George Zimmerman Voice Exemplars

Audio of voice reenactments recorded via 911 in the Florida State Attorney's investigation of the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case

The file below includes voice exemplars performed on 3/22/2012 by George Zimmerman during the Florida State Attorney’s Office’s investigation of his 2/26/2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin. In the recording you will hear a reenactment of some of the incidents heard/recorded on the original 911 calls made before, after, and during the shooting. The reenactment was recorded by phone via 911, just like the original calls. In addition to the exemplar, we have provided an exclusive side-by-side comparison of the voice exemplar with an excerpt from the original audio from 911 Call #2/Witness #11. Listen to the voice exemplars and the side-by-side comparison below.

In addition to this list, you may also be interested in listening to other audio in the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case.

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Florida State Attorney’s Office Voice Exemplar Recorded 3/22/2012

Side-By-Side Comparison Of Voice Exemplar

*Note: This is an exclusive side-by-side comparison that we created using audio from the voice exemplar above and the original 911 Call #2/Witness #11.

  • rjackson12

    those r two distinctive crys for help one is a child and one is doing it like picking

  • the truth

    It was trayvon yelling for help. He was begging for his life, and that fat fuck George Zimmerman knows it!!!

  • Caseviewer

    ONCE THE ALTERCATION BEGAN, WHEN THERE WAS A CHASE: IF GZ was chasing, THIS further aggression shows he was not trying everything he could to peacefully exit and end the altercation. IF TM was chasing, funny we did not hear about it from GZ — THIS COULD ONLY BE BECAUSE GZ KNEW HE NEEDED TO HIDE SOMETHING THAT CAUSED TM TO RESPOND THAT WAY, something wrong that GZ KNEW HE HAD DONE TO TM. Further on that possibility — if you have a gun and are being chased by a kid who obviously is not shooting at you or using a deadly weapon on you, you would realize he is unarmed. Why would you not exit, run up to a house?? A less wise alternative — use the gun only to draw to a conclusion the altercation, without further violence — WAS ALSO THERE TO BE TRIED, BUT GZ DID NOT TRY ANY OF THESE THINGS — ANY OF THE MANY THINGS HE SHOULD HAVE TRIED SHORT OF USING DEADLY FORCE.

    At the point when TM was screaming for his life, and GZ shot him outside of self-defense anyway, GZ BECAME MURDERER.

  • Caseviewer

    GZ supporters cannot (inability) or do not (denial) or will not (refusal) or do not admit (deception) to what happened in Florida v Zimmerman. NONE OF THESE however, changes the truth of what happened.

    1) George Zimmerman disrespected Trayvon Martin initially, as he lied to dispatch about Trayvon, a teen whom he knew nothing about. GZ stated as though fact, these lies about TM, which were formed in his lowly thoughts.

    unethical, immoral and illegal.

    a) GZ didn’t admit to conjuring in his mind what he falsely reported as fact — he CREATED then REPORTED FALSE IDEAS (bearing false witness) about innocent TM to dispatch;

    b) GZ while on this call, TOOK HIS LOADED WEAPON IN ARMED PURSUIT OF TM; and

    c) GZ was deceptive about not arranging to meet police in one place, hiding that
    he was going to continue to follow TM.

    3) GZ FAILED REPEATEDLY TO RESPONSIBLY HANDLE THE SITUATION by engaging TM in communication that would have resolved concerns on both sides; and by FAILING TO FOLLOW Neighborhood Watch rules;

    4) GZ TERRIFIED AND THREATENED the life and well-being of TM by his NOT SPEAKING AND PERSISTENT FOLLOWING, that would be perceived as threats by anyone. GZ did this knowing he was protected by his loaded weapon.

    5) GZ persistently followed and caught up with TM, REFUSED TO ANSWER TM’s question as to why GZ was following him. INTIMIDATING and DECEITFUL, GZ ACTED MENACINGLY ON TOP OF BEHAVING AS THOUGH HE HAD AUTHORITY, OF WHICH HE HAD NONE.



    7) IT IS EASY TO SEE GZ PERSISTING IN HIS AGGRESSION BY PUSHING TM OR JUMPING TM. THERE IS TESTIMONY THAT TM TALKED TO GZ. Rather than answer TM’s question, GZ was mean-sounding and demanded of TM what TM was doing around there. It is just as likely as not, TM told GZ what he was doing around there, because TM
    wanted peace, to be left alone. IF TM was responsible for the initial physical contact, it was OUT OF SELF-DEFENSE. TRAYVON MARTIN HAD A RIGHT TO STAND HIS GROUND AND TO DEFEND HIMSELF.



  • Caseviewer

    GZ was
    known for aggressive acts that made others feel he was manipulative and pushy, taking things too far, like in his security job that fired him for overreacting when he physically threw a person, his job where he repeatedly bullied a coworker, then was fired for repeatedly complaining about coworkers, and his push to make himself head of Neighborhood Watch that a witness testified he felt was not even needed. IT IS EASY TO IMAGINE A PERSON ALREADY NOTABLY AGGRESSIVE, AS THE AGGRESSOR IN THIS CASE, BOTH INITIALLY AND IN THE INITIAL PHYSICAL ALTERCATION.

    TM was not known for aggressive acts that made others feel he was manipulative and
    pushy, taking things too far. Media reports talk about fights — I’m certain were minimal activities or we’d have heard more — but remember these are teenagers. TM was well thought of as a happy kid, a good kid, someone pleasant to be around. He was not ever noted for aggression such as assaulting a stranger like GZ. SO IF TM WERE TO ASSAULT ANYONE, we would expect THERE WAS GOOD CAUSE, LIKE SELF-DEFENSE. IT IS EASY TO IMAGINE A PERSON NOTABLY EASY TO GET ALONG



  • Caseviewer

    This TRAGIC CASE is about
    SEEKING JUSTICE due to MURDER by George Zimmerman (GZ) of an INNOCENT

    While still in the stage of seeking a verdict from a trial jury, I believe that altho our human system of justice in this country calls for such, God’s higher purposes are always at work, whether the situations are created by Him or by man. I believe our sense of what is just ought to defer to His, but He will have His justice regardless.

    FL v GZ is NOT ABOUT Stand Your Ground, gun control, racism, political agendas. It
    is not about “who wins”. It IS ABOUT THE SPIRIT OF THE TRUTH and what ought to now result from this murder having been committed.

    Overall, I believe GZ supporters are not believing God is with them when they state to the world that GZ is “innocent” or that he ought to be acquitted, with the exception of those who somehow believe GZ’s account even though GZ LIES A LOT ABOUT MANY THINGS. Additionally it is unlikely GZ supporters pray for God’s help to acquit GZ. I believe GZ supporters — esp staunch supporters, are relatively oblivious to God and His righteousness because they fail to assess things based on values gained from Him, or employ higher wisdom and principles that only God can impart, in their conclusions & comments.

    Romans 12:19, in part: “. . . Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”


  • Golden Girls

    It’s a youthful/kiddy sound in the voice, Zimmerman for this is a proven liar.

  • Golden Girls

    Kid voice

  • Byron Jackson

    george sounds like a girl…..

    • Shareese Dixon

      He is a girl, a cowardly little bitch that hunted down a kid for his own self satisfaction and then realized that this kid screaming like a bitch is no thug, oooops, I got to shut this kid up! How the hell are you supposedly looking at him but can not tell what color pants the kid has on, but you can notice a f’ing button on his hoodie!!!! I am so disgusted with George and his lying family. Osterman told America that George had not talked to his family in years and all of a sudden his daddy want America to believe that George sat by his bed even though George was in FL and daddy was in VA or WVA or wherever he lives. The should all be charged for lying to the court including the lying sick daddy! I can not stand that family for dividing this country the way that they have!

