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Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Case Documents:

Court Documents

This page is a repository of all of the court documents associated with the prosecution of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin. The case discovery documents are the most recent… More>>>

Police Reports

This page serves as a repository of police reports related to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. The original Sanford Police report of the shooting, Retreat at Twin Lakes Burglary Reports, and other reports are included… More>>>

Press Releases

This page services as a repository of press releases and other official communications regarding the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. The communications are from the Sanford Police Department, City of Sanford Florida, Florida State Attorney’s Office, and others… More>>>

Neighborhood Watch

The following documents are the neighborhood watch education and instructions distributed by the Sanford Police Department. These were the guidelines in place at the time of the Trayvon Martin shooting. During that time, George Zimmerman was the chairperson of the Retreat at Twin Lakes Homeowners Association, serving as the contact person if there were incidents in the neighborhood that required police intervention. Residents were told to contact Zimmerman if they were unable to contact police about their concerns… More>>>

Phone Records

The following documents are the phone records associated with the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Records include Trayvon Martin, as provided by his father (Tracy Martin) to the media via his attorney Benjamin Crump and George Zimmerman’s 911 call history… More>>>

Bank Statements

The following documents are the bank records associated with the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. These records were released on 6/18/2012 as part of the States documentation to support George Zimmerman’s revocation of bond and Shellie Zimmerman’s perjury charge for lying about their finances during a 4/20/2012 bond hearing… More>>>

  • oldsoldierboy

    With the anniversary of the trial upon us it’s time for the truth.

    TM case solved: To solve this case you first have to step outside the box. Subplot # 1 of 3. A frightened teen running from his creepy stalker and killer looks good on paper towards a conviction but the reality is there’s only 3 possible scenarios.

    1. TM ran and a speedy GZ chased him down and killed him.

    2. TM ran and then came back an attacked GZ even though GZ was to slow to catch him.

    3. TM didn’t run because he had no reason to and never realized he was being followed.

    I’ll take scenario # 3.

    It’s the real reason GZ attacked TM in the dark while holding a working flashlight in his hand (Recording #3 @ 2:50) and (Recording #5 @ 1:38). The element of surprise was still on his side. Clubhouse video also confirmed that somebody flashlight was on as they walked along the east perimeter of the building.

    NEC timeline:

    7:09:34 start of NEC

    7:10:32 He’s coming towards me

    7:10:56 He’s coming to check me out

    7:11:40 He’s running (nobody runs from a man sitting in a parked truck who’s talking on his cell phone with windows rolled up) When is the last time you found this situation scary enough to run from? Answer: never

    7:11:46 GZ opens truck door

    7:12:06 TM answers Jeantel’s incoming call 26 seconds AFTER GZ claimed he was running.

    Question? Why discuss whether or not to run from the creepy K when you’re ALREADY RUNNING from the creepy K. This is the contradiction that seals the case.

    7:13:40 GZ ends NEC

    7:15:40 Words & Scuffle

    7:16:06 TM phone call ends

    7:16:45 Gunshot (GZ head allegedly gets bashed over 50 times in a fight that last 65 seconds)

    Time timeline:

    4:06 – Total time of GZ NE Call

    2:00 – Time lapse between end of NEC and first sounds of confrontation

    0:10 – Estimated time it took GZ to pull over and call the police

    6:16 Total

    Distance timeline:

    940 Ft – Approximate footage TM traveled from point he was first spotted by GZ until the confrontation.

    4/10 of a second per foot. TMs estimated casual walking speed

    940 multiplied by 4/10 divided by 60 seconds equals 6.27 or 6 minutes and 16 seconds

    6:16 Total

    400 Ft – Approximate footage TM traveled to reach the clubhouse.

    2:06 plus 0:10 equals 2:16 or 2.27 multiplied by 60 divided by 4/10 equals 341 Ft (Estimated distance TM traveled when GZ first claimed he’s running.

    4:06 plus 0:10 equals 4:16 or 4.27 multiplied by 60 divided by 4/10 equals 641 Ft (Estimated distance TM traveled by the time GZ ended his NEC).

    Maps, mathmatics, and timelines confirm GZ killed TM as he was walking home by surprise attack. This is the real reason why GZ CAN’T DESCRIBE THE RUN.

    GZ ANSWERS CONFIRM THE TIMELINES: On recording #4 at 9:50 Det Serino bluffs GZ saying “There’s a possibility that whatever happened is on video tape”. This caused GZ to become extremely concerned about what Det Sernio will see on the clubhouse security videos. The following is what you get when you take the original call and merge it with the answers GZ gave later that day when they questioned him as to where he was at at different points of the non emergency call (Recording #6)”:

    At 0:41 GZ: “He’s starring at all the houses”. Detective: Where are you at right now? GZ: I’m at the clubhouse.

    At 1:03 GZ: “He has his hands in his waste band”. Detective: Where are you at now? GZ: “I think I’m still at the clubhouse.

    At 1:13 GZ: “I believe he’s a black male late teens”. Detective: Have you moved yet? GZ: I don’t think so.

    At 1:25 GZ: “He has something in his hands”. Detective: Are you still at the clubhouse? GZ: I don’t remember. REALLY? There isn’t but so many places he could be.

    At 1:46 GZ is giving the dispatcher directions. The detective finally forces his hand: You’re definitely not at the clubhouse are you? GZ: No. Detective: Are you all moving? GZ: No, I was PARKED WHERE I COULD SEE HIM. Translation: I’m still at the clubhouse. Detective: Are you’ll moving slow or something? Yes they are detective. Casual walking speed slow. Better hurry up GZ because after you finish giving the dispatcher directions you got 3 seconds to drive to the T before you get out of your truck.

    At 2:06 GZ: “He’s running”. Problem: GZ told police TM was at the cut through (i.e. T) when he ran. For this to be true TM had to casually walk over 300 yards (3 football fields) in approximately 2 minutes and 16 seconds. Proof that GZ call is a premeditated plot for murder.

    At 3:20 Dispatcher: “What address are you parked in front of? GZ: I don’t know. It’s a cut through. REALLY? If he’s really at the cut through, there are several houses with an address right there in front of him. Instead he commits the forbidden sin of giving out his home address before giving the dispatcher (you guessed it) the clubhouse address.

    This is what happens next. GZ ends the NEC, hurries to his truck, turns onto Twin Trees Ln, and passes TM as he’s walking eastward. GZ then parks his truck in front of the T sidewalk and waits for TM to walk past his truck (GZ: He circled my truck). TM walks onto the T and GZ gets out of his truck and follows him at a distance. GZ with the benefit of lighting from Retreat View Circle ahead sees TM make a right down the stem of the T and loses sight of him behind the building. GZ then vacates the sidewalk and runs to the NE corner of the building standing next to the row of bushes and looks around the corner. GZ it was you. YOU’RE THE ONE WHO CAME OUT OF THE BUSHES.

    to be continued…….

    • oldsoldierboy

      Subplot #2 of 3. Jonathan Good is a possible co-conspirator. He wrote that as the ground fight escalated it moved ONTO the sidewalk while GZ story is it moved OFF the sidewalk. Sounds like it was coordinated but they got it backwards. The ground fight ended up several feet away from the sidewalk yet Good’s statement indicates the fight moved further away from where it ended up. Something is definitely wrong here and it seems that he mentions the sidewalk to help validate GZs version of the story. If there was a ground fight on the sidewalk, some evidence would’ve been found on it. Instead everything was found in the grass going toward the direction of Trayvon’s body. Evidence doesn’t lie. There’s more problems with Good statement.

      1. He didn’t realize TM was a black male until a courageous neighbor came out and shined a flashlight onto his body as Mr. Good cowardly hide at his upstairs window (Listen to his 911 call). It’s impossible to determine who has the lighter skin when you only know the ethnicity of one person. For all Mr. Good knew it could have been two light skinned males out there fighting. And this is only if you assume he realized GZ was light skinned.

