George Zimmerman Jailhouse Calls #1-10 Released 7/16/2012 [Audio]

The following is a list of full audio of jailhouse calls, released on 7/16/2012 and later, made by George Zimmerman while in jail at the Seminole County Detention Center in Florida.

These are full audio of jailhouse calls made by George Zimmerman while in jail at the Seminole County Detention Center in Florida for the second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin.

In addition to the calls on this page, you may also be interested in listening to the jailhouse calls between George and Shellie Zimmerman that are specific to Zimmerman’s revocation of bond and Shellie Zimmerman’s perjury charge.

The more than 145 calls calls are divided into pages with 10 calls per page. Ten of the calls are located on this page, and you can use the table below to locate additional George Zimmerman jailhouse calls:

Calls #1-10
Calls #11-20
Calls #21-30
Calls #31-40
Calls #41-50
Calls #51-60
Calls #61-70
Calls #71-80
Calls #81-90
Calls #91-100
Calls #101-110
Calls #111-120
Calls #121-130
Calls #131-140
Calls #141-145

In addition to this list, you may also be interested in listening to other audio in the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case.

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*Note: We increased the call volume so that you can hear the call better. The original call volume was quite low on some of the calls.

Call #1 – George Zimmerman Jail Call 18528113 4/12/2012 08:04:05 (Duration: ~8 mins)

Call Summary: Call between George and Shellie Zimmerman. He asks her to make sure that she has his laptop and ancillaries for the device. He says that he is safe and by himself. Zimmerman says the meeting with Mark (presumably attorney O’Mara) went well, and they both agree that they like him. They discuss whether someone has been in contact with the media. He also talks about needing money for commissary and phone calls. They make arrangements to take care of these expenses. The call ended abruptly.

Call #2 – George Zimmerman Jail Call 18528146 4/12/2012 08:18:23 (Duration: ~ 4 mins)

Call Summary: Call between George and Shellie Zimmerman. Zimmerman discusses how the nurse came to take his blood pressure. They discuss that she will pay for the phone calls with her debit card.

Call #3 – George Zimmerman Jail Call 18528299 4/12/2012 08:56:24 (Duration: ~ 4 mins)

Call Summary: Call between George and a female. He asks her to write down a PIN number and give it to Shellie. It is related to arranging for payment of jailhouse calls. He complains that he keeps getting cut off.

Call #4 – George Zimmerman Jail Call 18528858 4/12/2012 10:16:21 (Duration: ~ 17 mins)

Call Summary: Call between George Zimmerman and Gracie (his sister), and Shellie joins the call later. It is not Shellie Zimmerman. He asks why she didn’t get something done–something that she must do online. The woman seems like she might have an accent–perhaps his mother? Zimmerman can be heard speaking to someone in the background who says to him, “God bless you.” At one point it sounds as if the woman speaks Spanish to him, and a child can also be heard in the background. Zimmerman says that he needs to get Shellie some information soon. Zimmerman says that he needs her to get his computer and the wifi hotspot. He says he doesn’t know when he will be able to use the phone again. He tells her not to tie up the line, and to only pick up the phone for him–so he won’t keep getting busy signals when he calls her. Shellie reassures George that he won’t spend much more time there in jail. Zimmerman mentions something about information that Shellie and Scott have. Shellie continues to reassure George that “You’re gonna be okay.”

At one point in the call, Gracie tells George looked like “one hot stud-muffin” in a photo or video she had seen of him. Zimmerman talks about how profession his new attorney was. Shellie asks about Zimmerman’s meals and he says he’s eaten some cornbread. George mentions that his blood pressure was 144/86.

George mentions that just like in the Casey Anthony case, anything they say on the phone will be recorded and might wind up on TV/radio. He tells Shellie/Gracie that there is nothing more important than their safety. They exchange love for one another and end the call.