  • Lisa S

    I can’t tell the difference. My logic is if it was George and he thought that Trayvon was still alive, but George was on top as he claimed to be, holding Trayvon’s on hiis stomach with his arms apart, the yells would not have stopped after the second shot. Somebody please assure me that justice will be done and that George Zimmerman will serve time in prison for more than the bond perjury.

    • Mike OConnor

      This makes NO sense whatsoever.

      Study up on the facts please.

      • Kimmie Clark

         You’re telling her to study up on the facts when make such statements as this….

        “And the one on the bottom who was SEEN yelling and screaming for help”

        “when he was the one on top applying 2 black eyes, a broken nose and multiple facial and scalp lacerations”

        No one SAW Zimmerman screaming for help, “John” only ASSUMED it was him because he was on the bottom. He then later, in his statement, said he doesn’t know because it was too dark to see mouths moving. So you need to be abreast on the facts.

        We don’t have proof of a broken nose because Zimmerman refused to go see an ENT specialist; the physician assistant diagnosed it as a LIKELY broken nose and two black eyes (which WERE NOT apparent in the reenactment) which is typical of a closed fracture. And those scalp lacerations were so MINOR that he didn’t even need a band aid for his boo boos. The physician assistant also stated that Zimmerman DID NOT have any head trauma; funny he doesn’t have head trauma, yet he states that his head was being REPEATEDLY bashed into the CONCRETE. Zimmerman’s injuries are INCONSISTENT with his alleged beating. So you can stop with all of the hyperbole to make it seem like he was almost beaten to death, because physical evidence DOES NOT support that. Again, you need to be abreast on the facts.

        There is also so much more in your comment that is factually wrong, but Ladyloree621 handled you perfectly. Also, a word of advice, actually READ all of the evidence that has been released, listen to the witness statements, listen to and read ALL of Zimmerman’s statements, and watch Zimmerman’s reenactment video. In other words, get educated!! Stop parroting what you hear on MSM and read on biased blogs.Cheers

        • AndyBinGA

          Not all people got that guberment insurance where everything is free. GZ had co-pays and he did not want to run his bills up.

          • bece4eva

            Victims of a crime have their medical bills taken care of due to the circumstances of their injury. If GM felt he needed the medical attention he could have gotten it free of charge.

          • rjackson12

            well his eyes were not black when he was in the police station

          • Andrew

            The injured area starts swelling, with some mild discoloration, the
            coloring starts to spread slowly, usually red, and progresses to a dark
            blue, then deep violet and possibly black.

            They do not get black right away.

    • AndyBinGA

      Second shot? Got a clue?

  • Ladyloree621

    I hear 2 separate voices also..

  • Slick Rick

    It sounds like 2 separate voices too me… i presume it was Trayvon begging for help.

    • spectr

      You presume it was Trayvon?, come back to reality.

      It’s so easy to brainwash the feeble minded.

      Just amazing how many people fall for propaganda.

      • shorty5704

        So what’s your presumption?

        • spectr

          GZ all the way/common sense.

          The only people that actually think it’s Trayvon are the misinformed or know little about the case, the pro black people/black racists and some of the halfwits of our society.
          Ask yourself this, if it could be proven and you were forced to bet you and your family’s lives, who’s voice would you bet on?

          Martin went back to the “T” to confront.

          #14 seen GZ (red) crying for help
          #6 seen GZ crying for help seconds before the shot

          Martin was seen on top by #6 seconds before the shot.

          Martin was seen on top by #3 before the shot.
          Yes, that’s right #3 (the white shirt witness)

          Who had the injuries?

          Take a good look at Martin’s parents in court when the 911 tape was first played, or even Tracey admitting it was not his son, BEFORE he got a financial lawyer.

          I rest my case, but i can go on and on

          As for #3, It is definitely a positive ID of Martin, yet the feeble minded are unable to figure out why because Martin had on a dark hoodie.

          The answer is quite simple, look at the 2nd dump(clothing).

          And along with a little common sense, realize light grey appears to be white in LOW light.

          • Elizabeth Faraone

            So “spectr” is incapable of hearing the differences because he’s counting on unclear witness testimony. All jurors will clearly hear the difference. They’ll have no problem convicting George of murder. “Spectr” is a bully. Best to stay far away from bullies. Otherwise, you could end up like Trayvon.

          • spectr

            Like you know it’s an AA’s voice, get real.

            Who was seen on top ? TM

            Who had the injuries? GZ

            Who’s the fighter ? TM

            Witness #6 seen GZ with his own eyes yelling for help, and so did little Austin.

            Who will say GZ carried Martin back to the “T” and then removed his gag, lol.

            GZ never got in his way, never said anything to him, and never touched him.

            It happened west of “T”, how are they going to get around that.

            Martin went after GZ for the second time.

            It’s so obvious Martin turned into a vigilante, because some dude called the cops on him.

            Martin was a punk

            His mom threw him out just beforehand

            He was repeatedly thrown out of school

            He was banned from his aunt’s house where his dad lived.

            He didn’t live with Alicia

            He didn’t do football anymore “just wanted to fight”

            His girlfriend said he was a sadist

            His friend asked him, did you use a 9mm or a .380

            He’s holding a gun(pic)

            He’s trying to get a gun

            He clearly a drug dealer

            He told his teachers & faculty to f-ck off.

            His family lies for $$$, OMG do they ever !

            Martin was a time bomb, and look what he did on the 26th,
            and he will not be killing anyone in the future, just his parents & lawyers.

          • Guest

            Since you talking about betting lives Spectr. I wish you could bet your life on all the facts you THINK you have. We’d have one less hateful person in the world to worry about. There are parts in this case that only the two parties and God will ever know. But the same stereotyping and generalization you’re making, is what INITIATED this incident, and ultimate death of this CHILD. That is a fact on tapes.

          • spectr

            All known evidence knucklehead.
            Martin’s death pic shows his back (hoodie) is in pristine condition, NO GRASS, so all the witnesses seen Martin on top, whether the ones that couldn’t tell realize it or not.
            GZ’s back had grass all over it.
            GZ’s knees were clean
            Martin’s knees were TRASHED, understand !.

            That so called child was a sadist criminal that was going to kill someone or already had.
            Friend warned Martin about getting shot if he didn’t change.
            His friend called him a sadist
            He loved to make people bleed
            His friend asked him which gun did he use, 380 or 9mm.

            His mom didn’t want him in the house & the school didn’t want him either.
            His kind words toward his teachers & school is well known ..LOL

            Get off your ass and look at all the discovery in this case.
            It’s all been released.

          • L.A.M

            Lol. Zimmerman’s jacket was Pristine. I guess you forget about that.

          • Leo

            They had two expert voice analyser who stated the 911 voice was not GZ. They could not say that it was TM because the had no audio to compare it to. You say TM caused GZ injuries but no body actually saw TM hit GZ. GOD let the truth be seen, Inness name I pray Amen

          • spectr

            EXPERTS ?, ROTFLMAO !

            Both are clearly mentally disabled to put it mild.

            One very elderly Owen can’t even hear.

            Reich is still suffering from LSD flashbacks.

            GZ is a witness, and John seen some serious action and i believe Austin seen more than he admits.

            Sadly there is deeply ignorant people in our society that are in total denial.

          • L.A.M

            “Sadly there is deeply ignorant people in our society that are in total denial.”

            Why are you speaking about yourself in the third person?