      2. Both TM and GZ were fully clothed with TM wearing the lighter clothes. TM had on light tan pants. Under darkness of night TM would actually be the lighter person because of the clothes he was wearing. Good says the person on top had on a dark jacket but apparently he didn’t notice those light tan pants. Looking out into the darkness the light color clothing would have caught his eye not dark clothing. By the way, TMs light tan pants wasn’t publicized in the news like his hoodie was. Is Mr. Good simply going off what was already well known?

      3. On the written statement Good goes from not seeing much and not noticing the person underneath to describing everything about the person underneath including red jacket, light colored shirt, and light skin.

      4. Mr. Good said he looked outside and yelled for them to stop then ran to call 911. On his 911 call he states that someone fired a shot and notice there is no screaming in the background. TM was already dead by the time he got on the phone. This is validation that he caught the tail end of the confrontation and didn’t get to see much.

      5. Good didn’t walk outside. He claim he opened the door and looked outside.

      Sadly a kid gets killed and the police department doesn’t even bother to get written witness statements until almost a month later and only after pressure from the community. That’s not right at all.

      Subplot #3 of 3. On Jennifer Lauer’s infamous 911 call at the 1:30 mark her husband Jeremy can be heard in the background saying “He Warned me he’d shoot’em”. The connection. Jennifer, Jeremy, and Zimmerman were members of the HOA. Apparently, GZ who was tired of them ALWAYS GETTING AWAY warned the HOA that he was going to shoot the next suspect.

  • oldsoldierboy

    ZIMMERMAN CASE SOLVED: I studied the timelines in this case and realize it took a total of (6 minutes and 6 seconds) from the time GZ first called the police until the first sounds of a scuffle. Then I went to gmaps and was able to determine the distance TM walked from where GZ first spotted him on retreat view circle to the spot where he was killed. It equaled approximately 940 feet (313 yards). I then measured out 10 feet and walked it at a casual pace. It took me 4 seconds which comes out to 4/10 of a second per foot. I then multiplied 4/10 by 940 feet and divided it by 60 to figure out the minutes and it equaled 6.26 (just over 6 minutes and 15 seconds). If you add the approximate 10 seconds it would’ve taken for GZ to pullover and call police and you’re literally on the total timeline. Using Gmaps distance calculations and established timelines confirms GZ killed TM as he was walking home by surprise attack.

    GZ ANSWERS CONFIRM THEORY: On recording #4 at around 9:50 Det Serino bluffs Zimmerman saying There’s a possibility that whatever happened is on video tape”. That apparently raised some red flags in Zimmerman’s mind as to what Det Sernio may have seen or will see on the clubhouse security videos.

    The following are the answers Zimmerman gave later that day at the scene when they questioned him as to where he was at at different points of the non emergency call (NEC) (Recording #6)”:

    At :41 of NEC, GZ: “He’s starring at all the houses and now he’s just starring at me”. Detective: Where are you at right now? GZ: I’m at the clubhouse.

    At 1:03 of NEC, GZ: “He has his hands in his waste band”. Detective: Where are you at now? GZ: “I think I’m still at the clubhouse.

    At 1:13 of NEC, GZ:”I believe he’s a black male late teens”. Detective: Have you moved yet? GZ: I don’t think so.

    At 1:25 of NEC, GZ: “He has something in his hands. I don’t know what his deal is”. Detective: Are you still at the clubhouse? GZ: I don’t remember. REALLY? There isn’t but so many places he could be. At 1:46 of NEC, GZ is giving the dispatcher directions. The detective finally forces his hand: You’re definitely not at the clubhouse are you? GZ: No. Detective: Are you all moving? GZ: No, I was PARKED WHERE I COULD SEE HIM. Translation: I’m still at the clubhouse.

    Better hurry up GZ because after you finish giving the dispatcher directions you got 1 second to drive to the T before you get out of your truck. And yes east pool hall video catches GZ as he walks past the east exit door with his flashlight on pretending to do security check along the perimeter of the building.

    At 3:20 of NEC, Dispatcher: “What address are you parked in front of? GZ: I don’t know. It’s a cut through. REALLY? If he’s really at the cut through (i.e. T), there are several houses with an address right there in front of him. Instead he temporarly resorts to giving out his home address and we all know he hates doing that before finally using the clubhouse address. This is proof that GZ is NOT at the T sidewalk but instead is at the clubhouse.

    This is what happens next. GZ ends the NEC after asking the dispatcher to contact him when they get there because he now needs to move. GZ then hurries to his truck and turns onto Twin Trees Ln and passes TM as he’s walking eastward. GZ then parks his truck in front of the T sidewalk and waits for TM to walk past his truck (GZ: He circled my truck and walked into the darkness). TM walks onto the T and GZ gets out of his truck and follows him at a distance. GZ with the benefit of lighting from Retreat View Circle ahead sees TM make a right down the stem of the T and loses sight of him behind the building. GZ then vacates the sidewalk and runs to the NE corner of the building standing next to the row of bushes and looks around the corner. GZ it was you. YOU’RE THE ONE WHO CAME OUT OF THE BUSHES. GZ unholsters his gun then runs towards TM. As he runs, he injuries the crown of his head passing under a small tree branch. He then aims his gun at TM (Jeremy Lauer: He warned me he’d shoot him) and says “What are you doing here”? Startled TM turns around to see GZ standing in front of him with his gun drawn. TM then instinctively punches GZ in the nose and turns to run but stumbles and falls landing on his back in the grass. GZ then jumps on top of him and TM begins using his arms to try and fend GZ off. TM then starts yelling for help as GZ (who needs TM to shut up) starts saying “shut the…. up” “I’m going to kill you”. GZ eventually gets control of TMs arm and shoots him in the chest.

    There was no ground and pound on the sidewalk. Jonathan Good is a possible co-conspirator. At the end of his written statement (which was given 3 weeks after TM was killed) he said “as the ground fight escalated it moved (ONTO the sidewalk) he then went inside to call the police”. GZ version is that the ground fight moved (OFF the sidewalk). Sounds like it was coordinated but they got it backwards. Besides, why even mention this unless you’re trying to validate GZ version of what happened? There is no evidence there was a ground fight on the sidewalk at all.

  • suedanim

    Question: Was Dr. DiMiao allowed to use any notes during trial? We know Dr. Bao was not allowed to use notes.


    My name was Antonio West. I was the 13-month old child who was shot in the face at point blank range by two black teens, who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot.

    I think my murder and my mommy’s wounding made the news for maybe a day, and then disappeared.

    A Grand Jury of my mommy’s peers from Brunswick, Georgia ruled the black teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty… too bad it was me who got the death sentence from my killers instead, because Mommy didn’t have the money they demanded.

    See, my family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder wasn’t ruled a ‘hate crime’.

    Oh, and President Obama didn’t take a single moment to acknowledge my murder. He couldn’t have any children who could possibly look like me – so why should he care?

    I’m one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s history, but the media didn’t care to cover the story of my being killed in cold blood.

    There isn’t a white equivalent of Al Sharpton, because if there was he would be branded a ‘racist’. So no one’s rushing to Brunswick, Georgia to demonstrate and demand ‘justice’ for me. There’s no ‘White Panther’ party, either, to put a bounty on the lives of the two black teens who murdered me.

    I have no voice, I have no representation, and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.

    Isn’t this a great country?

    So while you’re out seeking ‘justice for Trayvon’, please remember to seek ‘justice’ for me. Tell your friends about me, tell you families, get tee-shirts with my face on them, and make the world pay attention, just like you did for Trayvon.

    I won’t hold my breath.


    • rjackson12

      the same way we feel about the tm situation, dead people can not talk and it is apparent somebody is lying and not just the girl on the phone

    • gbpuzzler

      FYI: George Zimmerman also never faced death penalty charges in the shooting of Trayvon Martin – even though, unlike the teen convicted for shooting Antonio Santiago, he was an adult at the time of the killing.

      In addition, the two teens accused in the shooting were quickly arrested and charged, and the older of the two convicted of the crime – even though there is some doubt whether the two teens were the actual killers. In contrast, George Zimmerman was for quite a while not arrested or charged, even though he was known to be the killer. So you see, unlike with Trayvon Martin, there actually was no need for people to go out demanding justice for Antonio Santiago.