Call #5 – George Zimmerman Jail Call 18529282 4/12/2012 11:12:49 (Duration: ~ 17 mins)

Call Summary: Call between George Zimmerman and Shellie Zimmerman. Zimmerman appears to be crying, and expresses remorse for the situation in which he’s put Shellie. She is supportive as he expresses himself. He asks her to just talk to him. She discusses the need for her to get a new cell phone. She tells him how much she loves him. He talks about the politics of getting use of the phone while in jail. She tells him to put his mind “in a place of positivity.” He tells her and others not to come to the hearing that day. She says that someone he knows very well is flying in that day. Shellie says that she is metaphysically there with George, and when he closes his eyes she is there. She calls George “the sweetest person on earth.”

He talks about his lunch and some books to read. He makes mention of someone who hooked him up with the new attorney. They both talk about how grateful they are. Shellie says she’s happy that he is alive and that they will get through the situation.

Zimmerman tells Shellie that she is not on the visitation list. They discuss that they don’t think he will get bond that day. Shellie is optimistic though. Zimmerman tells her to be sure to get the computer and the hot spot. He says that Ken went to New York to be on TV, but that he would be back that evening. Shellie says that she might try to get a new phone, and he suggests that she gets a new number. They express their love and reassure each other. Shellie ends the call with, “Keep your chin up. Don’t let them win.”

Call #6 – George Zimmerman Jail Call 18530216 4/12/2012 12:54:24 (Duration: ~17 mins)

Call Summary: Call between George Zimmerman and Shellie Zimmerman. He asks if Shellie has the computer yet, and she says she doesn’t have it. They discuss needing to give her access to the computer. He says he’s not holding up too well. They make small talk about TV and discuss logistics about the attorney.

Shellie tells George about some people being on TV about the case. She tells him that there are a lot of people who support him. Zimmerman says that it would be nice if the Judges were appointed, rather than elected. They talk about his medicine. He discusses his sleeping patterns. Shellie asks if his cell has bars, and he says it does, but that he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Shellie tells him that he has plenty of funds in is account (possibly commissary) so that he could get the things he wants. George asks how Robbie is doing, and Shellie says that she thinks he’s okay. Robbie was mentioned in Call #4 above. They discuss that his hearing should be happening shortly. Shellie gives him another pep talk about having faith in himself and that that will bring him though the situation. He reminds her to keep the phone lines clear.

Shellie says that she gave Mark O’Mara their house phone number. She continues with words of support. Zimmerman discusses his concern about whether he will be given bond. Shellie tells him to walk into his the hearing with his head held high. They exchange expressions of love and end the call.

Call #7 – George Zimmerman Jail Call 18530715 4/12/2012 13:41:03 (Duration: ~6 mins)

Call Summary: Call between George Zimmerman and Shellie Zimmerman. This call takes place after his hearing. Shellie continues to reassure him. She says that Mark O’Mara is fighting for him, and that he will explain what happened in the hearing to him. They continued discussing the hearing and what might happen next.

Call #8 – George Zimmerman Jail Call 18530807 4/12/2012 13:49:18 (Duration: ~15 mins)

Call Summary: Call between George Zimmerman and a female (possibly Gracie). He asks the woman to text Shellie and let her know he will call her. He discusses that he has a hearing on May 28th. The woman said that she didn’t watch the hearing on TV because she didn’t want to see his commentary. She gave Zimmerman some words of support. Zimmerman mentioned that the attorney is going to try and get hims some medicine.

The woman discusses how supportive she’s being of Shellie. She asks about seeing him in jail, and he says that he doesn’t think it is smart. He says that he will; ask they attorney about it and see what he says. The woman expresses that she hasn’t made any public appearances, but that she doesn’t care about that. She mentions that they will all have to go to court at some point anyway.

He says that his next appearance is May 29th, and he explains what will happen in the hearing. She continues to tell him to “hang in there” and expresses words of support. They make small talk about the reading material in jail. She makes mention that she was “touched when she saw his hoodie yesterday.”

Call #9 – George Zimmerman Jail Call 18531005 4/12/2012 14:02:46 (Duration: ~11 mins)

Call Summary: Call between George Zimmerman and Shellie Zimmerman. They discuss that her phone continues to die unless it is plugged in to the charger. They discuss that his arraignment is the following month, but that it is different than his bond hearing, which could happen sooner.

