Discovery Documents Part 1 – 183 pages (5/15/2012)

Discovery documents related to the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case released by Florida State Attorney's Office

On 5/15/2012, the Florida State Attorney’s Office/Special Prosecutor Angela Corey release the first batch of discovery documents to the media. Included are the original police reports, autopsy report, written witness statements, crime scene information and more.

You can view the 183-page PDF of the included documents below.

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Download George/Zimmerman Trayvon Martin Full Release Documents From Florida Prosecutor Angela Corey (PDF, 183 pages)

View George/Zimmerman Trayvon Martin Full Release Documents From Florida Prosecutor Angela Corey (PDF, 183 pages)

  • rjackson12

    Looking over this report they had already assumed that Martin was guilty some of the witness statements say otherwise, where is the black male who is listed as a witness and the person who wrote the four page statement, where was she on the trial. And the officers told the witnesses that Zimmerman was the one calling for help, and her statement said otherwise shame on florida shame i tell u

  • stormrung e

    This is a great site! Good job!

  • LH

    This s not the original report written by Michael Wagner. His first report said nothing about taking photos. This makes it look like he ooh them and made them aware of it right away when in fact, he did not mention photos he took until much later. These reports are making them look like they were much more thorough than they were. Also on GZ’s phone calls to SPD. Page 40 has name martin on it 2 times. Page 41 has info blacked out. Why? Could this have been Trayvon? Also noted Officer Smith was officer who responded to 2 previous calls George made so he knew exactly who he found by the body.

  • LH

    The very first reports I read about locating shell casing were a bit different than this.
    Officer Santiago said in his first report he saw Sgt. Ciesla recover an empty bullet casing in the grass after body had been removed.

    Sgt. Ciesla’s report says, he failing to find cartridge visually, he used a metal detector and put a marker where he got a tone. then he states that CST Smith told him she found casing just inches from where he put marker. That report says, CST Smith documented and recovered 9mm cart. case.

    A other thing, Serino’s report says “Det. T. Smith related statements made to him by Zimmerman were corroborated by several witnesses and he believed incident was possibly self defense. Of course he said that. He and George know each other well! He responded to the last 2 NEN calls George made not long before he made the final one.

  • MKP

    Why did Tracy Martin need to consult with his attornies in regard to the investigators wishing to obtain Trayvon’s cellphone PIN early in the investigation? Seems kinda odd to be interested in the events surrounding his son’s death (and yelling “cover up”) yet at the same time not wanting any and all stones to be turned over toward that goal.