          • Pook

            Um, 2 witnesses saw TM on top hitting GZ so you obviously haven’t read or watched the trial cause your comment shows your media influenced. 1 witness screamed for TM to stop but TM ignored him and continued attacking GZ. Plus GZ passed his lie detector test and the police found no evidence. The truth is right there to be seen you just need to open your eyes, don’t bother God about some drug dealing gun toting street fighting animal who stated he likes to see people suffer at his hands and feels satisfaction when enough blood is spilled from him striking their face repeatedly

          • Pook

            It seems you are incapable of hearing the difference and not knowing what 2 good witnesses testimony’s are. All jurors did hear the difference and they had no problem finding him not guilty. You don’t even know who the bully is in this situation do you? Spectr is getting labeled negative things cause people who are wrong need to blame someone. By the way Trayvon wanted to beat up this guy for the 3rd time an asked why he responded cause he didn’t bleed enough. You do know Trayvon went home and then came back out to attack Zimmerman, that’s a bully. Al Sharpton is a bully and so are all the Trayvon believers who promised rioting if GZ wasn’t arrested even though the police saw no evidence.
            How is it several people testified TM was on top attacking GZ an when one witness yelled to stop TM continued, this doesn’t bother you?
            His girlfriend testified he told her he ran and is home now but then she says he approached Zimmerman and sucker punched him, this doesn’t bother you that he was so scared he ran away and then came back and it was obvious he intended to make it a situation.

          • CDH

            who was following who and then tell me who has the right of self defense.If someone follows me in the dark its instinct fight or flight not go after someone with a gun because thats a obvious advantage, And if you think thats logic then youre full of shit like half the people defending zimmerman.

            Point #1 he was told to not follow because the real cop knew what could happen.

            #2 The cries stop aftr the gun shot, which means unless youre in a actioin movie noone in reallife yells when they shoot someone unless they think theyre rambo like zimmerman.

            #3 Im not racsist but it is a deal with people that I ignore becaus its pathetic and weak to assume race matters, But how he talked on the calls he seemed so sure that a young black kid was up to no good.I think regardless if hes was snooping the neighborhood the reason he is dead is because GZ underminded a real authority and to me thats more than enough evidence to sentence him for murder.

            Do you see where assumptions get you spectr? Whoever else? GZ could have avoided it all if you didnt know.Neighborhood watch..Not get my gun and stalk a stranger because I would have got shot kicking his ass too..
            Whos to say TM wasn’t defending himself honestly and now we’ll never know because the gun is almighty in this case..
            Just know who had the gun and didnt have to kill anyone that night.

          • spectr

            Oh i know, nobody would ever stop screaming when they grabbed their gun… LMAO

            Are you for real.

            Your logic is so bizarre it’s frightening

            What are you smoking ?

          • Pook

            He has his Skittles, AZ Watermelon and some Robitussin with codeine

          • L.A.M

            That’s total BS. Haven’t you already heard that you need soda to make Purple Drank. And no one uses skittles.

          • Pook

            Well GZ was driving past 1460 where he saw someone behaving oddly and he drove to the pool house and pulled over to call the police, lets see the pool is on the same street and its address is 1111. That’s roughly 3 blocks. So now TM comes walking by an see’s GZ sitting in his truck looking at him, so what does the scared Trayvon do? He turns around and starts walking back to GZ who is still sitting in his truck on his phone with the police. Its not until TM is up close to see GZ is on the phone he turns an starts running. So far its TM following GZ, 3 blocks. So fight or flight are the 2 choices? He ran. Why? I only know that people involved with criminal activities find people watching them while talking to someone on there cell phone reason to run. I also know that Americans have been told to report any one behaving suspiciously to law enforcement and only one of these guys did that. I do not believe there has ever been a case of a kiddie rapist stopping at a gated community an deciding of all the places to grab a kid to rape there is no possible way I could get caught here even though the guards take my id and write downs the dl# and my license plate before asking me who I am here to see oh but GZ lived there and if he was a kiddie rapist as TMs girlfriend suggested it makes even less sense that in your own gated community would be a great place to grab a kid and no one could possibly knmow me or where I live both of these ideas are so stupid to even imagine believing for even a minute! Besides it being dark outside it was also raining and that’s when all the children are unattended in their front yards.
            Your point 1 is false, you have changed the wording to sound like it favors your opinion. You opened the door so here it is, twice before this the dispatcher (not all dispatchers are cops) tells GZ to watch him an let him know if TM does anything else, that can easily be taken as follow him cause how else could you keep your eye on him if TM went around the corner? Now to your comment, GZ, after being told to report if TM does anything gets out to see where TM took off running, the dispatcher asked are you following him. Which GZ says yes, the dispatcher then says “we don’t need you to do that.” That is not a clear response. If you had a guest at your house and you woke up them cleaning your house that is something you would say and it has 2 possible responses. Yes, I will stop or No, I want to after you allowed me to stay here it the least I can do.
            Point 2, you must hang out with some real cowards, your saying that people who are screaming for help while they are being attacked are so busy screaming HELP that they don’t know that they just shot the attacker and continue to scream hysterically for help even though they squeezed the trigger and felt the BANG…. right up against their body. No one in real life screams before they shoot a gun??? Seriously, you think that and then reference Rambo…. So if your ever get attacked please don’t scream for help and then shoot the guy and if you do shoot the guy please continue to yell for help for X amount of time to prove your innocents.
            Point 3 It is your opinion there was some undermining of authority but had to reword that phrase to fit your anti GZ belief and then to state that he was snooping the area once again shows you have to change the wording to fit your agenda. How is driving home after shopping snooping? So you wouldn’t find nothing suspicious about a 6ft 1 guy standing in your moms front yard looking at the house wearing a hood in the rain at night in this neighborhood that has had 8 homes robbed in the last 13 months?? I’m curious if that is common where you live? On a rainy night you can look outside and see hooded people standing in peoples yards looking at the house (most likely the window but his head is covered) What does a person have to do to warrant you to be concerned? You are okay with someone you don’t know walking off the sidewalk and into your yard with his face hidden? Would you correct your child if they opened the door and started to walk out and saw the hooded person standing in the middle of the yard looking at them if they screamed an slammed the door an locked it since this has no suspicious tone to it? Would you think the guy was behaving suspiciously if after telling your child they over reacted and shouldn’t have slammed the door you walk outside and the guy see’s you he takes off running?
            Let us look at what caused that night to happen. The local thieves who have been terrorizing that neighborhood are the main cause of Trayvons death since they are why the neighbors were fed up. You can blame Trayvons parents for how they raised their son since he was obviously no good kid like his mother claims since even she kicked him out and who leaves their kid home unsupervised after he gets suspended for vandalizing the school and then being found with stolen jewelry and weed. You can blame the school for not having him arrested. But there is only one person responsible for Trayvons death and that is the guy who wandered around behaving in away that would cause someone to think he may be up to some sort of illegal behavior. At this point Trayvon could have called the police if he thought George was behaving suspiciously but he didn’t he made racist comments instead. If he was scared he could of called his dad but he didn’t. If he was so scared he could of just stayed home cause his gf testified that he told her that he got away and he was home but he didn’t stay there cause then his gf and Zimmerman both testify Trayvon was back, that he confronted Zimmerman with Do you have a problem? You do now and this is where TM hits GZ. Its clearly obvious that TM had become a problem and his mother kicked him out, that the school was having issues as well a issued his 3rd suspension of the year for TM and its obvious that TM is responsible for his own death.
            By the way, what would happen if a white guy was walking around through peoples front yards in a neighborhood that was non white? Wearing a hood? At night? In the rain?

          • dri1123

            how do you scream with blood running down your threat from a broken nose? wouldn’t the yell have a gurgling sound and not be clear to make out the words. no one saw who was yelling help. and if tm was on top when the shot was fired, how did gz get from underneath him without getting any of tm dna or blood on him? and this all happened so quickly, the police where at the scene seconds after the shot. gm could not move that fast. and last but not least, to have been rolling around in the grass, wet grass, neither gz or tm had grass stains on their clothes

          • Pook

            2 witnesses saw TM attacking GZ and they testified TM was on top. One of these witnesses testified he screamed stop an TM continued. By your thought process are you saying GZ was on top? How come no blood was pouring down on TM? What technique was TM doing that he was able to deliver multiple blows causing a broken nose? How did TM manage to cause the damage on the back of GZ head? How is it GZ has grass all over his back and the police even reported his back was wet and TM had grass stained knees and that’s all he had? How is it you keep posting pretty much the same thing over an over and you never bothered to verify anything?