  • Will Simon

    how about his facebook and twitter? why is that not on this “evidence” site? why aren’t you showing that trayvon was a drug dealer and had a violent temper?

    • Lika564

      You are crazy and bored: the worst combination. You sound like Don West in his “defense” of GZ. Recall, please: GZ is the one who had to take anger management classes in order to get a deferred adjudication of his assault (for the second time) of a law enforcement agent. Recall, please: His ex-fiancé and he were taking counseling to help him with HIS anger/violent tendencies. Recall, Please: She filed a restraining order on him for assaulting her and her dog. He filed one back on her b/c he’s juvenile. (Oh, and read his MySpace if it’s still available in which he states he sic’d his sister and someone else on his ex-fiancé for filing on him). Remember, Please: He raped and bullied his cousin for years. TM: graffiti, truancy (I KNOW you skipped class b/c you write like someone who missed a few lessons in school and life); and an empty baggie with marijuana residue in it. These are not violent crime offenses. I never met a violent weed smoker. Graffiti? Usually done when alone. Truancy? Not violent. I would suspect you of being a drug or alcohol user if for no reason than you hang around “Black” blogs. Where is the documentation of TM beating up a school bus driver such as a suspension or at least being restricted from riding the bus???? You could have written that as well as I could have. Note that your defense has not produced this person nor the Black boys he “mentored”. Mentoring is not tutoring: I think GZ’s time “mentoring” the black teens (if he was) was community service. He kept calling or complaining about Black males and this was his punishment to force humility on him and possibly teach him that the ppl he keeps calling on are not as concerned with him and his world as he liked to imagine. We’ll see what they bring up next week. How about GZ’s MySpace (Mexicans) Where did ZMurder get the idea that all young Black men are up to no good? Please. You need to talk to Shellie and tell GZ that he should have invested the little money he had to purchasing those penis enlargement creams or pills. I’m done with you. I think, at this point, that you are a mole attempting to obtain information for the defense to attempt to use in trial. You have nothing left but to play on the fears of White Americans so inclined. The facts and forensics indicate that GZ is ZMurder. Are we to believe that TM’s blood washed away but all the white ppl involved’s blood sticked? If TM pressed his arm or hands against GZ’s nose and mouth after turning on GZ’s lights with a punch, why was there no blood on the boy’s hands or sweat top sleeve but there is on GZ’s? GZ was just too stupid or just didn’t have enough time to plant some blood, I guess, or TM was a magic negro.

      • terry

        Non-violent? Seems he had a tendency to punch people. Also, let’s not forget his history of theft… And let’s also not forget that the home he was staring into (He took the time to step off the sidewalk, into the yard, and then stared at the home, and looked around him to see if anyone was watching) had also recently suffered robbery attempts… Hmmmm… Yep, this is what initially got Georges attention BTW – He knew the home Trayvon was staring into (In the dark no less) – Had recently suffered from attempted robberies. Sounds like a good neighbor to me – Wouldn’t you want someone watching out for your home if someone at night walks up into your yard off the street near your home staring at it, whilst looking around to see if anyone is watching?I sure as heck would.

        • rjackson12

          If he has a tendency to punch people where are the people to testify to this, there is not one, but there are three people who can say that zimmerman was violent, and molested people and he is labeled a model savior lol only in Floridfa

          • Pookie Ray

            Well considering one of the witnesses who saw Trayvon on top and Zimmerman yelling for help was black and just a teenage boy out walking his dog is now being threatened by other blacks and had to move of course no one would say Trayvon likes to fight but Trayvon said it, read his cell texts.
            Now who said George was violent and who did he molest?

        • gbpuzzler

          There has been no record or testimony that says that Martin had a tendency to punch people. He also had no history of theft. That was made up by the Zimmerman supporters. And contrary to at least one of Zimmerman’s statements, video evidence shows that he first saw Trayvon standing around by the clubhouse, not looking into the window of a home. And he wasn’t looking into windows after that, because he was busy running away.

      • terry

        Straight from Trayvons Twitter: “Stephen Martin tweeted a message to Trayvon on February 21st that read “yu ain’t tell me yu swung on a bus driver.” — Screen shots of the original tweet on Trayvons Twitter account are also available and easy to find online if you think these are “manufactured.”

        • Lika564

          You also believed the TM that was posted on the Gz supportive blogs was the murdered TM. That TM has tats all over his body. Not a fact of the murdered one. Well, this week, the defense gets to put on witnesses. I’ll shut up if they place this bus driver on and he states this to be a fact.

          • Will Simon

            this bitch is retarded. lol just going through old stuff. look at her STILL defending this thug who got shot even though someone presents that he was suspended for assaulting a bus driver. anger issiues on both sides of this confrontation here.

          • Lika564

            I guess it is you who has the anger issues. “Bitch”? Regardless of what you think of me, Georgie is well on his way to his fate.

          • gbpuzzler

            No, he wasn’t. According to his school records, he was suspended for writing on a school locker with a marker and for having marijuana residue in a baggie in his backpack. Nothing in his school record about him “swinging on” a bus driver, nor was he ever arrested for doing anything like that.

        • Lika564

          “You got me.” You got me to defend that when the fact is that (if it is true) has nothing to do with what George did that night. As your mascot, Mark “the ferret” O’Mara stated, we want to stick to those “7 minutes” that we know no one can attest to besides GZ.

          • Pablo

            Jeff Good already did so.

          • Lika564

            No, he didn’t. He gave a piece of what he saw. Others have said otherwise. It wasn’t a fluid fight – if it were a fight at all so Trayvon didn’t jump on GZ and stay there until he was shot anymore than GZ did not already have his gun drawn. We’ll have to wait for MOM or DW to make some more slips that you won’t acknowledge either.

      • Raymond Lara

        Your going to bring up GZs past, so George is out at a bar/club when he sees a guy pushing his friend around so he goes over and pushes back, turns out that guy was an undercover cop. The charges were reduced and then waived after he entered an alcohol education program. What anger management class? The X fiancé who admitted they were both physical with each other and they both filed restraining orders and both were granted then since the broke up after I have to ask, what anger management class? Of course we do have Trayvon who wanted to beat this guy up one more time because he didn’t bleed enough to satisfy him. He needed anger management

        • Lika564

          Your law-abiding citizen Georgie at a bar/club with an underage minor. Yup, more indications of his good judgment and he hadn’t even gotten to the officer yet. Anger Management classes are what the news has identified the course he had to take in order for the charge to be reduced. If you know it is an alcohol education program, then that’s what you know. BUT, why an alcohol management class? Was he drunk too? The woman did not admit to hitting him in such a way that a grown man would feel compelled to knock her in her mouth for blowing bubbles with her gum. Also, there is an instance where he was a bouncer at a party and he tossed a woman across the room. Of course, a big weak guy like George would be a bouncer at a party or bar and need to throw a woman across the room. I recognize that a lot of women these days seem to think they can go toe to toe with a man using their fists but I think a big-little, gentle, highly intelligent guy like George should be capable of handling women and children. How about turning off his mother’s electricity at the box and putting a lock on it? I’m sure he needed to protect her from using her electricity that he didn’t pay for. One more thing, why does he find a need to fight people for THEIR property? Recently, his father in law’s property and now the girlfriend’s house. That is the craziest thing for him to be barricading people out of their own homes. It brings to mind hermit crabs. In any event, George’s propensity for wanting to fist fight with women, children and male strangers doesn’t say something to you, at all? If George is such a mild mannered guy who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag according to the testimony he had to suffer, how is it that he has a past that incudes so much physicality with people? He’s also making me think of OJ Simpson. It would be so wild if he went like that: get away with murder (whether he did it directly or is aware of who did do it) and ends up in prison for a lesser charge.

          • Raymond Lara

            In 2005, Zimmerman, then 20, was arrested and charged with “resisting officer with violence” and “battery of law enforcement officer,” both which are third-degree felonies. The charge was reduced to “resisting officer without violence” and then waived when he entered an alcohol education program. Contemporaneous accounts indicate he shoved an officer who was questioning a friend for alleged underage drinking at an Orange County bar.


