kitchen cooking, door closed and window half open. She heard a noise that sounded like a kid making a weird noise. She looked out and couldn’t see anything. She went to the door and saw figures and arms and couldn’t… More>>>

(8) Diana Smith, SPD

Crime Scene Technician Diana Smith photographed, collected evidence, and processed the evidence from the scene of the shooting. She is also married to Officer Timothy Smith, who was the first officer on the scene after the shooting… More>>>

(7) Sgt. Raimondo, SPD

Prosecution’s 7th witness, Sanford Police Sgt. Raimondo, testified that he placed his mouth directly onto Trayvon’s lips to breathe for him during CPR. He heard a bubbling sound during CPR and testified that an Asian Male (Jonathan Manolo W13) gave him a grocery bag to try to seal the exit wound on Trayvon’s body… More>>>

(6) Donald O’Brien (W21)

Interviewer asks if the witness was aware of a homeowners meeting on 9-22-2011, specific to a neighborhood crime watch. The witness says that it was his first act as homeowner president. He said he met George Zimmerman because George was trying to get residents’ signatures to start a neighborhood watch with the Sanford Police Department. Interviewer: As a result of the meeting, what if any responsibilities were given to George? George was the committee… More>>>

(5) Wendy Dorival

Prosecution’s 5th witness, Wendy Dorival, was the Sanford Police employee who actually helped Zimmerman set up the neighborhood watch program. She makes it clear that the neighborhood watch is the “eyes and ears” of the community… More>>>

(4) Ramona Rumph

Prosecution’s 4th witness, Ramona Rumph, Seminole County Deputy Director of the Communications Division verified 9-1-1 and non-emergency call details. She was called to the stand… More>>>

(3) Sean Noffke

Prosecution’s 3rd witness, Sean Noffke, says that they (emergency assistance) are trying to avoid any confrontations. He says he recognizes Zimmerman opening the door and tells him “we don’t need you to do that.” Sean said that he asked whether Zimmerman was following because … More>>>

(2) Andrew Gaugh

Prosecution’s 2nd witness, Andrew Gaugh was employed at the 7-Eleven where Trayvon went before he was killed… More>>>

(1) Chad Joseph

Prosecution’s first witness, Chad Joseph (15 yo), comes to the stand to testify. He is the son of Brandi Green. he is in 8th grade now, and was in 7th grade back in 2/2012. Chad Joseph says to the prosecution that Trayvon called him when he was on his way back from 7-Eleven. Chad says he continued to play PS3 games while … More>>>

Witnesses Not Called (Yet):

Witness 2

Witness says she saw two guys running as she was looking out the kitchen window, but doesn’t know who was in front or behind. They were about 10 feet apart. She saw a fist fight, but doesn’t know who was hitting who. All she heard was “No, no,” and then … More>>>

Witness 3

Says she had upstairs windows open and heard someone screaming for help, but couldn’t tell who it was. She identifies the voice as a man. She peeked out of her blinds and saw a guy on top with a white t-shirt. She couldn’t make out anything other than the white top. She says she called 911 after that. She states the sound of the voice screaming sounded… More>>>

Witness 4

Information released from neither the Florida State Attorney’s Office nor the Sanford Police Department at this time.

Mary Cutcher (W5)

This witness is Mary Cutcher, who was home with her roommate (Witness #16 Selma Lamilla) the night of the incident. She believes that whomever she saw out there intended to kill the Trayvon Martin. She was about to take an online test and went to make coffes in the kitchen, when she heard sounds like sopmeone in trouble or hurting. She and Selma slowly walked toward the glass door, and saw… More>>>

Witness 7

Information released from neither the Florida State Attorney’s Office nor the Sanford Police Department at this time.

Witness 9

This anonymous caller to the Sanford Police Department says that she knows George Zimmerman, and he would start something that could lead to a confrontation. She claims that he is a very confrontational person. She doesn’t talk to him because of things he has done in the past, and she knows all of his family. She urges the police to… More>>>

Austin McLendon (W14)

Austin McLendon is a 13-year-old eighth grader who was walking his dog. He is the brother of Witness #15. The witness states he saw someone lying on the ground who couldn’t get up. It looked like they had on a red shirt. He was outside while walking a dog. The person on the ground was yelling “help.” He says he only looked for a few seconds and only saw one person. He didn’t see how it happened. He didn’t see why he was yelling for help. He thought because it was wet outside that… More>>>

