Det. Chris Serino (Sanford PD)

Lead detective in Zimmerman interrogation and investigation of Zimmerman

Det. Chris Serino (Sanford PD)This is the information page for Detective Chris Serino (Sanford PD), a witness in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case.

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Chris Serino

Witness Summary:

Prosecution’s 25th witness and the Defense’s 9th witness, lead detective in investigating Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin on 2/26/2012.

Interviews / Testimony:

Testimony in the trial of George Zimmerman from 7/1/2013, 7/2/2013, 7/8/2013:


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Additional Information:

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  • Guest


    The explanation for Zimmerman’s bloody nose was in plain sight (if you looked closely).

    EMS found NO blood or swelling inside Zimmerman’s nostrils (see report), but capillary bleeding on the exterior. The cause of bleeding explained:

    . The effects of his own gunshot are branded on the tip of Zimmerman’s nose (and perhaps behind mustache hairs) in the form of gunshot stippling (pinhole-size wounds created by gunshot residue blast). Minor bleeding from these 2 tiny holes flowed in a narrow path down to his lip (as seen in the color-enhanced bloody nose photo taken by a police officer on the scene).

    . Swelling: George’s nose “looks” swollen in the on-site photo, but we all know what happens to the size of the nose when a photographer gets in too close. To better judge, see the police station photos taken that night — there’s marginal swelling (maybe). A police officer noted that Zimmerman’s nose didn’t look broken.

    So how are the existence of the nick on the bridge of Zimmerman’s nose and Zimmerman’s blood on his gun’s grip explained (when Zimmerman had no blood on his hands):

    . Gun recoil (common issue with these handguns). This explains the stippling as well (the gun has to very close to an object to leave a small amount of intense stippling residue, further away would mean more scattered and microscopic stippling, even further would mean no stippling — think “dispersing”).


    . considering the absence of swelling under the minor abrasions, something poked or scratched Zimmerman’s head (not a single suture was required). I imagine he backed into the leafless branches of the small maple tree located DIRECTLY on the plot of grass. The mass of capillaries located at the skin’s surface of the head explains the bleeding (which apparently didn’t bleed enough to appear on his back collar).


    • Guest

      How did George Zimmerman’s blood get on the undershirt of Trayvon Martin?

      Paid expert forensic pathologist Dr. Vincent Di Maio’s whole “bombshell” testimony was to state that Trayvon Martin had to be on top of Zimmerman because, based on the gunshot wound forensics, Trayvon’s hoodie “was pulling away” from his body at the time of the gunshot.

      The hoodie was pulling away, but not because Trayvon Martin was on top leaning over George Zimmerman, but the other way around:

      Zimmerman, on top, shot his lethal weapon and receives 2 minor stippling wounds to the tip of his nose which then bleed. A blood drop falls onto the hem of Trayvon’s shirt. (DNA Analyst Anthony Gorgone’s Stain A on TM’s shirt.) For the blood to fall on the exposed hem, Trayvon’s zipped-up hoodie would have to be pushed up over the shirt (bunched in his chest area because Zimmerman was straddling him). Add the can of ice tea in his pocket to the equation and you easily will have fabric being lifted off the site of the gunshot.

      With this scenario, every earwitness and eyewitness testimony makes sense EXCEPT for John Good. John Good, in my opinion, was lying about seeing the color red on the man on the bottom and about seeing the figures moving over to the concrete (the “visuals” he brought in the form of a sketch).

      Dr. Vincent Di Maio is a LIAR BY OMISSION and a very biased “paid expert”. This guy also testified for the DEFENSES in the Drew Peterson and Phil Spector murder trials. Was accused of “tailoring his testimony”. Absolutely! There’s a petition out there to call for the revocation of his license.