            Martin’s autopsy shows he had tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the active ingredient in marijuana, in his system

            So 20 year old George is at a bar and his friend is being questioned about underage drinking. So alcohol is legal if your over 21. Nothing says George was drinking and as far as I can see neither was his friend.
            So 17 year old Trayvon has weed in his system and plastic bag with residue. Pictures of him with multiple marijuana plants growing and smoking weed. Texts show he admitted to making Lean, planned on making more and was trying to buy cough syrup with codein.
            Now if the bar served food George could legally be there. At any age in Florida weed is illegal, growing illegal, smoking it is illegal, possession illegal, Lean is illegal and trying to buy prescription medicine is illegal.
            So its clear to me your Trayvon won this one hands down. Kind of ironic, if he just kept his hands down he would be alive today, well maybe alive today.

          • Lika564

            20 year old George is less responsible than just turned 17 year old Trayvon? 20 years old is not 21. George had no business in the bar either in that case. If he was not drinking of age of not, why did he need to attend an alcohol education class? If neither George or his friend were legally allowed to be in the bar, why were they there? George being an upstanding citizen who always follows the rules and demands others do the same?
            You accept that the photos you were shown on the Internet but not allowed into court were photos of plants Trayvon owns in one of his parent’s homes, but nothing that is documented in public records about George.
            If you recall, the medical examiner also testified that the amount of THC in Trayvon’s system was miniscule. If we also want to continue with medical research, marijuana does not cause people to go nuts and start fighting but Adderall and the other drug in George’s system do. Did you listen to the jailhouse calls where George whined about not having his medication? Have you read the statements of his girlfriend about his withdrawal symptoms (not her words)?
            Trayvon would be alive today if George had not killed him. He would be alive today if George was not tripping on his medication and upset that his wife left him to go home to her parents. I would go back even further and state that George would never had any serious problems if his parents had recognized his issues and stayed on it until he got the help he needed. It appears once he came of age, they were just happy to have him out of their home.
            It was not George’s right to harass another citizen until that citizen felt threatened. You would be a solid liar if you were to state that if a strange man of any race followed you through a neighborhood in his car and then on foot chasing you as you ran away that you would not realize you needed to defend yourself. I believe Trayvon hid and George searched for him with that flashlight, found him, perhaps grabbed at him but definitely demanded to know why he was there and Trayvon realized he was dealing with a creepy person who was mistaking him for someone else. Listen to the 911 call of Jenna Lauer. You can hear the person (Trayvon) ask twice (what’d I do?). Trayvon had just as much right to be in that neighborhood as George. He was not in the act of breaking in anywhere and George told you that. GZ told the 911 operator that TM was looking around and added other things to make it seem more serious b/c 911 had tired of his calls on anything Black that was male and breathed.
            If smoking weed or whatever you believe with a certainty Trayvon has ever done requires the death penalty, murder certainly does.
            We can go back and forth about it but it won’t change anything that has happened. I personally believe that GZ is guilty. He has stated so in so many interviews. He has lied publicly. That Hannity interview being the whipped cream on top of the walk-through video interview. George knows he is guilty. George, despite your support, has no where to go. All of the women in his life have left him homeless even his loving family. I don’t see Robert inviting him to live with him. No Ma’am. He was estranged from his family for a reason and they all know the truth and it is why Shellie and the girlfriend are scared of him also. He’ll end up in prison or dead himself.

          • gbpuzzler

            There is no law against having pictures of marijuana plants on your cell phone, and nothing to show that the plants in the pictures were his. There is also nothing to show that he had made Lean. That is another of many phony claims.

          • Pookie Ray

            Well since the first thing you said was either a straight out lie your wanting to tell or you just have no idea of what your talking about. You do know that there are places that are bars and because they serve food you can be in there

    • gbpuzzler

      Trayvon Martin’s Facebook and Twitter had been known to have been hacked long before the trial. And the reason that they haven’t shown Martin to be a drug dealer with a violent temper is that no evidence for these claims exists.

  • Star Lite

    I’m just wondering if anyone else caught George Zimmermans contradiction during the tape of the questioning of the police at the police station posted on YouTube, dated 2/27/2012? Scroll to 44.53 where after stating to the detective “the guy” as he called Trayvon was on top of him several time, he messes up and says the truth, he said “I was on him”‘.

    • doesntevenmatter

      He probably just fumbled over his words. There was never any evidence that suggested Zimmerman was on top of Martin at any point.

      • gbpuzzler

        On the contrary, several witnesses saw Zimmerman on top of Martin immediately after the shooting. He either was on top of him at the moment of the shooting, or pushed Martin off of him to get on top of him to search him, as he claimed.

        • doesntevenmatter

          Both autopsy reports put Martin on top of Zimmerman, there were not even several witnesses there, until the story went national. Now stop trolling me.

          • gbpuzzler

            I’m not trolling you. If you will look, I was looking through the message board and have been responding to several posters, not just to you. And you are wrong – “both autopsy reports” do not put Martin on top of Zimmerman. THE autopsy report, the one done by Dr. Bao, does not say who was on top, and Dr. Bao has stated that he felt the position could not be determined based on the autopsy. The autopsy report did state that the gunshot wound was straight front to back – not upwards, downwards or toward one side. Dr. DiMaio did not do an autopsy. He testified that evidence was “consistent with” Martin being on top – but, being the defense’s hired gun, he neglected to mention that the evidence could have been consistent with other scenarios as well. The prosecution should have asked him, on cross-examination, how he arrived at his conclusion and whether other scenarios were possible, but they failed to do so. The witnesses who saw Zimmerman on top of Martin immediately after the shooting were interviewed by the police within a few weeks after the shooting, and some of them had made 911 calls at the time of the shooting.

          • doesntevenmatter

            Your full of shit. Dr. Maio is not a hired gun, he is one of the top forensic pathologists in the country. And if you read the autopsy report it clearly says the direction of projectile was front to back. Dr. Bao has changed his story so many times it’s pathetic. He should have been charged with perjury.

          • gbpuzzler

            On the contrary, you are the one who seems to be unable to admit to facts. Being a top forensic pathologist is not inconsistent with being a hired gun, and Dr. Di Maio was both. He was being paid by the defense to testify, and accordingly, he slanted his testimony in their favor. He wasn’t exactly lying, but he wasn’t telling the whole truth, which is that the evidence also could have been consistent with Trayvon not being on top. In fact, his reputation in the field enables him to hire himself out in that way, and to get away with that kind of behavior, and he has done so in other trials.

          • gbpuzzler

            Dr. Bao has never changed what he said about the autopsy results. He did change certain interpretations about them (how long TM might have lived, whether he might have been experiencing some residual effects from smoking marijuana days or weeks before). That is not perjury. To be sure, it shows that he was clueless about how changing what he said about it would appear at trial.

            The straight front to back trajectory of the bullet does not suggest that TM was on top of GZ and does suggest that their relative positions may have been something other than that (both upright, or GZ above TM) at the moment of the shooting. The position described by Zimmerman (Zimmerman on his back on the ground, Martin straddling him) would have given him little room to maneuver his arm and would have forced him to sharply bend his wrist to get the gun into position. This would have been more likely to result in a shot with a diagonally upward or diagonally to the side trajectory.

          • doesntevenmatter

            Yes he did. You aren’t smart enough to understand reports.

          • gbpuzzler

            Since I am not able to read minds, especially of someone as warped as you, would you please clue me in as to who you believe did what and where you think it shows that in some report. Are you claiming again that Dr. Bao changed his story? And in what report do you claim that someone should be able to read to reach that conclusion?

          • doesntevenmatter

            Read what he said during the trial-what he testified to, and what he later told the media.

          • gbpuzzler

            Again, would you please give me some indication of what you believe changed in what Dr. Bao said at different times, other than things that I have already mentioned? As I recall, Dr. Bao’s testimony was fairly lengthy. It would be nice to know what you expect me to try to pick out from it. Or do you not even know?