Witness 15

This is a call from a female who reports that her brother (Witness #14) ran in the house after someone was shot. The brother then reports that he saw “a man laying on the ground that needed help that was screaming.” He said he was going to help, but his dog got off the leash. He said he heard… More>>>

Amanda Sejin (W17)

She said she heard some screaming outside while she an a male companion were watching TV. She heard a male definitely yelling help, but it sounded like they were running toward them yelling help. The male with her went to the patio window and opened the blinds. It was dark and he didn’t see a whole bunch. He then opened the window/door and yelled “Hey stop it” and said he was calling 911. She told him to come in and call 911. She crawled toward the stairs (she was crawling because she is on crutches). She heard the gunshot while she was crawling upstairs. She called the neighbors while calling 911, and they… More>>>

Witness 19

She was going to take her dog out, and she saw a guy lying on the ground moaning when she opened the door. The kid was lying on the ground. She says she saw a gentleman she’s seen before. She says she thought it was an elderly neighbor having a heart attack or something. The guy who lived there (where the body was) said he was going to call 911. She said she pulled her dog back in and put… More>>>

Jeremy Weinberg (W20)

Around 7pm, while watching TV, he heard a scuffle in the grass and he thought someone was getting jumped in the backyard. He said “they” got on the phone with 911. He went to get a knife from the kitchen and heard pops. He heard “helps” about 20 times and didn’t hear it anymore after the “pop.” They waited to hear police outside, then went outside to see what was goin on… More>>>

Witness 22

He knows Zimmerman as an ex-coworker. They worked together 2008/2009. Zimmerman was already employed when the witness began to work there. He says he is Middle Eastern and the work environment was unwelcoming. Zimmerman noticed that other employees didn’t like him, so Zimmerman chose him as a target of bullying to prove himself to other people… More>>>

Robert Zimmerman Sr. (George’s Father)

Robert Zimmerman Sr.’s stated in his interview with the FDLE that he is certain that the voice yelling for help on the 911 call is that of his son, George Zimmerman. He also discusses that the case has been hard on his family, and that they have not been able to stay at home. He also attempts to justify George’s act by saying that he wasn’t racially profiling Trayvon Martin, and that George would have done the same… More>>>

  • oldsoldierboy

    I looked at the timelines in this case and realize it took a total of approximately 6 minutes and 6 seconds from the time GZ first called the police dispatcher to the first sounds of words and a scuffle. Then I went to gmaps and was able to determine the distance TM walked from where GZ first spotted him on retreat view circle to the spot where he was killed. It came up to approximately 940 feet (313 yards). The distance to twins trees lane 417 feet (139 yards). I then measured out 10 feet and I casually walked it. It took me 4 seconds which comes out to 4/10 of a second per foot. I then multiplied 4/10 by 940 feet and divided it by 60 to figure out the minutes and it came out to 6.26 which equals 6 minutes and 15 seconds. If you add approx. 10 to 15 seconds to the timeline that it would taken for GZ to pullover and call police and you’re literally on the total timeline. According to gmaps distance calculations, GZ killed TM as he was walking home by using a surprise attack. This explains why GZ can’t describe the run. There wasn’t any running by TM. Also, it would have taken TM approximately 2 minutes and 47 seconds to reach the clubhouse where GZ was parked near Twin Trees Lane. Yet 58 seconds into the NEC GZ says TM is “coming towards me”. Really? TM would have been no where near the club house at that point. 2 minutes and 5 seconds into the NEC GZ says “Sh!t he’s running”. TM would still have been 25 to 40 seconds shy of the club house at that point. GZ said in the reenactment video that TM was on the T sidewalk when he ran. Absolutely no way. One thing I know with 100% certainty is that GZ was at the clubhouse during the entire NEC. GZ NEC lasted 4 minutes and 6 seconds. TM would have walked a total of approx. 614 feet by this point which would put him approximately 97 feet east of the first curve on Twin Trees Lane. This is what I believe happens next. GZ ends the NEC after asking the dispatcher to contant him when they get there. GZ then hurries to his truck and turns onto Twin Trees Ln and passes TM as he’s walking eastward. GZ then parks his truck in front of the T sidewalk and waits for TM to walk past his truck (GZ: He circled my vehicle). TM walks onto the T and GZ gets out of his truck and follows him at a distance. GZ with the benefit of lighting from Retreat View Circle ahead sees TM make a right down the stem of the T and loses sight of him behind the building. GZ then vacates the sidewalk and runs to the NE corner of the building standing next to the row of bushes and looks around the corner. (That’s right GZ. It was you who came out of the bushes). GZ then runs and confronts TM while holding his flashlight in his left hand and his gun pointed at TM in his right and says “what are you doing here”? Startled TM turns around to see GZ standing in front of him with his gun drawn. TM then instinctively punches GZ in the nose and turns to runs but stumbles and falls landing on his back. GZ then jumps on top of him and TM begins using his arms to try and fend GZ off. TM then and starts yelling for help as GZ (who needs TM to shut up) starts saying “STFU” “I’m going to kill you”. GZ eventually gets control of TMs arms and shoots him in the chest.
    The timelines: 7:09:34 start of NEC; 7:10:32 Coming towards me; 7:10:56 Coming to check me out; 7:11:39 Shit He’s running; 7:11:46 Opens car door; 7:12:06 TM answers girlfriend incoming call; 7:13:40 GZ NEC ends; 7:15:40 Words & Scuffle; 7:16 TM phone call ends; 7:16:45 Gunshot