          • rjackson12

            n who had the dna he had dna on his sleeve n near his collar area which was blood of trayvon, if u in a life threatening battle like u sad why were ur hands not swollen or his somebody lying n he still living

          • Pook

            So blood doesn’t react to bullets? GZs hands didn’t have any signs of him hitting anyone but Trayvons did,, so Trayvon was the only one hitting cause Zimmerman by several witnesses accounts was on the bottom trying to protect his face from TMs MMA style elbows he was dropping on Zimmermans face. Be honest rjackson12, you continually make comments that have been proven false are you related to Jesse Jackson? This is Jesse isn’t it. You should be ashamed claiming to be a man of God while telling lies and spreading hate, you an Sharpton should be jailed

      • Jim Meyer

        How do you know who it was that was screaming? You don’t, only GZ does and he will likely not testify, even though he was the only true witness who knows exactly what happened. He also changed his story a few times. (what bush did TM step out of again, oh yea, there were not any bushes except by peoples houses and only a few feet high. So spectr your belief that is was GM and Slick Rick saying it was TM are both conjecture. Oh i forgot, according to GZ on fox news it was gods plan for TM to die, thats why he followed and chased after him, to do gods work. What a christian he is.

        • spectr

          Only a moron doesn’t know who was screaming.
          He never changed his story.
          “oh yea, there were not any bushes except by peoples houses” … ROTFL.

          The bushes were part of the possibility mentioned by investigators, (talk about desperate)
          Gods plan was said by $ybrina first ..LOL !

          GZ never turned south to follow Martin

          GZ never chased Martin, you clown.

          The feeble minded can’t figure out GZ was just walking, yet it’s so obvious.
          Just cracks me up.

          But it doesn’t matter, GZ could’ve ran Martin down and arrested him(circling and threatening an unknown vehicle like he had a gun) , but he didn’t.

          GZ never stopped – ID’d – questioned anyone ever.
          He never got in ones way or ever touched anyone.
          Plenty of NWmen make arrests but not GZ

          Martin was the criminal vigilante and rightfully got killed for it.

          BTW do you think it being just west of the “T” is a coincidence ?
          Figure it out, if you can.

          • Jim Meyer

            list martins criminal acts that pertain to this trial. GZ did say TM jumped out of the bushes and if any moron can tell who is screaming, then why was all voice evidence removed by the judge? You are making false claims and judgements. You also never answered the question as to how TM is a thug. You never told us what he did that makes him a thug. Only an idiot thinks that anything is “so obvious” in this case when the only true witness says multiple things and refuses to take the stand. he lied about knowing stand your ground, said he feared for his life and yet refused medical atttention even later at the station he was asked by officers more than once and said he was fine.

          • spectr

            Text messages, read em.

            2 witnesses seen GZ yelling 4 help.

            Now , go cry over the verdict/truth.

          • rjackson12

            what witnesses said they saw him screaming for help, lol it was pitch black n that area where they was and raining hard somebody lying

          • Pook

            once again your contradicting your previous comment on how George could see Trayvon in his dads girlfriends back yard 70 yards down a walking path when it was pitch black an raining. Oh, and maybe you can’t read cursive writing and that’s why you don’t know anything factual about this case,,, oh, courts have all the details printed in block lettering.. Can you read? 1 witness screamed for Trayvon to stop and he ignored it an kept attacking George,, reading is good for you, try it

          • Pook

            2 people testified that Trayvon was on top, that GZ was the one screaming for help and one of these witnesses screamed at Travon to stop but he continued assaulting George.
            I responded earlier what the definition of a thug was and TM sure fits the description. So if it wasn’t Trayvon who vandalized the school, if Trayvon didn’t steal them then where did all that jewelry come from, who was taking pictures from Trayvons cell pretending to be him holding a gun, who was on Trayvons phonme texting his friend about how he like that .22 and did that guy still have the .380 for sale, so then it couldn’t have been Trayvon wanting some cough medicine and then discussing which way is the best way to make lean after he has his Skittles and Arizona Watermelon juice,,,, Are you sure you are talking about the same Trayvon Martin Zimmerman shot? This Trayvon wanted to fight a guy again for the 3rd time cause he didn’t bleed enough…Your Trayvon sounds like he is 5 years old and harmless this Trayvon Martin likes to fight and video tape it, like the kid on the bike. Have you seen that one? His texts go from drinking and drugs to fucking hoes to his mom kicking him out for the 3rd time and this time its just 2 days before Christmas.
            Adrenaline is an odd thing, maybe you should read about it before you continue making accusations. You do remember the media blurring out Zimermans head rom the police footage so he didn’t seem to have injuries or they showed a non hurt Zimmerman and he had longer hair but later we see the injuries and Zimmermans head shaved and bloody.

          • rjackson12

            he changed his story several times

          • Pook

            Well according to police investigators who dealt with GZ everyone has slight variations from their 1st interview and its not intentional just the human brain processing but if you want to play that card, GZ did take a lie detector test and he passed it. So, who do we have left at the trial that could have lied?,,,,,, Hey, how about the girl who told us TM was racist against white people,, you know the one, she also implied he was homophobic,,, what was her name? She didn’t go to his funeral cause she was sick in the hospital but turns out she was hung over and at home,,, you know the girl who talked about how Trayvon liked to fight an do drugs,,, that girl who is 19 and she was doing Trayvon…. Well its not important, she was TM only witness and it didn’t take long to see she was a liar

      • L.A.M

        You do realize that is like the opposite of propaganda right. Propaganda would be the news.

  • Ladyloree621

    WoW!!  I can’t believe the FBI couldn’t figure that out. They are two distinct voices. GZ sounds winded after a couple of helps on that recording.  

  • Mike OConnor

    The only eyewitnesses both stated that Zimmerman was yelling for help.

    They not only heard but SAW him ask for help.

    In one case, via a two way conversation.

    I ask you why TM would be screaming for help, when he was the one on top applying 2 black eyes, a broken nose and multiple facial and scalp lacerations.

    Why did Z ask a passerby for help?

    Why would a man winning a fight be screaming in terror for a full minute.

    People sound different when they are under physical stress and actually in terror and being sat on and beaten.

    Of course the voices sound different, I have not even listened to the tapes, but I will take your word for it.

    You expect me to believe that Z knowing the police were about to arrive decided to fit in a quick murder? 

    You expect me to believe that the person on top was the one screaming in terror?

    And the one on the bottom who was SEEN yelling and screaming for help RIGHT before the shot was fired, was in any way posing a threat to Martin, who was holding him down?

    What happened to logic and common sense?

    They both made some noise, but Zimmerman was the one trying to get help, he was the one who got beat up, he was the one who had no reason to break any laws with the knowledge of police on the way.

  • Ladyloree621

    Mike O’connor,
    First you need to do some research. As to your witness check here on this site and listen to all of witness 6 interviews.

    He called the police at least once or twice a month from potholes trash in the streets garage door left open and possisble suspicous people for the past four years. Zimmerman has a record of violence against a exgirfriend. GZ has a record of assault on a undercover ATF. He has a spotty work history and moves form house to house. He has been fired from a job for complaining to management of other employees, and the company got rid of him for that. Check with witness 21 on this site.  Witness 21 has records to GZ bullying him. His own reenactment does not match up to the timeline regarding his own 911 call. His injuries do not match up to life threating injuries,  as per serino interview located on this site. Per his medical report his doctor wrote and I quote the nose is likely broken, not broken but likely. The black eyes and swelling are a RESULT of injury to the nose. Not three separate things. The lacerations to his head were so small that they did not require sutures.

    He admitted in the interview with that Serino he followed him and confronted him. He said he didn’t want to, but thats what he did.  There is no dna of GZ on the bottom of Trayvon’s  sleeves per dna anaylsis. No GZ dna from Trayvon’s fingernails.  How is it possible to be beating a person throwing 20-30 blows per gz and not get a drop of blood  on his hoodie sleeves or fingernails?

