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Trayvon Martin's Prom Photo (Credit: Global Grind)

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Name at birth: Trayvon Benjamin Martin
Born: 5 February 1995
Died: 26 February 2012 (shot to death)
Birthplace: Florida
Also known as: Slimm

Florida teen Trayvon Martin was killed 26 February 2012 by George Zimmerman, a 28 year-old volunteer for the area’s neighborhood watch, and the incident touched off a new round of debate on police conduct, gun laws and racial profiling. Martin was a 17 year-old African American from the Miami area, visiting his father’s fianceé at her home in Retreat at Twin Lakes, a gated community in Sanford, Florida, a suburb of Orlando. On a Sunday evening around 7 p.m., George Zimmerman called the non-emergency police number to report Martin as someone who “looks like he’s up to no good.” Martin, it was later established, was walking home unarmed from a convenience store, having purchased candy (Skittles) and beverage (Arizona brand iced tea). Zimmerman, who was armed with a 9mm pistol, followed Martin briefly, and at some point an altercation ensued. By 7:30, Martin was dead, and police on the scene detained Zimmerman, but released him without arrest after he claimed self-defense. Two weeks later, the Sanford Police Department turned the case over to the State’s Attorney, who initiated an independent investigation. A recording of the call Zimmerman made to police on the night of the shooting was made public on 16 March, and raised new questions. Conflicting witness reports in the press and the official clampdown on information fueled a media frenzy; in the absence of information, speculation ran rampant. Some accused Zimmerman of assuming Martin was a criminal simply because he was a young black man in a hooded sweatshirt. Others deemed Zimmerman justified in his actions. Rallies were held around the country for the slain teenager, and “hoodies” were worn in a show of solidarity. Zimmerman ducked publicity while the investigation continued. The United States Justice Department and the FBI also began investigations, based on the possibility that Trayvon Martin’s civil rights had been violated. Florida prosecutors arrested George Zimmerman, and in late April of 2012 he was charged with second-degree murder.

  • Scott Wylie

    This is NOT a bio! A bio is more than age, date of birth, etc. Where is the info on his school suspensions, violence on bus driver, fights on video, weed smoking, texts bragging about fights/violence? What a bunch of biased crap! Before I dug into all the info on the site, I went straight to TM’s pics, finding nothing but well chosen, innocent ones. Then to bio, which is not even a bio. It’s just a one sided account of the night of his death. Glad I didn’t waste my time going through the rest of the site. All you’ve got here is a TOTALLY BIASED and ONE SIDED account, pandering to the fools who already have these views embedded in their brains. Total waste of time and effort for whoever came up with this.

    • gbpuzzler

      The “violence on bus driver” is not there because it never happened. In the “fights on video” that I have seen, Trayvon Martin is not one of the fighters.

      But it is true, this is not really a bio. A bio for a 17-year-old would include things like schools attended, sports activities and other interests, and the like.

  • Sybilz Daughter

    patrol the neighborhood in the car with his lights off
    residents who he didn’t recognize
    demanding I.D. from them without ever
    identifying himself
    and refusing to do so when asked
    GZ is a wannabe
    he wanted to be the person in charge
    demanding respect from others
    but >>>>> never got it

    • Find the truth

      You. Obviously have done ZERO research! Watch the case (do you have a TV or computer?)

      • Sesv

        Was GZ’s voice hoarse when he made a recorded statement to police that evening? Hadn’t we heard someone begging for their life repeatedly on the 911 tapes?

        Was the blood smudged on the back of GZ’s head? Hadn’t he claimed he was the one on the ground being straddled?
        Note, the blood trails from the 2 scrapes were vertically downward and, in the back, the trails headed toward the back of the ears — showing GZ was on top looking downward as his minor scrapes bled and as he shot the unarmed, innocent, screaming teen — not to maim, but straight in the heart to kill.