    • oldsoldierboy

      Here is extra analysis to support my belief to what I feel happened that night. East Pool Hall video at the clubhouse catches someone walking past the east exit door with their flashlight on around the time Zimmerman would have gotten out of his truck. That person could have only been Zimmerman. On recording #4 at around 9:50 Det Serino bluffs Zimmerman saying There’s a possibility that whatever happened is on video tape”. That apparently raised some red flags in Zimmerman’s mind as to what Det Sernio may have seen or will see on the clubhouse security videos. The following are the answers Zimmerman gave later that day at the scene when they questioned him as to where he was at at different points of the NEC (Recording #6)”: At :41 of NEC, GZ: “He’s starring at all the houses and now he’s just starring at me”. Detective: Where are you at right now? GZ: I’m at the clubhouse. At 1:03 of NEC, GZ: “He has his hands in his waste band”. Detective: Where are you at now? GZ: “I think I’m still at the clubhouse. At 1:13 of NEC, GZ:”I believe he’s a black male late teens”. Detective: Have you moved yet? GZ: I don’t think so. At 1:25 of NEC, GZ: “He has something in his hands. I don’t know what his deal is”. Detective: Are you still at the clubhouse? GZ: I don’t remember. REALLY? There isn’t but so many places he could be. At 1:46 of NEC, GZ is giving the dispatcher directions. The detective finally forces his hand: You’re definitely not at the clubhouse are you? GZ: No. Detective: Are you all moving? GZ: No, I was PARKED where I could see him. Translation: I’m still at the clubhouse. Better hurry up GZ because after you finish giving the dispatcher directions you got three seconds to drive to the T before you get out of your truck. At 3:20 of NEC, Dispatcher: “What address are you parked in front of? GZ: I don’t know. It’s a cut through. REALLY? If he’s really at the cut through, there are several houses with an address right there in front of him. Instead he resorts to giving out his home address and we know he doesn’t want to do that. These are additional reasons why I believe GZ is not at the T (i.e. cut through) but instead is at the clubhouse. Lastly, even with earphones on, you never hear him put his truck in drive. You never hear the sound of his truck moving. You clearly hear when he opens his door and when his truck beeps warning him that his keys are still in the ignition. This also seems to indicate that he never moved his truck from the clubhouse until after he ends the NEC.

      • oldsoldierboy

        Finally, the thought that TM spent 2 minutes running away from GZ only to turn around an attack him is preposterous. Especially when you consider that TM was still talking on his cell phone. Also ludicrous is the thought that TM ran away from a “scary” GZ as he sat parked in his truck with windows rolled up talking on his cell phone. How many times have you walked past a person sitting parked in their automobile and found the situation so scary that you ran away? Answer: Never. Use your heads and think for once in your lives. I could understand TM running if GZ stepped out of his truck with a Freddie Krueger outfit on complete with bladed nails or if he was leaning out his truck window making verbal threats but this isn’t what happened. My belief is that TM saw GZ’s truck and never gave it a second thought. Besides TM wasn’t on his way home from a burglary or some other crime. He had no reason to run except to cross the street.

