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Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Case Court Documents – State v. Zimmerman (2012-CF-001083-A):

All Court Documents To Date Via Eighteenth Judicial Circuit (Updated 7/2013)

The following is a list of all court documents released by the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit in the matter of State v. Zimmerman (2012-CF-001083-A). Included are motions filed by the State (prosecution), motions filed by the defense, written rulings by the Judge, and other communications…More>>>

Defendant’s 3rd Supplemental Discovery (5/23/2013)

The following documents are the defendant’s 3rd Supplemental Discovery in Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. These records were released by the defense on 5/23/2013. Oncluded are texts, photos and video from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone. Note that the documents within this release are not necessarily admissible in court…More>>>

Discovery Documents Part 2 – 284 pages (7/12/2012)

On 7/12/2012, the Florida State Attorney’s Office/Special Prosecutor Angela Corey release the second batch of discovery documents to the media. Included are Florida State Attorney’s Office reports, witness reports, FBI reports, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Reports, and more…More>>>

Order Granting George Zimmerman Second Bond (7/5/2012)

Judge Kenneth Lester reinstated the bond of George Zimmerman on 7/5/2012, after having previously revoked it in connection with Zimmerman and his wife misleading the court about the money they had available in their account at the time of the original bond hearing on 4/20/2012. Review Judge Lester’s order setting bond below… More>>>

Order on The State’s Motion for Protective Order and the Media Intervener’s Motions to Intervene (6/13/2012)

Judge Kenneth Lester issued an order granting, in part, a motion filed by several media companies which sought the release of case evidence previously withheld from the public… More>>>

Capias To Charge Shellie Zimmerman With Perjury (6/12/2012)

A Capias was issued for Shellie Zimmerman on 6/12/2012. She was arrested and released the same day for perjury in connection with lies she told about the money she and her husband, George Zimmerman, had available to them at the time of his bond hearing on April 20th… More>>>

Motion To Revoke George Zimmerman’s Bond (6/1/2012)

The State Prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case filed a motion to revoke the bond of George Zimmerman for lying to the court about having a second passport, and also for lying about having access to funds that could be put toward his bond. Zimmerman and his wife were recorded having coded conversations… More>>>

Discovery Documents Part 1 – 183 pages (5/15/2012)

On 5/15/2012, the Florida State Attorney’s Office/Special Prosecutor Angela Corey release the first batch of discovery documents to the media. Included are the original police reports, autopsy report, written witness statements, crime scene information and more…More>>>

  • oldsoldierboy

    I looked at the timelines in this case and realize it took a total of approximately 6 minutes and 6 seconds from the time GZ first called the police dispatcher to the first sounds of words and a scuffle. Then I went to gmaps and was able to determine the distance TM walked from where GZ first spotted him on retreat view circle to the spot where he was killed. It came up to approximately 940 feet (313 yards). The distance to twins trees lane 417 feet (139 yards). I then measured out 10 feet and I casually walked it. It took me 4 seconds which comes out to 4/10 of a second per foot. I then multiplied 4/10 by 940 feet and divided it by 60 to figure out the minutes and it came out to 6.26 which equals 6 minutes and 15 seconds. If you add approx. 10 to 15 seconds to the timeline that it would taken for GZ to pullover and call police and you’re literally on the total timeline. According to gmaps distance calculations, GZ killed TM as he was walking home by using a surprise attack. This explains why GZ can’t describe the run. There wasn’t any running by TM. Also, it would have taken TM approximately 2 minutes and 47 seconds to reach the clubhouse where GZ was parked near Twin Trees Lane. Yet 58 seconds into the NEC GZ says TM is “coming towards me”. Really? TM would have been no where near the club house at that point. 2 minutes and 5 seconds into the NEC GZ says “Sh!t he’s running”. TM would still have been 25 to 40 seconds shy of the club house at that point. GZ said in the reenactment video that TM was on the T sidewalk when he ran. Absolutely no way. One thing I know with 100% certainty is that GZ was at the clubhouse during the entire NEC. GZ NEC lasted 4 minutes and 6 seconds. TM would have walked between 614 to 634 feet by this point which would put him between 97 to 127 feet east of the first curve on Twin Trees Lane. This is what I believe happens next. GZ ends the NEC after asking the dispatcher to contact him when they get there. GZ then hurries to his truck and turns onto Twin Trees Ln and passes TM as he’s walking eastward. GZ then parks his truck in front of the T sidewalk and waits for TM to walk past his truck (GZ: He circled my vehicle). TM walks onto the T and GZ gets out of his truck and follows him at a distance. GZ with the benefit of lighting from Retreat View Circle ahead sees TM make a right down the stem of the T and loses sight of him behind the building. GZ then vacates the sidewalk and runs to the NE corner of the building standing next to the row of bushes and looks around the corner. (That’s right GZ. It was you who came out of the bushes). GZ then runs and confronts TM while holding his flashlight in his left hand and his gun pointed at TM in his right and says “what are you doing here”? Startled TM turns around to see GZ standing in front of him with his gun drawn. TM then instinctively punches GZ in the nose and turns to runs but stumbles and falls landing on his back. GZ then jumps on top of him and TM begins using his arms to try and fend GZ off. TM then and starts yelling for help as GZ (who needs TM to shut up) starts saying “STFU” “I’m going to kill you”. GZ eventually gets control of TMs arms and shoots him in the chest.
    The timelines: 7:09:34 start of NEC; 7:10:32 Coming towards me; 7:10:56 Coming to check me out; 7:11:39 Shit He’s running; 7:11:46 Opens car door; 7:12:06 TM answers girlfriend incoming call; 7:13:40 GZ NEC ends; 7:15:40 Words & Scuffle; 7:16 TM phone call ends; 7:16:45 Gunshot