    There is so much more, but I will let you digest this first.

  • el mishelle

     Are you the only one that saw black eyes? At what time did they appear? Was it the night of when the pictures were taken? The re-enactment. Where are the x-rays? That whole broken nose bit is a hoax. Even the police officer that he went to talk to that night noted his wounds as scratches. (LOL).

  • Shareese Dixon

    Zimmerman was not screaming for help! You should not believe a word that he says. And as for the coached witness, well he admitted that it was too dark to see mouths move. That witness also could not tell the difference between ‘red’ and ‘white’??? That witness assumed as he admitted. Assumptions are useless in court as nothing can be based upon what someone believes. Furthermore, if George had 45% of his head covered in blood that went in his eyes preventing him from being able to see, why and how does Trayvon not have any of George’s blood on his hands as Trayvon banged his head so hard (in the grass) that he thought he’d pass out? Why does the 1st picture of George only show a small trickle of blood coming from his nose? Why does George pass the front of the houses (where he was parked) to walk through a dark area to get an address? What did he do in the 2 minutes of time from when he hung up from dispatch until the 1st call to 911 that recorded the screaming? How did Trayvon end up so far away from the T? Why did the blood curdling screams stop the moment the gun went off? At 200lbs, why can you not sit up, but can shimmy? If Trayvon has his butt on your belly with his legs at your side, how can he see a gun and need to slide his hand down your chest, would he not have to reach behind his butt to get to your waist?

  • ArgentinaRose Gomez

    You Mike O’Connor, sound like a pure racist @ss! why would the *MURDERER* WITH GUN IN HAND BE SCREAMING FOR HELP LIKE THE BITCH THAT HE IS! fOGEN HELD TRAYVON AT GUNPOINT AND, TO BE HONEST WITH YOU HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGED WITH FIRST DEGREE MURDER INSTEAD OF SECOND DEGREE. AS FOR HIS LYING FATHER, HE SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE IN THIS CASE. *YOU PEOPLE* (RACIST WHITES) are causing this country even more harm that good, by slandering an *INNOCENT* deceased child and his family. you should all be ashamed of yourselves. the entire world is watching this case and seeing just how *HYPOCRITICAL* THIS COUNTRY REALLY IS. they are also seeing how racist some white people can truly be as well. you all think this is your country when it’s not, seeing that you stole it from the Indians who were here *FIRST*. Christopher Columbus didn’t discover a darn thing when it comes to this country and, neither did your white ancestors. they just took and stole from other races. they have made sue that their racial hatred has been passed down to *YOU PEOPLE*. TRAYVON WILL GET HIS JUSTICE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!

  • Backslap_Bob

    “Why would a man winning a fight be screaming in terror for a full minute.”

    Most likely because the fight didn’t happen as he described it. Given the physical evidence, Martin boxed him in the face at the T, GZ fell backward and hit his head (he said he fell at that point), then GZ pulled his gun and tried a takedown on Martin who began screaming for his life. It then got out of hand and Martin was shot 60 feet from the point of the initial encounter.

  • CDH

    common sense now of days is such a low standard of acceptabilty due to lazy people like you that think their simple answers are right nomatter what.Im 20 and even I know when someones uneducated.If you want logic, why was he told by a cop not to follow TM? If thats not obvious why? then you just need to give up every argument you have because its not fun when I know better than older folks like you.Its sad..

  • rjackson12

    let someone beat ur head into the concrete and yell for help and tell me how that goes

  • rjackson12

    so if i was after u in the dark and u did not know know me what would u do

  • Ladyloree621

    Here in something interesting for ya

  • Questions for Thought

     Does Zimmerman’s weak little “help” sound ANYTHING like the blood-curdling screams on the 911 call?  If Zimmerman was screaming for help that night,  wouldn’t he remember the “terror” he felt and immitate that type of scream in his example?

  • AndyBinGA

    “He admitted in the interview with that Serino he followed him and confronted him.”

    Another Trayvonette lie. During the first bailbond hearing the prosecutor admits they don’t know who started the confrontation.

  • clifford715

    Trayvon was screaming because he saw George with the gun in his hand.

  • Shareese Dixon

    That is my belief too! That blood curdling scream could only be the result of seeing something that he knew would kill him. That baby screamed out of fear and that fear was a pistol pointed at him. It is a terrible shame that people could hear those cries for help and no one came to his aid otherwise, he’d be alive today. George doesn’t even know that the screams were long drawn out “helps” and not these short breathless “helps” that he repeated. That is because he did not hear the calls beforehand. No one screams help like that especially when they are in fear for their lives. George makes my skin crawl and I can not wait until his sentence is handed down! When Trayvon screamed for help, George realized that he was not a thug and oooops, I have to shut him up or I will get in trouble for being on patrol with a pistol. I am outraged that he thought he got away with killing this kid for no reason!

  • AndyBinGA

    Didn’t happen until Trayvon was pounding his head into the ground and his shirt lifted up exposing the gun.

  • AndyBinGA

    That baby? Don’t forget that according to Dee Dee’s testimony Trayvon made it to the place he was staying at. That means the thug walked back 70 yards to stalk and attack GZ.

  • sanity

    This hurts me to the core of my spirit… This was a child screaming for his life… May GOD help us all.. Peace and love

  • L.A.M

    That’s a valid theory.

  • AndyBinGA

    Are you that insane? The MD who looked at him right after PD was done with him said Broken nose and black eyes

  • AndyBinGA

    Liar, the autopsy states 1-3 feet away liar.

  • AndyBinGA

    Race card denied racist. The thug attacked GZ and GZ legally killed him so deal with it racist.

  • ThoriGustin

    You are so racist, it’s unbelievable! I have to say that it is people like you that pass down the hatred generation by generation in your race, and you should take responsibility for the damage this hatred is causing to our society.
    Are you also outrage and hungry for justice for that 6 months old white baby that was SHOT IN THE FACE AT POINT BLANK while on his stroller with his mother? and the killers were black, that happened in March this year in Georgia . Probably you did not even hear it in the news, I guess his mother did not do the media round claiming racism as TM’s mother. Both of this cases are a tragedy for everybody involved , and they should be treated as what they are; criminal cases.

  • sheila lotsberg

    It sounds like you are the racist.

  • Pook

    That’s the hard part of this case, the racist beliefs some blacks have against white people has clearly surfaced. You begin by claiming he sounds like a racist but that is obviously you fabricating something in hopes of making him appear in a negative light and gain you some supporters. This is Al Sharptons approach and he is racist so I can only assume you are as well. You then continue to lie that their was a gun in hand, which would be a another lie since no gun was produced until the felony assault was started by TM. That Trayvon was held at gun point, lie #3 . Your obviously referring to GZ as the murder and that makes lie #4 since before and after the court hearing there is no murder convictions on GZs records. You then refer to being honest and we both know that’s a lie since you your implying you know law and the guide lines to what needs to have happened to apply certain charges against someone and you don’t and that’s lie #5 You then accuse his father of lying and that has never been proven so that’s lie # 6 You also state his father should be charged with obstruction an that is you making up things for lie #7 Did you know that in Florida the courts have only 60 days after arresting someone for a crime to take them to court? So Al Sharpton and everyone who threatened protests and riots should all be charged with obstruction and terrorist threats cause she demanded his immediate arrest which started the 60 day count down. You are right about the causing more harm then good but on this subject its not the whites, its the blacks being racist. You can thank Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for continuing to cause race issues since they are always making it up. No one is slandering an innocent dead child or their family, we are all talking about Trayvon Martin, the guy who smoked, grew, sold weed and got drunk and was suspended from school for,,, well you know all the illegal things Trayvon did and why his mother kicked him out all 3 times. You probably know she got like a million dollars from that gated community cause after denying that was his son yelling for help they then filed a lawsuit and against the home owners association and then he was sure it was TM voice, they settled out of court for over a million. You are also right about people should be ashamed like the media for lying and distorting the truth, showing a picture of GZ several years earlier with no injuries and then claiming that’s proof he wasn’t hurt is horrible plus blurring the police photos to cover up his injuries is criminal. Trayvon got his last justice when he decided to attack a person who did not break any laws and up to when Trayvon hit Zimmerman he had not broke any laws neither. The rest of the world isn’t watching this, not ever since they got the truth of what happened. I am sorry you are so angry an filled with hate but you have to feel a little better knowing you are stating to deal with your hate towards the white and racist black people are everywhere

  • AndyBinGA

    Not what the witnesses say half-wit

  • AndyBinGA

    Leaderhead! LOL!!!!!!