  • Word life

    Ok, I cracked it… Zimmerman was with Smith the night of murder. Smith was not working that night… In the police video of Sally port, it’s not Smith bringing zimmerman back, it’s Riamondo. Riamondo goes into that side room & smith walks out 15 seconds later. It was smith fighting with trayvon not zimmerman. Diana smith staged the crime scene.. All the thing smith touched she destroyed evidence. After watching trial it became clear that it wasn’t about zimmerman it was about getting the sanford police dept on that stand….in my opinion trayvon wasn’t dead yet, somebody smothered him with that walmart bag.. That mysterious first aid kit with the tweezers… They used the tweezers to make the impression of stippling on trayvon…

    Just a matter of time….


    My name was Antonio West. I was the 13-month old child who was shot in the face at point blank range by two black teens, who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot.

    I think my murder and my mommy’s wounding made the news for maybe a day, and then disappeared.

    A Grand Jury of my mommy’s peers from Brunswick, Georgia ruled the black teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty… too bad it was me who got the death sentence from my killers instead, because Mommy didn’t have the money they demanded.

    See, my family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder wasn’t ruled a ‘hate crime’.

    Oh, and President Obama didn’t take a single moment to acknowledge my murder. He couldn’t have any children who could possibly look like me – so why should he care?

    I’m one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s history, but the media didn’t care to cover the story of my being killed in cold blood.

    There isn’t a white equivalent of Al Sharpton, because if there was he would be branded a ‘racist’. So no one’s rushing to Brunswick, Georgia to demonstrate and demand ‘justice’ for me. There’s no ‘White Panther’ party, either, to put a bounty on the lives of the two black teens who murdered me.

    I have no voice, I have no representation, and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.

    Isn’t this a great country?

    So while you’re out seeking ‘justice for Trayvon’, please remember to seek ‘justice’ for me. Tell your friends about me, tell you families, get tee-shirts with my face on them, and make the world pay attention, just like you did for Trayvon.

    I won’t hold my breath.


    • clifford715

      This was a horrible crime. Thank god there was an arrest.

      • MonicaSimms21

        Just read an article abt this story, gun powder residue was found on parents hands, I dnt remember if mom had gpr, but the father did, daughter doesn’t believe moms story from day 1, something is fishy abt this case, it’s sad but people are suspecting parents may havr dine something to their child…have to find iut more details on this case

  • Chan

    I find it funny that not a single witness mentions that George Zimmerman had any of the injuries to his face and head that he’s claiming he had. Not even the witness who stepped outside. No one saw the blood and bumps? Probably because they were self inflicted after the shooting to try to save his own ass.

    • terry

      What a stupid comment Chan! Your evidence for this? You’re claiming George broke his own nose? Interesting that you completely ignore the indisputable evidence that Trayvons swollen and cracked knuckles were consistent with someone who was punching someone else! Oh, and the eye-witnesses who saw Trayvon “ground and pound” George “MMA Style.” – Yea, let’s just ignore all that and invent conspiracy theory!

      • atoz350

        There was no evidence to support your theory. Trayvon’s autopsy report showed one “abrasion” on his knuckle consistent with scraping concrete or a brick. There were no cracked or swollen knuckles indicating that he was punching anyone.

      • dri1123

        a witness that contradicted him self on the witness stand!! and tm did not have swollen or cracked knuckles. he had a slight cut on his left hand and that was all. and yes this has conspiracy written all over it

  • Delores Costa

    I believe Trayvon Martin was completely creeped out by this older man stalking him.. Who knew if this man was a sexual predator? The girl on the phone told him to run.. He ran.. Biggest mistake.. He should have gotten off the phone with her..stayed on the lighted main street and called either his father or the police.. But being 17 years old… he ran.. thinking he could escape from this possible pervert. Zimmerman was so hell bent on not seeing “another” get away.. He was going to get this one. When he caught up to him.. He wanted to detain him…They were now behind houses…He grabbed at him…And Trayvon hit him to get from his hold.. Probably tagged him a good shot …That is when Zimmerman went into total rage..He must have tried to wrestle him down..And the confrontation went ugly. Trayvon fought to get away…Zimmerman was not going to allow him to escape ..too many have already fled.. This was bound to happen sooner or later. If not Trayvon..someone else..Zimmerman’s erratic behavior was escalating.. He had shown a pattern in his history. How unfortunate that it could not have been curbed much sooner…Poor Trayvon..

