Sgt. Anthony Raimondo (Sanford PD)

Performed rescue breaths on Trayvon Martin upon arrival on the scene.

Sgt. Anthony RaimondoThis is the information page for Sgt. Anthony Raimondo, a witness in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case.

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Sgt. Anthony Raimondo

Witness Summary:

Prosecution’s 7th witness, Sanford Police Sgt. Raimondo, testified that he placed his mouth directly onto Trayvon’s lips to breathe for him during CPR. He heard a bubbling sound during CPR and testified that an Asian Male (Jonathan Manolo W13) gave him a grocery bag to try to seal the exit wound on Trayvon’s body.

He testifies that he witness Trayvon pronounced dead by paramedics.

Interviews / Testimony:

Testimony in the trial of George Zimmerman from 6/25/2013:


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Additional Information:

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    GZ deflated when the Sgt. explained all the units in which he had worked within the police dept.