        • raja t raja

          If you think GZ is bad, check out the prevalence of racist skins and other such groups in the police and the military. They deliberately infiltrate local police forces and buddy up, especially in the southeast. It would be great to live in a place where violent, trigger-happy hate mongers were chased out of town, profiled, and were bereft of all their de facto and de jure social and legal protections. But hey, then we’d have to fire half the police force, most of our district attorneys, and almost all of our state, local, and federal republican legislators. Oh, and don’t forget the tea party, the so-called patriot movement, the border militias, and, well, where does the list stop exactly?

  • Ben

    Don’t forget the part about how they found drugs in his system when they did the autopsy.

    • Sybilz Daughter


      • The truth will come out

        Hope you have a retarded baby so you become a bit more sympathetic to the challenged! You know, like the illiterate retarded witness.
        In case your ignorant mind doesn’t understand the law, POT is ILLEGAL! Bet you just like the kid don’t seem to give a shit about any law but yo owns!

        • gbpuzzler

          Pot is illegal, so you think that justifies shooting and killing someone who had used it several days prior?

      • Jack S.

        That is a very intelligent statement. WOW!

    • The truth will come out

      Kid loved him so Drank! Arizona watermelon drink and skittles make up 2/3 of a great drug concoction! Bet he had some Robitussin at daddy’s house, who FINALLY reported him missing since “8pm the night before!”Self claimed GANGSTA

      • gbpuzzler

        Neither Arizona watermelon drink nor skittles are normal parts of “Drank”, which typically uses lemon-lime soda like Sprite and Jolly Ranchers.

    • Sesv

      Not drugS. Only a trace of marijuana from several days prior.

      I’d be more concerned with Florida laws allowing people taking mind-altering prescription drugs and a history of assault to legally purchase and carry a firearm.

    • Anon

      Okay, honestly that doesn’t mean anything. He was a teenager, that’s what typical teenagers do. In addition, that doesn’t give someone the right to shoot and kill someone. Should I just go around and kill all the people I say smoking? Just saying.

  • X

    When I read the title of this page “Trayvon Martin Bio”, I thought maybe I would find something useful, like a bio of Trayvon Martin; instead I find just another biased rehash, more about George Zimmerman.
    I was hoping to find out if it is true that Trayvon Martin had been suspended from school for attacking his school bus driver (who presumably had requested him to behave himself on the school bus?); if it was true that he was previously found by police in possesion of burglarising tools and stolen jewelry? if it was true that he had pictures on his cell phone of drugs; pictures on his cell phone of an un-documented handgun that he was discussing to borrow or purchase; where he got money from if he was not working etc etc.
    Looks like a white-wash?

  • Jack Scroggins.

    Why is it everytime there is an altercation with a black person, it has to turn into a racial issue, do we know the character of this Trayvon other than the innocent looking picture we are seeing, I was not in that court room and do not have a clue what transpried….I think the transcripts from the trial should be made public, I see things on the news where young people are destroying puiblic property? Why? and why does the media keep their articles rolling to stir the pot? I am ready to stop my newspaper because of all the press on this case and nothing aboutr what took place in the court room. What kind of person was Trayvon? Priors? good in school? I would like to know more about him….
    Rodney King was driving over 100 miles an hour on the freeway when he was caught and I am wondering what the Black community would think of that incident if he had gone head on into a family and killed them…Why does race alway have to come into play..I am 75 years old and am from the Midwest area I am in no way a racist, I have some very good friends that are black and I just have a problem with that…and I also voted for Obama…..J

  • Nomrcrp

    I am also nonplussed at the Lack of Bio on Trayvon Martin. Where are his School Records, his cell phone Videos of Him Smoking Pot, bragging that he is a Gangster, also of Him bragging that he was Getting a Gun. Lets be fair,he was skullking around the Hauses to See what He Could Break into to Support his drug Habit. Believe me if he was skullking around the Hood he would of been Shot.

  • Sesv

    TM never assaulted a bus driver. As well, the jewelry and screwdriver in backpack story sounds fishy. (TM’s parents never received word of found jewelry from the school, there was never a connection of jewelry to a theft case, and there’s no mention of stealing in TM’s tweets).

