Bank Statements

George and Shellie Zimmerman's bank statements submitted as evidence that they had over at least $135K while claiming indigence to the court during bond hearing

The following documents are the bank records associated with the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. These records were released on 6/18/2012 as part of the States documentation to support George Zimmerman’s revocation of bond and Shellie Zimmerman’s perjury charge for lying about their finances during a 4/20/2012 bond hearing. They represented themselves as indigent, when in fact they had access to well over $100K received as donations through a website George Zimmerman set up prior to his arrest in connection with second-degree murder charges for the 2/26/2012 killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

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  • jazzy

    These are large amounts of money so im pretty sure the people who donated are all racist in disguise. They had no evidence that this guy killed in self defense but automatically sided with zimmerman because he killed a black child. Im willing to bet if GZ killed a 17yr old white boy he would not have gotten the same praises he is receiving. White America enjoys when blacks are killed just like they did when the racist, KkK cops enjoyed lynching, beaten and abusing blacks and they ultimately destroyed the black culture.

  • daniel cucich

    When the state charges you with murder, yes, it will cost you your job-and yeah you still have to pay bills, PLUS legal fees.

    Whats your problem? he was found not guilty.
    he should sue State of Fla-but guess what? They are immune from law suits-so they can wreck your life wit reckless charges and walk away laughing while you are broke and unemployed.

    FYI the same DA, Angela “Nifong” Corey also framed Marissa Alexander-but nobody donated to her-which is a shame

  • tom.

    jesus, where did he get 100k from?

  • vashati

    Wow, paid all of his bills with donation money. A reward for killing an innocent child.