    • oldsoldierboy

      Here is extra analysis to support my belief to what I feel happened that night. On recording #4 at around 9:50 Det Serino bluffs Zimmerman saying There’s a possibility that whatever happened is on video tape”. That apparently raised some red flags in Zimmerman’s mind as to what Det Sernio may have seen or will see on the clubhouse security videos. The following are the answers Zimmerman gave later that day at the scene when they questioned him as to where he was at at different points of the NEC (Recording #6)”: At :41 of NEC, GZ: “He’s starring at all the houses and now he’s just starring at me”. Detective: Where are you at right now? GZ: I’m at the clubhouse. At 1:03 of NEC, GZ: “He has his hands in his waste band”. Detective: Where are you at now? GZ: “I think I’m still at the clubhouse. At 1:13 of NEC, GZ:”I believe he’s a black male late teens”. Detective: Have you moved yet? GZ: I don’t think so. At 1:25 of NEC, GZ: “He has something in his hands. I don’t know what his deal is”. Detective: Are you still at the clubhouse? GZ: I don’t remember. REALLY? There isn’t but so many places he could be. At 1:46 of NEC, GZ is giving the dispatcher directions. The detective finally forces his hand: You’re definitely not at the clubhouse are you? GZ: No. Detective: Are you all moving? GZ: No, I was PARKED where I could see him. Translation: I’m still at the clubhouse. Better hurry up GZ because after you finish giving the dispatcher directions you got three seconds to drive to the T before you get out of your truck. At 3:20 of NEC, Dispatcher: “What address are you parked in front of? GZ: I don’t know. It’s a cut through. REALLY? If he’s really at the cut through, there are several houses with an address right there in front of him. Instead he resorts to giving out his home address and we know he doesn’t want to do that. These are additional reasons why I believe GZ is not at the T (i.e. cut through) but instead is at the clubhouse. Lastly, even with earphones on, you never hear him put his truck in drive. You never hear the sound of his truck moving. You clearly hear when he opens his door and when his truck beeps warning him that his keys are still in the ignition. This also indicates that he never moved his truck from the clubhouse until after he ends the NEC.

      • oldsoldierboy

        Finally, the thought that TM spent 2 minutes running away from GZ only to turn around an attack him is preposterous. Especially when you consider that TM was still talking on his cell phone. Also ludicrous is the thought that TM ran away from a “scary” GZ as he sat parked in his truck with windows rolled up talking on his cell phone. How many times have you walked past a person sitting parked in their automobile and found the situation so scary that you ran away? Answer: Never. Use your heads and think for once in your lives. I could understand TM running if GZ stepped out of his truck with a Freddie Krueger outfit on complete with bladed nails or if he was leaning out his truck window making verbal threats but this isn’t what happened. My belief is that TM saw GZ’s truck and never gave it a second thought. Besides TM wasn’t on his way home from a burglary or some other crime. He had no reason to run except to cross the street.