            As I recall, the original autopsy report mentions the straight front to back trajectory of the projectile. I have said this several times. The report does not state what, if anything, this means in terms of the positions of Zimmerman and Martin at the time the shot was fired. Dr. Di Maio said in his testimony that this was consistent with Martin being on top and Zimmerman on the bottom. Dr. Bao said after the trial that it wasn’t possible to tell from that evidence. It is my own opinion that it is more likely that Zimmerman was not on the bottom at the moment that he fired his gun.

          • gbpuzzler

            It has been some time since I asked you to give some indication of what changed in what Dr. Bao said at different times, and you haven’t given me an answer. I went back and listened to part of his testimony, and I noted that he said from the beginning that it couldn’t be definitely determined from the forensic evidence what the positions of Zimmerman and Martin were at the moment that the shot was fired. So since you won’t give me an answer, I just have to assume that you don’t have one and that you didn’t know what you were talking about.

          • doesntevenmatter

            You, like my ex husband, have yet to learn that when a woman no longer responds to you it does not mean that you won, it means you are not worth any more of my time.

            I am not interested in having a conversation with you for more than a year repeating the same things over and over………So fine, agree with the Black Panthers, Al Sharpton and all of the other people who are trying to turn a teenage thug into some kind of poster boy for racism and I will, using my DEGREE of knowledge, side with the people who look at the actual facts and not try to alter them.

            Read the damn autopsy report, listen to the witness statements and use common damn sense and if you still come to the stupid conclusion that you are now, congratulations, you are a moron….

    • terry

      Wow – If you cling to a simple fumble of words like this, you must really be desperate for something to hold against GZ… Wow… Just…Wow!

    • Lika564

      Yes, I did. Also, my favorite, “he yelled for help…I shot him.”

    • Tim P.

      The question was getting to the point to find out how close Trayvon’s
      upper body was to George when TM was on top. George was explaining how
      he reached for his gun…the interviewer said it did not sound like
      George had much “play” room to work with in order to get his gun out and
      point it at TM. This is when George says “I was on him” but at the same
      time George is acting out how he held the gun. To me this sounds like
      George is explaining he was on him as in he had the barrel of the gun
      almost, if not, touching TM’s chest.

      • gbpuzzler

        The way that George tells it, he was on the bottom with Trayvon straddling him throughout the altercation, including at the moment of the shooting. However, in his police interviews, George always has a tendency for his “body language” to show the gun at some distance away from his own body – farther than would have been possible from that position. In addition, the autopsy indicates that the shot went into Trayvon’s body with a straight front to back trajectory – not up, down, or to the side. If he had been on the bottom, it would be more likely for the trajectory to be somewhat upwards and to one side.

        His descriptions also do not indicate that he found it at all difficult to grab his gun. But supposedly, the gun was in the holster, which would have put it under his hip, with him lying on top of it. Wouldn’t it be difficult to draw it from that position, with a 158-pound person sitting on top of him? And wouldn’t it pretty much impossible form Trayvon to have seen the gun before GZ drew it, as GZ claimed he believed?

    • Pook

      Yet, the witnesses and investigators all confirm TM was on top at the time of the shooting. So how can this make sense? Is it hard to imagine that the beginning of TM assault on GZ has both individuals trying to gain position? Obviously Trayvon would be out to gain top position since he was the aggressor. How is he the aggressor? You obviously don’t know much about this case. Trayvon got home and then returned to GZs area and confronted him and punched him (according to Dee’s testimony) George would have been looking for an escape since he didn’t want to be in a physical altercation. Now that might not be believable for you but since George had grass stains on his back and only on his back and Trayvon had some grass stains on his knees and no where else AND Trayvon had signs on his fists of an altercation and George did not. PLUS the cops who interviewed George stated that his questioning and answers were within the variations of what they say is truthful responses, no one is 100% accurate when recalling memories. Cops get suspicious of stories that have to many inaccuracies or none at all. Then there is the lie detector test George willingly took and passed.

      • L.A.M

        And you have evidence that Zimmerman is not a pathological liar?

      • gbpuzzler

        “Yet, the witnesses and investigators all confirm TM was on top at the time of the shooting.”

        Jon Good testified that he saw TM on top for 12-12 seconds of the altercation, which were neither at the very beginning nor at the moment of the shooting. Nobody testified to seeing what was happening at the moment of the shooting. Nobody testified to seeing TM on top after the shooting. Several people testified to seeing GZ on top immediately after the shooting.

        “Trayvon got home and then returned to GZs area and confronted him and punched him (according to Dee’s testimony) ”

        The opposite is the case. Defense attorney Don West tried to get Rachel J. to say that Trayvon ran back to where GZ was in order to fight him. She explicitly denied it, calling his theory ” very retarded”. Rachel J.’s testimony does indicate that Trayvon spoke to Zimmerman, but not that he had any inclination to get into a physical fight. More likely, GZ continued to look for TM and found him in his hiding place. Rachel heard TN say “get off, get off”, suggesting that GZ may have been trying to grab TM. She did not testify that she heard Trayvon punch Zimmerman.

        “George would have been looking for an escape since he didn’t want to be in a physical altercation.”

        Actually, Trayvon would probably have been looking for an escape, since he was the one who didn’t want to be in a physical altercation.

        “Now that might not be believable for you but since George had grass stains on his back and only on his back and Trayvon had some grass stains on his knees and no where else AND Trayvon had signs on his fists of an altercation and George did not.”

        Trayvon had NO signs on his fists of an altercation, only a tiny scrape on the inside of his left ring finger. While the police claim that there was some grass on George’s back, the police station photos do not show it. They DO show that the toes of his boots were wet, but not the backs of his boots.

  • PoliticsNews Aja

    Where is a refund receipt by the state of Florida for George Zimmerman’s CCW license in discovery. Is the state saying that not only was it his wifes gun that GZ used to kill Trayvon Martin. But, George Zimmerman actually did not have a CCW license? This is not speculation but actually being talked about in a law blog and on the FB page of one of the Martin attorneys. Why is no media outlet talking about this?

    • Renee

      If Zimmerman did not have a valid CCW in his name on the night of the shooting, he would have been charged with illegally carrying a concealed firearm. Since he was not charged with that offence, one can readily be assured that he did have a valid CCW license, and all this speculation about it is silly.

    • Ben

      If this were true, and not just a FB rumor, wouldn’t the prosecution and the Martin family, and their attorney, and anyone else on the TM side of this have used their ample time in front of the camera to bring this up at least once?

  • Lisa Anderson Simon

    Some say that the newest “accidental” dump of a photo of Trayvon’s dead body taken by a witness’ cell phone and George’s college records is an attempt by the prosecution to have the case dismissed. This, coupled with the so-called weak document charging George with 2nd degree murder (some way overcharged) and the judge’s “overstepping” by calling George out for lying to him at the first bond hearing (which, IMO, seemed to be what the judge wanted – the prosecutor tried to enter things and the judge poo poo’d them off). What do you all think?

    • Ben

      I would say, based on the lack of responses in the 10 months since you posted this, that we all think you crazy. Seriously, can’t we have a normal discussion without getting into tinfoil hat territory?

      • Lika564

        My reply? “OUCH!” I may have been drunk when I wrote it but I’m not crazy.

        • Will Simon

          Seems to me this case is a witch hunt. GZ was attacked. He’s an idiot for following but that’s not illegal. TM attacked him just like he did the bus driver. The “stand your ground” isn’t even in the defense, but it sure would work.