Zimmerman asks Shellie to call O’Mara on 3-way calling to conference him in. She tried, but it didn’t work, but she was able to talk to him. O’Mara said that he would call Shellie back. Zimmerman said to tell O’Mara that he has no way of contacting him. Zimmerman also requests that Shellie put $50 in the account so that he can talk to O’Mara on the phone.

Shellie says that she watched the hearing on TV. He gives her a few messages for O’Mara and “Ken” and asks her to get the laptop. Shellie suggests that he keep a journal.

Call #10 – George Zimmerman Jail Call 18531852 4/12/2012 15:07:04 (Duration: ~18 mins)

Call Summary: Call between George Zimmerman and Shellie Zimmerman. He says that he is trying to complete his visitor form. She tells him to put everyone on there. She suggests Ken and he says that he doesn’t think that it’s a good idea. She asks about Ken’s wife coming to visit him.

Shellie says that “the experts” say that the case could be thrown out before the arraignment. She tells him her brother said that the first thing the attorneys try to do is get the client out of jail, and that she believe Mark O’Mara is working hard to do this.

She asks if they are gonna give him his medicine. He needs the date of birth for Ken and his wife. He can only have five people on the list. He also mentions about Shellie and his parents. George says he will have to pick between his parents on the list. Shellie says she will try to write him a letter. She says that Sonner has all of their stuff, and O’Mara is talking to him about that.

Zimmerman asks if Shellie spoke with his contact at FDLE, and how he was with her. She said, “Very nice.” Shellie mentions that her dad come over. Shellie says that her dad says there’s nothing worse than spending a weekend in jail, and that he’s spent 52 of them.

  • unknwn

    I wonder what’s on his computer……

  • Donna Robinson

    First i want to thank you Aja for letting us hear these calls, in my thoughts, George and Family are well aware that eventually the public will hear these tapes, every now and then he shoots a tear or or two in between conversations, if one truly listens, he brightens up directly after and flips to regular conversation mode, this is the actions of sociopaths, it is my beleif that during the time that he was desperately requesting that computer was when he was setting up his pay pal account while figuring out ways to divert those donations into an account for he and Shellie inorder to fund his case as well as keep their household afloat. It never occured to him to use that computer to reach out on the many blogs and state remorse for the way things turned out, this is diffrent than addmittance, only twice did he did he reach out which was when he appologized to Shellie, and When it was for a photo op advantage for himself in front of cameras. He’s asking for medicine, yet he never states why, are we to assume its because of his alledged injuries sustained? It makes no matter to him as long as some assume it and it really isn’t a lie if he did’nt say it only suggest it! Out of two of his last attornies, only one showed up at Nancy Grace’s interveiw, and all should look at his face as he speaks, he went against attorney client priviledge to speak, and that man looked like something scared him, he was jumpy and looked ready to run at a moments notice, somethings not right with Zimmerman, and its mental, time to bring in a psychiatrist to bring out the sociopath in him because after his thanking everybody and people against him need not comment web page, i’m more convinced now than ever, like he said in his phone call above, O’Mara does’nt care if he did it or not, he is going to treat him right! Meaning O’Mara is going to do what the laws requires which is to supply his client with the best possible defence that he can and O’Mara is a by the law man who does whatever it takes, even if to do so defined means hiding behind the cloak of attorney client priveledges!

  • Laura Lembo

    Aja, I have been wondering the same thing as I have been listening to these recordings. GZ is sounding desperate for SZ to have possession of his computer. What is on it that has him so worried that he doesn’t even want his own attorney to have it. Another thing that has me bothered is the medication. And on that subject, who doesn’t know EXACTLY what they take?? That is bizarre. Even SZ doesn’t know what medications her own husband takes. One is once a day, the other 3 times a day???

    • Tracey Richardson

      He needs the computer to move funds from his account to others so they can claim they are broke and have no money for a bond. Hes on an anti depressant and Adderall for his ADHD. Not sure if he started the meds before or after he was in jail.

  • Aja

     Shellie mentions that her dad come over. Shellie says that her dad says
    there’s nothing worse than spending a weekend in jail, and that he’s
    spent 52 of them. Wow…. A real winner there too, huh?! Wonder what GZ has to hide that he is desperate to get the computer secured…..