Tyler Rochefort (Paramedic)


This is the information page for Tyler Rocehfort (Paramedic Sanford Fire Department), a witness in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. You will find links to the available documents and media below. You can also locate other corresponding testimony and information on the site.

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Tyler Rochefort

Witness Summary:

Rochefort arrived on the scene and grabbed the equipment. Multiple officers and were bystanders present. Trayvon was laying on his back with officers doing CPR. He checked for a pulse, but there was none. He never heard any statements from Martin. He was never conscious. He may have assisted with the monitor to check for a heart rhythmn. Michael Brandy was the primary paramedic. He says he is not sure if Brandy “ran a strip” on Trayvon with the heart monitor. He doesn’t remember clothes, but he thinks he remembers a sweatshirt. He, also, remembers a bullet hole in his chest somewhere. He did not assist with aid to Zimmerman.


The following interviews are the full, uncut audio files released as part of the discovery court proceedings in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Names and some other identifying information have been redacted to protect the identities of the witnesses.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement – March 24, 2012 (~ min)


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Additional Information:

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  • Guest

    If by “ran a strip” he means put an electrode on his chest…I think the ME report lists an electrode.

  • skeptical

    I would.think a strip is that printout a heart monitor make that shows near the a t-shirt or flatline.

  • skeptical

    that is supposed to say heartbeat, not near.a.t-shirt