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Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Audio Files

Browse the following audio links related to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. These links will connect you to pages of full witness 9-1-1 calls, audio of Zimmerman’s 9-1-1 calls, and full audio of witness interviews… More>>>

Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Video Files

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  • Sharon Ray

    George Zimmerman is a mark man ,remember he is a white man boy so his parents is no better then Zimmerman. Parents know in their racist bias heart that was not their son voice that was begging for he I heard the scream and a 29 year old male voice sounds drifference from a teen age child voice .george Zimmerman was the aggressor and killer treyvon Martin had every right to defend his self George Zimmerman. Murder this child in cold blood and abuse the ground of the law George Zimmerman needs to be made an example out of now. Every black person needs to carry some kind of defense weapon if they do not own a gun or not allow to carry a gun for their safety And defend theirself Evil people

    • Sam

      “…white man boy so his parents is no better?!?” Somehow, that was it.

  • Sharon Ray

    Enough is enough black mother has suffer long enough of fear for her children because of bias and racist people ,just maybe the table need to turn and it is time for the whites that hates to start fearing for there children and wondering if a bias and racist person going to take there life ,because the black mother have had enough of this our children have a right to live a life without fear of what they look like or how they dress .even if our kinds was raise right our kids will still be single out by a bias racist person times are changeing fast and black african American people will prevail .

  • Sharon Ray

    Federal needs to get in Volve in this and give Zimmerman the high level of incararation there is ,he abuse the stand your ground law.also B-37 is very bias and very racist, the hold country that love all colors needs to get involve so this will not happen again

  • Lisa S

    I also fear the judge in this case will determine that George was in fear for his life regardless of the fact that George instigated the confrontation. He appears to be a soul-less bastard. He is too souless to be able to take a lie detector test. I can only pray that even if he wins in a hearing before a judge or a jury that God will see to it that he is properly “rewarded” for his actions.

    • Lika564

      A year later – Happy there is a new judge. Not sure about a jury of all women – 5 white but it is what it is. The one Black/Hispanic woman they put on the jury already told them it was a hardship with 7 children. We’ll see where it goes. It is great that this case is finally going to trial. The way the defense has acted for the past year indicates that they know GZ is done. They have no rebuttal info or witnesses to contest the State’s accusation. They have to find a way to sneak in things unrelated to that night, such as a suspension from school for weed. That might shock the white women and remind them of tv news views of dangerous young black men running around. Wait until they hear that it wasn’t midnight or some “suspicious” hour but 7:00 p.m. on a rainy Sunday night when most ppl would be home – some robber/burglar TM was (not).

  • Lisa S

    I wish that there were videos of that walk-through that would prove that George lied. Watching the walk-through video, it is unbelievable that if Trayvon punched George repeatedly or even just once that he would stumble forward. It is unbelievable that he would bat at Trayvon and work his way to where Trayvon was standing instead of running back to his vehicle. I fear the people who fear young Black males. I fear that if they get on the jury, they will free George.