George Zimmerman Bio

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Name at birth: George Michael Zimmerman
Born: 5 October 1983
Birthplace: Manassas, Virginia
Also known as: Dat Niggy Tugboat

George Zimmerman was a 28 year-old volunteer neighborhood watcher in Florida who shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin on 26 February 2012, launching a media brouhaha that ignited arguments over gun laws and racial profiling. The incident itself achieved little notice at the time. Zimmerman was a security-conscious resident of an Orlando, Florida suburb. He was an unofficial neighborhood watchdog, with a history of calling the local police force to report what he considered suspicious behavior. On a Sunday evening in February, Zimmerman spotted Martin, who was walking home from a neighborhood convenience store. Zimmerman called the police and was told he didn’t need to pursue Martin. A short time later, some kind of altercation led to Zimmerman using his pistol to kill Martin. The story became national news a month later, after Martin’s parents hired an attorney and went public with the question: “why wasn’t Zimmerman arrested?” Local police cited Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law as justification for letting Zimmerman walk, but a more vocal group suggested that Zimmerman had racial motives for pursuing Martin, who was black, and that further investigation was justified. A widely-publicized photo of the racially-mixed Zimmerman only muddied the waters (his father is of European descent, and his mother is of Peruvian descent). A national debate ensued, detached from what few facts were known about the case. Florida authorities launched an investigation and appointed a special prosecutor, and in late April of 2012 Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder.

Zimmerman Interviews

On July 18, 2012, just months after Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon martin, he and his attorney (Mark O’Mara) gave this interview to Sean Hannity on Fox News:

  • it’s my story

    I do not think GZ is racist. I do think he did profile TM because of the all the calls he made about Black males. His mind was already set TM was a going to commit a crime. I think he had his gun out when he followed.

    • Sam

      If he did have his gun out , how did he break his nose and all those marks and 2 cuts on the back of his head ??

      • Anon

        Zimmerman obviously was the one harassing Trayvon. Trayvon just acted out of defense. Plus, Zimmerman was told NOT to follow him, he did it anyway. That right there should have been enough to get him locked up.