    • Woody Creed

      Are you trying to tell me, George Zimmerman, could catch Trayvon Martin in a foot race? Was Trayvon not a wide reciever on the football team? If I was the defense, I would enter old game footage, and call former coaches to testify on TM’s 40 speed. If Treyvon was truely scared, and ran home, no way this happens. But that would have damaged his street cred, so he confronted GZ.

      • atoz350

        Would you lead a predator to your home? Didn’t think so.

      • dri1123

        evidence shows he started the altercation. it actually started when he followed him and then got out the car. and again, who would go home with a stranger following them. and gm did take mma for over a year, he was not exactly out of shape

      • clifford715

        Zim was asked for his address and didn’t want to give it out. So why lead someone who is following you to your door?

    • terry

      Wow Delores – And yet the mounds and mounds of evidence completely disagrees with you! Great job on the imagination though! Too bad it’s all fabricated – And demonstrates your complete bias.

  • clifford715

    How do we know Trayvon ran down the T? These were Zim’s words

    • AndyBinGA

      Did he fly?

      • clifford715


    • terry

      Wrong Clifford – He slow jogged in Trayvons last seen direction for a few seconds, and stopped immediately when the disaptcher told him to. That simple… Please get the facts straight!

      • atoz350

        Those are not the facts. That is simply Zimmerman’s testimony.

      • clifford715

        He didn’t stop immediately. Please listen to the nen call again!

  • michael hairston

    I’m starting to believe that all these witness seen and heard things at about the same time

  • Lisa Anderson Simon

    Who is Brandy Green and how do either of these witnesses help either side?

    • spectr

      She’s Tracey Martins lover and she’s knocked up with someones kid, who the father is … is any ones guess, she helps the defense.

      • Dillon schroeder

        I understand she was Tracy Martin’s lover but may have also been married to someone else at the time.
        And they did say she was knocked up at the time, so the child should’ve been born by now.
        But don’t know if child is by a husband or if Tracy is baby-daddy & child would’ve been half-brother to Trayvon.

    • ladyloree621

      Brandy Green is Trayvon’s dad girlfriend who lived at the Retreat. He was staying there as a guest.

  • Lisa Anderson Simon

    On another website, someone stated that Witness 7 is Brandy Green. Witness 4 is Cheryl Brown, Austin McLendon’s mother.

  • Davetheg28

    The smoking gun in this case is in the documents page 145. if you look at the mock up of the crime scene you will find that the most compelling evidence against George is in that page.just look at the position of martins body and the shell casing number 6 is martins body wile number 8 is gorges shell casing.they even give you where martins head and feet are. now if you look at this mock up and lay on the floor as if you where George, think about where your right hand is now look where the shell casing is. doesn’t mach up. if he shot with his right hand why is his shell on his left side. There’s  only one way this could have happen,

    • Lisa Anderson Simon

      You write, “…There’s onlly one way this could happen.” What do you mean? I’m thinking it means George was on top when it happened or someone else shot TM. I looked at the documents and one of the forensics has the gun powder on the back of GZ’s sleeve. He didn’t use a rifle so I don’t see how that could be.

      • michael hairston

        The smoking gun in this case is in the documents page 145. if you look at the mock up of the crime scene you will find that the most compelling evidence against George is in that page.just look at the position of martins body and the shell casing number 6 is martins body wile number 8 is gorges shell casing.they even give you where martins head and feet are. now if you look at this mock up and lay on the floor as if you where George, think about where your right hand is now look where the shell casing is. doesn’t mach up. if he shot with his right hand why is his shell on his left side. There’s  only one way this could have happen,if George was on the bottom when he fired his shot the shell should be on his right Martins left.what i think happened is that George shot martin wile he was able to get on top of martin during the struggle and flipped him over to try to detain him till the police arrived.

      • michael hairston

        Soory I couldn’t fit my statement all in one box

    • spectr

      “There’s only one way this could have happen”

      i know … it’s impossible for a casing to hit something and bounce or be stopped by an arm or clothing, it just has to be the smoking gun … it just has to be !


    • AndyBinGA

      Too bad the Autopsy has proven you as a liar.

    • Bill Smith2

      The gun may have been angle.. GZ may not have been able to ‘right’ the gun level.. A right casing ejection would then be an up, right into TMs face.. BOINK!