      • Guest

        WITNESS TO THE MURDER Interviewed with Anderson Cooper and on ABC, and The Guardian website:

        “A man who says he saw Trayvon Martin shot dead claims that the Floridateenager and his killer, George Zimmerman, were scuffling on the ground at the time with one on top of the other.
        The first eyewitness account of the 17-year-old’s final moments emerged on Thursday night more than a month after the boy lost his life in an altercation with a neighbourhood watch leader in a gated community in Sanford.
        The anonymous man said he reported to police details of what he saw on the evening of 26 February, which included watching the gunman walking away from the fight apparently uninjured.
        It contradicts an allegation from Zimmerman’s father earlier in the day that the unarmed black teenager broke his son’s nose during the incident and also left him with bloody injuries from slamming the man’s head repeatedly on to a concrete pavement. The eyewitness says he saw no blood and that the entire confrontation took place only on grass.
        “I saw two men on the ground, one on top of the other. I felt they were scuffling and I heard gunshots which to me were more like pops,” he said in an interview broadcast on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, his voice disguised to protect his identity.
        “I don’t know if was an echo but it definitely made more than one pop.
        “After THE LARGER MAN GOT OFF there was a boy, obviously now dead, on the ground facing down.
        “It was dark. I can’t say I watched him get up, but in a couple of seconds or so he was walking towards where I was watching and I could see him a little bit clearer. It was a Hispanic man. He didn’t appear hurt or anything else. He just kind of seemed very worried with his hand up to his forehead.”

        • Guest

          Please google:
          “George Zimmerman boots police station photos”.
          George has grass clippings and water staining up the toes and tops of his boot only. None on the heel of the boot.

  • dri1123

    One word, CONSPIRACY!!!! This detective initially recommend 2nd degree and then manslaughter charges. GZ’s father is a retired judge and was in contact with the Sanford police chief the night this all happened. Think about how poorly the evidence was collected, of what they did collect.

  • Kyle

    Does anyone understand Serino was deliberately being a hardass in the interview and was deliberately lying in it also? Its the detectives jobs to act like they don’t believe a suspect during the interviews in order to try and get them to change their story. I watched the entire trial and the defense did not prove (based on the evidence the jury heard) beyond the doubt of a reasonable person. Jeantel battled with the defense, which clearly showed she was biased for the prosecution. The most reliable witness was JG, I thought. I didn’t look at any evidence outside of what the jury heard. The prosecution already had a deposition of all the witnesses. They knew it was coming and still called a bunch of people that ended up testifying against them. And their should’ve been an objection to Serino’s testimony on whether or not he thought it was the truth, based on speculation.

    • Phil Owens

      There was an objection by the prosecution to Serino´s testimony. Remember how the the defense posed the question, Either psychopathic liar or telling the truth? Maybe in Serino´s mind it was somewhere in the middle.
      If Serino believed Zimmerman, why did he recommend manslaughter?
      The other detective pointed out that Zimmerman said he got out to look for an address at the same time he said Trayvon took off running. And that it sounded like he was running after him. That´s all true so where is she lying?

      Jonh Good was the least reliable witness. He said on his 911 call that there were two guys WRESTLING. Then he comes to court and it´s one defenseless guy being attacked. He either lied to the 911 dispatcher or he lied in court

      One of the biggest lies that Zimmerman told was that he was restraining Trayvon after he shot him. That he continued to do so when the Asian witness came out with a flash light who Zimmerman asked to help restrain Trayvon. That witness confirmed no such lie. He said when he saw Zimmerman, Zimmerman was walking toward talking on his cell phone.

      That makes 4 witnesses that saw Zimmerman up on his feet walking has opposed to restraining Trayvon the whole time.

  • Lika564

    Det. Serino broke my heart. I thought he was the rogue officer who was going against the racist SPD culture. I THOUGHT I listened to his interviews w/GZ but from his testimony, obviously, I did not. I thought that GZ was falsely believing that Det. Serino was in his corner and believed him and that Det. Singleton was not just flirting with him but was genuinely in his corner and their testimony proved me to be totally misunderstanding what they were saying. How could Det. Serino say the things he said in the interviews and come to this trial and state that he did not detect that GZ was lying??? I genuinely felt sick to my stomach at what he testified to. I don’t know why though. There was a point when he seemed to be feeding GZ with what he needed to say in order to get through this. I guess to maintain his job but it resulted in his demotion. Or, perhaps, his belief that GZ was guilty was what resulted in his demotion (lateral (wink)). Practically: If you have to work for a living, it’s always good to have a job. I’ll allow myself to believe that although I thought he was a stronger man than that.