  • Jason Henriksen

    Actually, it says 1 to 18″. But, he wasn’t saying shot from that distance, he’s saying they somehow moved 60 ft from the initial encounter…and, based on Zimmerman’s statements and where the body was found, he’s right.

  • AndyBinGA

    Witnesses came out after the gunshot so you are full of it to imply GZ moved him. The shooting and fight was 20 foot of the T. The fact of the matter is Trayvon made it back to Brandy Greens house per Dee Dee’s testimony. That means Trayvon came back 70 yards and stalked and attacked GZ.

  • tommie451

    Again you are introducing false information, in what Johnnie Cochran termed as “a sinister rush to judgement.”
    The distance was 35-40 feet, not 60 as you were told to say.

  • Backslap_Bob


  • rjackson12

    um if the incident went from left to right it would not have started at the t, but where martins things were found.

  • Backslap_Bob

    The initial encounter took place at about 10-15 feet in from the T. That’s where Zimmerman said he was knocked down, and where his father said he drew his pistol. Putting it altogether, Martin bashed him in the face at the T, Zimmerman got knocked down and hit his head, dropped his keys, got up and attempted to detain Martin with his pistol drawn, Martin started scream while backing away (south), resisted and possibly tried to wrestle the gun away from Zimmerman (who started yelling for help) only to get shot another 40-45 feet from the initial point for a total of 60 feet. That’s where Martin’s body was found. No denying it.

    That’s as plausible as I can make the encounter based on the evidence.

  • AndyBinGA

    Google “133028390-Zimmerman-Documents-1.pdf” Go to the released Discovery file and look at the police sketch with measurements on page 145 with the sketch key being on 146.

    Number 6 is Trayvons body. Look all the way to the right at Number 4. Note the measurement to the sidewalk from number 4 and compare with 6.
    Trayvons body was 20 feet off the T.

  • AndyBinGA

    P.S. The evidencetrail thing is B.S. Who is to say that GZ didn’t have the gun turned when he shot or that the shell didn’t deflect off of Trayvon’s arm slick?

  • tommie451

    Nice try. You may have a future in Hollywood. Now explain what John saw – MMA Ground & Pound Hammerfist – which was already the 35-40 feet south of the T.

    Also you should just drop the 60 feet distance. It just makes it look like you are inventing false evidence to try to frame an innocent man.

  • Backslap_Bob

    I’ll explain to you that John ultimately changed his story.


  • shorty5704

    Not true.


    the physician’s assistant diagnosed him with a possible broken nose, however, his eyes weren’t dark in pictures that were taken other than the normal undereye darkness due to his heritage. GZ also didn’t go to the doctor’s office until his boss told him he needed a work release slip to come back. He also didn’t follow up with the ENT specialist that was recommended. In other words, his so-called life-threatening injuries that he claimed he had suffered on 2/26 weren’t bothering him very much. Why didn’t GZ tell the EMT’s he was on Adderall? Why didn’t he tell them that his head was allegedly beaten against the ground for a minute and to the point he was losing consciousness? Sounds like someone wanted to stay clear of the E.R. and having his blood drawn. If he had told the EMT’s he had been ready to lose consciousness, as GZ claims, they would have insisted on taking him to the E.R. and if he refused, he would have had to sign a medical release. Neither happened. Sounds like he had a different story for the two tiny cuts on the back of his head that were only 1/4″ and 3/4″ in length. I’d like to hear him explain how the blood only ran towards the front of his face and to the point that he was in a position long enough that it pooled at the edges of his moustache. GZ’s story doesn’t match the evidence, especially considering the lack of DNA on TM’s hands. Why doesn’t GZ have any marks on his hands and more importantly, why doesn’t TM? If someone had been grabbing my head, I would have grabbed their hands, digging my nails into them, scratching them, pulling at them and doing whatever I could to get them to stop yet both GZ and TM had hands that were relatively unscathed. That’s not to be expected in a “fight for your life.” I’ve seen far worse results in a schoolyard fight when I would fill in for the school nurse when she was on vacation. I’ve also seen plenty of real victims who were hit a dozen or more times in the face, they don’t look like GZ did. Their faces are noticeably swollen! In the pics at the police station taken a couple hours after the altercation with TM, GZ has a scratch on his nose, but no other discernable injuries on his face from the front view pictures. GZ is a known liar and he didn’t hesitate to say what was necessary after killing TM in order to keep himself out of jail.

  • AndyBinGA

    Incorrect. Go read the discovery. She said POSSIBLE broken nose because blackened eyes is a SYMPTOM of a nose injury. He didn’t have black eyes as a result of being punched in his eyes and he REFUSED to go to an ENT for a proper diagnosis.

  • rjackson12

    lol did not he saw the doctor the next day, not right after that is a long time he could have did that himself no witness once again

  • AndyBinGA

    Very true. Medical report is online Trayvonaut.

  • tiffanyshaney

    smh, yall WHITE AMERICA are a mess. If it was the other way around, and GZ was 17 and TM was 32, there wouldn’t be a national nothing..TM would be in jail serving LIFE…so its about time that they put this PROFILING case in national news…it’s about time that the murder of an innocent black child by the heads of a white person be talked about. Its the same thing with Nicole Simpson who was murdered by a SERIAL KILLER, not OJ, and WHITE AMERICA just know that this man was guilty, and he had not done a thing. So im glad that his mother went on tv and got people to see that her CHILD was murder, minding his own DAMN business…. Because if not it would have been another Emmett justice..for MURDER…

  • rjackson12

    she never said it was racist

  • James McKenna

    Applying logic to this question leads to one answer. Who is more likely to scream for help? Is it the person beating someone or the person being beaten. In my opinion the person being assaulted is more likely to be the person screaming for help. Based on the evidence George Zimmerman was the person being beaten. He had a broken nose and lacerations. In addition, a witness claims that he saw Travyon Martin straddling Zimmerman and punching him. Its also important to point out that it is not illegal for a person who is a neighborhood watch captain to patrol the neighborhood and call 911 when he sees something suspicious. That is not illegal. It is illegal to assault someone. George Zimmerman also had a right under Florida law to carry a firearm and is allowed to use it in self defense. Now an argument can be made that the law should be changed. I personally would like to make it illegal for people to carry concealed firearms outside of their homes. If that law had been in effect, Travyon Martin would be alive today. However he may be facing assault charges for beating George Zimmerman. It is incredible that people viewing this case do not see their own bias. George Zimmerman is not guilty of murder based on the evidence. To be honest I dont think they can convict him on any charges unless the jurors vote on emotion. It is terrible that a sixteen year old died but he should not of attacked George Zimmerman. Unfortunately there are many young people who seem to be drawn to violence and fighting. Web sites glorify violence and show clips of people being beaten as if that is a good thing. The laws allowing people to carry firearms outside of their homes needs to be changed. We should focus on that. We cannot convict a man who has not based on the law committed a crime. If Zimmerman gets convicted then our legal system did not work properly. I also think that the pressure brought on the police department by the media and interested parties caused the department to charge George Zimmerman. The case against Zimmerman is weak. I cannot see any way based on the evidence that George Zimmerman is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. All the evidence backs up what Zimmerman said. He may of lied but the evidence does not show that. I do think he was aware of the stand your ground law but that is the law. I think again think we should focus on changing the concealed weapons laws in many of these states. The law will cause more unnecessary deaths. Without a gun George Zimmerman would of just sustained a beating and Travyon Martin would be alive. I also think it is strange that so much attention has been focused on this case. Young black men are killed on a regular basis and the media does not focus on the systemic causes of these deaths. Instead they focus on a relatively rare circumstance because race can be interjected. Its a tragedy that we dont focus on the deaths happening in on a regular basis in citis all over America. I think the reason we dont focus on those cases is because they dont involve the volatile issue of race and there seems to be no quick fix. Unwed mothers and poor economic conditions leave children vulnerable to the influence of gangs leading to many tragic deaths. I am not sure why African American leaders dont talk more about this tragic problem. Nothing that does or does not happen in the Zimmerman case will do anything to change the very regular deaths happening in big cities all across America.