          • Lika564

            Obviously, you’re bored and just want to argue or not listening to the trial evidence. It is not illegal to follow (stalk, I guess) BUT if you have a CCL/CHL, you are held to a higher standard of responsibility and knowledge. If ZMurder thought that TM was dangerous and drug-addled, but was too afraid to say something to him from the safety of his vehicle under street lights, it is NOT a reasonable person that would go following that same person into a dark area. It was not showing prudence, intelligence, responsibility or plain old good sense. If he had went into the area he saw TM go to first and TM followed him, then it would be in his favor BUT he told you that he ran after him. Now, take a gun with you, demonstrates that you have a good idea of what you are expecting to happen if you don’t make it happen. He called the police. He could more than likely hear the sirens coming. The problem is that he found out too late also that his medication made him hallucinate: the kid was not packing as he implied to the NEN/911 operator, he hadn’t stolen anything and wasn’t about to. GZ over-reacted to the fact that he just committed aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (totally sealing his exclusion from becoming a police officer) and he murdered an unarmed minor who was not committing a crime. Jail or Prison. He eff’d up. He is going to prison. Stand your ground? I’d like GZ Supporters to explain to me why TM didn’t have the right to self defense? Why was it GZ’s or anyone else’s right to determine where TM should be at that hour of the night (7:00 – 7:30 p.m.)? Why was TM supposed to trust a stranger any more than GZ did not suspect a stranger? First thing I thought when I heard GZ’s third version was that he was a pedophile. It didn’t help when I heard he raped his female cousin for years and that his elder brother is homosexual. I wondered about what was happening with him as a child that he didn’t tell his parents what his brother was doing to him which might have stopped all of the madness that followed him to now.

          • Jack Frost

            How about Zimmerman lives in the world where you attack someone you don’t know at your own peril? How long have you been a member of your neighborhood watch or do you let others do the heavy lifting while you critique after the fact? This is a show trial simply being held to demonstrate our “cultural sensitivity” for light skinned folks who kill dark skinned folks. There have been 12 murders in this state in hte last 14 days where the killers have all been black like their victims yet the president has failed to select a single one he felt could have been his son. In fact, they only got a one line mention in the evening news, because it really isn’t noteworthy, unless the killer is light skinned.

          • Lika564

            Are you a member of neighborhood watch? What does that mean to you? Do you only call in and/or follow the Black ppl in your neighborhood, assuming you are such an involved neighbor as if they might Be the only ones committing crimes that concern you? You only know the statistics for how many Blacks have been killed by Blacks (why do you care?)? The light-skinned ppl are living in heavenly harmony together? Pres. Obama is mixed race. Remember? Evidently that one line really hits a nerve with you. Why is that? It’s ok for me to live or die knowing that nothing in this world is mine unless you and those like you say so, including my life? I live in TX and the news has shown me just as many whites, if not more, killing whites over the fence line. If all of the Blacks are only killing only the Blacks, as I follow your assumption, when do they have life or time to burglarize your crap or assault you? You fail to follow the line of this case. It is not of concern only b/c the murderer was light-skinned (since you don’t want to claim him as white – he did until he thought it would hurt him). You wouldn’t have been interested had he not been claimed as white. No sir/ma’am, this is about a person’s ability to chase you through the streets like a rabid dog, harass you, violate your rights to privacy, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without someone else (of any race) being able to make a (pre)judgment about you and challenge you to your right to the same thing they want to enjoy. TM did not commit a crime. GZ did not commit a crime UNTIL he decided that TM did not have the right to privacy, happiness, liberty and life. So, you can keep strumming and fiddling yourself, following only blogs that support TM and attempting to press your belief that TM and thereby I or any Black ppl are subject to what you say we are and (had, in TM’s case) have no right to self-determination. I would rather die as TM did than allow anyone to subjugate me. In the meantime, I fight this fight as best I can each and every day. I cannot control your fears and beliefs about ppl that look like me. You assume a negative about me that is generalized in your posting: “Blacks are coming together and that must be stopped. One at a time.” That’s how GZ contributes to your cause: Kill their ability to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by taking away their freedom. Make it so they can’t get a job by rigging a crime that will keep any employer from hiring them. If that is not possible, rob them of life. Racism is very much alive and you are just a small representative of it if you worried yourself only over the races being mentioned by me, the president or anybody else rather than paying close attention to what exactly was being argued here. GZ only called on Black ppl. Why did he assume that every young Black male was a criminal? Likely because he is not one but I’d also look at his mother telling him to stop trying to help those ppl. Shellie’s horny ass watching them all of the time didn’t help (that’s an aside – no matter). What GZ did was nasty. It shows prejudice. It demonstrates malice and ill-will. He wanted to be the one who had caught the guy 2 weeks earlier. He didn’t so he scours the entire neighborhood and calls only on the Blacks. Call on all of them and you just might get one. He wanted to ruin the lives of only the Black ppl. Note the only members of the neighborhood watch were white. He did not contact the non-whites and they didn’t know him nor he them. He followed them into their driveways as if they had no business owning one of those crappy “townhome” apartments. He couldn’t even afford it. He goes “watching” with a gun. He finally catches a young one walking alone. GREAT OPPORTUNITY. Finally, a skinny Black male that he can handle; practice those MMA skills he’s been learning over the previous 5 months. YUM! I am stopping here and you can certainly have the last word. If I haven’t learned anything else over the past 17 months is that you and your like will refuse to put yourself in the same position with whatever color person you want it to be chasing you like a dog. I will not change your opinion of what this is about and you will not change mine. It is not about race TOTALLY. Race is a factor. Race was the catalyst. GZ would not have chased you, assuming you are white and male.

          • Lika564

            Jack Frost – You may be right. It may be just a show trial. It may be just to appease the masses. Have you considered that appeasing the masses may mean that you are no longer the majority? Watch your television. Look at your office – hardly any non-whites there? Are they all actually unqualified for the nothing job you hold? Let me stop that. It’ll only make it hard for the one black person your office allows to empty the trash or sit in the non-public room where no one sees them. Maybe that one Black in the office is the one that the Zimmermans thought was ok. The one who negated being black by not making you uncomfortable with their ethnic hair, family or friends. Life is good as long as you are able to tell me and those who look like me that I’m a good negro b/c I care what you think about me and how I look. You and every other person like you are free to chase non-whites through the streets and kill them if they demand to know why. I, on the other hand, had better not chase you around any dark corners and not expect to be shot in the face. I tell you this though. That won’t continue. Continue to arm yourselves. Continue to force your women to have your babies. Most of them are not white. Black and Brown ppl will not allow you to continue to treat us as non-citizens. We are the citizens of the world. We are your parents. We allowed you children to run amok and this is what we get for not correcting you while you were still children.

          • rjackson12

            If they would catch media attention maybe he could or would say something, the fact still remains that the truth about what happened that night will never get out and a child is dead because a grown man says he got his ass beat by a child

          • gbpuzzler

            The business of neighborhood watch isn’t for people in the neighborhood to go chasing “suspicious” people with a gun. It’s to alert the police about it. George Zimmerman knew that from the Neighborhood Watch presentation that he had attended several months earlier. He was reminded of it when the police dispatcher told him “We don’t need you to do that”. Zimmerman understood that was what was meant by the reminder, then chose to ignore it all and go chasing after Trayvon Martin anyway. He was itching for the chance to round up a “suspicious” person (suspicious in part because he was black) for the police, and because of it, he did the OPPOSITE of what a good neighborhood watch member would do.

            The police chose NOT to arrest a killer even though they knew who he was, and even though there was NO reason to believe that Trayvon Martin was doing anything wrong at the time that Zimmerman chose to pursue and accost him and there were multiple problems with Zimmerman’s story that painted Martin as the aggressor. I very much doubt that the police had refused to arrest the killers in any of those cases that you mention if they knew who they were. In addition, Martin’s parents decided not to stand by as many would have, and they are their lawyer chose to publicize the case, which is why is came to the president’s attention.

            Yes, in some ways it was a show trial. Not because there wasn’t enough evidence of Zimmerman’s guilt, but because the prosecutors and the judge chose not to put it all together adequately for the jury to find him guilty.

          • terry

            You are quite obviously severely biased!

            #1 – You make comments about allegations as if they are fact. George did not ‘RAPE” his cousin. Rather, she is claiming molestation – Very different.

            #2 – They are nothing more than allegations at this stage with absolutely NO evidence to support. Interesting how she makes these claims 10 years after the supposed incidents? Her story doesn’t add up… She claims she told her family, and parents about it – And nobody did anything? Really? How convenient. Sorry, it seems to me that in many cases of “coming forward years later” it is often crying wolf. Seen too many false claims to just take this at face value. But apparently, that’s more than enough for you as it fits your dialogue… Good thing you’re not on a jury.