  • Davetheg28

    Wow another thing is if trayvon went for his gun why would he spread his arms apart after he shot him and said he did so because he thought he had something in his hands just dosent make sence to me.

    • spectr

      The biggest mystery of this case is:

      What happened to and where is Trayvon’s pacifier ?

  • becky

    just because the witness says they saw trayvon on top does not mean that trayvon was the one who started the fight. trayvon may very well have been defending himself from a guy that attacked him and it just so happens that trayvon was getting the better of the attacker. i believe thats where GZ gets his self defense claim. GZ started a fight, but was losing, and felt trayvon was going to really hurt him so he decided to kill trayvon. i think that to GZ its self defense, but what it is , is murder because he started the fight to begin with, when he should have just walked away or stayed in his car. 

  • Priscilla Partlow

    First of all everyone is saying it is so dark out there.  How did trayvon see a gun in the dark.  I seriously think the conversation george is claiming him and trayvon had while fighting is crazy.  I mean none of witnesses stories match except for the fact the they saw zimmerman straddling the boy.  2 says they saw white T shirts.  I honestly believe zimmerman is guilty of the charge really everything he saw was suspect.  Turns everyone that he called the police on happens to be black except for the kids out playing and the garage door open.  My thing is I don’t care if someone is high as a kite, walking around and looking crazy is not a crime.  Teenagers usually do not act out when they are alone.  They do more of their acting out in a crownd.  I personally do not see Martin victimizing gz.  End of story!

    • uselogic19

      NO… actually several witnesses saw the hoodied man on top of the other. That would be Mr. Martin on top of Mr. Zimmerman.

      • atoz350

        Zimmerman’s jacket also had a hood. That description is moot.

  • mandywhitby

    Something else that doesnt seem right is George said treyvon was on top of him beating him and he was on the bottom. He thinks treyvon is going for his gun (so treyvon saw a gun) so he grabs his gun and shoots him once in the chest. He then gets up and spreads out treyvons arms holding them down. This is what George said happened in police taped interviews.
    Treyvon was found dead (god bless his soul) face down with his arms streched out. If he was face down and george was under him wouldnt of he landed on top of george. George didnt have any blood or anything on the front of him. His face was cleaned at the scene but pictures taken right after he is wearing same clothes but nothing on the front of him.
    So lets say treyvon was shot and he didnt fall forward right away and george got out from under him. If someone was on you and you shot them and they sat there stunned wouldnt you lean up and push them off you which means treyvon would be on his back or even side to back, not face down.

    • Lisa Anderson Simon

      George said he spread his hands out above his head but the police found him with his hands underneath himself. I guess since George is such a retard and supposedly gets a nose-breaking punch to the face but instead of stumbling backwards, especially since it was such a surprise that Trayvon pulled a telekinetic move by being one spot and then the other in a split second, I guess Trayvon supposedly defied physics also and in rigamortis (sp?), his arms drew back underneath him. This is pissing me off again. George’s whole story from the 911 tape on sounds like a rape fantasy to me.

    • Guest

      I thought I saw the photo of Trayvon’s body recently taken by a neighbor with their cell phone and it showed Trayvon face down with his hands under him.

    • g2saint

      He placed him faced down to make it appear TM was on top…

      The biggest question is GZ said he was going straight to get an address and not following TM, but has any noticed how far from the “T” intersection where GZ said he was (not following) to where TM body was found, some 25-30ft form the “T” intersection of the dog trail. I hope and pray the jury picks up on this. google the body location…. not the diagrams, but the actual pictures and you will EASILY see how GZ has lied about following and stalking the boy. This CAN NOT be DISPUTED by any of GZ’s defenders. Count the concrete blocks, approximately 6-7 blocks that are about 4 feet each…. 24-28 feet from where GZ stated he was. HE IS FULL OF IT!