    Instead of criminalizing the victim who had no violence or theft suspensions with the school or police, lets look at the killer’s record:

    GZ had charges brought against him by a police officer and his ex-girlfriend (who he refers to as his ex-hoe on his Myspace page). He was fired from job as bouncer after throwing and hurting a female patron — a co-worker referred to GZ as a Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde type who’d become “a liability” for the security company, Data Who re Productions. GZ’s assault felony was reduced with anger management and alcohol abuse classes.

    GZ killed an unarmed minor who was a guest in his community for appearing “suspicious” (walking too slowly in the rain). GZ’s advantages: loaded firearm, vehicle, friends nearby, manhood and a 48-pound weight advantage, MMA training, former employment as a bouncer, Stand Your Ground law study, judge daddy, societal fear of black youth culture, a biased police and judicial system and Florida’s defacto governorship–the NRA. Let’s not forget the advantage of creeping out the minor prior to killing him.

    GZ relentlessly bullied a co-worker of Middle Eastern descent by calling him a “f’king moron” and doing stand-up Ahmed the Terrorist comedy routines in front of co-workers at lunch. He was later fired for calling HR repeatedly to disparage his co-workers. If you think TM was a thug, please see GZ’s Myspace page and translate his gangsta-speak posts for us.

    Gun Ownership:
    Despite having the police record of assaulted a police officer, GZ was able to purchase a firearm and get a permit to carry. The fact that he takes mind-altering prescription drugs was not a deterrent in the state of Florida. Sounds as though the money spent on matching guns for he and is wife could have been better spent on alleviating their rent and credit card debt issues.

    A cousin of GZ’s has made a recorded statement to police that she was molested for years by GZ, and that she is not the only one. She states that GZ’s family are racists (against blacks who do not behave as whites) and that none are as proud of being racist as his mother.

    FYI: Black youths refer to guns as “protection”. Regardless of his interest, TM did not have a gun — he was an unarmed teen trying to get home from 7-11 without a creep following him to the door.

  • gbpuzzler

    A white wash? More like not discussing things that are false, unsubstantiated, and/or irrelevant. That’s not what would be put in a bio. A bio of a teenager might include things like where they lived, what schools they had attended, sports and other interests, activities and accomplishments.

    Trayvon Martin was suspended from school for writing on his own locker with a marker and for having marijuana residue in a baggie. No evidence of him ever attacking a school bus driver. The school administrator found jewelry in his backpack . It was alleged to have been stolen, but this was never substantiated. They also found a screwdriver, which they described as a “burglary tool”. A screwdriver has many uses, and there was no evidence that Trayvon Martin had used it in a burglary.

    Among the pictures found on his cell phone were a cannabis plant and a handgun being held by a dark skinned person (you can see the hand and not much beyond that). No way to tell whether that person was Trayvon. Since this was from a dump of the phone’s memory, it is not known whether the pictures were taken on the phone itself, downloaded off the internet, or attachments to messages he had received. Like most high school students, he probably got money from his parents.

  • Sesv

    You and the like-minded criminalized the victim in order to let the criminal walk free.

  • raja t raja

    “Hauses”, ? Learn how to spell. Drug habit? Cannibis is non-addictive. People do not engage in breaking and entering to support it. I am not African American, but I do live in Ga. I will never as long I live set foot in Florida or spend a dime there.I will forever describe it whenever given the opportunity as a good place to get shot by legally protected racists. It was bad enough that the place destroyed an entire presidential election via rampant fraud. It is a haven for cowboy racial supremacists, a supporter of for profit prisons and other forms of incarceration profiteering. Too bad we can’t rescind the course of history and just give it back to Spain–I would say give it to the Seminole tribe, but they are too brownish to be safe there, and I wouldn’t wish that threat on them.

  • gbpuzzler

    Except for school records, these are unsubstantiated allegations. They are not what a responsible person would put in a bio. And if he wanted to skulk around houses to see what he could break into, why would he do it on a rainy Sunday evening, at a time when most people were awake and either eating dinner or watching TV?

  • Anon

    That’s the way life is.. But in this case, it really was a racial altercation. In Zimmerman’s 911 calls from even years ago, he always called about a ‘suspicious’ black male. So already, he had a thing out for blacks.