          • Lika564

            The difference is only in how violent the attack is and how “cooperative” the victim is and some would say whether it’s a stranger vs a known person. Terry, you are ignorant. Exactly what was the family going to do besides tell him not to do it any longer, tell her it was nothing, she’ll be all right. Glad you’ve never suffered from either. Good thing you are not on a jury either. You are an insensitive, inexperienced fool. I do hope that you experience something in your life that will open your eyes.

          • terry

            I see you failed to respond to my primary point… That you have absolutely NO evidence! Guess you don’t believe in innocent until proven guilty… Yet I see you demanding evidence in this forum when people make claims about Trayvon, yet you do the exact opposite when claims are made about Zimmerman – You are the epitome of biased, and double standards. If you cannot see this, or admit it, then you are the one who is ignorant… People have been thrown in prison for their entire lives because of false claims again, and again, and again. The most common false claim? Rape and molestation. It’s disturbing how ready you are to believe anything that fits your narrative. Pretty sad actually…

          • Lika564

            No son/daughter, you fail to understand mine. You do not have a full understanding of my “narrative” nor do you have any idea what experiences I have with rape, molestation or anything else in life. I don’t know you and have no intentions of giving you the power to determine my truth or understanding.

            You give me some insight into your issue. It’s the rape/molestation of GZ’s cousin that bothers you.

            Have you ever been raped by a stranger? Have you ever been molested by a family member? Let me tell you that it is not always by a member of the opposite sex.

            The cousin did state that she told the family.

            Let me tell you that family does not want to hear that. No one wants to believe that an 8 year old would have an inkling of an idea what to do. Certainly not that they have sexual feelings. No one wants to know their child is a bully. I certainly wouldn’t want to acknowledge that. I would not want to know that my new husband (I’m married to my one and only) was abusing my grand/children. I am the one who would die trying to kill him if I discovered it.

            I don’t know you and will not tell you my experiences. I believe her. She was not placed as a witness so in the end, it does not matter. She exposed a personal experience that she did not have to.

            Darling, you and O’mara are there to defend GZ. You have no evidence that GZ was acting in his OWN self-defense. You choose to believe that in 40 seconds, with GZ resisting, that TM pounded his head 40 or even 5 times.

            You choose to believe that he did not want to “confront” TM from the safety of his vehicle by telling him as he’s told NEN every time he called that he was NHW. You choose to believe that out of the 5 of 6 calls he’s made to NEN that this time he misunderstood the operator to be telling him to leave the safety of his vehicle/home and go see where the guy was going although he told him that he was going to the back entrance. You choose to believe that he chose not to meet the police in a certain location but to call him and then he’ll let them know where he is. You choose to believe that for 4 – 7 minutes, he was trying to find his vehicle to return to it (?), still looking for an address although he was just at Jenna Lauer’s and/or John Good’s homes? Yes, of course, TM should do as Frank Taafe suggested and be “respectful” and answer GZ’s questions. We are suppose to assume that GZ was an honest, upstanding person, why? He has fought with law enforcement in the past (twice). He was on hallucinates was supposed to be in bed once taking them. We are to believe he was headed to Target with no money and a gun?
            All these things are supposed to be believed because GZ said so. TM, thanks to GZ, was not able to tell the police his side. He heard those sirens coming. He shot him and then got on top of him and “finished him off”. He was supposed to call 911 for emergency medical instead of whomever he did call.
            As this thing started: The evidence is the bullet casing, GZ’s own words and the location of TM’s body.
            GZ will meet his maker. He will be in prison whether it is brick and mortar or Hell.
            Watch again how miserable his face looked when he saw those photos the crazy ME showed. He knows what he did but he is a coward. I can’t blame him. Who wants to go to prison? Let’s see a show of hands.
            He has enough supporters to get away with murder. According to you, he has all of the truth and facts on his side so why does my opinion matter to you? Yes, indeed, “ppl have been thrown in prison for their entire lives for false claims again, and again, and again.” Usually those ppl are Black. You gave stats. I’m sure your stat research showed more blacks imprisoned than whites. Why is that? Such a small minority of ppl and yet Blacks are the largest population in prisons. How does that happen? We could start with GZ’s of the world who call every time a Black person laughs too loud, sneezes or just doesn’t want to be bothered. I have had more white ppl upset because I don’t want to share my life or business with them. There must be something wrong with me b/c I don’t want you as my friend or confidante.
            Why am I not like the bear, or was it a gorilla in Jungle Book that wants to “walk like you, talk like you”?

            Here we are again: You decide that I have a double standard. You started the argument but it is I who needs the narrative to fit my belief or conform to yours. You determine that it is pretty sad. More nastily stated this time: WTF do you care what I think? What about my posts make you uncomfortable? Why do I need to conform to your belief that Trayvon deserved to die? Why did he deserve to die? Tell me a good reason and perhaps I will agree with you. Why did GZ choose this time out of many to get out of his vehicle and chase the boy into the darkness? I’ve done that to stray dogs when I am walking my dog and I am AFRAID the stray will attack us. I have never had the courage to do that when there was more than one dog. Was TM a stray dog?

          • terry

            Wow!! Just, WOW!! I’m guessing there was some alcohol involved prior to this post? I’m sorry, but your posts continue to be filled with nothing but empty rhetoric. If you cannot back up your comments with facts, then what is the point in responding to you? If you want to pretend that your OPINION is FACT, then you as deluded as your post is unintelligible.

            See, you start your post off talking about your experiences with rape/molestation, etc… As terrible as it is for anyone to have such experiences – Your experiences in no way, shape, or form has ANYTHING to do with GZ and his cousin, or whether she’s lying or not… How can you not understand such a simple concept.

            Let me break it down for you even further. Unless you were THERE, or unless you have a magic crystal ball – YOU ARE 100% UNQUALIFIED to state whether it happened or not. Understand? You have zero facts, yet you waltz in here and tout your OPINION as if it were FACT.

            This means you’re either dishonest, or you have some magic talent the rest of us don’t know about. Ok?

            So with that said, I will address:

            A. You claim we have NO EVIDENCE GZ was acting in Self Defense? Seriously? Wow! You are misinformed! How about this evidence:

            1. Broken nose

            2. Busted and bleeding lip

            3. Swollen eye

            4. Bleeding head

            5. Trayvons knuckles swollen, bruised and scraped consistent with punching someone in the face

            6. Eye-witness 10 feet away who saw and spoke to GZ/TM – Witnesses Trayvon pounding Georges face!

            In fact, the evidence so overwhelming supports George, that the cops decided it was a “justfied shooting.” – You know, the cops who were there on the scene viewing the evidence, speaking to everyone involved… Privy to MUCH more info than you are – They decided in favor of George. It wasn’t until the disgusting race baiters such as Al Sharpton got involved threatening riots and crap that the department gave in to the pressure and filed charges.

            NEXT: You claim that there was a 4 – 7 minute gap that George was probably chasing down Trayvon? lol Ok, you’re apparently very uninformed. Here is the exact timeline:

            7:13:38: The time GZ’s call ends with non-emergency dispatch

            7:16:11: This is when a 911 call comes in from a home owner

            Sorry, maybe you flunked basic math, but this is about 2 minutes and 40 seconds, NOT 7 minutes! lol

            Just so you know, the walk from George’s location and his truck is 30 seconds. BUT, as George said, he was stopped half-way there, and confronted by Trayvon and he took a few steps in that direction. There was a short verbal exchange, and then the fight began.

            Now, at this stage we have eye-witnesses who described the fight as a “tussle” – Meaning that this could have been going on for a while , which is supported by Johns account who described Trayvon as “grounding and pounding” George “MMA Style.” – There’s the rest of your time.

            No big mystery needed.

            The rest of your rambling needs to be explained better by you, but then you bring up: “More blacks arrested then whites – Why is that?”

            Why is that? How about the fact that according to official statistics, blacks commit 700% more violent crimes per capita than whites? Maybe, just MAYBE that might be it? I can break it down by category if you like.

            You should see the stats on black on white crime. You whine about your experience with whites, well how would you like to be a white person being attacked by blacks?