  • SummerSierra11

    Actually Jeantel stated TM was near “NEAR” right by his home is far from being at home and as anyone can see TM was nearby his home.

  • Jim Meyer

    how is he a thug? What did he do in that situation that made him a thug? Lets see, he went to the store and walked back to his dads place, or was walking to his dads place until the real thug with a real gun started to really follow and then chase him. I agree he is no baby at 17, that is a motherly thing and i dont call them babies once they reach toddler age. That said, please andbinga tell me how he is a thug.

  • andybinga

    #Zimmerman Trial Day 4: Jeantel:
    “When phone reconnect, TM said he was in back of his father fiance’s home.”

  • Jim Meyer

    If i were walking alone and saw a guy watching me from his truck and slowly following me, I would try to avoid the creep as well. If said person then started to run after me i would then man up and turn on him with a comment like, “whats your problem?” At that point if a fight started and i got the upper hand and i was shot for defending myself, how would i be in the wrong? There is no evidence that TM did anything wrong. There is evidence that GZ has changed details of his account, lied on fox saying he knew nothing of stand your ground while pursuing a criminal justice degree and getting A’s in class, training in martial arts 2-3 times week, and refusing to go to the hospital for his “life threatening injuries.” The police reports say that he was observed through one way glass by officers who say he looked ok, and never brought up light headedness again as he had on the way to the station. (and yes he was asked numerous times if he was ok, its in the police report) Yes he was beaten up because he got his ass handed to him by an unarmed 17 yo he had been pursuing. Also GZ admits to being on top of TM, (checking for weapons he says, is that not a cops job?) Witnesses say GM was on bottom getting beat up, So at one time GZ was on top and at another TM was on top. Witnesses came to the viewing at different times so saw different things, if they saw anything. Its amazing to me that people want to believe what witnesses saw in the dark and rain while saying how could they see anything, it was dark and rainy. You cant have it both ways.

  • Harry Ball

    Coming back 70-100 yards and attacking GZ is a thug.

    He was staying at Brandy Green’s place not his dad’s place.

    Read it again he made it back to the place he was staying at yet he came back 70-100 yards.

  • Pook

    noun: thug; plural noun: thugs; noun: Thug
    a violent person, esp. a criminal.
    :ruffian, hooligan, vandal, hoodlum, gangster, villain, criminal;
    Well here is the definition of a thug. What part can’t you see that Trayvon fits this description? I’m basing my response by what he said and did and had and this information comes from Trayvon himself from his cell phone. So tagging a door at the school in a restricted area isn’t enough? Possesion of stolen jewelry who he claimed was a friends and he was just holding it but that friend renamed nameless, is this enough? Or how about how he was claiming he wanted to fight this snitch for the 3rd time and his friend asked why, response, cause he didn’t bleed enough to satisfy Trayvon, is that enough? Mom kicked him out 3 times, the last time was 2 days before Christmas, I don’t know about you but I would have to do something really bad for my mom to kick me out right before Christmas, is that enough? 3rd suspension from school, first time I believe was for numerous truancies? 2nd time was for fighting and the 3rd involved the vandalism, jewelry, burglary tool and a bag of weed, is that enough? Photos on his cell shows him growing weed at home, is that enough? Cell phone photo shows him hold a semiautomatic hand gun which would mean it was stolen cause he was 17 and not 21 and by his text messages he also talked about a .22 and his friend wanted to know if he wanted to go in on a .380, is that enough? In his text messages he was looking for some cough medicine to go with his Skittles and Arizonas Watermelon flavored juice to make Lean,,, AGAIN! Is that enough? Gold teeth alone not a thug but add all this and it now implies, thug. Numerous texts about getting drunk and high all the time. Now lets discuss his girlfriend, real simple, who dates a girl like that? She was hungover an didn’t attend the funeral but told his parents she was at the hospital. So much more with her but she did confirm Trayvon was racist against whites, homophobic, and that he admitted being in his dads gfs backyard. Which means, just like the rest of us thought, that football player ran those 70 yards in less then the 4 minutes GZ stayed on the phone talking to the police the same police TM could have called if he was so scared or not doing something wrong but no, TM was never scared of GZ cause he went back and attacked GZ. If GZ had his gun out then your admitting TM was fast enough to get up close on GZ to punch him in the nose and fast enough to get on top of GZ and viciously attack GZ while maintaining top position, dropping his elbow down on GZs face and holding on to this gun some of you think was already out. Thug

  • law1

    ‪‬ This case is common sense. GZ got out of the car with his “firearm” ready(wouldn’t you? if you saw what you thought was an imposing black man casing houses possibly on drugs, knowing you had a gun would you meander around in the dark with it in your pants?) Remember, George is a reject from multiple law enforcement opportunities relegated to neighborhood watch fed up will calling 911 and “these punks” always getting away, so I’ll get him myself AND show’em I can cut it. GZ walked up with his gun on TM. TM did exactly what the defense witness said he would do: reached for the gun (with his dominant right hand) and hit GZ in the nose (with his left). The struggle was TM trying not to get shot. And I would use the defenses own witnesses: if GZ was so unskilled and dreadful at defending himself, does it not make sense that if he was afraid of this “suspicious person” he would have something to protect himself? Now it makes sense why the state kept asking defense witnesses if that little flashlight could be a weapon.

  • dri1123

    he never made it home. it made it to the back of the houses but that does not mean he meant the back of his home. who goes home with a stranger following them. and how do you scream with blood running down your threat from a broken nose? wouldn’t the yell have a gurgling sound and not be clear to make out the words. no one saw who was yelling help. and if tm was on top when the shot was fired, how did gz get from underneath him without getting any of tm dna or blood on him? and this all happened so quickly, the police where at the scene seconds after the shot. gm could not move that fast. and last but not least, to have been rolling around in the grass, wet grass, neither gz or tm had grass stains on their clothes

  • rjackson12

    if he made it home gz should have seen him, he wouldn’t have surprised him and i am sure he would have got something
    and came back if he was

  • crawdad

    I agree “sanity”. That is what I’ve felt to the core of my soul from the beginning.

  • rjackson12

    if he had he gun where he say had it, there was noway that child saw that gun

  • rjackson12

    what lie the do not know who started the actual fight if there was one, and since more than likely he did not die immediately how long was it before the police was actually called

  • Andrew

    The gun was at his side, not in back like you Traytards are suggesting.

  • Andrew

    The lie was that GZ told Serino he followed Trayvon and confronted him. He NEVER told Serino this. Try to pay attention to what is said rather then making up stuff.

  • Andrew

    English as a second language or illiterate? The doctors office visit was the following morning (2/27/12) at 11 am. The paperwork is available on-line .

  • rjackson12

    who says it was in his back u said it i didn’t, based on how he said the young man was there was noway he looked down as dark as it was and saw a gun

  • Andrew

    Gun was at his right side and the “fight” ended up by witness 6′s back patio which had a light on.

  • Pook

    Hey rjackson12, didn’t you say this;

    rjackson12 Harry Ball a month ago •

    if he made it home gz should have seen him, he wouldn’t have surprised him and i am sure he would have got something
    and came back if he was
    So George should be able to see 70 yards at night on a rainy evening down a dark waking path and through a fence to see Trayvon but Trayvon couldn’t see the guy he was sitting on? Your obviously going to lie to us and yourself to make Trayvon the victim. Be mad at is mom for sowing the world a 12 year old innocent Trayvon or be sad for her since she had to go back 5 years to find a photo of her kid that he didn’t look like trouble.

  • rjackson12

    um now if u looked where that body was that was not near anybody house was close to sidewalk, n there is no way he got that gun out with the way he say the male straddled him

  • Andrew

    Close enough to the light to see and no one bought the D.A’s lie about the gun being behind GZ’s back. I have the same gun and I carry it in my right front side.

  • Pook

    You want to put your opinion to the test? I’m willing to let you show me how I couldn’t possibly draw my weapon to save my life and if I’m wrong I will forever defend Trayvon an believe everything Al Sharpton says. If I’m right, well if I’m right it won’t matter to you any more. By the way, you do know a witness screamed at Trayvon to stop and Trayvon just continued his assault. Oh, that sounds bad, I can take the bullets out of my gun so you aren’t scared I might really shoot you but I want you to throw blows at me cause we both now that when your raising your arm up to come down on me that’s when I’m going to reach for my weapon. The video we film can show people what kind of asshole sucker punches a guy after sneaking up on him, mounts him and proceeds to drop ebows down on the victim MMA style and when a 3rd person screams stop continues hammering down on the guy before getting shot.
    Did you ever look over the court paper work? Watch the trial? It sure doesn’t seem like you know anything more then what the media reported and they reported lies and hid facts

  • rjackson12

    u r also, he had that gun out already and he lied about lot of things u have ur opinion and i have mine

  • Andrew

    Prove he had his gun out “already”.

  • Pook

    So what kind of moron punches a guy who according to you has his gun out already? Seriously, your saying GZ had to have his gun out in order to be able to shoot his attacker, the same attacker who witnesses testified was on top and that refused to stop attacking the victim when one of the witnesses yelled for him to stop,,, your saying Trayvon was that fast and that such a good fighter that the sight of a gun in the guys hand he wants to beat up doesn’t worry him one bit? This Travon guy runs from a man in a truck talking on his cell but attacks a guy who (you say) had his gun out already……

  • rjackson12

    listen to the recordings he did to say it lol

  • rjackson12

    she did not say it was broken u read it, and after he left the police station anything could have happened

  • rjackson12

    and we know he attacked him because he said it, like a lot of stuff he said doesn’t ,make since

  • rjackson12

    depends on what witness u ask cause they all have different stories

  • rjackson12

    Based on what evidence those marks could have been done after the fact, he was not outside alone and there is a person in a white t-shirt who no one has heard from

  • Andrew

    I listened to them and you are lying.

  • Andrew

    You did not read the doctors report. The Dx was a fractured nose.

  • Andrew

    It made sense to the jury. Not Guilty

  • Andrew

    The only witnesses that didn’t match is the gal who said GZ shot Trademark in the back. She was the trayvontard witness who was caught signing the arrest George petition.

  • Andrew

    Per witnesses it started at the T.

  • Pook

    Trayvons girlfriend testified he claimed to be in the backyard of his dads girlfriends house and he had gotten away, which is about 70 yards away and he had 4 minutes to get there since George was still on the phone talking to the police. STRIKE 1
    Who wouldn’t go home if they were in danger? It makes more sense to stay outside and hide,, but he could go inside and call the police,, only if he had a cell phone. STRIKE 2
    Odd you are self proclaimed expert on bleeding during fights and not on gun shot wounds. Laying on your back an looking up at your attacker would allow you to turn your head left an right and you would also be trying to buck the attacker off so spitting is possible but last I recall during my nightly nose bleeds as a kid, I didn’t drown. STRIKE 3
    They had several witnesses that saw TM on top attacking GZ. STRIKE 1
    Several witnesses testified that the saw the guy on the bottom that they also identified as GZ was the only one yelling for help. STRIKE 2
    They did find TMs DNA on GZ. STRIKE 3
    TM fell off GZ going to the side after GZ fired one shot and GZ was trying to get away so after he shot TMs control during the felony assault would have instantly weaken giving GZ the chance to push TM off Strike 1
    The police were there within 2 minutes, not seconds., STRIKE 2
    Grass stains were found ALL OVER GZs back,
    TRAYVON MARTIN did not have grass stains or any signs of a fight except for his knuckles which were reported to be typical of someone hitting someone. STRIKE 3 YOU ARE OUT! You obviously haven’t a clue about this subject and should not be spreading race hate by repeating lies.

  • Pook

    So your saying you have the ability to see 70 yards down a dark path through a fence and see someone standing there? Now your also saying that you are violent and aggressive and don’t believe in the judicial system.
    So I’m just guessing that you think its okay for someone to be inside gated community at someone’s house cause you were thrown out of your moms cause she found your dope and gun and that walking around with your hood on looking like a burglar walking in someones front yard is perfectly okay behavior and that when walking past a truck you see a guy looking at you talking on his cell phone makes you think your girlfriend is right and he is some kiddie rapist who either drives around his gated community trying to grab his neighbors kids hoping no one recognizes him or he is a kiddie rapist who checked in at the gate and told the security officers he was visiting someone and he was hoping that the guards would some how lose the info they took from his drivers license and his license plate number from his car, common things when you go into a gated community. Just ridiculous. No if he was, she testified he was and there is video of his dads girlfriend insisting on she last saw him in her back yard… Your probably right, I can’t see how you could run 70 yards in 4 minutes, that’s just impossible, you would have to be like ,,, like a football player or something! Wait, TM went to his dads girlfriends back yard and then went back to GZ, so that’s like 70 + 70
    140 yards in 4 minutes is like SUPER Impossible,,, if you didn’t have legs.
    Why cant you TM believers just except the facts that TM was a racist homophobic bully who thought he could attack anyone he wanted to? Oh, did you see Trayvon attacking the guy on the bicycle? Looks like they got in front of the bike rider so he couldn’t get away and his friends were recording and laghing and encouraging him to continue
    (GZ saw TM 3 blocks back if you look at the addresses police reported Pool house was 1111 and he saw TM at 1460 so it seems TM was following GZ and GZ drove past and parked at the pool house)

  • Pook

    He can’t prove it. Everything the Trayvon believers say is made up or exaggerated. Its so sad Al Sharpton is full of hate towards white people and that he is willing to lie to his followers to cause more division. Anyone mention how many black on white assaults have occurred since Al Sharpton lied again? During these attacks they mention Trayvons case..

  • Pook`

    That’s funny. I wouldn’t strap my gun on me and leave my house with out it being ready, as in loaded, cocked and ready to fire when I flip the safety off. That’s 101 basics for carrying a gun. This really is all about common sense and looking out for your neighbors as any good person would do. Your version of common sense is so off.
    Person A see’s suspicious person at 1460 (address) in neighbors yard, its dark, its raining and he appears to be on something.
    Person A continues to drive and pulls over at 1111 (address) to call the police down the road
    Person B now walks by and spots person A in the truck on his cell phone and takes off running now confirming the suspicious behavior
    Person A remains on the phone with the police for roughly 4 minutes
    Person B has managed to get away and is no longer visible
    Person A is looking for information to the questions dispatch is asking
    Person B has returned to the T cut and is asking if A has a problem?
    at this point no one has done anything illegal regardless of what you think you know or feel, nothing illegal has occurred. Looking at just this Person Bs behavior was suspicious and running just verified it. Both individuals had cell phones but only one called the police. If your adding things like age, race or any thing else your not be fair

  • L.A.M

    Lol. You’re retarded. I’ve never seen so much denial.