    • Charles Haas

      So when testimony on facts don’t support your view, you assume a person is supporting a racist culture in the SPD? And you live in Sanford, and have been a victim of this culture? Love to hear those details, bacause the news agencies haven’t found any? Second, Det Serino states that GZs version of the incident was matched by witnesses and facts that GZ could not have known about. Finally, when Det Serino tries to fake GZ out be falsely claiming he had a video of the whole incident, GZ is suddenly relieved? Det Serino did his job very well, and was aggressive in trying to determine the facts. They simply don’t lead to your conclusion the GZ is guilty. You need to check your thought process, cause it seems to be lacking. Take off the race colored glasses your wearing and talk facts.

      • Lika564

        Which nerve did I hit with my post? Instead of taking offense at my thought-processes which really must have challenged yours. You could have left a post well before I did but sat there like a spider waiting for someone to state something.
        I assume your nerves were singed over the speculation about the race relations in Sanford. According to the news and history, Sanford most certainly has had and continues to have race relation issues (as does most of America at some level).
        As for Serino: He most certainly did turnover from what he originally stated and allowed to get out into the press. He started out telling witnesses that the bad guy was shot. How did he know that within hours of the shooting and without having spoken with GZ? There were complaints from the start by half of the witnesses that Serino did that. GZ: GZ was not suddenly relieved. He knows what he did, when and how he did it. He knew that TM was not videotaping anything. He knew that Serino was bluffing also. Hell, I knew he was bluffing and all I had was the audio at the time. What G was thinking about was if it were possible that someone else did tape it. He stated before he even left the scene that people were watching him when he was being beat up and calling for help. (Aside: He was being “grounded and pounded” by Trayvon but was able to observe ppl watching him being beaten up and to talk to at least one of them?) He knew the front gate tape was out and he didn’t press anything where he knew the other cameras were working but, ahhh, his fear left him when he ran into the dark with his fully loaded (one in the chamber – seven in the magazine).
        You need to check your racist meter. It’s overcharged with the stereotype that Black ppl are super strong. GZ was overweight even then but he was not out of shape. He had been working out, had MMA training (which he must have mentioned to John G.) and at least 50 lbs on TM and most importantly, he had a gun. It was a fluid motion struggle but GZ was in control.
        I stand on my comment about Serino. He rolled and lied. He knew GZ lied. I don’t know why he did what he did.

        • Charles Haas

          Actually I just bumped into this site, but that is of little significance. What got me was the fact that you were upset that a cop testified truthfully in court, yet since he did not meet your preconceived notions of him, you assume he is a bad guy now.

          You also likely base your information on Sanford from the same news that chopped up Zimmerman’s discussion with the dispatcher, intending to make him look racist. By the way, Trayvon appeared to be more racist that anyone else in Sanford, based on the testimony given by Jeantel.

          You are making up facts that you can’t support. Testimony said GZ was relieved when Det Serino told him there was a video. That is a fact. Your assertion that he knew Det Serino was bluffing is pretty thin too. There is no way GZ would have know if someone taped the fight from a video made be an I-Phone. Do you really live in GZs head? I don’t think you would ever go there.

          Your assertions about GZ’s fitness and intent do not stand up either, Just the fact that Trayvon broke his nose, got on top of him, pinned him to the ground provfe your wrong. Finally, married men with kids are not the type of people that go looking for fights. Protecting a neigborhood is one thing, fighting is another. I will tell you as someone that carries as part of my job, just getting hand to hand with someone else, while your armed puts you at risk of death at around 50%. Anytime another person can get your gun, you are in mortal danger. It makes no sense for GZ to try to go hand to hand with GZ while armed. Trayvon, on the other hand, likely did not know GZ was armed, and simply figure he would be a good mark to brag to the kids back home about. And that is something Trayvon has actually has done in the past, unlike Zimmerman.
          Again, your understanding of the incident does not stand up to facts, only your notion of who you think was wrong. Trayvon Martin picked the wrong fight that night. It is unfortunate that he didn’t think Zimmerman might actually be armed, but it was his fatal mistake. But good judgment was never Trayvon’s strong suit. Nor was if for his father. A minor, who is doing drugs and getting suspended, should have been grounded at home. Yet, his father was out, not even with his mother, but with a girlfriend that night. Instead of supervising his son, his father let him go out and get killed. Some lessons, unfortunately, do not get a do over in life.

          • manberk

            Are you following this case Charles? Your post is filled with lies and misinformation. GZ doesnt have kids. He is MMA trained. GZ bragged not only on his myspace page about his friends doing time in prison on his behalf, his X girl also testified to the FBI that he would brag about his boys handling problems for him violently.