            Consider this official stat:

            “Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime
            against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.” Official stats, why the need for a tin foil hat conspiracy theory?

            Heck, the only time in my life I had a gun pointed at me was by a black calling me all sorts of racial slurs and foul names… But do I get angry and judge an entire race based on that one experience? Heck no, that would be ridiculous, and unfair to the many, many great black people out there that would never do such a thing. So you can complain about whites “getting irritated you won’t share details” with them… But is your race experiencing such lopsided violence? Again, these are just the facts.

            Before you comment again, perhaps you need to stop typing and start reading the FACTS. Your opinions are so far off base, and your ramblings so incoherent, it’s becoming difficult to even hold a conversation with you.

          • Lika564

            All that “wowing” indicates another mindset. You understood the post. You’re responding to the points I outlined, aren’t you? Ha. Stop then if it pleases you. Unless you are the cousin who was raped/molested by the future murderer GZ, you would have no idea of what he is capable of or did. I don’t know him and I am not her but I believe her.

            I have no intentions of helping the defense by responding to you with details that the State may be saving for the defense’s portion of this trial. Take note though: the defense does not have to say or do anything, yet, they obviously feel the case is not won. Same reason they looked like deers in a headlight whenever MOM tried to play a card he didn’t have. He was sooo afraid the judge would agree with the State and start the

            “YOU ARE 100% UNQUALIFIED to state whether it happened or not. Understand? You have zero facts, yet you waltz in here and tout your OPINION as if it were FACT. ” And, you do? Who are you?
            You are more than a little guilty of making broad-stroke statements about this or that. Your statistics about blacks for one. I hope you are not a juror on this case – sneaking in research.

          • Lika564

            Let’s take your thing apart.
            Indications of Self Defense:
            Broken nose – who said it was definitely broken? Did you know that even if it were fractured, years later there will be signs that a fracture or break has healed? He could have an x-ray done and possibly get away with claiming a broken/fractured nose from years ago was from last year.
            Split lip: None was claimed. There was blood on his lip from his nose. Sheesh!
            Swollen eyes?: None claimed – Not even the next day did he have a Black eye. (eye-popping roll)
            Bleeding head: He couldn’t decide if it was the concrete [sidewalk] or the sign. Those are located at 2 different levels so which was it? He claimed at a minimum 15 bashes to the ground. That sure is fast work for anyone in 40 seconds according to GZ.
            We are to believe that GZ just laid his big behind there and looked at John and others watching him from their windows and just screamed for help? (Hold on, I need to chase my eyes down, they’ve completely rolled out of my head.)
            GRIEF! Your statistics are just crazy. 700% – OK – I was thinking you were just a wounded animal, which is dangerous in and of itself, but you are much worse.
            I’m done. As I’ve stated before, you have what you believe in mind and so do I. We are not going to change each other’s opinion. You challenged my opinion so it is up to you to support your position not for me to defend mine. I won’t. GZ is guilty of murder. He is a sick individual. He is suffering through this trial. Ohh, I felt so sorry for him while he watched those medical examiner’s photos of the damage he did.
            If he goes to prison, he will not be able to carry concealed in any state. If he is acquitted, he will do it again b/c, like you, Rak Haemet, he will think that every Black is after him. He will do it again if he gets off. His technique will be improved now that he knows he does not have to have any injuries to claim self-defense.

          • rjackson12

            He did not have to look up to see them in their window, they were outside listen to the tape of witness 6 calling 911 you can hear her telling her man to come in and close the doctor, as he says he said he would shot him

          • Lika564

            I listen to the main tape of Jenna Lauer. I believe that at least Jeremy Lauer was outside most of the time and at the window some of the time and John Good was out some of it also. Jenna tells Jeremy to get down (Why? Did a bullet fly before the 911 call connected?) She says get in here (was he outside? were she hiding in a closet?) In trial she said that she was in the kitchen (perhaps the sound is better in there because it sure sounded like she got closer instead of further away). Jeremy says after the (second?) shot, “He’s dead” several times. Who, at that point, was dead? It’s so dark, how did he know “he” was dead without being out there to see? I think Jenna and John perjured their testimony.

          • rjackson12

            The only fact in this story that is reliable is that a child is dead because of a grown person.

          • gbpuzzler

            With regards to your “evidence” that Zimmerman was acting in self-defense:

            The broken nose was claimed by Zimmerman, but never confirmed through x-rays. He did not have a bleeding lip nor swollen eyes, as far as can be determined by the photos. He got 2 tiny lacerations on the back of his head – enough to bleed, but not enough to justify killing someone. And there is no evidence to show how he got those wounds – he could have received them by running against the branch of a tree in the dark.

            Trayvon’s knuckles were NOT bruised or swollen, and showed no evidence that he might have hit anyone. The only abrasion was on the inside of his left ring finger, not in a place that would have been injured by his punching another person.

            Eyewitnesses saw the person on top flailing his arms, but no definite evidence whether Trayvon was hitting Zimmerman on the face.

            At least one of the cops on the scene was a friend of Zimmerman. And the detective who interviewed witnesses did NOT decide it was a justified shooting. In fact, he recommended that Zimmerman be arrested and prosecuted for manslaughter. But Zimmerman’s friends in the department pressured him into changing his report, and nothing happened until Trayvon’s parents’ lawyer got Al Sharpton and other to drum up publicity about the case.

            “Just so you know, the walk from George’s location and his truck is 30 seconds. BUT, as George said, he was stopped half-way there, and confronted by Trayvon and he took a few steps in that direction.”

            Zimmerman was on the phone with the dispatcher for over a minute after he agreed to stop following. If he was stopped half-way there, why was there no evidence of that in the phone call? The few steps that Zimmerman says he took do not account for the distance between the T and where Trayvon’s body, as well as several objects dropped by both of them, ended up.

            “Heck, the only time in my life I had a gun pointed at me was by a black calling me all sorts of racial slurs and foul names… But do I get angry and judge an entire race based on that one experience? Heck no, that would be ridiculous…”

            Despite it being ridiculous, it is clear from what you said in your post that you are passing judgment on the entire race.

          • rjackson12

            so what you are saying is the things he had on his myspace before his lawyer got him to take it off, does not show he is a power hungry racist, he also dislikes mexicans and that’s what he said on his myspace page and admitted to the incident with the police and the ex fiance, but then again people will have there opinion. SO he said the voice on the tape screaming was not him and he was there, so does that mean his parents and friends lied for him.

          • gbpuzzler

            I agree with a lot of what you said in your post but I have two relevant points here: first, it is easy (especially in the dark) for racial biases to lead someone to believe that a black teenager is carrying a weapon when he is really carrying innocent objects like a cell phone and a drink can. It doesn’t mean that the person doing the observing was hallucinating.

            Second, you seem to be assuming that, just because GZ’s older brother is homosexual, he probably molested George as a child. Most homosexuals will not do this and, unless you have some evidence regarding this claim, it is an unwarranted assumption.

          • rjackson12

            so he did not have a right ti stand his ground is what u r saying will

    • Ben


  • shelley lynn

    I saw a pic of the back of gz head posted on cnn recently under the capition of gz appeal to have Judge Lester removed. I’m curious as to where that was taken because the blood is not clean-up as it was stated on someones report he was clean up at the scene of the shooting by sfd. Did the re-enact the head wound for to recap a pic the omitted while at the scene? hummm. would the sfd/emt left his bloody scraps without cleaning the area around the scraps? just an observation.

    • keepingthemhonest.

      the picture was taken by a witness before he was cleaned up.

    • gbpuzzler

      I read that the EMTs probably would have cleaned up the wounds only enough to make sure that they were not serious. They were still bleeding after that time.

  • LetJusticePrevail1

    I am looking for info regarding GZ’s CCW permit. There is a copy of it in the discovery dump but in is illegible. Anybody got a better pic of it?

  • Ajewell

    I can’t view the discovery dumb.  I asked them to reload. I know it is a large file but I can’t download either.  I’m going to keep refreshing and hopefully if the problem is on their end they will get it fixed soon.

  • Chéri Elaine AxiomAmnesia Prac

    The document for the second discovery is located here for a direct download: