Police Reports

View the police reports related to the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case

This page serves as a repository of police reports related to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. The original Sanford Police report of the shooting, the Retreat at Twin Lakes burglary reports, and other reports are included. If you’re looking for the final investigation and complete police reports, check the 183-page court discovery document. Check back with us as we update this page with additional police reports.

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View Original Sanford PD Police Report With Some Previously Redacted Information Revealed (Released 2/26/2012)

On 6/26/2012, the Florida State Attorney’s Office released this version of the initial police report which includes statements made by George Zimmerman and George Zimmerman’s polygraph results. Those statements and additional information were originally redacted in the report previously released by the Sandford Police Department.
Download View Original Sanford PD Police Report With Some Previously Redacted Information Revealed (Released 2/26/2012)

View Original Police Report Released By Sanford Police:

Prior to the announcement on April 11, 2012 that George Zimmerman would be charged with second-degree murder resulting from the killing of Trayvon martin, the Sanford Police Department released a partial police report.
Download Original Police Report Released By Sanford Police

View Retreat at Twin Lakes Burglary Police Reports Released By Sanford Police:

The following is a printout of the burglaries that occurred in the gated community where George Zimmerman lived.
Retreat at Twin Lakes Burglary Police Reports Released By Sanford Police


    I find it interesting of the latest news that Zimmerman was pulled over for speeding. This is relavent becuase Zimmerman in his Lie Detector Test (Voice Analyzer) When asked if he EVER gone above the posted speed limit said , “NO”. He passed the test with flying colors!!! He is capable of lieing and not being detected. Not, some may say this is his 1st time speeding, and to that I answer, not likely!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/donna.robinson.102 Donna Robinson

    He’s given two diffrent accounts of how the encounter between he and Trayvon Martin came to this awful conclusion, coupled with the fact that there were no defense wounds found on Trayvon Martin as per the coroners report, nor gunpowder residue, nor was Trayvon Martins fingerprints on the weapon, nor the holster in as much as the DNA reports go, who put the bloody bag of skittles in Trayvon’s pocket?it is stated that George Zimmerman had no fighting on the grass yet in the first film the police appear to be wiping just that off of him prior to his entry into the station, not to mention his gait is not that indicitive of someone with the injuries of being beaten close to death nor weary from it.

  • Akhenaten

    Rouge cops exist everywhere, multiple flashlights on scene prior to arrival of offices responsible for on scene reports entered into the record. No GSR on Zimmerman, but bullet fragment found or rear left sleeve of Zimmerman’s jacket. Scalp wound(s) to posterior of Zimmerman’s head inconsistent with combat on grass surface. Zimmerman struck with baton whilst atop Martin? Struck by member of undercover/rapid response unit? Such wounds are consistent with receiving blow from police baton…SPD plain clothes, undercover, special ops personnel, unmarked police vehicles, pre positioned or first to arrive? Or, in active pursuit of Martin along with Zimmerman? Witness reports individual in white tee shirt above unidentified person moments before weapon discharge; Zimmerman clothed in red jacket when approached and taken into custody…Martin dressed in grey hooded attire…who is individual in white tee shirt?

    Intensity and frequency of cries for help, then audible sobbing seconds be for loud report from weapon. Post weapon report: absolute silence! Absolute silence inconsistent with survival of life/death encounter/struggle-would continue efforts to get attention… given intensity and frequency of screaming for help up to very moment of weapon discharge, weapon could not been produced, properly handled, and used to effect by individual in emotional state screams suggest…such emotional state also inconsistent with Zimmerman’s calm and controlled demeanor post life and death struggle…many holes to be filled here…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Noam-Zinn/100003643928090 Noam Zinn

      So what do you think happened?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000719183647 Lisa Anderson Simon

      I think individual in white tee is Frank Taafe.

      • http://www.facebook.com/tyeworobess22 Tyanne Worobess

        Yes you never know. I have wondered if he was knocking on someones door or loading his gun as if you listen to the 911 zimmerman made it sounds like knocking or banging in it. He hasnt said what he was doing but you can clearly hear it. Where is frank taffy these days. I saw him all over tv at first and now i never see him at all. Could he be a witness for defence and they dont want him on tv.