            If 50% of hand to hand fights with guns cause death, why would he chase a stranger in the dark that he said reached into his waistband with a loaded weapon when he could have stayed safely in his car and waited for police? If TM was such a brute why did GZ not fight to keep his gun but rather un holstered it and held in front of him, while aiming before shooting with one hand?

            TMs mother who took the stand is better educated probably better paid than most of you. How ironic is that?

            You dont know jack shit about TM other than what you read at rancid racist sites. We now know much more about you, than you do TM.

          • Lika564

            Furthermore Charles, MOM put that into Serino’s head about the “challenge” interview. It gave Serino an out for the weak-minded amongst you (too much television). It certainly was not a challenge question when GZ said, “he yelled for help and I shot him” and a halfway listening Serino asked, “who yelled?” It was not a believing Serino nor Singleton during that reenactment – watch their body language and questions. Look at his annoyance when he first got out of the car at the site. Serino and Singleton were incredulous that everyone, in this case TM, were trying to burglarize FT’s house. “The same house???” they both blurted. He asked GZ why he did not tell TM from the safety of his vehicle why he was following him. He questioned why he would get out of his vehicle and walk to the other end of the T under the pretense of getting an address but not following. The camera in the reenactment intentionally grazed by the front of Jenna Lauer’s house showing a house number. Serino laughed at GZ when he said he didn’t tell TM he was NHW because he was afraid but followed him (or performed a parallel walk into the dark to where he thought TM was headed). Singleton challenged him to explain why they should believe he ran across the top of the T to the other side to get an address from his own street but was afraid to walk back to his vehicle without a working flashlight. So many more examples. He forgot in the reenactment that he was looking for an address that, again, he could have gotten from the safety of his vehicle (Jenna Lauer’s and John Good’s). He knocked on their doors. He knew.
            I don’t have to get into GZ’s head. I am using what the judge has instructed the jury (when DW was trying to play judge) about how to determine this case. To determine if it is self-defense or murder/manslaughter – you have to determine what would a reasonable person do or think? If Gz thought Tm was packing b/c he had his hand on his waistband (assuming that was not more stereotypical buzz phrases and words to get the NEN operator to take him seriously this time), what reasonable person would leave his vehicle/home to follow this person into the dark UNARMED? He was armed. What reasonable person would assume a burglary or some other crime was about to happen (when it had not happened) based on the race, age group, clothing and of the “suspect” and the weather? Don’t say TM appeared to be high per GZ. Did GZ think he knew him? Yes, he thought he was like all of the other young Black males he stereotyped. Think of the Mexicans he wanted to run over per his MySpace page, also.
            You attempt to state, TM’s prior behavior, confirmed or not, indicates that GZ was correct in his assumption or pre-judgment. GZ did not know TM but thought he was like the 1 suspect he did not catch but was identified by stucco workers. I can go on and on.
            I left Serino. Serino perjured himself. I was surprised. I genuinely thought Serino was better than that. I genuinely believed he was a detective who was hard and on point. I thought he would stick to whatever he determined to be the facts no matter what. You want to state that b/c he testified to something different than his sworn statement as to the charges against GZ that he is an honorable man? If he had originally stated that GZ was not guilty, that would be one thing but he did not. He waivered btwn Manslaughter and M2. Which one did he lie on? He had 4 drafts in which he waivered between manslaughter and M2. I never heard of him stating that he was being pressured or forced to choose a crime rather than state outright that he thinks GZ was innocent. I did hear that he felt that GZ had a Napolean complex. He determined he was not a racist but that it was a toss-up between M2 and MS. Now, with benefit of the videos, I think he did believe that GZ was crazy but that GZ genuinely thought the did the right thing. That’s not what I’m bucking about. It’s knowing that Serino lied. GZ committed M2 if no other reason than he’s delusional and under the influence of his meds which he would not know about, except, again, he asked him what was going on with his head and GZ told him he had a psychiatrist.
            The original sworn statement or the trial testimony, which is it? They did not match. He lied on one of them. I did not listen to Singleton’s testimony but will.

          • Angela

            I did not hear his testimony, but if he stated he did not perceive GZ to be being deceitful, do not take it from us that he has purjored himself, listen to the interviews as he challenges the differences in what GZ is telling him compared to what the evidence was showing. He specfically told him for example that the injuries to Trayvon were not consistent with him describing how many times he was punched.