        • Pookie

          OMG! Your the guy who would of been loving life in Salem doing what ever it took to kill witches.
          Oh, the cop told Zimmerman that the whole altercation was caught on tape, the same cop testified that Zimmerman was relieved when hearing that there was a tape. That cop was the one who wanted to charge Zimmerman but in his court testimony that cop says Zimmerman was consistent every time with his details of that night and that e believes Zimmerman is innocent

          • Pookie

            and that cop told the FBI he felt pressured to charge Zimmerman and he didn’t want to

          • oldsoldierboy

            That cop also said GZ could be a pathological liar but it’s obvious why GZ wasn’t arrested and eventually walked. It’s because non of them are able to think outside the box like I can. This case has convinced me to become a detective.

          • Pookie Ray

            Well someone has an active imagination. Do all your math when Trayvon runs down the center towards his dads new girl friends house just 70 yards away. Now look at the time Zimmerman is told that they did not need him to do that until he gets off the phone. Can you run 70 yards in that time? Run not walk since George and Trayvons girlfriend both say he was running.

          • oldsoldierboy

            Wow, it took you 3 years to come back with this weak, easily debunked, overused lie. Lol

            Here are 6 facts about the Trayvon Martin-Zimmerman case most don’t accept or refuse to believe.

            1. Trayvon was killed while casually walking home via surprise attack. (It’s the real reason why Zimmerman couldn’t describe the run and Trayvon never went home).

            2. Both sides lied during trial. (I agree with the Martin family. A frightened teen running from his creepy crakr stalker & killer looks good on paper towards a conviction). The strategy backfired because it made Zimmerman’s lies sound more believable. Especially all the lying about Trayvon running.

            3. Trayvon answered Jeantel phone call 26 seconds after Zimmerman said he ran.

            Question: Why debate running from the creepy crakr when you’re ALREADY RUNNING from the creepy crakr?

            Watch as Zimmerman’s attorney grills her over the fact she never mentioned Trayvon saying the phrase in any of her prior statements.

            Watch “Rachel Jeantel creepy crakr on the internet.

            4. Zimmerman got out of his truck at the Clubhouse not the T-sidewalk and his phone call was a premeditated plot of lies to setup murder. He was determined Trayvon wasn’t going to “always get away”.

            5. Zimmerman admitted on tape that he never ran after Trayvon but it sounded like he was running because it was windy. (@ 10:26 Rec #6)

            6. It was Zimmerman who came out of the Bushes and attacked Trayvon. Trayvon didn’t even know Zimmerman was following him until he was attacked.

            All of these facts are on Recording #6 on the link below.


          • Pookie Ray

            I thought maybe after a few years went by somebody would be able to defend Trayvon’s side with out making up things or putting their feelings into the story they make up to make their opinion right.
            Now lets start off with your attempt to make your opinion be right by saying ” Here are 6 Facts.”
            Fact 1. Trayvon was killed while sitting on top of Zimmerman dropping elbows down on him MMA style as reported by witness #2
            witness #1 was a young boy walking his dog who also testified that the guy in light colored shirt was beating up on the guy in the dark jacket.
            So much for your facts but lets start off with real facts.
            So Zimmerman see’s a suspicious guy standing in the yard at the 1460 Retreat View Circle and continues to drive to the Club House which is 1111 Retreat view Circle where he pulls over and parks. So 1460 – 1111 = 3 blocks. So while Zimmerman is parked and on the phone who happened to have followed him? Trayvon.
            See when it really happens it is then a fact.
            Now if Zimmerman was out hunting black kids you would think that he would have had a throw away gun or knife to plant on his black target after shooting him multiple times. You would have thought that at the moment he tells the dispatcher he’s reaching for something under his jacket Zimmerman would have shot him several times right then.
            Now your #2 “fact” is kind of hard to imagine you believe this. So your saying Trayvon never ran that he just walked so that means when he “walked ” by Zimmerman and Zimmerman got out and ran after him… Listen to 2:07 when he says he is running and then pay close attention to what is said for the next 2 minutes… Did you hear it? Zimmerman wasn’t running the whole 2 minutes, he might have jogged for the 20 seconds you can obviously tell he was moving faster then a brisk walk but not fast enough to be out of breath.
            Now what part of the trial did Zimmerman’s side lie about? I think the biggest lies came from that supposed girlfriend of Trayvon’s followed by his parents saying it was Trayvon screaming for help. We all know why Tracey changed his mind after saying it wasn’t his son, that million dollar out of court settlement.
            So your #3 “fact” isn’t a fact at all unless your saying the 26 seconds after he took off running he answered his phone is your fact. Lets go with that. So the average high school runner runs 100 yards around 10 seconds. Trayvon was a football player. Traceys new girlfriend lived down that walk way, 70 yards to the back gate. Now if Trayvon was not running as you said then why would he answer his cell phone when she calls back considering Zimmerman didn’t know where he was at it is possible the ringing or the conversation would have.
            Your number 4 is even funnier. So the truck was parked at the club house you say. Then how did it get down to the mailbox’s? Then the best part, he was determined Trayvon wasn’t always going to get away… So ummm, how many times had Zimmerman chased Trayvon?
            5 is correct
            Number 6 is just as funny, so after 2 minutes of a head start Zimmerman managed to get ahead of him and hid in a bush?? Really??
            So can you point out what bush he was hiding behind?

