Phone Records

The following documents are the phone records associated with the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Records include Trayvon Martin’s cell phone records for the evening of 2/26/2012 (as provided by his father (Tracy Martin) to the media via his attorney Benjamin Crump), and George Zimmerman’s 911 call history (as provided by the Sanford Police Department).

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View Trayvon Martin’s Cell Phone Calls And Text Messages:

Download Trayvon Martin’s Cell Phone Calls And Text Messages

View George Zimmerman’s 911 Call History:

Download George Zimmerman’s 911 Call History

  • Facts&Justice

    Lame, why do some of you continue to claim this is a cell phone bill or any form of document you have seen before because unless you have had your cell company served with a court ordered subpoena to hand over a list of activity between Date A and Date B of yours or another’s persons usage, then your just being ignorant. Oh, gee, why is it Pacific Standard Time?? Because TMobile is headquartered in Washington state, west coast, that is where they are and that would be the time it would show, this is not a bill, this is,, never mind, if you couldn’t figure this much out on your own your just hopeless, someone will be by shortly to tell you another lie to believe

  • poabck1988

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  • Bonnie Parker

    It would be interesting to see the phone records following the shooting. You would see calls to Jenna, Jeremy and Frank. These people are involved in this murder. Listen to the 911 tapes. You can hear for yourself. Jeremy tells Jenna ” He warned me he`d shoot him” Taaffe admitted he was at the scene that night wearing “a white T shirt” On the 911 call the 30 year old woman say`s that “a man with a white T shirt is/was on top of the man on the ground. These are accomplices to murder.

    • Urlame

      Wow, they pulled this off like the team from Mission Impossible

    • Miss T

      Bonnie Parker, where can I find where Frank Taaffe says he was at the scene with a white T shirt?

  • Vashati

    I want to see GZ cell phone record as well as his wife’s and Taffy’s. He called someone or tried to call someone after he shot TM! According to one witness he had the phone at his ear and then threw it down. Maybe he was going to call his wife and why not call 911 again, first.

  • Lisa Anderson Simon

    I hope the reason we haven’t seen the phone records of George for that night and beyond is because they are prosecutors’ evidence and perhaps his accomplices are nervous as they can be. Yes. I am one of those that believe someone else helped George with this murder.

    • TruthSeeker

      Cops – Singleton, I believe – allowed GZ to have his phone during the interview, presumably so he could give them contact info for the security company responsible for the surveillance videos. I find that just incredible.

      • Facts&Justice

        What surveillance video? The one from the market is the only one

  • Rusha R Ply

    You should be ashamed of yourself for posting bad misleading information! And Im not sure which is worst, you posting it or people believing it..its a close race!

  • Rusha R Ply

    You need to take this call log down it is very inaccurate. there are 11 calls for 2.26 showing and in the middle of those are 3 calls for 3.2…Anyone that has Tmobile should know already that the new billing cycle would have started on 2.27 for Traceys accnt and 3.2 wouldnt have even been on a bill for 2.26!!

    • Ms. Jackie

      This is for evidence for a potential murder trial. I am sure a phone company has the ability to print a call history that is not aligned to a typical billing cycle.

  • clifford715

     I would like to see the phone records just before the 911 call and after the call ended.

  • Jake

    Notice how the Phone Records of Travyon Martin says its in Pacific Standard Time… Hmmm. Good one Benjamin Crump, Media, and Trayvon’s Dad

    • Madam

      That’s because T-Mobile Headquarters are located on the West Coast, so they follow PST/PDT.  Why make a mountain out of a molehill?

  • Lisa Anderson Simon

    I want to see George Zimmerman’s cell phone calls that night around that time. I want to know if he called anyone else besides non-emergency or 911.

    • Chéri Elaine AxiomAmnesia Prac

      Me too! I want to see them for the entire day of, and at least two days following…

      • Ladyloree621

        I want to see his and taaffe for about 1 month prior and at leat 2 weeks after!!!

    • Madam

      Me too for a few hours preceding, up to the time he went to jail the first time.

    • TruthSeeker

      W13 said when he walked up, right after the shooting, GZ “sounded” like he was on the phone. Which is why – he says – he asked GZ if he needed him to call 911. George replied that he just got off the phone with them.

  • Jill88

    why don’t they have Zimmerman’s phone records because OMara said he wanted his client’s phone records listed as private because of text messages where he makes disparaging remarks about those rallying for Martin and Martin’s attorneys or civil rights leaders.  Why don’t they have his phone records?  Like some have stated there may also be relevant calls made prior to and post the murder.

  • Preston Shuman

    That T-Moblie phone record from Crump Is A FAKE. Its nothing more than a copy and Paste from the sign on screen . The bill date is jan to feb 24. The pages are not numbered. The font size is not right. Its not printed from the formatted print screen. And Wait for it ……. They live in FLA Fla is on Eastern Time Zone not (pst/pdt) Pacific Time zone as listed on that fake T-Mobilephone record

  • Trayvon Angel

    Preston really George fucking Preston? 17 days ago in October of 2012 you are questioning TM’s cell phone billing released so long ago we are getting older by the day from it. You fucking asshole get the fuck off youtube it’s sad and pathetic you continue to doctor documents and send them to the smallest minds actually only 1 your big wife. T mobile’s billing cycle is for whenever you started the service but then again fat shit yours was simple mobile but we saw your texts racist fag.

  • Preston Shuman

    Ha ha ha I’m laughing at your reply. What an Idiot. I’m not George. I don’t hide behind a fake name. And using the word FAG is not cool, it is not cool when people use the word NIGGER and it’s not cool for you to use the word FAG.

  • YouSuck


  • Facts&Justice

    And you are the continuous problem repeating nonsense and discrediting anyone who doesn’t see it your way with verbal bullying laced with insults