          • Lika564

            You misunderstood my post. I did not say Serino was a bad guy. Serino lied and contradicted what he documented on that tape. If he did not have a slight idea of GZ’s guilt, he would not have waivered between M2 or manslaughter. He would not have “quietly” contacted the State Attorney’s office to let them know what he thought while trying to maintain his job and work associations. He let that slip about the guilt. I wrote that I was stunned and nauseated by his flip. Those questions he asked and responses he received had him convinced that GZ was guilty of murder. I believe I wrote that I should not have been surprised once I saw that he chose to not use the police lawyers but to retain Baez of all people. It should have made you wonder also considering the last notorious person Mr. Baez represented.
            The rest of your response post is foolishness. You are making up statements that I did not write but can be verified just by re-reading.
            GZ knew Serino was bluffing. GZ knew this because he jumped on TM when he saw him on the phone. He knew he was not being videotaped by TM because he could not halfway see a cheap, black phone in the dark besides the lit side that you speak into. He knew because TM demonstrated him more common courtesy than GZ showed TM. He asked him why was he following him. TM was willing to accept that there was some misunderstanding between them. He didn’t point it at him. He knew that. TM did not have time to click the phone and change it to camera or video but just in case, GZ knocked it to the ground.
            My statement was that he did not know if anyone taped it but he was watching Serino’s body language and attempting to go through his own mind who might have taped it. Just like John M photographed it and let him know he did; another neighbor would have told him they caught it on video. He knew TM did not.
            Here’s something else that you don’t know: TM was more of a man than GZ. He showed common courtesy and respect in trying to find out what’s the problem and GZ was offended that this young man showed courage that GZ would need a thousand lives to obtain. I’m sorry TM is dead. He was growing into a real man. GZ is a punk. I hope he is wrong about them “Always Getting Away.” He should not.

        • stormrung e

          “There were complaints from the start by half of the witnesses…” So why didn’t the prosecution call the biggest complainer of the all, Mary Cutcher?

        • paul cuzz

          For GZ to have been in control he sure took a beating. Not sure how you define “Control”. He may have taken some MMA classses but its obvious he didnt know how to fight, or the fact that he got his ass whipped so bad could point to the fact that he was “suckerpunched”. As for being 50 lbs heavier that only helps if the 50 lbs is muscle not fat and being on the bottom negates that advantage alot.

        • Lee

          You on point, and sorry as fuck it didn’t get justice

      • Lee

        Serino is such a liar, covering up for this bitch! Apparently it’s a internal affair were toes got stepped on. This fool had a flash light, followed Trayvon by his on admittance. Lied about the street he was on, and admitted he wasn’t screaming on the tape? What else does a juror has to hear to convict a person? Listen to this parable “if you give your kid 5 dollars to fill your car and ask him, how many gallons went in the tank? And he respond 12 gallons and you know the price of gas and what the cost of a gallon, you know jr is lying or ill informed. That’s what Zimmerman is to the black community?

    • Becky Anderson Dryman

      I just happen to stumble on this site, btw, thank you site! I haven’t followed this case, but find it sad! But, on the other hand I CAN reply to the honesty for Christopher Francis Serino, he was THE love of my life! He is THE kindest, strongest, and most honest human I know!!!! I was told by a woman on a phone call back in 1999, that he was dead…I have grieved him all these years, so to see him alive and on this site fills me with mixed emotions!!! I am shocked!!

      • Lika564

        I’m not certain what your response means. Since you stated that you didn’t follow the case, I don’t know if you caught up with it on this site and are shocked that he appears to have perjured himself in court or something else. I am thinking that since you knew him to be kind, strong and honest man that his turnaround in the courtroom was a surprise. I was stunned and I don’t know him but from the video and the audio tapes.

      • Guest

        Then it must have been difficult for him to lie on the witness stand. I’m sure a body language expert would back me up on this.

  • stormrung e

    The prosecution merely wanted Serino to testify because they wanted the jury to hear Serino’s and Livingston’s “challenge” to Zimmerman. Obviously, he passed their test. The prosecution didn’t want to get into anything else with Serino-like how he eventually determined Zimmerman passed the challenges- because that would be the case. O’Mara does a good job tying up what the prosecution left hanging in the wind.