          • oldsoldierboy

            3. Trayvon answered Jeantel phone call 26 seconds after Zimmerman said he ran.

            Question: Why debate running from the creepy crakr when you’re ALREADY RUNNING from the creepy crakr?

            Watch as Zimmerman’s attorney grills her over the fact she never mentioned Trayvon saying the phrase in any of her prior statements.

            Watch “Rachel Jeantel creepy crakr on the internet.

            A) Jeantel’s testimony: “Trayvon answered the phone and told me that he’s WALKING and being WATCHED by a creepy asz crakr sitting in his truck”. The trial testimony used to confirm the timelines confirms that her testimony is false. Even you agree that she’s a liar.

            6. It was Zimmerman who came out of the Bushes and attacked Trayvon. Trayvon didn’t even know Zimmerman was following him until he was attacked.

            B) reference my original comment for which bushes.

  • ladyloree621

    Do you expet to put another discovery dump on the site soon?

  • I have a brain

    Reviewing the 711 video when Trayvon was purchasing his items, he was shown to be left hand dominane

  • TruthSeeker

    Do you guys have the motions filed by the Prosecutor?  I think there’s valuable info in there about how GZ changed his statements to police… and how they are not consistent with evidence.

    see below:

    Please read the article…it says Prosecutors have emails, texts and journal entries from GZ…and, that Sanford police has received numerous racially charged messages about the case

    The court filing offered no details about the statements Zimmerman
    made to police or other law enforcement officials. It said Florida’s
    public records law had no provision requiring “the disclosure of a
    confession” of a defendant.

    “The state asserts that this provision includes an admission of a
    defendant that could be used against him at trial,” the filing said.

  • Guest

    Where is George’s wallet?  There is talk he was going to, or coming from the store.  When you go to the store you take your wallet.  A bag with 2 quarters was taken from GZ as evidence…but no wallet, that I can see.

    Possibly, it’s been redacted.

  • Guest

    fyi: right-dominant blood flow from ME report means Trayvon was right-handed.

    The tiny abrasion on his ring finger was on the LEFT!

    You can’t hurt someone by throwing punches with your non-dominant hand!

  • Guest

    Re bail hearing:

    Does anyone know of a racial slur “two fork marks”?   De la Rionda asked detective Gilbreath about Zimmerman’s statements to police about Trayvon and the men he felt were burglarizing the neighborhood..  He said Zimmerman used that language when describing Martin & suspects..

    I can’t find a clean, complete transcript of the bail hearing.  Can’t find the full video either..

  • Jadsavage

    Yes, two forks marks means….two marks a fork makes when you use it as a tool to pry open the windows criminals use for breaking in homes, like the tools Trayvon had in his backpack..DUH

  • Shelbster

    Where is part 1 of the discovery documents released on 7/12? I only see part 2

  • Urheartdontlye

    Is there anything listed on this cite about GZ laptop and what was found on it?

  • towerflower

    TM had a screwdriver in his backpack and he still hasn’t been charged with any crime.

  • Nancy Benefiel

    Isn’t everyone with a screwdriver and some junk jewelry in their backpack a criminal?

  • weofpwjpkmpew

    Any trained fighter, and many untrained fighters, can throw knockout punches with either hand.

  • Almafulu

    The video of Trayvon is the store buying skittles shows him to be Left handed.

  • love

    I send my love to all parties involved and everyone affected.

  • Pookie

    By the way Trayvon was dropping elbows down on Zimmeran. As one of the witnesses who saw TM on top of GZ described, TM was dropping ebows MMA style (I don’t remember the exact wording but covers the general)

  • Pookie

    Everyone doesn’t have multiple womens weddings bands, mens watches, and gold chains in their backpack at school with a large screwdriver and a plastic bag that had weed in it but it couldn’t be stolen cause he stated he was holding it for a friend and he wouldn’t say who.