  • mandywhitby

    I listened to all of the witness interviews and the thing that gets me is a lot of witness’s say it was a black guy standing and a lighter skin on the bottom but also a lot of witness say that after the shot the guy was on the ground and the black guy was standing up. Witness 3 says guy that was shot looked light skinned.
    The only witness who was actually outside was the 13 year old and he says he saw a guy with red shirt lying on the ground. He said he thought the guy had a heart attach or fell on the wet grass. If treyvon was beating geirge why wouldnt the kid see a guy on top beating him. He obviously saw george as he did have a red coat on so his description is right.
    My opinion of listening to all witness’s is that there was a fight and yelling and minutes later a gunshot. Treyvon was shot in one area but the fighting was in another. A couple witness’s also say they heard running and yelling.
    Could there have been a altercation (fight) and then treyvon is running away and george catches up and shoots. One witness says he hears running aswell as someone yelling help.
    In georges police interview he said he was holding a flashlight that wasnt working (yet police tried it and it was working when they tried it) George caught up to treyvon and treyvon asks why are you following me and sees something in georges hand. George then says that he didnt answer treyvon but went looking in his pockets for his cell phone to call 911 this time instead of the non emergency line he called before. WHY? He can see its a teenager and the kid is asking him whats up. Most criminals or burglars would not take the time to talk to someone. So why didnt george say anything? His story really doesnt add up. 

    • Cj2020

      WOW…..Mandy you and read the same report and got 2 different messages….funny how that happens….I read Austens (13 year old) statement and he said the man on bottom was wearing a red shirt…on bottom would imply someone or something was on top…..and where did you see the fighting was in one area and the shooting in another…..George is guilty by every stretch of the imagination so I don’t understand why the facts are continually twisted….it is not necessary.  George’s story adds up just fine that does not mean he was justified to murder someone…

      • Lisa Anderson Simon

        in the 911 call, Austen said he saw someone on the ground yelling for help and that he thought the old man (that at least 2 people seem to be terribly concerned about) had hurt himself by falling but his dog got away from him and he followed the dog. He didn’t say he saw anyone on top on the call. After the neighbors talk and piece together what they heard, saw or later knew is what came out in the interviews nearly a month later.

      • mandywhitby

        Yes you are right how we see things different so i went over and re-read and listended to the interviews and unfortuantely you are twisting facts. cj2020 i guess we are reading different things.The 13 year old never said someone was on the bottom, he said he saw a man lying in the grass. So i dont know where you get the kid saying the man on bottom as i just listened to it and he never says that so who is twisting the facts?? He said he thought the man had fell or was hurt as it was wet and the man was yelling for help. The witness 15, never says he saw more than one person. Go re-read and listen to his statement. As for the fighting in one area and the shot in another. If you re-read my comment i said COULD IT BE, I never said witness’s said it was or anything i am merely giving my opinion as to whether there could of been a fight and the shooting in a separate place AS if you listen to ALL the witness statements a couple of them hear running, fighting and yelling, One hears the talking, yelling going along the back of her house which shows it is not in one area but moving which is what i said. Another witness said she heard yelling and yelling agin 10 minutes later.
        So i guess your right we all hear and read what we want to and maybe i am wrong but i just re-read everything and i stand by my comment above. I am not twisting the facts but commenting on what i read and when i state a opinion i write, COULD IT BE or In my opinion as i have for other comments i have written here.

    • Lisa Anderson Simon

      GZ supposedly got a nose-breaking punch to the nose at the top of the T and stumbled forward. I know my reaction would be to stumble backwards and if I’m still on my feet, move away.  The “fight” continues some feet down the sidewalk. You bring up the thing that hid from my conscious mind when you stated that “Most criminals or burglars would not take the time to talk to someone. So why didnt george say anything?” That is so true. I was also thinking what did George think he was going to burglarize (if that was his goal) once he knew someone was watching him and chasing him?  I truly can’t understand why so many people support and believe GZ.

      • Ben

        >GZ supposedly got a nose-breaking punch to the nose at the top of the T and stumbled forward. I know my reaction would be to stumble backwards
        Go watch some boxing highlights on youtube. The direction you fall has a lot more with the direction you are leaning than it does with the direction of the force of the punch. Think about it, Zimmerman weighs over 200 pounds. Is a punch really going to lift him off his feet, cartoon style, and flop him on his back?

        • Lika564

          No, I would not think that he would fly up and back. I also do not believe he stumbled forward unless he was leaning forward as you say – in attack mode in my opinion. He only gives the stumble forward when he realizes that he has to explain fighting at the top of the T and shooting TM and how his body ended up 40′ (?) away, GZ is a liar, the truth isn’t in him and he is evil or was hallucinating from his meds or both.

    • Ben

      >Could there have been a altercation (fight) and then treyvon is running away and george catches up and shoots.
      Not likely. According to the autopsy, the shot was from the front. So GZ would have had to catch and surpass TM to be able to shoot him from the front.